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Abhimanyu | অভিমন্যু | Bengali Action Movie | English Subtitle | Mithun Chakraborty, Debashree Roy

Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Kamal pasha speaking. Tonight at twelve thirty,
arms will be rope in Purulia. Tell your men to pick them up.. ..and to deliver to
commander Bunty Suleiman. Here. I’ll get late for school come fast. Today you go alone.
Anil has not come back yet. Moreover the shop
will remain unattended. I will come to pick
you in the evening. Okay, but come to
pick up in the evening. Get in. come.. come. Tina! Look, you forgot the tiffin. Go carefully. – Hmm. Get in. come on, come, come on! Mother! Mother! Mother, get up, mother! Mother! Mother, talk! Mother, talk! Mother! Mother, mother, talk, mother! Mother, get up.
Mother, what happened to you? Mother! Mother, talk, mother! Mother! Mother! Look, sir,
look, they’ve killed my mother, sir. Those who killed your mother.. ..I won’t spare even one of them.
I promise you. Hey, arrange to take her home.
– Yes, sir. Come. I’ve even collected the bio data,
of the bike owner. Raghob Rai a head of the terrorists. N, a big head. At present he’s camped,
1 kilometre inside the border.. the forest.
– Did you raid their camp? Have you gone mad? – Means? No, I mean sir I’m neither worthy,
nor unworthy as well. I’m only Handia (country liquor). No I mean I’m in police station, sir. I gave you the information
you play the rest. – Worthless. Huh fun. I’ll go and the
terrorists will wipe me off. No one has died so
young in our dynasty huh! Go! Mark this day in the calendar,
Raj Sinha. Because today you’ve committed
the biggest mistake of your life. The rest of the days of your
life will remind you this day. I’ll send you a calendar in jail.
You mark this date. Every year celebrate this
day as the last day of terrorism. Remember this! Raj Sinha, you can’t stop our fight! Even if I rot in jail
our fight will keep fresh! Your police don’t have the
capacity to put an end to it! Huh! How the boy has been killed? Was he supposed to die like this? Didn’t he deserve a more decent death? He has suffered so much. Till he became twelve years
old he couldn’t tie the pyjama knots. I used to tie it for him. He’s dead. Who shot the bullet in my son’s chest? Inspector Raj Sinha. After my son’s cremation
I want to see him like this. – No! Let Raj Sinha live and
finish his entire family! Then he will understand
how it pains to loose dear ones! “Dreams in eyes.” “Dreams in eyes, hopes in heart.” “I know another name of life is love.” “Dreams in eyes, hopes in heart.” “I know another name of life is love.” “In this laughter and song,
in everyone’s life.. ..I know love will
always stay for ever.” “I know love will
always stay for ever.” “Dreams in eyes, hopes in heart.” “I know another name of life is love.” “Together we are in
this bond of affection.” “If sorrow comes,
heart knows the address of joy.” “Together we are in
this bond of affection.” “If sorrow comes,
heart knows the address of joy.” “In this heavenly joy, in our hearts.” “Laughter will always paint love.” “Laughter will always paint love.” “Birds spread wings
and fly high in the sky.” “Comes back in the attraction
of the small nest.” “Birds spread wings
and fly high in the sky.” “Comes back in the attraction
of the small nest.” “In that far off sky,
in this house of joy.” “I know love will
always stay for ever.” “I know love will
always stay for ever.” “Dreams in eyes, hopes in heart.” “I know another name of life is love.” “In this laughter and song,
in everyone’s life.. ..I know love will
always stay for ever.” “I know love will
always stay for ever.” “Dreams in eyes, hopes in heart.” “I know another name of life is love.” “I know another name of life is love.” “I know another name of life is love.” That means your responsibility
became a little less. Became less means? Promotion means going
up a little higher. Won’t have to run around anymore. You’ll also get a chair to sit. Earlier also I had
a chair to sit, father. But I was not able to sit. Till terrorists are there
I won’t be able to sit. Terrorists are very bad,
isn’t it, uncle? Leave it you don’t
need to be smart. Eat. Very bad.
That’s why your uncle punishes them. You make them kneel down? Yes, like your miss
makes you kneel down. Certainly not miss
never made me kneel down! You don’t know anything! Bad boy. Hello? Fine, sir. Anything wrong, sir? Okay. Okay, sir. Have to meet the D.I.G. tomorrow. You came just now.
