ACM Turing Award 2012

Shafi goldwasser and Silvio McCauley first met in the 1980s while studying at the University of California at Berkeley they're in an era of rapid advances in computing they began to explore how to use number theory to keep data secret probabilistic encryption written in 1982 became one of the most influential papers in computer science it posed the question how does one define a secret the answer both argued demands a very high standard no third party should ever be able to get even partial information about a secret they depicted encryption as a game involving adversaries an approach that would become crucial to modern cryptography unlike conventional wisdom they believe that information protection schemes ought to be randomized with exponentially many encoding that correspond to each message thanks to Shafi goldwasser and Silvio McCauley a strong foundation grounded in correctness and privacy has evolved into effective encryption techniques so crucial for secure transactions and safe transmission and storage of data

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