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Acting Up Awards – Healing Courts

– Hi, my name is Joanda Harston, and I participated in On the Table, posted at POA this month. I’m very excited to nominate my project in collaboration with
Woodlon Baptist Church and No Shots Fired. We call it healing courts,
where every Saturday, children from Woodlon have
been invited to participate and play basketball at
Woodlon Baptist Church from eight to 12pm through Labor Day. Here, they will learn lessons about life, such as perseverance,
integrity, forgiveness, conflict resolution, and patience. All life lessons learned
on the courts to help heal some of the ills of our
society through coaching, mentorship, and restorative
justice on the courts. With $1000, we’ll provide
weekly refreshments, t-shirts, ensure that everyone receives awards, marketing so that we can
get as many participants as possible, and basketball
equipment so as many children can play as possible. We are very excited about
keeping children engaged and learning about
themselves, and how to fit into our community so that we can thrive. This initiative will
help keep more children off the streets and engaged
in positive reinforcement. So, we hope that you’ll
consider our project, and that you see the impact
that it could possibly make. Thank you.

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