Why did they need to give you leave? Don’t go please.
– Urgent call, mother have to go. Uncle, you’ll go tomorrow? Again the terrorists
have gathered on the hills. This time you and your
family are their target. Please! No.. – Father! ‘What are you people doing!’ No. Rimi! Father, father! – What is this! Uncle, father is killed! They’ve killed everyone
nobody is alive. No one. Tell me, Kamal saheb.
– You took the responsibility.. ..of commander Raghob Rai’s security. Then how did he get nabbed by police? You know how much loss
we suffered by his arrest!? I’ve also suffered loss, Kamal saheb. My only son, got killed by the police. At present Raghob Rai is much more.. ..valuable for us than your son. And if this valuable thing remains.. ..with the police for too long. Then it won’t take too long
for us to reach graves, Durjoy Rai. You don’t worry, Kamal saheb. I’ve wiped tears from my eyes. Now there is only the shadow of death. For bringing out the
commander out of jail. I will cover the land
of my nation with corpses! I love my India! For many days I was
thinking to say something. A girl of this age works in factory. We feel very bad on seeing. What could we do, son?
We have nobody to care for us. My crippled son is at home. How will we survive
if we don’t go to work? We don’t regret with this. – We do. From today you and us
nobody will regret at all. We take the responsibility
of your daughter. Go, aunt, go home and
take care of your crippled son. And we’ll take care of your daughter. Leave me! Leave me I say! Mother! Oh mother! Leave me! They will ruin my daughter!
Will kill my daughter! No! God, if I’ve ever worshipped
you then answer my call! Save my daughter! Save my daughter! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Hey, who are you!? – Abhimanyu Nag. Neither sand viper,
nor water snake the species is cobra. The end in one bite. Hey, drive! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! God answered my plea. Took incarnation and came
to save my daughter. – No! I’m not any incarnation and all. A human standing
between devil and god.. looking to kill
both devil and god. Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu is alive? To find such people you’ve
to go to two places, sir. Either to liquor bar, or to brothel. Tell me where will you go first, sir?
– The first one. “Severe pain, alas!” “Sever pain in my body;
I’m burning in heat.” “I’m burning in heat.” “Fluttering, twisting;
whole body shivers.” “My whole body shivers.” “What disease has caught me?” “Shock yes!” “Shock has got jerked.” “Hey shock has got jerked.” “Beloved lover, who could
value beauty apart from you?” “Fire of beauty will burn,
who else die after knowing this?” “Beloved lover, who could
value beauty apart from you?” “Fire of beauty will burn,
who else die after knowing this?” “Whoever touched me got blisters.” “Shock yes!” “Shock has got jerked.” “Hey shock has got jerked.” “Can endure pain of body but,
can’t endure pain of heart.” “I know the pain of heart
can’t be cured by any intoxication.” “Can endure pain of body but,
can’t endure pain of heart.” “I know the pain of heart
can’t be cured by any intoxication.” “So life has got into pain.” “Shock yes!” “Shock has got jerked.” “Hey shock has got jerked.” “Sever pain in my body;
I’m burning in heat.” “I’m burning in heat.” “Fluttering, twisting;
whole body shivers.” “My whole body shivers.” “What disease has caught me?” “Shock yes!” “Shock has got jerked.” “Hey shock has got jerked.” “Shock has got jerked.” “Shock has got jerked.” Wait. Have to talk. I want to finish the
life but am not succeeding. I’ve even tried to finish myself
many times, but didn’t succeed. Perhaps a power is needed,
for finishing oneself. I don’t have that. Perhaps life didn’t want
to give you death but another life. So that before dying you
could have this consolation.. ..that life didn’t
give you only sorrows. Wanted to give you a little happiness. I will give you that opportunity. You’ll have to take the
responsibility of two people. One of them is like
your daughter Mishti. My niece Rimi is absolutely
like your daughter Mishti. Terrorists have targeted
to kill her and her mother. I want you to stand
as a wall in front of them. Consider, you are giving
your life in alms to your friend. I’ve come to you with high hopes. Come. Rimi. Abhimanyu Nag. Nandini Rimi’s mother. Abhimanyu will stay here from now. Rimi, show him the guest house.
