African Trophy Challenge – Arthur VS Seth VS Simone – Part 3 – TheHunter Call of the Wild

nice Anthony's cool yeah it's a good day to get it cuz Washington comes out tomorrow I'm all parked and ready I've got my truck parked in Astoria ready to pick up a job heading north I probably slowed down here I have no idea I was hoping tomorrow but we're gonna be busy pretty much so no nope we're doing farms in with Jeff tomorrow night well we could do that for a little bit nothing about will they vote it's it's like I missed everybody that's had early access has already been showing it to everybody anyway so what's the difference I'm not gonna make the early thing anyway it's not like it's gonna hurt the channel cuz I'm late anyway to the release so everybody that really wants no BOTS already seen it on the squirrels channel or [Applause] I don't know that's funny question Cromwell probably cuz we're all excited to get into the state you're right you can just harass travel and now that you can buy garages without having to actually go to them you can just buy a garage you know yes it gets worse though you can't really fast travel anywhere unless you own a garage in that place so I'm assuming people don't have enough money to buy the garages but with the yeah that's right with the new deal with the new patch you can buy you can if you haven't been to a city you've got the money you can you can just buy thanks JC you could just buy cities anywhere you don't the visit cities anymore to buy garages which is pretty cool what's up man well I think these animals have all left the area cuz you put the hunting pressure on if I look at the map it's not too bad over on the side actually we saw some over here earlier I it's my understanding that you can just buy garages online but maybe you do have to discover them JC Oh what is that so the danger of hunting here is I could get run over that's true JC maybe you have to find it hey we'll see Henry maybe maybe maybe you do have to find the garage first JC but then you can buy it later just like how you have to find a dealership first before you can buy it it was nice seeing you Henry have a good night oh nice job Seth how many kills do you have yeah me either Anthony thankfully one of my viewers has offered to buy it for me I know that's right long-hauler I'm after the gemsbok and the Buffalo is after me I'm just gonna leave that guy alone later when I have a bigger gun I think that might be a different Buffalo but it could be the same one yeah we'll just let him be yeah I've even right now I've got four moenay's got three and I think seth has three right sup how many kills do you have two okay but it's anybody's game we're all pretty close so hey that the guy that's right that's right JC that's fine I've got a busy morning tomorrow anyway because I have to get this project done I've got like seven properties or eight properties I still have to shoot we're supposed to have Sun tomorrow for the first time since Friday I got a lot of it done was the Thursday honey or Friday when I bashed my toe do you remember what's up Moni okay yeah I know so I bashed my toe really bad when I was out photographing on Thursday or Friday so that put me out of commission for the day we were nearing completion but I just didn't get done because it was really hurting bad so but it's healed up now and I'm ready to get back out and get more photos done and the occupational hazards of photographing buildings you didn't think that there were any but there are one of them is tripping over light posts that are not marked it had like a little a little tiny rise of cement right in front of it and I just happened to trip right over it bash my toe to shreds all right there's a mo out there of course these guys are right downwind what's up slick what's up swagger fish I don't think you're gonna be able to play multi-player anyway cuz you have to wait till what's their faces update the multiplayer thing I am totally I am totally ready that the guy how's it going swagger fish yeah it's been a while my friend okay we'll see Anthony's have a good night I don't know I mean this this is gonna take all night Babs yeah I think that is zoomed in all the way yeah that's that's all the way in he's a long way away we're just gonna sneak up he's been nice and still so I hate that when they run forever I think it is a for power scope yes I hear a stampede it's gotta be you because I'm playing through my headset and sullenly got those little crappy computer speakers in the laptop so yours they don't produce that kind of bass I'm just like I get so much closer JC I was thinking about that let's think about the earlier today like what if you could hunt each other oh crap he's gonna scare the other guy our way oh yeah he's gonna run that was a pretty long distance shot oh that's cool wrong Haller Shiloh sharps civil war rifle is it not in VR I thought they did have a V our version boy that would be crazy with this the good graphics yeah I'm having the same issue stuff it's kind of hard actually that heads not a good shot a good spot to hit because they will a lot of times if you hit them in the head they will actually it'll it'll yeah it'll