AER Memories of Old – Full Game Platinum Trophy (Easy & Quick Platinum)

hello everybody I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving if you're in the United States if you're not I hope you had a great day yesterday I am gonna play a game called air memories of old I have not played it but it should be a relatively easy platinum I'm hoping I've done a ton of research to take me about an hour and a half maybe a little bit more than that and I don't really I haven't played it of course but I've done a ton of research and I've watched a lot of videos walkthroughs guides just so I can hopefully not fail and fall flat on my face and embarrass myself and trying to play this live I've created a map created a guide for myself I'll give you I'll show it here real quick so I created this this is going to be my guide based on my research and watching videos walkthroughs these are the locations things I'm going to do so will reference this quite a bit throughout this playthrough again I'm going to attempt to get all I think there's 21 trophies in this game which includes a platinum is 15 bucks so let's go ahead and start now I'm not going to really worry too much about the story elements I'm gonna kind of skip through dialogue sequences what little are there probably are I'm not a hundred percent positive but a little nerve-wracking trying to play a game for the first time and platinum it live this might be the last time I do it oh there seems to be someone that needs to be have a timeout here some will have to block you all right so uh press any button to to start setting let's check out the settings here real quick not a lot of options invert bird yeah you do fly there's two elements to this game there's the overworld where you can fly around and you kind of visit there's a lot of exploration involved and then there's dungeons and dungeons you can't fly but there's a lot of puzzles in there I guess there's you have to light up things all right we're just gonna go with that and hello everyone I see a bunch of people in chat here thank you I appreciate you guys hanging out here everyone's shopping I'm shopping for trophies as a trophy hunter would do this game i think is what $15 on the US store there another are two separate trophy lists one for north america and one for europe so i assume that means that the trophy list stack so you can technically get to Platinum's if you so wanted it hello's and off my day is good although i hurt a little bit I was playing some football yesterday and I landed awkwardly so I feel like I got a bruised rib okay oh my god this camera holy cow the sensitivity guy wasn't there setting for that let me uh yeah okay slower these I guess I imagine I'm gonna need to lower the let's make them all the same here see if that's a little bit better it's a little bit better X to jump alright so yeah I'm looking about an hour thirty hour forty maybe two platinumath assuming I don't screw up alright let me pull up the map there's no map remember I made my little home map so I'm going to be showing that quite a bit here Thank You Angela I'm gonna try to go through this as quick as possible here there's going to be some segments where I'm actually gonna be following some walkthroughs of my own once I get to the dungeon I believe there's three of them based on my research again I did a ton of research I probably spent more time researching how to do this then I'm actually going to be playing here and what do we got here a little shrine approach okay thank yous and all for moderating I need to probably acquire a few more moderators and about four or five of them I don't think they're necessarily always online of course we got ourselves a lantern that thing is like half my size this game was $15 I don't know how much it is in other regions I really hope I don't fail this there is I think one kind of miscible tricky trophy based on what I've read but I think I have the timeline of events based on some walkthroughs I watched a drop okay now I do think I get a trophy as soon as I get out of this they're little a handful actually quite a few trophies where you call you have to do is just kind of visit certain locations oh you got the Platinum and Uncharted for awesome I like that game a lot I don't know where I'm going we should be coming up to the Overland area I believe here in just a moment late at the end of the tunnel there's one trophy all right see we got a loading screen here I'm getting ready I got my map let's see again for the three dungeons I'm going to be following walk through a couple people posted on YouTube just as far as navigating dungeons and the puzzles and stuff which you can do with this video if you're gonna watch this on demand once I'm done with this hello dude yeah yeah yeah we don't care all right so one jumpin transform all right so hang on here second let me pause this let me pull up the look at my map here I'll I'll put it on the screen er this is actually not in the game this is a map I made in Photoshop detailing exactly where I'm going first second third all the way down to 29 did see the things in red are they're all numbered 1 to 29 things in red are just various places you gotta go to visit of stuff in blue are really kind of the main story stuff or something I just want to make sure I don't want to miss so I'm gonna go to the dear so let me go back here put this back in the game it's number one number one we can flap number one is straight this way so I should run into it ain't left and right good to know all right here I'll here it is here's the deer oh boy these controls are wonky there's the trophy handler just own all right so now I'm gonna go to number two let me just pop that up here real quick that's directly north of where I'm at get my compass angle there looks like it's one of these little islands I think it's right here Oh almost fell okay perfect another trophy and