– Come with me. Go. Let me tell you everything
about Abhimanyu. Once he was in crime branch. After losing everything
now he is alone. And I need such a lonely man who’ll.. ..keep a watch on
both of you all the time. If you have any objection
with Abhimanyu.. can tell me. – Just one request. He shouldn’t enter the house,
unless any one of us calls. I’ll tell him. Come. How many days will you stay here?
– I don’t know. You really don’t know? – Hmm. You know who is Abhimanyu? Have you read Mahabharat? – No. Abhimanyu is Arjun’s son.
It’s in Mahabharat. He was killed by everyone
in the war of Kurukshetr. Hello? Hmm, mother I’m coming. You can make call to our
room from here. Have to dial 02. Well, tell me what should
I call you uncle Abhimanyu? – No! Abhimanyu, just Abhimanyu. Bye, Abhimanyu. Here, sir. The man who has come to
Raj Sinha’s house who is he? Your death. Why has he come? – To crucify you. Bihari. – Hmm? Does picture talk?
– Doesn’t talk normally, sir. But talks on drinking handia. – Oh! Well, does Titli drink handia?
– No, sir her father drinks. Oh! Many similarities
with handia. – Yes. As strong, so much intoxication. Absolutely fit for being my wife. Lot of foreign arms have entered.. crossing the Jolgaon
border in north Bengal. 2 kilometres away from the border.. ..all these arms exchange hands. And if these arms
reach the terrorists.. ..all the pockets of that
region will go into their hands. Then they’ll make an anti
government administration. Before that we’ll
finish them clean swept. Not we, only one man
will go on this mission. Inspector Abhimanyu Nag. On such a big mission,
only inspector Abhimanyu Nag!? Yes. He alone will enter the war zone. And will even come
out after killing them all. Sir, this is Durjoy Rai’s
dog of prey shall I target? No. This is sniffer just
sniffer has come to sniff. Let him go. After him the
fox will come. – Okay, over. Take this. – Arms are in the vehicle. Get ready. Abhimanyu! Driver has reached morgue.
Where should I send you all? To morgue or direct
to cremation ground? Abhimanyu Nag crime branch. Neither sand wiper nor
water snake species is cobra. The end in one bite. Throw the corpses on cremation ground. Abhimanyu Nag crime branch! Because of this one man
our whole mission got ruined! And I’ll have to answer
Kamal Pasha for this! First time in life! You all certainly don’t want me to get
humiliated like this a second time! No, captain! Good. Kamal sir is sending
some more men next week. And this time before
Abhimanyu Nag could bite.. ..his hood has to be smashed! Dismiss! Good morning, sir.
– Hey you, why are you saluting me? The D.I.G.
will salute you today. One man army. Tell me how do you do this? Before going out of house,
I phone the god of death. You know what I say? – What? Don’t follow me it’s still not time. When it’s time, I’ll do S.T.D.
That’s it, the work gets done. I’ll take the god of
death’s phone number later. I too need it. Go to the D.I.G. room. A guest is waiting for you.
– Who is it? Minister of police, Bikram Sen. I’ll leave. May I come in, sir. – Hey come.. come. Come, Abhimanyu.
We are waiting for you. Let me introduce, he is..
– I know him. Minister of police, Bikram Sen. But I didn’t know you. So I was taking your
bio data from the D.I..G. Have to speak a few
words while awarding you. Keep the award safe. The ones who died are mere small fish. The day I’ll kill the shark,
that day I’ll.. ..take the award
and hear the words too. Did you get the
whereabouts of that shark? I’m can see he’s peeping out of water. I just need to fish
him out with the net. And the day I fish him out,
that day I’ll get him.. ..cooked by a good cook and relish it. I’ve heard shark tastes good to eat. Sir. The man is more dangerous
than what you said I see. Take care of him. He shouldn’t get eaten of
by shark while trying to fish it. Father, look this
is mother and this is me. Oh my, my!
This one looks exactly like you. And this one looks
exactly like mother. Just by looking at
them it is understood. That they are mother and daughter. Father, how was I born? Oh well, a, one day your
mother and I went to a jungle. A basket was lying there and
we found you lying in that basket. How were you born? O, means one day your grandpa
and grandma went to a jungle. A basket was lying there. And I was in that basket. How was grandpa born?