well no it'll ricochet cuz of their skull which is funny but it also does kill the score yeah I was seen lying that year you said get here you beauties come here you beautiful animals oh he's shifty shift on me he did he shifted direction where's he going he's going this way now there I think that's him there in the bushes I mean I got a good shot on them something it's hard but balls MP down that's funny there we go that was a not a very good one jeez okay there you see lion we're now Lions you can kill with it the gun that yet if you have the I don't know I'd go if I was to kill a lion right now I try to shoot it with a shotgun I don't think the rifle would kill him but maybe they're I mean they're not that big ooh 10 bucks around ouch he might independent sometimes they run sometimes to commit yet that's cool swagger fish did you hit it move this animal animal that's luck out on the Sahara no Savannah sorry you know I ran away from school my friend Dan used to cast his own bolts for his Civil War guns he'd pour the lands darling like kind of dangerous he's like wow I wear a mask oh yeah I used to pour his own bullets I'd I think he kind of gave up on that stuff though these are the Civil War reenactors are kind of weird so he decided not to do it anymore because people were just kind of strange jackal that's what people are saying in the forums some people say it kills them every time other people say it ricochets off their head I don't know what the answer is sorry folks about the coughing I think with the civil war-era bullets they didn't jacket them I think they just had it was just a projectile because you're their black powder so you'd load the powder into the gun and then you know put the you know put the bullet in and then pack it tamp it down and then fire so he was you know his was early era he's still going good grief it was basically like a bullet shaped cannonball so the miniature cannonball there's gotta keep away there's nothing down here it's gotta be something down here yeah for modern guns if you're casting your own bullets you have to you know that you have to make shells you hit a lion twice blue wildebeest droppings very fresh yeah 1.35 came out four 80s today which means you can now buy all kinds of different trailers for your company which is cool still traveling straight downwind I really like this gun it is much easier to kill things with this gun onthe 243 the 243 was right now yes it would sorry Lally okay screw that chair viola get your button bad usually she's pretty good about it that's cool Keith Tigers no not necessarily sweet well what kind of call is that the downside is like the way that I want ahead the wind is like totally wrong yeah I'm like walking with the wind and it's not how I want to travel uh-huh it is thinking that big Lagoon down there to the left by the river let's be good spot so just go with it we could make this more like real life hunting Arthur in the wilderness with all its not going on at you at you at you yes stuff is under his own profile as well I bought set this game a long time ago I had money when I bought it mone yes I wasn't flying back and forth to the UK all the time back then oh because it's a long story lived okay now the winds changing direction what is that that was still I've yet to kill anything like a jackal or a wolf or any kind of those doglike animals you got the lion nice job stuff hey we'll see you black Phoenix have a good night yep ktigers that's exactly what you got hey BH nice slow painful death good job that's nice kick butt in the co TW great what a co TW o call of the wild I see okay sorry hey what's up an or D yeah we're having fun yeah you're they must be by you and Moni I don't see anything like that over here let alone any animals yeah those you're probably allergic to the the cottonwoods it was a wildebeest I think yeah they do shotgun time that's why I keep coughing ktigers that's why I keep coughing man nothing I got nothing over here so for a jackal all right have a good cigarette should we pause our hunts then I've got the Stradivarius 270 it's the hunter that's right I'm just batting zero on the animals though that was something yeah I have found nothing just Buffalo things that I can't kill this has been a long walk Oh Buffalo you can smell me I don't anything do with that what's what really flip the cable around maybe one of those cables Islands has some issues what we got here warty hogs he's going that way huh back towards the other lake now we're getting into warthog territory we're gonna slow it down a little bit I was walking a standard speed you can run walk crouch and then crawl right now I'm in crouch mode what's up unfortunately I'm going straight down wind with my scent there's nothing I can really do about it try flipping both of them this way maybe a lego update the Hutt's cool what's fh4 fh4 higher animals charging somewhere in moister screen I have 13 more hours sweet Forza horizon is getting a Lego update what that's cool kind of corny you died oh gone like it ran off I came all the way down that Ridge that's pretty cool I believe so swagger fish I think they do they do I'm not sure how much the wind plays