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AFTER All Movie Clips + Trailer (2019)

truth or dare no no isn’t this a kids game not the way we play it is a truth to bear truth crazies play see patsaks fast why it’s an easy one wait are you a virgin I’ll do dare I dare you to make out with heart she won’t do that do you want to do this having fun Molly I’m done playing this game I like God got his first rejection [Music] it’s masterpiece who in here has already read Pride and Prejudice and what did you think of it on the first read let’s hear from our newcomer mr. Scott Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth Bennet needs to chill hmm she gave Darcy away less time than he deserved are you saying that Darcy was not in love with Elizabeth love is just a transaction we’re all hardwired to desire we present the correct set of desirable traits and boom we can turn it on and we can turn it off yes miss young Tessa I think that it was the most revolutionary feminist novel that I’ve ever read that a woman of that era would have the strength to reject Darcy when he treated her poorly it’s a load it was Darcy’s very attitude that attracted Elizabeth to Darcy’s attitude was rude and mocking I think that he was lucky to be with a woman with as much integrity as Elizabeth the only reason he even asked her to marry him was because she wouldn’t stop throwing us he was pursuing her he’s clearly not satisfied with her life and is looking for excitement wherever she can get it well I think that it’s obviously all in his head that she had any feelings for him at all well there you have it that’s the power of good down you could draw me to fire you could draw me to water you could draw me to the gallows you could draw me to any death you could draw me to anything I’ve most avoided this and the confusion of my thoughts so that I’m fit for nothing is what I mean by your being the ruin of me where’d you start we should go [Music] I just wanna be someone I just wanna be some [Music] [Music] we’re going straight down to the housing office right now and we’re progressing around what are you talking about that room wreaked on you please don’t make a scene I’m not we have worked too hard for this and I don’t want you to be distracted by anyone mom this is me that we’re talking about can you please just trust me it’ll be fine I promise promise silence it’s peaceful anything that’s weird no not all [Music] who is hardened Scott call and text everyday moments College it’s not a survivable course it’ll be fine okay are you a virgin I’ll do Jer I dare you to make out with her I’m done playing this game oh I like this girl deep question who is hard and Scott I think that it’s better if we keep our distance [Music] welcome to my favorite place [Music] thought that you just wanted to runs I don’t think we can never be just friends [Music] cuz I just I can’t stop thinking about you you are stunning [Music] nothing could ever change the way that I feel about you just be careful what happened it has to do with hard something’s going on but it’s not what you think making a big mistake just gonna break your arm what are you dreaming about there are moments in our lives that seem to define us chooser there are you a virgin I dare you to make out with her I’m done playing this game but isn’t it really about what lies beyond those moments what are you doing I think you owe me a dad so what’s his story be careful hardness complicated why are you dreaming about [Music] [Music] my life before him was so simple and now there’s just after [Music] you [Music]


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