I've got to go to number three and that is South West I must hey Jeff I see you over there on Twitch I think it's somewhere in here right I'm looking for some sheep looks like there's some sheep right in front of me here Celie and pull up the map here I should be in the right spot though here we go I think it's down here the sheep with the little babies there we go mama alright now we're gonna go to the village villages at number four now if you'll notice you got to look at the black arrow down there there's a lot of steps required me to come here so I'm going to I had to kind of put it in its own little separate bubble there so number four is going to be getting into the well according to my guide there so I think that's around the corner here and here's the well go inside the well for trophy pupils on the surface all right so now there's a trow I don't remember the name of it a trophy where you got a fine Aran which I think is this little girl she's gonna eventually hide but in order to get this trophy and it is kind of miscible from what I've read you got to come back here and talk to these people a few times throughout this that's why I saw a lot of those numbers there so we're gonna talk to all three of these people I don't know if you have to talk to all three of them or just her but these other two are going to tell us where we need to go as far as part of the story but again I've done my research so I think I know what I need to do so that was number five the number six we're gonna go and activate some things others a key but we're gonna go activate some things and then come back and talk to them so this is directly north of me let's get our bearings here I think it's just gonna be straight this way I could be wrong okay there's these little white things I think that's what this is number six and number seven I don't know why I separated these steps but we're gonna come and activate these things there's also trophy for uncovering the entire map which will just happen how do you activate it I need my lantern I think okay yeah there we go perfect we got a symbol of a Sun okay all right let me pause it real quick now we're gonna go over that was number six now we're gonna go over to number seven I said now it looks like I have to go back to talk to the villagers we are gonna be returning to that Island several times we're gonna eventually go in there but first let's go and talk to those villagers so that is back in the village there we're going to number eight oh I promised a disc jam stream I will I will do that sometime sometime in December when we narrow it down to that by heading the right way yeah okay perfect it's a very soothing game I'm pretty sure by the time I get to the end of it I'm not gonna know what the hell's going on cuz I'm skipping through all this dialogue where was it right over here somewhere hello Aaron let's talk to you again yeah yeah I don't care what you have to say I just want that trophy give me that platinum oh so that was number eight now or see where's number nine number nine is right back where we came we have to go and get a key I believe it is yeah I watched a few walkthroughs and oops I watched a few walkthroughs and took a bunch of notes and I wanted to kind of make this painless and that running around in circles as much as possible I know I said maybe this week send off with the dis Jam but it's holiday season well thank you ps4 cool gamer all right so it's right in here these loading screens are pretty lengthy it looks like I want to try to remember to put the time stamps in the description of this video once it's complete when it's permanently on video on demand on the channel hello aunt Oh over at twitch I'm streaming both on twitch and YouTube simultaneously I am playing err memories of old it came out I think a few weeks ago it's 15 bucks it's from what I can tell a very easy platinum at least what people are telling me alright we got a little puzzle these have tight attorneys I think in the shape of what those symbols were outside why can't I do anything I'll probably need my lantern alright so I'm gonna turn this I think twice to get that Sun symbol there I hope that's right perfect it opens the door so there's three main dungeons this is I'm not really counting this as a dungeon but they're all kind of like this where you have to activate a bunch of things they're like light puzzles in order to access the dungeons you need to get the keys for each of them so this is key number one that's what number nine wasn't my math oh I forgot to change the title on Twitch thank you for reminding me of that let me change that here real quick I'm sorry any one second here guys all right it should be updated I need to no it still says it's I'm playing Star Wars I don't know why it's doing that hey let me talk to this creature here first I'll sod you got with evil within – I did like that game I'm sorry guys give me a second year I don't know why this might which is got the wrong title on there am i if it doesn't refresh just going to just hang out here I'm sorry guys I got a a little technical difficulty here let me change the bitrate here I think people over there saying there's some lag then I talk to this dude I think I did one second here we're almost done just changing a setting here on my streaming device it's shown that I got a lot of dropped frames and I have no idea why I think it's fixed looks like I'm not dropping any frame I probably should have done all that while I was doing the loading you guys should be good over it the good to go over there on to which I apologize all right so now I gotta go back to the village village is gonna be number 10 so while this loading screens go and let's just flash up the map here so I got a head straight south it looks like should be pretty simple this is not a vr game John asked on YouTube there is Eagle flight Ubisoft game which is a VR