– Hey, that’s enough! No need to know anymore! Now pack up your books
and come to eat, come. You pack up. – Hmm! Yes. Your daughter is just too much. You saved me.
The girl was going on in such a way.. No assurance in this modern age. Shouldn’t I save?
I’m your wife after all! Hmm. – Hello? Yes, sir. Okay, sir. You’ve to go, right? Come and eat quickly. I’m sorry.
– Why saying sorry? This is my pride. So many people’s life depends on you. And couldn’t I leave
you for a while for them? When your name gets
printed in newspaper. I read it many times.
Then I feel so good.. Shweta. – I’m your wife after all,
shouldn’t I feel good? Come to eat. Sir, this group is approaching
to cross the border. Hello? – Abhimanyu Nag. My people are in front of your gun. And your wife and daughter,
are in front of my gun. Father, they will kill us! Let me make a deal with you. Let my children come
without any hindrance. Because if you shoot there.. ..we shall shoot here too. Nobody will shoot.
– Sir, we have orders, shoot at sight. I said, nobody will shoot! Fire! ‘Father!’ ‘Shoot at sight!’ order
was given but even then.. didn’t give firing order. Being an officer of crime branch..’ve committed the biggest crime. Because of you some
of our responsible.. ..officers got killed
by the terrorists! How should we interpret this!? Inspector Abhimanyu Nag! What is there to interpret?
This is clear like water. Inspector Abhimanyu Nag
has joined hands with terrorists! He himself stood there and helped.. ..the terrorists to enter this region! Inspector Abhimanyu Nag,
if you have anything to say.. may say. We’ll consider it keeping
your past record in view. – No. We’ll keep in view only the present. All the evidences are in front of me! Abhimanyu Nag is a black chapter.. ..of the police department! And I will not keep
any black chapter.. the manual of my department. Betrayer Abhimanyu Nag
is being removed from job. Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! ‘Father, look,
this is mother and this is me.’ Abhimanyu Nag’s death
is not just for our jubilation. It is also enough scaring.. ..because now we’ve
become the target.. ..of the entire police department. Then what should we do now, captain? Have to change the location.
Prodhan. – Captain? Inform all our units
our children will have to.. ..go underground in some
hilly region for some days. Yes, captain. Durjoy Rai will wake up again,
somewhere else. No I, I’m not well. Not well at all. Dear, I heard, Mishti has fever?
Take her to doctor. I know, as soon as the fever is gone,
you’ll start mischief. I forgot to tell you one thing.
I’ve got a job of a guard. You know, here there’s
a small girl of Mishti’s age. If Mishti had been here, they both.. ..would have become good friends. I’m coming. I’m coming soon. ‘Mother!’ ‘Mother!’ ‘Mother!’ ‘Where are you!?’ ‘Mother!’ – ‘What happened!?’ ‘Rimi!’ – ‘I’m scared!’ ‘Rimi, what happened!?’
‘What happened!?’ – ‘I’m scared.’ ‘Nothing happened,
nothing happened, child.’ Nothing happened,
I’m here, I’m here, nothing happened. Mother. – Nothing happened. What happened? She screamed all of a sudden? She fears darkness. Your job is outside the house,
not inside. You do not come here if not called. I’ll obey you only until
both stay out of this house. God and devil. If any one of them enters the house.. ..then Abhimanyu Nag
will not wait for your call. Will order coffin,
and enter the house. I’ve the bio data of everything her.. it vegetable or spices.
Only yours I don’t. Yes, there’s a line like the
peel of potato. Care of Raj Sinha. Neither the previous one,
nor the next one. If your ancestors
ever served in police? Then ask them. Perhaps they’ve the previous
one and the next one. I want to know the previous
one and the next one from you, Mr.. Abhimanyu Nag, the previous one. And the next one.. Neither sand wiper nor
water snake species is cobra. The end in one bite. Next time when you
come in front of me. Come with some talisman tied on hand.
– Won’t be needed. I’m handia drinker poison
won’t rise above knee. Cobra doesn’t bite below knee. Bites six inches below the head. No need to go till Handia ha, finish. Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Titli was right. The man
could be my messenger of death. Have to keep a watch. Will you go with me? There’s a teddy. You both will also stay.
