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Airaa Movie Comedy Scenes | Nayanthara | Yogi Babu | Kalaiyarasan | Gokulnath | Kulappulli Leela

Give me the balance, we will leave You did a shoddy job.
I can’t pay you! One room is still unpainted Just take whatever we give you Mani, settle his payment I should slap myself for
taking up this job Correct! – Who will he slap?
– Maid will be here at seven Did he say that to you?
I’ll whack him with a broom Is he auctioning your house?
Everyone’s been insulting us Doesn’t the matter This gentleman seems to be
appreciating us He said he’ll slap you! – I saw him paint. Did you?
– I am blind. How can I… Then, shut up your mouth I said I will slap myself Just pay me and I’ll leave He’s talking like a cheapo
and you’re supporting him Except for one room I’ve
painted everything else! Just pay me and I’ll go Just give him Rs.500 and send him off Why should we pay him that much? You think you have a lot of money?
I won’t pay you so much I can give you only Rs.5000 No, don’t give him that much! – Take this and leave
– Wear your hearing aid, fatso! – Don’t give him that…
– I didn’t hear anything To win in a fight, you need to
tune out the other person I let my cable loose and
let him run loose, see that? – Come on guys
– Seems like he’s in a hurry I asked you to give him Rs.500
and you gave him Rs.5000! I thought you asked me to
give him Rs.50,000 I can’t see, you can’t hear!
You will be the death of me – You’ll send me to the streets
– Stop it! Go check the pressure cooker You’re the one who works for me!
Dumbo No eyesight and she still
spits with aim Who is she? God’s given her a one- sided face Yamuna! Granddaughter’s here to
add to the trouble – What’s the problem here?
– Good respect Painting has to be done once a year.
Grandma makes it all year long She pinpoints mistakes and
the painters lash out on me – We have one room left
– Shall I paint it? Are you an artist? – Should I call Picasso to paint this?
– Who’s that Picasso? Keep the bag Tell Grandma I’m home Is he a bigger artist than
our ‘Underpants’ Murugan? Now I need to find a way to get
Granny’s property Stop the ball – Just sunglasses for me?
– Come in, baby girl I’ve missed this house… And I miss caressing
my granddaughter! Parvathy! Until now, she told me
I’m her whole world The moment you came,
I’m forgotten I had to scrub her back like
a Buffalo’s every day Fatso, I’ll place a bomb in your
momos next time Go, do your job – I will eat that too
– I’m sure you will Do you still do embroidery? Born with the skill,
won’t stop until I die I’ve been waiting for that death The funeral contractor
calls me everyday… Music, flowers, dancers
everything’s ready – Hey!
– You can dance too How did your dad allow you here? I took off without a word Why? Any problem? That’s a big flashback Forget that, I’m very hungry.
Give me something to eat Give me ten minutes Okay Her pancakes look like donuts But she keeps her face as if
she’s a catering genius Even after all your abuse,
that guy agreed to marry you? My question too. Do you know how difficult it is
to find a girl these days? I know the pain No wonder he agreed in spite
of all your abuse You, give me two pancakes You had seventeen pancakes
without a drop of water Is that a stomach or a well? Get lost before I whack you Seventeen pancakes? She can’t see but she can keep count Look at your face!
Looks like a mixer grinder And yours too. I’m leaving the rest in the fridge,
don’t eat it off – I’m going home, he’ll be alone
– Wash your hands I will wash it at my own house Who’s that? His dearest son You’ll see him tomorrow Have one more darling I’m done Is this a house or a temple door? – Mani?
– Where is Yamuna? Good morning What is this? I switched off the TV I’ve seen Salman Khan,
I’ve seen Shahrukh Khan But this is the first time
I’m seeing both in one person Correct, we’ll come back
from jogging and have Tiffin Grandma is making rice cakes and
coconut chutney. You don’t like? Lunatic! Where did I keep the hearing aid? Hi, good morning! Why is she saying good morning now?
Anyways, good morning! You sleep Let’s go Warning, I will run a little very fast If you can’t keep up, stay right there Or, take a share auto and return – I’ll try and match your speed, go on
– Worry not, we’ll have Tiffin together Why is she running so fast? I’m getting palpitations already Yamuna! Not able to keep up? Stay right here for your share auto No, hold on I just thought walking is a
nicer option in this weather Come, let’s walk Secret’s out Why did you come here
all of a sudden? Is it just for Grandma… …or for someone in yellow t- shirt? Hey! I love grandma I will go strangle her first But your grandma likes me better,
you know? Right, I saw that What do you think of me? Why should I think of you? A handsome hunk like me… …won’t girls like you want to
snatch me away? No, we won’t Why not? My plans to acquire granny’s assets
all depend on her… – Yamuna!
– I’ve heard your mind voice Zip it and speed up What’s your name? Babloo Where’s your mom & dad? In the city.
Uncle takes care of me Is Mani your uncle? Playing football like a champ If Maradona was a woman,
he would be like her What a player! Funny girl Lorry driver slips from
the terrace and dies Let this paint box cover his coffin Hey, what is this? Fuller’s Earth – Why?
– Fair and lovely skin I’ll teach you my beauty tricks soon Staring at the wall to hang
granny’s photo? – Should I arrange the garland?
– Leave that and go I forgot what I came for Where did I leave it after
washing the Buffalo? What are you looking for? I have to scrub Grandma’s back,
looking for the loofah Here it is, found it! I left her face down and came up,
Let me finish my duty and come back One loofah, two Buffalos Lunatic No! Rewind the video There’s a ghost behind you! I’m leaving this house immediately! I’m the only heir in my family What’s going on? There’s a ghost in your house,
let’s leave! Why do you look doped? Scared? That was just my shadow This is the success of our video! – I have a fantastic idea!
– What is that? Live Ghost Experience.
My new business plan! Is it about Granny? I’m going to stage and shoot
ghost videos and upload it on YouTube – I don’t understand
– Why should you understand? Don’t keep ragging her In the current internet scenario… …people want to watch
controversial content Criticize a superb film and
call the collections fake… …talk about atomic physics without
knowing ABC about it Blame everything that happens
on Illuminati What? Waste party? Illuminati! This generation needs attention Impossible When people start watching our video,
we become famous And then, we will start making money Isn’t ‘blue shirt’ famous because he
criticized an epic like Baahubali? True, he rips everyone off Exactly! Should I buy a blue shirt as well? No? So, how is my plan? Plan’s okay. But you didn’t
have to walk back and forth… …to pitch your business.
My neck’s strained! Grandma? What do you say? Okay, done! Let’s rock and roll! I have to roll you around first! Utter the chant 10,000 times! Superb Students, ready to narrate
your ghost story? Next, rejected Next That’s fake. Get out! Have you seen the ghost? My daughter died ten years ago I buried her favourite doll
alongside her One night, when my other daughter
was with her kid… …she heard something
and looked under the bed She saw the doll that was buried
with my daughter! Is that really true? Yes! I swear, I know it’s my daughter!


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