game where you fly around as an eagle kind of reminds me a little bit of that I'm not gonna do a far from noise 100% walkthrough I don't really know what that is I'm not heard of it I'll look into it so we got to get back to the village number I'm at number 10 so I got to talk to the villagers again now I don't have all the telltale game Platinum's honestly the point and click games like that have kind of start to really bore me as a genre I have many of them of course alright so I talked to all of them oops talk to him twice number 11 is the temple so we're gonna do a temple that is going to be north west of our current location there's a good chance at some point during this I'm going to get lost I think this is gonna be pretty obvious is this yeah and a little bit further to go yeah it looks like the temple you can see the little white beacon you know what hang on here a second Jeff you're now a moderator of the channel okay what do I got it – I got a this must be the door to the temple so we're step 11 this is the first of three temples that we're gonna have to go through the temples are really the longest part the each I'm gonna be about maybe 10 minutes and this is kind of gonna be the point where I'm gonna kind of start following my own video guide I don't know why Jeff wouldn't have already been a moderator he's a moderator discord by the way you can go to discord dot Gigi / ps4 trophies if you would like to join the discord chat chat with myself and other trophy hunters yeah there's a lot of great deals out there let me know guys if there's any Black Friday deals that you guys picked up I know like uncharted 4 is like 20 bucks lost legacy I think is 15 so many games in the $20 range even games that have come out in the last couple months all right so this is gonna be fun I'm gonna have to probably concentrate a little bit here to figure out where I'm going as far as the puzzles go I queued up a walkthrough on YouTube and I'm literally just mimicking it cuz I have not played this game before usually I would play through a game before starting one of these but this is a fresh blind run am I going the right way I'm ahead of them there we go I like the sound of the birds I know if you guys can hear it very soothing game like I'm going down the river so from basically what I research there so just a lot of light puzzles here basically all right so as you jump on these next pillar will rise I'm gonna fall I'm sure of it the stairs I have no idea where I'm going yeah I mean the games not difficult the puzzles here don't appear to be too troublesome if you want to call them puzzles I guess just go ahead and use that term very loosely here oh god it would suck the fall to do this entire climb again looks like we're going over here we're gonna follow the mushrooms follow the mushrooms is always a good idea I saw my things going good I'm sure I pronounced your name incorrectly I apologize where are we going more mushrooms all right so we gotta turn this column it looks like and then we got to turn this other one over here I think it'll open a doorway there we go we did it alright so we're gonna go in that newly opened area more mushrooms I guess the mushrooms just kind of guide you I mean really easy to get lost in here though all right so here I need to make the symbol these are the same symbol oh I went too far same symbols that we made outside it looks like no that's not it this should turn a bridge there we go it's actually a very pretty game it's not the highest quality artwork but I do like the artwork nonetheless oh this is gonna suck if I fall very floaty controls I think I'm going this way wrong way oh boy I gotta jump down here and we can now activate whatever this is maybe it turns the bridge again hey I'm telling you for 15 bucks this is not a bad platinum trophy I don't know if you'd buy this game otherwise I don't know if there's that much content since there's really only three dungeons like this am i going the right way looks like we got ourselves an altar or something down here again I'm not doing anything story-related I'm skipping through any dialog and and whatnot this is all about trying to get a fast platinum alright so it looks like there's lights on the door we have to light up all of them in order to get the door to open so let's go round this way I think we got to climb up here looks like we've got a jump across oops missed the jump and it does have a journey vibe psycho so we got to jump through here then go up to the top alright this is what the third one – looks like there's two more the one down here and then one by the door that should do it yeah I can deal I can do with a nice chill Platinum sometimes you don't want to have to shoot things I'm probably about a third of the way maybe made me not even quite that far I saw a temple I think the temple yeah it looks like we're done we're gonna go to step 12 after this of 29 I did see that sand off I kind of miss Toby I think he was a better nemesis we should get a trophy I think for completing this temple yeah yeah we don't care what you have to say nice to know I don't have to follow that I was following kind of a little walkthrough on that section that since you know I obviously haven't played the game I have no idea what is going on here there we go peoples Haven so step 12 is going back to the village once again and that should be the second to last time we actually do that I think again that is really kind of the only trophy that I've read that people have had issues with is the and I wish I could remember the name of the trophy the one for finding Aaron but in order to do that I have to talk to her several times before she gets in a position so let's go pull up my little homemade map here my little guide I made so that was 11 we're on the twelve so yeah talk to the villagers so head straight south yeah cycle you skip everything – I don't know if