We four will gossip together. Abhimanyu will scold?
No, no, I’ll tell Abhimanyu.. ..that you both have
become my friends. Why touched these?
– They’ve become my friends. Will you be my friend,
Abhimanyu? – No! They are not your friends.
I’m not as well. Do not enter this room again. Do not touch any of my things!
Go, go from here! ‘Rimi!’ Rimi! What happened, child? What happened? – Abhimanyu scolded me. You said something to him? I entered his room
and touched two dolls. I said they’ve become my friends.
Will you be my friend? He snatched the dolls
from my hands and said.. ..don’t ever touch.
Then, drove me out of the room. Bad boy. My daughter is not so bad that.. ..she has to be hurt all the time. I’m not asking to love her. But, she could expect
a little affection at least. This is just what she wants. Hello? I, I didn’t want to hurt you, Rimi. I wanted to tell you,
they are not dolls for playing. They are my, wife and, daughter. My daughter Mishti
is exactly like you. If she had been here,
I would have made her your friend. My daughter Mishti, is no more, Rimi. She will never be able
to become your friend. Forgive me, Rimi.
I couldn’t give Mishti to you. Good night, Abhimanyu.
– Good night, Rimi. Will you be my friend? Mishti. “You and I both became friends today.” “I promise you that I’ll love you.” “I’ve kept this gift
of love within my heart.” “I’ll be your shadow
and stay near for ever.” “You and I both have become friends.” “As if I found back
the lost happiness.” “I’ll keep you within my heart;
I won’t go away from you.” “I’ll keep you within my heart;
I won’t go away from you.” “I’ve kept this gift
of love within my heart.” “I’ll be your shadow
and stay near for ever.” “Sweet laughter is like the sunlight.” “Day comes when you laugh.” “The eyes tell so many stories.” “So many dreams float in them.” “I like it if you tell stories.” “When you walk along being my friend.” “In the melody of your song,
I recall so many things.” “In the melody of your song,
I recall so many things.” “I’ve kept this gift
of love within my heart.” “I’ll be your shadow
and stay near for ever.” “You are like an
angel of fairy tales.” “Your heart is like a flower.” “Till I am alive,
no trouble will touch you.” “I like it if you stay near.” ‘When you keep me
secured in your arms.” “I see to the content of eyes;
I recall so many things.” “I see to the content of eyes;
I recall so many things.” “I’ve kept this gift
of love within my heart.” “I’ll be your shadow
and stay near for ever.” “You and I both have become friends.” “As if I found back
the lost happiness.” “You and I both became friends today.” “I promise you that I’ll love you.” “You and I both have become friends.” “As if I found back
the lost happiness.” Grandpa? Come,
let me introduce you to grandpa. Grandpa, uncle’s friend Abhimanyu.
My friend too. Go and tell mother
grandpa has come. – Hmm. Till then I’ll get introduced
to your friend. – Okay. Abhimanyu Nag,
I’m surprised to see you. – Natural. The one you threw
into expenditure book. Has still kept himself a little alive. You’d have done better if you didn’t. Police department spits on your name! Staying alive with
spit all over body.. not staying
alive for any noble man. It’s better to die than that! I didn’t die because, you are alive. You stamped my file
as betrayer and signed it. Minister of police Bikram Sen. Your stamp and sign has ruined.. ..seventy five percent of my life. You owe those seventy
five percent to me. I’m feeling myself very small. One on whom Bikram
Sen stamps and signs.. ..gets ruined completely,
hundred percent. How come twenty five
percent of you is left? Those twenty five percent
will stamp and sign.. ..on your hundred percent,
so it is left back. Go away from here with
those twenty five percent. Otherwise my stamp
of seventy five percent.. ..will become too heavy
for your twenty five percent. I was thinking when will
you say this to me and I’ll say.. Get lost swine! This is not your
father’s land lordship! You’ll ask me to go from
here and I will go from here! Abhimanyu! – Abhimanyu Nag! Neither sand wiper nor
water snake species is cobra. The end in one bite. Hey.. – No.
