Adriana Lima on E! news – November 9 2010

I'm very excited to be here because last year I wasn't here I was expecting my baby after heads Valentina I definitely feel more more beautiful more warmly more sexy more confident more flirty more cheeky more everything it's we need the best job that I could imagine the dream comes true for me all of a sudden instead of me watching the celebrities they want to meet Wow Gisele rule that is Brazilian beauty Adriana Lima preparing today for her star turn and this month's annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show these days Adriana's a bona fide supermodel and a super mom but ten years ago she was just a nervous team who couldn't wait to get her angel wings check out what we found in the vaults my first time I think the dream of a lot of girls to be a Victoria's Secret and when they calling me to say that I'm going to work with them I say oh my god I just can't believe it I'm working to build models you know and they treat me in the same way it's one thing more important than the beauty it's inside you know it's who you are inside I feel so good and so special that they like me and I hope they're your peoples is going to see me more


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