you guys do it or not but I skip cutscenes all the time Triple A games I don't care I'm just skipping cutscenes for me it's um it's not about the trophies it's really about the gameplay if the game is really intriguing I'll watch cutscenes obviously like Naughty Dog games I'll never skip any of those but half the time I'll start watching them and then eventually I'll just get bored of whatever story they're trying to tell me cuz I just want to play I'm more of a action how's the gameplay am I gonna stream Assassin's Creed probably not maybe if they got some so where the hell am I I wasn't paying attention I must have what's the back suddenly stop see Jeff you don't skip cutscenes yeah you know you're you're obviously the majority I don't play the same way most people play all right so why don't I stop 12 all right so Erin's now on the log yeah yeah I don't care about you again these kind of these guys also give you the directions of where you're supposed to go if you're actually playing the game and trying to figure it out on your own but I did my research so I know where I'm going well I really don't know where I'm going all right so we got a key another key you got to get in an animal there's three spirit animals you need to talk to you for a trophy so we're gonna head over to 13 which is directly east of our current location it's by a set of island all by themselves after we do this we're gonna have to go back to the village again and it'll be the final time we go back there assuming I didn't screw this up but in order to get into this key there's actually like kind of a cave in the tree I guess we discovered a new area and but in order to enter there we need to activate this little thing oh you need the lantern I forgot and now we have to fly through these little circle things I didn't put them on the map maybe I should have but oh well they're scattered I think they're scattered around the outside of this island yeah there's one there you can just look for the white beacons I guess okay little one where's the other ones there's one right here in front of us and another one out in the distance all right that's easy enough I guess I didn't need to put them on the map it shouldn't be too hard for anyone to figure out so remember there's two things we need to do in here is get the key and then talk to the spirit animal now I think there's two opportunities you've got to speak to them before it or as you enter and then maybe as you leave I don't know if you have to do one or the other or both I'm I'm literally trying to figure this out as I go maybe I'll play some Call of Duty online I'm gonna play with sponsors if you guys want to sponsor the channel if you're on YouTube gaming you can click the little sponsor button should be above your chat box or somewhere on there I think it's $4.99 a month it's like subscribing on Twitch the heads up they actually are gonna make that so it's not just on YouTube gaming it's gonna be on everything in my channel so any video you comment on you'll have a little trophy icon a little badge I guess that is not currently active but it will be I just signed up for the beta they asked me to be part of it but you do get a special badge in chat where am I going out this way and so we're going to talk to this animal that is the spirit animal now we're gonna go I think grab a key remember there's three spirit animals yeah patreon is a really good way to support me by the way I do appreciate that if you're running ad block maybe consider a dollar you don't have to I really don't care that much all I know is YouTube ad revenue is not what it should be what I really need is one really wealthy benefactor who loves trophy hunting some rich millionaire that just likes throwing money away you know I do this not for the money but because this is my oh no because I can't oh I have no idea what I'm supposed to do this but because of trophy hunting his full time I can't get myself a nine-to-five job I'm not hurting but I love you guys either way the I do need a sugar daddy Jeff I'm really kind of excited that YouTube is gonna do the sponsor thing in that incite why not just part of their YouTube gaming app there's gonna be various perks sponsors are gonna be first in line to play I got a jump on this one next okay and then over I'm still trying to work out some perks there's a spirit animal well now we gotta go talk to so we're gonna get the key I think he gives it to us now that we freed him I like the cows end off granted for only a year I feel like college is overrated these days I definitely support anyone who wants to go but it used to be that was the only way to get ahead in life but I feel like there's so many ways to do it now alright so we got the key I just saw it somewhere in there okay oh why am I talking to you I don't need to talk to you so we're gonna leave here and then go back to the village one last time you can't find the sponsor thing huh it should be you have to go to the I think the gaming dot I don't think it's on the regular site which is by the way I always prefer watching livestream is it at YouTube gaming but there should be a green button if you're not at YouTube gaming somewhere above the chat I don't really know I had a conference call with YouTube the other day my contact over there asking me if I wanted to partake in this beta I told them that it's only gonna succeed if people know about it and once it's once it's I'm part of the the program which should be within the week or so yeah you could send super chats Jeff that's a cool thing too but what uh it's part of the I'm part of the actual site-wide beta it's gonna be the right necks of where the subscribe button is on every single video although I don't think I'm supposed to talk about it now I'm gonna think about it but that's okay alright so we're gonna go back to the village once more so again that's number 14 on our list of things to do Platinum ace I don't know how many Platinum's I happen I have two accounts and I think it's a 230 ish somewhere in there between two of them this is the one trophy I'm really worried about if it doesn't pop I'm gonna be scared there's the village we're just looking for that big monolith in the sky all right now she should be okay good she's where she's supposed to be I just got to figure out how to land on this platform now there we go hide-and-seek that's the name of the trophy I look at this cords and off come on now I look a lot on there I type when I can I'm just always busy all right we're gonna go to 15 or so we're gonna do a collection from 15 all the way down to 23 of just random trophy stuff so this is gonna be just east of where we were nope nope keep lying I make it a point a couple times a day to start typing and chatting and discord it's just been really hard with all the games a lot of things going on in my life at the moment leafless Grove I said this is another one of those just kind of like statue monument things we just have to stand close to in order to get the trophy we're not there yet Melanie this is err memories of old came out a few weeks ago I was told it was an easy platinum that I must try it so I am trying it I think it's this island oh I went too far is this one nope keep going what am I looking for or crane it must be this there all right sweet alright now we're gonna go to number 16 16 is north little East it's a stone map and gets over this way that tiny little island there seemed kind of like a random little thing yeah a lot of people have mentioned journey I'm kind of comparing what they hear we go written in stone that is the stone map now from here we're gonna go to the bird shrine the bird shrine is kind of on the other side of this island I guess I think oh it's it right in front of me here Condor condo I like the name of that trophy that's good that's clever all right so let's go look at a map here if you see there's also number 24 there we're gonna come back to that so it's right on the Big Island here but we're just gonna go a little north of it and that is number 18 and that is a fox I guess I hope my rarest platinum I have the Just Cause 3 platinum oh I think I just passed it did I or did I not now that's the next one I think my rarest one is MLB the show 15 now here it is I see it's the Fox right in front of us okay tell the stone sweets so that was number 18 next up number 19 I guess 19 and 23 can be why are they not and/or there must be a reason for that so let's go to 19 bat the battlefield so that is north and just a little west it should be the island straight ahead of me is it this one nope next one Memorial may be battlefield wasn't quite the best way to describe it but who cares I don't care as for sure now we're gonna number 20 you see abyss it's in a cave so that's just a little north west so this is fun being able to do a live stream that is ultimately just gonna be a permanent trophy guide on the channel I do have the surgeon simulator platinum trophy that's got to be very rare oh thank you for joining discord I do appreciate it uh let's see number 20 is it's in a cave it must be somewhere where this light is perfect yeah on this account you're right surgeon simulator is probably matter where you can go to PSN profiles and see my other account which is Wazza mill wo z ami l I think it's MLB the show that was a ridiculously hard Platinum now with 2015 I think I think it was 15 or the 13 hello had him at 13 was before the ps4 I'm not entirely sure it was one of those years and then they made platinum trophies real easy after that all right gaze into the abyss trophy have you done gazing good get out of here that's all you need to do in there all right so while that's loading that was number 20 number 21 is an animal barrack oh there's another cave just kind of like what we have is one of the spirit animals one of three I don't know how long I have streaming been streaming for but we're making some pretty good progress here in 32 minutes I'll platinum ace I would love it loading in and I would love it if you could be friends with me on PlayStation however my list is full the best you can do is follow me now that you can follow anyone there's 20 ones gonna be behind me is directly west and there's gonna be another cave somewhere over here I go too far nope didn't go far enough okay should be somewhere around here Oh must be aware that light is okay follow the light I like how the game at least gives you some visual clue about where you need to go I don't generally have a lot of negative comments on videos generally I think trophy hunters is it's really good community we have I think we're also friendly towards each other we help each other we're not really in competition but sometimes I'd make videos that people don't like if it's not a trophy related video Beartooth cave alright so we got to go find the bearer it's our second of three spirit animals we have to take this path up here I think this game is really good I just kind of wish there's more to it I don't maybe it's a small team small budget but I feel like the idea and concept of this could have been a larger maybe not triple-a game but I don't something here's the bear oh and I'll be 10 that's that's what it was Jeff thank you for checking oh I keep talking them over and over all right ah see it's get out of the cave probably just dropped down oh you can't love every video I make I make some clunkers trust me I know it I cringe at some of my earlier stuff I remember some of my really early videos you guys will never see it but I had a laptop a really shitty Dell laptop and a really crappy $15.00 USB microphone some of my earliest voiceover stuff uh just a thought of it makes me want to cry my PSN name is PS underscore for trophies so just throw an underscore or after the s so that was number 21 we're going to number 22 22 according our map here our bone so it's another one of those just go look at something trophies directly south it gets this island possibly right in front of me oh I see the bones right in front of us we're gonna crash we're gonna crash no beautiful in the belly of the beast all right guys these trophies are coming fast and furious I like it this is the way that should all be all right so number 23 is a spirit um so we're actually gonna head back east where we were earlier I think I have b1 next on twitch s if there's a game or I'm just playing for fun there's actually a game we've taken a kind of a side trip from the the relatively limited story here to just go get some of these trophies it's on the big island up ahead somewhere sounds right in front of me is this it no must be here there's a cave perfect you know speaking of I should make trophy guides for like Disney games in really children oriented games because those videos as stupid as it is that you guys you would think it's stupid because most of you guys are 1835 is my by far biggest demographic but you make videos on hunch in those children games those things just eat up the views man YouTube pushes them out like nothing else plus kids tend to just have longer watch time on videos they don't click off so if I was smart that's what I would be doing how am I going yeah Lego games I guess could qualify I think they're a little bit I'm talking even more kid-friendly than that like the Smurfs and cars now children are not watching a 40 I'm not 44 I am 41 though and they're not actually watching me they're listening at this I think it's a final spirit animal there it is attune to the spirits perfect I'm making pretty good progress here we do have two of the three dungeons left so those are the time-consuming parts of this game yeah YouTube hates first-person shooter games anything with blood anything with guns I hate it and then we quickly get demonetised that's why you see a lot of us asking the support on patreon or super chat sponsors and there's got to be a better way for us to do it a lot of people are streaming exclusively on Twitch now my twitch audience just isn't there most of you guys are obviously here I'm streaming on both platforms right now and I can I could see it's ten to one alright so that was number what was that number twenty-two no 23 so 24 we're gonna go into a temple now so number 24 is just south of us maybe you had to come here last maybe that's why that was out of order so we're gonna go to a kind of a biggish island southeast let me get my bearings here first and we're gonna pray that we don't get lost okay all right so you can see the story related stuff have these white markers no nice landing I think they're in this next loading screen I'm going to hit the bathroom real quick real quick here let's take a look at our current trophies it's really only five more trophies two platinum I don't think we've missed anything so all right all right so we're ready to roll here through our second of three main temples in the game this one I think is a little bit more complicated so it should be interesting to see how this plays out at this point I'm following a guide myself so I can't really see the chat too much until I get out of here and then we got a drop down to the bottom here ouch fell too far so we're gonna have to be opening up a lot of doors a lot of switches here light switches puzzles so we're gonna go head over to this platform but it's not lit up so we can't activate it just yet we will come back and do so hey left and then up there we go okay I'll from there we're gonna go back track I think there's gonna be quite a bit of backtracking in here my research earlier indicated that was gonna be the case okay there's some more context of the story if you must I think this is an elevator it could be wrong I am NOT playing Wolfenstein – and mine Leoben difficulty ever I don't like trophies like that at all you had to play on the hardest difficulty setting and not die no thank you oh I don't think I did that one right they're gonna everybody this is a timed thing you gotta quickly activate those two and then jump across I'm not gonna make it I did it backwards I think let's try that again starting with the left one here then the right one I think we're taking the left path here at some point I'm gonna realize I'm going the wrong way just like Ben go down we're going the right way here should be another one of those platforms somewhere over here I got to kind of come back here drop down there we go so that's two of the three now we need to find it looks like the blue one like we'd go up the stairs here don't open up another door I don't think I'm going the right way I think I took a wrong turn yeah let me get my bearings here you need it this way I see is and off this is gonna be fun isn't it okay what does this thing do I think this is gonna activate another widget another plant there it is this should be interesting to see how badly I mess this up huh I didn't how about that I'll thank Thank You gamey yellow I'm not 100% sure I'm going the right way mm-hmm I don't think I go down there we go all right so we drop down we should find the door the final door here there we go we made it all right I can read the chat again yeah I can't wait for last of us to as well I imagine that game is gonna just be massive so many people are gonna get that I mean without question it looks like we got some drop frame issues here let me see if I can correct that huh don't know what happened with the frame rates there I think it's okay now all right so now that was let's go to our map again that was number where are we I got to get out of here first I think that was number 24 there's a knowledge of power trophy now we have to go get another key and the key is at number 25 that's way up north it's alright psvr games I'd recommend you have the