You’ve come to a noble house. Have tea,
drink water belch and get lost. Don’t come within the range. Otherwise you’ll be stamped first,
and signed after dying. Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Brother-in-law brought him. And I’ve nothing to say
over brother-in-law’s decision. Strange, where your daughter
and your life are concerned..’ve nothing to say there!? Fine you don’t need to say anything. You just come with
me taking Rimi along. Whatever is to be said to Raj Sinha,
I’ll say. No, father.
It will be humiliating brother-in-law. I at least have Rimi.
Tell me who that person is? He is fighting for us only.
– Fighting for what? He is sitting in Kolkata. And has left you
both with such a man.. ..who was dismissed
from the police department.. ..for joining hands
with the terrorists. That man will save you!? Perhaps brother-in-law trusts him. That means you will not come with me? I’ve told you, father that
I’ll go with you taking Rimi along. But only after this fight gets over. The terrorists have written
a letter to government. If their commander
Raghob Rai is not released. Then even more harm will
be done to Raj Sinha’s family! And if any harm is done to Rimi.. will repent it! Inform this to Raj Sinha. Why coming towards
me with bangles in hand? To wear, or to make me wear? Oh no! Now she is really coming here. She may make me wear. Many times she said,
wear bangles and keep sitting. I didn’t wear so perhaps,
she’s coming to make me wear. How are these?
– Good, very good. For whom? For you. Or else for whom? You’ve no other work
other than drinking handia. After marriage you’ll keep
lying in intoxication of handia. And for saving your job,
I’ll have to.. thieves and goons. You’ll wear bangles and manage house. And I’ll manage police station.
Come on, stretch hands. Hey, come on, I won’t wear bangles. Today I will make you wear bangles!
Hey! Hey, hey.. I won’t wear bangles..
– Come on, come on, come on.. I won’t wear bangles,
I won’t wear bangles. I won’t wear bangles,
I, I won’t wear bangles. I won’t drink handia,
I won’t drink handia. I, I’ll manage police
station and you’ll manage home. Hey, hey don’t do leave me, leave.. Hey? I won’t wear bangles, Titli.
– I won’t wear bangles, Titli! What do you think,
I bought these for you? – Yes. Hey no! How come you
know what I’m thinking? Because you know what I am thinking. What are you thinking?
– If I had money.. ..I’d have bought a
dozen of bangles for you. Luckily she didn’t have money. You are laughing? – No. You are laughing. – No. Yes you laughed.
– I didn’t laugh in ten seconds. I laughed in the eleventh second.
– Is it? Hmm. – You laughed
in the eleventh second? All right, let’s do it again,
twenty seconds. – Okay. Coming. Here it comes! ‘Came out!’ Came out completely,
yes came out, came out! Hey, hey! ‘Cheating, cheating!’ Rimi’s school is reopening tomorrow. I don’t have the courage
of sending Rimi to school. I will take Rimi to school,
if you can trust me. I have no fear anymore,
tell me why? – Why? Because, Abhimanyu will stay with me. Good night – Good night, Abhimanyu. Wait. For you. – For me? Hmm. Thank you. Looking good? – Fine. Tata, Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu, get up.
Get up, Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! ‘Abhimanyu!’ Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu, help! Abhimanyu! They won’t find, sir.
Even if they comb the whole jungle.. ..and the mountain,
they won’t find the girl. Show this video to Raj Sinha. If he doesn’t release
Raghob Rai after this. Then in the next
video he’ll get to see.. ..exactly in what way
the girl is getting killed. They will kill my daughter! I won’t survive, without my daughter!
– No, sister-in-law. I don’t have anybody other than her!
I’ve nothing! Calm down a little, sister-in-law. Nothing will happen to Rimi. You watch,
she’ll come back to you. Yes. Hello? – Mother. Rimi! Where are you, child!?
Where are you calling from? They, they have locked
me in a room, mother. Have not given anything to eat.
– Say, child, say! You tell uncle, mother.. – Yes. To take me from here.
– Yes, child.. yes. Otherwise, otherwise they’ll kill me. Mother, tell uncle, Ah! – Rimi! You phoned at home!
If you do this once again. I’ll fire the next bullet
into your head! – Mother! You people don’t kill her. I beg at your feet please leave her. You people don’t kill her.
You people don’t kill her. