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“Afraid of Everything (with Megurine Luka)” [Vocaloid Original Song]

Once again, the day is saved. Now it’s time for the hero to wake But no, I don’t want any part of me All that I’ve done, the battles that I’ve won My alarm rings a cacophony Humid dreaming in rainy seasons *Sbam!* Step one, step two Without a rhythm ”Not really up for it, sorry. Didn’t think of it.” Step three, step four Gotta restart my sistem Something had failed to quit And now, I don’t know who I want to be ’cause in my dreams, it’s never about me Telephone ringing symphonies Time to plan how to say sorry Take a shot, take a shot in the dark, throw your mark ”Don’t stay afraid and timid!” Take a chance, take a chance, Find your stance, make it last Call out to me, praying I’ll be free Take a shot, take a shot In the dark, pour it up ”Not really up for it, sorry. Didn’t think of it.” Take a chance, take a chance, Find your stance, make it ”Hurry, hurry!” ”This century please!” Afraid of Everything
Circus-P ft. Megurine Luka
Art+Video by rice_deity ”Pick up the pace, I’m getting old here!” I can’t keep spacing abut my fears ”Make a decision, we’re waiting on you!” Oh my God, what should I do? And now, I don’t want any part of me Someone save me, just for this moment, please Voices sing out in a harmony ”Get over yourself, it’s not that deep.” So now, I don’t know who I want to be ’cause in my songs I always get it wrong All of my pain in a melody Oh, woe is me A true catastrophe- *Miku: Hey Luka!* *Miku: Hey Luka!*
Take a shot, take a shot *Miku: Hey Luka!*
*Miku: Wanna hang out?*
in the dark, throw your mark *Miku: Hey Luka!*
*Miku: Wanna hang out?*
”Don’t stay afraid and timid!” *Miku: Hey Luka!*
*Miku: Wanna hang out?*
*Miku: 😊*
”Don’t stay afraid and timid!” Take a chance, take a chance, Find your stance, make it last Call out to me, praying I’ll be free Take a shot, take a shot in the dark, pour it up ”Not really up for it, sorry. Didn’t think of it.” Take a chance, take a chance, Find your stance, make it ”Hurry, hurry!” ”This century please!” Oh, I’m sorry, Sorry, sorry. *Miku: Hey Luka!*
*Miku: Wanna hang out?*
*Miku: 😊*
*Luka: I can’t today…*
*Luka: Sorry!* Thanks for Watching!

  • thanks for letting me do the PV for this, circus!!!! weird how the process was just actually recording a day out of my life but im not one to question artists

  • I remember this song from when I was in High School. Got me through some times.
    Glad to see it finally get a PV that…accurately represents my life again.


  • I think this is the only vocacircus song I haven't liked… Just not too big on Luka, but good job on another release! Keep up the good work, I'd love to hear another song like 1/4!

  • This describes my life almost exactly a year ago. I didn't go to school, was sometimes awake until 4am and played video games, slept until 1pm. I felt very bad. I had lost someone I loved. I ended up in psychiatry. That was the cruelest time of my life so far but today i am doing very well again, thanks to my girlfriend. Thanks for this song. In a way, it has spoken to me. Keep it up, circus!

  • Y'know, it's weird how sometimes life can just make things fall into place, when I saw this song pop up in my sub box before the premiere I went ahead and put it in my watch later, and then I wound up spending the day it premiered kinda fixing my sleep schedule and actually being able to enjoy some games with friends for once, and right before I went to bed I remembered that I hadn't listened to the song yet, but I was already too tired to really be able to enjoy it properly, so I put it off again, and then today got off to a pretty rocky start and I finally listened to the song, and boy oh boy did I need it, so thanks for making it Circus.(and the PV's pretty great too, thanks Rice)

  • Luka: take a shot, take a shot

    Me: i'm not throwing away my shot, i am not throwing away my shot!

    okay i'm gonna go now—

  • Stop reading my (nonexistent) diary!

    This video is kinda my life, the lyrics are from me to..myself. How do you consistently make songs I deeply relate to? Well I love it, I'm probably gonna have this one on repeat for a while now too!

  • Ok first off this is a bop and secondly… she woke up and all she ate that entire day was that one plate of nuggets?? Girl put some meat on them bones

  • Omg this was amazing! I love that you decided to go with this type of video, and rice_deity did an amazing job drawing and animating it. This song fills me with a sense of motivation too, so I absolutely love it ❤ I know that's probably weird since the song seems to speak of how one struggles to work through things, avoid criticism, and get frustrated at the repetitive advice they're told, but the rhythm mixes with those words in a way that just stimulates my drive xD

  • I'm a long-time fan and honestly this is probably the best song you've made ever, imo. You put emotions that are hard to describe into easy-to-understand words, which is incredible. I hope you're really proud cuz the lyrics are fucking amazing. It's so clear that you put a lot of effort into this. I love this.
    The art's amazing as well. The storyboard behind it is great and the execution is FANTASTIC. There's humour in it and there's even a "stream livefeed" thing which, if I'm right, could be meant to signify the everpresent fear of judgement from others (as if a live twitch chat is watching everything you do and judging you for everything you do, even though you're on your own) but it's shown in such a casual way which completely works here as it's just showing one normal day of many in someone's life. They're used to dealing with that crap, hence the casual nature that it's portrayed. Fucking incredible.
    I love the message behind it, too! Sometimes it's okay to take some time off to focus on yourself, sometimes it's fine to be like "I can't today, sorry!" and just play games all day and sleep. That's fine, shit's hard. Change is hard. Of course it's hard, if it was easy we'd all have solved all of our problems by now. The problems we face every day aren't grande and glorious, they're casual things that you work on bit by bit with babysteps. Sometimes making nuggies is already a huge step that you can be proud of.
    So much thought was put into everything. This is amazing. I love it.

  • i love your vocaloid music so much, a lot more than some other english producers who tune the vocaloids who have shaky english because i listen to music while i draw and its so nice to not have to switch back and forth to figure out what the vocaloid is trying to say. your tuning is always so clear and it makes it easy and enjoyable for me to listen and not have to worry about not understanding the words. keep up the good work!

  • ILove you luuuuka ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😘😘 happy 10th Anniversary 😍😍😍🤓😘😘😍😍🤩😍🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • imma try guessing the twitch usernames. i won't immediately know all, but i tried 😛
    fr4nkenbr1de: Sweet Ann
    HeavenSake88: Meiko
    orngekillr99: Rin
    L9Nine: Len
    xXCarrotKingdomXx: Gumi
    SFA2-1999: Miki
    SONGM4N_2000: Cyber Songman
    lilspaceprincess33: (i cant tell either Galaco / IA)
    VeryYes2: VY2 Yuuma
    IceCreamluvr74: Kaito, lol
    xX-Moondrop-Sonata-Xx: Yukari (???)
    annava: its literally Avanna backwards
    GreenBeenSingsThings: Zunko
    StoveJobless: ???
    redv3lvetstanaccount: (which vocaloid would stan red velvet, i wonder,,,?)
    D1v4_2000: Cyber Diva
    UnityGrl<3: Unity
    sleepy4ever: (also unidentified)
    ABC-Cat: Iroha i guess?
    ROCKW33N: vflower (?)
    missora: Haruno Sora
    wearenumber0N3: ONE (not a vocaloid, but related)
    neverB4: ???
    utanoonnadesu98: translates to 'song girl' that could be anyone-
    Akaringo04: Kizuna Akari
    (theres a last username but i cant read for the life of me blep XP)

  • This really inspires me to get off my ass and try something instead of cowering from the results I might get. Thank you for making another masterpiece, your music is always perfect 🖤🖤🖤

  • I enjoyed the song and the animation had a nice narrative, but I really didn't like the focus on the actual act of cooking and having nuggets. You have the bit in bed at the begging that was nice, because it shows the struggle of motivation when fighting against inner demons, whatever form they may take, and then you have the turning down an offer to hang out in favour of staying in, which shows the tragic emotion of people who end up emotionally isolating themselves, but the chicken nuggets? The getting up and looking into the fridge kind of shows the low motivation and subtlety hints at depression and/or anxiety, but everything from when she picks up the bag of nuggets to when she is texted is all meaningless "white noise" to entertain. Its bland and tells no story, other than being cringey. Making food isn't a personal struggle people empathise with and relate with, whereas the rest of the video was filled with depictions of struggles people do have.

    Now I know, there is a counter argument to this. And thats that chicken nuggets are unhealthy, and it goes further to show that her unhealthy mental state is causing her diet to slip, along with the ketchup scene, which depicts her loosing control literally and figuratively. It also literally shows her declining physical well-being, being that she's struggling to control her muscles, implying shaking, probably due to diet. A lot of attention was drawn to the chicken nuggets, and this is where the argument becomes invalid. The attention drawn to the nuggets was positive. It showed them in a literal positive light, falling from the packet in the cliche of how any protagonist sees something that is valuable to them. This scene has beautiful lyrics atop it, yet when I see it it just looks like a disgusting cliche about how great chicken nuggets are. It really takes away from the music video. Following that is the weird microwave scene with no lyrics? Thats the songs weakest point, and the song would undoubtedly be better without it. Well, the first half was okay, but once the music became faster, it was just ill fitting and weird. Even the character in the animation looks like she hates it.

    I love all the lyrics. Its a shame that the video lets this song down, but its not a big deal. At the end of the day I'll only be listening to this on Spotify and as a purely audio song its very good, all things considered.

  • Okay but the fact that this was nearly an almost accurate representation of my daily life is really frightening. Right down to the chicken nuggets and plastic plates.

  • Having Luka as waifu and subscribing to your channel is big win. This is true blessing that you use her so much

  • The Nico Nico and Twitch chat part actually has easter eggs, pay attention to the usernames of the Twitch chats, I found Avanna (Annava) , SF-A2 Miki (SFA2 1999), Gumi (I think she's under xXCarrotKingdomXx ), Cyber Diva (D1V4 2000) and Gachapoid/Ryuto (GreenBeenSingsThings).

  • I love how the dancing microwave section mimics both NND and Twitch. We got the fly-by comments of NND and the Twitch chat! I can even recognize some of the Vocaloids behind the usernames!

    Not all of them, though.

    Yes I had to look frame by frame because playing the video makes it where I can't keep up.

  • I’m disappointed at the fact that miku didn’t respond to luka’s logical rebuttal that cats don’t have thumbs to unsheathe swords.

  • Why haven't I seen this in my abo box??? This is such a nice song and video. Thanks Circus! For always giving us auch beautiful music and stories. <3

  • Ive been like this music video for…i think 7 years straight now..i have bad social anxiety and depression….and i rarely leave my room.

  • School starts again tommorow,and this will be my "motivation" song. Can't believe I have to wake up at 5 am again.
    It was nice while it lasted ಥ‿ಥ .

  • This song is relatable to so many people… I have anxiety myself. If anyone wants to talk, we can help each other! And overcome our burdens.

  • I love the text about cats and swords xD
    Also this Luka is too relateable.
    "I can't keep spacing about my fears" Try me ^^

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