I'd suggestions their Resident Evil 7 by far job simulator is good and Batman and play all right so we're getting another key that's way up north there north and a little west I had a little ways to go and I don't know what's going on with my internet connection kind of keeps dropping a little bit so 25 is again let's just pull up the map I'm getting close I'm guessing it's this light I can see in front of me down here there we go another cave perfect beautiful MC think this game reminds you of Zelda I don't know about that I haven't played a Zelda game though since like Zelda 2 so what do I know alright so here we're gonna get another key then we have one more just random location trophy we need to get do the final temple and then the ending so we're getting in there guys I appreciate you all kind of sticking it out here so I think we just got to activate these platforms here why is my screen shaking you know there's bells ring and but come on now looks like I got to go up to get this go up to go down it's obnoxious the screen shaking could they just use the controller vibration achieved really the same effect all right so now we gotta just run and if I can do this without falling yeah that screen shaking was obnoxious here's the key make a quick pit stop go through one more temple so okay oh boy the jumping controls in here I just I'm always afraid I'm gonna fall cause it's so floaty and it reminds me a little big planet there's still two areas of the map we have to unlock for the cartographer trophy my most anticipated 2018 game last of us – isn't that a 2018 game looking forward to spider-man oh my god I can't even I'm assuming death stranding is not next year it might be a 2020 game at this pace alright so while this thing's finishing uploading we're gonna go up to number 26 Oh Red Dead Redemption – thank you for reminding me we got to go up to the far north of North tip there's an unexplored area so number 26 there are a lot of games coming up next year you're right I feel like that lotta games came out in 2017 it was a pretty good year overall I think for for gaming all right so there's the light that's where we need to go to enter the temple but behind this temple on this island there's a llama which was number 26 on that map I showed you a moment ago a Lamba or whatever it is but I think right back here is where I need to be there it is oh I didn't make it ah from the past all right perfect now let's look at the map here again real quick close by number 27 it's just south of where we are at the very northern tip and that'll be a full temple far cry 5 that might be a good option too I don't know what my hardest trophy ever gotten was and I'll be the 10 Elmo Elmo via the show 10 2010 version I think the Hamill who trophy had to get 20 something homeruns in the home run derby that was nearly impossible ah the list I'm showing you on the map is just all the it's not necessary well they're all gonna lead you to the trophies if you follow it with it that was just my indicator of where to go next I have not played this game I just did some research followed looked up some guides looked up some walkthroughs made this map without ever having played the game just to know where I need to go to try to get this trophy as fast as possible of course by making this helps to me it also helps you alright let's see what we can do here I'm fairly sure I'm gonna go up these stairs to the right I'm already going the wrong way same thing as before these are all just basically light puzzles that we need to finish so we're not going through that newly opened door yet there's gonna be a lot of things that we do here that looks like we're just skipping stuff but we have to activate a whole bunch of stuff before we can start going to the doors here we just need to activate these symbols to match the symbol they're on the bottom so the one on the left is already correct yeah this is on the PSN store this is 15 bucks for a hour and a half platinum we're gonna go down these stairs over here another doohickey here opens up a bridge I don't have to do some backtracking go to the right and keep going straight and jump down got a bunch of things that looks like we have to activate here I've got a little puzzle here these you need to jump on the platform the ones that are lit up on the in the back there so the front left one middle front and then the middle back row and then head down this path here it opened up a door we're not going through that door yes and someone this temple definitely has some serious puzzle elements here do it or at least an F oh boy there's a clip oh boy I'm falling let's try that again I'm half shocked that this is the first time I've done that I think this is the right way now I'm gonna get back on the track here I don't know if I'm gonna play dead rising for you know this game doesn't have that I'm kind of surprised it doesn't collectibles I feel like these temple areas kind of make better use of some of these larger areas oh I don't think I can go through here yet no I think we have to activate something first that's all right we're gonna we're gonna get a little lost here I tried make a note here and as much as possible in everything that I watched online hopefully that's not gonna add too much time but I don't think it is I think we're kind of getting back on track here is not activating oh I don't like collectables and games either typically it certainly not when I have to find them and I have to make a video on their locations because I'm typically blind I don't have any guides or anything to kind of help me especially if I get a game like a week before release it's embargoes and everything there's just no information online so it's a lotta a lot of searching a lot of running around in circles literally okay guys workout it we're getting close to this platinum trophy getting very close to got to go under the stairs to