into it but I think there is some drop because there's different rifles that are preferred by different people for the trajectory so I would imagine they do some of that modeling but I don't know for a fact I don't know if I want to find those food zone there to be warthogs or as that guy said on the videotape warf warf hogs what warthog did you catch it nice Oh I don't that the guy I've only got him for a deer I don't know how you get those other ones unless you have to unlock him or something you leveled up you can pick like different perks in the menu you shouldn't hate I'll tell you when you love what you get a point just standing still I need to get downwind and then come back that's cool so Huff I've entered into a new territory yeah that's all I want for then again I keep unfortunately just the way the animals are going is into my wind so I'm just not getting any traction with them so I'm gonna try to get back up here into the highlands get away from my smell my human smell it's so sad sounding is it working what's up a fast nineteen fan my goodness there is but I don't think it works maybe there is cover sent let me see what I got in my inventory we'll put a tent up and see it does cover you're supposed to suit what it does is it supposed to cover your scent well that might work actually so let's see it's for what come on even try and see what I got musk deer Scentsy I don't know I don't know if that would work so all right DJ duck caller goose caller wild boar caller I don't have any of those so no I don't know I've heard them the move they move pretty quick warthog going this way hmm I know I saw one earlier I'll quit warning people about me warthog it's a lot of warthog action going on this way though yes FS 19 fan possibly tomorrow night's yeah not yet yeah I haven't been here that's probably why what's that on your what's tiny trying to work my way up this hill I'd like to get a warthog oh thanks F us 19 I appreciate that he said I'm his favorite streamer Thank You DJ let's see here yeah cuz they want water but the issue I'm having is this how do you jump that fast no how do you how do you you just like warped you're more than welcome to VH sure thing DJ DJ says hi soupy that says hello why is that Oh your sounds messed up I mean you could pull the plug the thing on the back of this the sound card you want me to pull it and plug it back in huh hold on folks I'll be right back that should have fixed it oh yes ooh don't run animals over by the way the cheer board is really low tonight so if you want to get on top of the cheer board it's an easy job Oh a rabbit yep yeah throw throw fleet some cheer footprints in the sand all right said no hey I rock I already gave away like Millions last week he did get like top-tier whoa somebody shot something oh man it's a big lion shot at it you have to cheat you son cheer it's a long process when you watch ads or pay for it they give you cheer and and then you take that cheer and you throw it at your favorite viewer or your favorite youtubers or Twitter's whatever we are streamers Twitter's I'm just betting zero on the animals here you guys are getting lions and stuffing on pickup rabbits yeah follow the trail now I know I know I'm trying to scare the animals away but I'm finding they're not finding any animals so might as well grab an ATV right the ATVs don't seem to scare them too bad so I think you I rock I rock takes the lead yeah I'm working on it I'm getting my ATV thank you I appreciate that I don't know I'm taking it with me though thank you I rock that's cute gave you some cheer honey what do you say baby come on you can do it yeah watch this I'm gonna run stuff over nothing hot 76 if the game that we all wish was better whoa what just happened that's hilarious hey have a good idea see so bad that's true that is true JC donate to the paypal we get all of them or most of it they they'll take something small percentage but oh that's ha ha ha new controller tomorrow I know I need to buy a new controller too yeah I played 76 a little bit and was just sorely disappointed I wish I would have never spent the money on it I spent more time in this game that I have in that one verse this is a much better name try to go fairly far this with some Dom land I know it's expensive whoops whacked my head in look at those a lot of animals in the underbrush [Applause] oops a TVs gonna bill up I have blown up a TVs before by the way it's not too hard to do yep I tried to like it but it just it's just not good fallout 76 it's terrible the suburbs you shouldn't are you hungry for blood she's on the hunt she's after you okay so we're on the southern side of this pond well I liked fallout 4 but I've never finished it I got bored I do if I scared all the animals off here but at least I'm there are animals down there so there was stuff right down there on the shore well I made a lot of noise with my motorbike ATV you know I mean what you don't I mean ATV is what I meant about a motorbike the ultimate hunt that'll be like every other game I hate when that happens like you pull it out to get shooting in that's like Oh I try to keep them


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