get around the other size that jump up to them so that opened up that little activated whatever that was actually and back down I've been following uh videos and help me out here to navigate this from youtuber Russ 1:9 and something something they're whole bunch of letters I'm gonna do want to shout out to him Oh we'd have up these stairs my favorite game that platinum was last of us that thing had hundreds of collectables and I found every single one of them on my own except for two I had someone help me out with two of them and those were not easy to find I'll tell you that so we were back up here this is where I got locked out of earlier I forgot to open a gate I got you and welcome back and that's uh that's it I think we're done with this temple so that's all three of them what the hell is that thing that a flying whale ah so that was the monster we're gonna should get the mausoleum of ice trophy here in just a moment ya gotta war should be good that's another good call out at 2018 is gonna be a pretty solid year for us mausoleum of ice and let's check the trophy progress here real quick two trophies left there's one hidden trophy this is for completing the game why is that gonna be hidden trophy but spoiler could they possibly be hiding so now we have to uncover the rest of the map as well which will do automatically when we get to the end but first we have to go to number 28 28 is as you can see it's near the village very close to the village so we're gonna go all the way down south so we gotta go across the map and we are just gonna flap our wings a little birdy as you can see we got a long way to go but it is very scenic trying to get ourselves little speed boosts here through the wind tunnels I had more South Brian wrong way come on Beast I don't know how many Platinum's I have 230 ish between my two accounts I had to create a separate copy of seneca because as you guys know and are well aware you cannot change your PSN name so when I started the YouTube channel I started the YouTube channel four months or so before the PlayStation 4 actually released but I also wanted to kind of have a PS unnamed that kinda was familiar to or kind of associated with it so I started a new account unfortunately you can't put the words ps4 in the PSN name together Sony just blocks it so I have to throw an underscore in there but anyway so I have 140 or so on one account and somewhere around 70 on this on the new one I don't go platinum hunting like I used to now that I'm a youtuber and I'm making trophy guides where I'm doing streaming or whatever I just don't have the time like when am I gonna have time to go and Platinum Star Wars Battlefront 2 cuz that's like an absolutely grindy I got a way east or west that's an absolutely grindy trophy or platinum easy and I can do it it's just I don't have the time I really don't anyways I wish I could ahead all of you guys as PSM friends my list is full so it will tell you that you can't but you can follow me on the PlayStation Network that's a new thing they did in the a recent update so now we got a place to tablet that was just for reference number 28 on this map place tablet it looks like we're about an hour and 40 minutes or so into this so we're uh we're getting there definitely under two hours we got maybe five minutes easily be under an hour and a half if you cut out all the loading times so now we got to go to look at the map here the one part of the map we actually haven't been to yet that's right in the middle so number 29 this is the last time I'm gonna show you guys this map so they're right in the middle it's the end of the game I will of course get two trophies one for uncovering the entire map and eventually one for complete in the game I have no idea the story of this game I skipped through every single dialogue option so so yeah like oh oh I gotta go more east this game John is $15 on the PSN store I believe it has stacking trophy lists between the North America and the European versions of the game for people who like to cheat their trophy counts oh here we go why don't I just follow this damn light literally a light a beam of light that shines it tells you where to go I'm an idiot psycho says on Twitch at that he would pay 50 bucks to change his name there's a Kotaku fur trophy 50 bucks to change your name that's that's dedication I don't remember my battlefield hardline graceful exit a lot of videos I've made I don't remember that the specifics of the trophies at least oh boy what happened here I think this is gonna be a case of we're not paying attention to the story along the way he's gonna really kind of not do anything for us okay I think we just follow this light yeah yeah we're not look we didn't listen to you before we're not gonna listen to you now Oh mom we just want that shiny shiny platinum trophy we're so close the music is very soothing feel like I'm gonna take a nap after this game do you understand no no no no no keep going no idea what's going on here I have zero idea this might be it how that wasn't it okay I guess there's more huh I have no idea what happened there I'm guessing the light has a big element to this my hardest platinum was a surgeon simulator and I'll be the show 2010 is that it guys did we do it equilibrium and pilgrim and credits we did a guy's it's always stressful to start a game from scratch live and get the platinum trophy so as you can see he's not very difficult if I can do it you can do it you can follow this video just complete the steps that I showed throughout on the map and that's it I'm gonna go I'm going to eat some leftover turkey thank you all so much for watching it's awesome to be able to share this platinum moment with you make sure you guys subscribe to hit the like button if you haven't already I'm sure you have because you guys are good like that I'll see you later


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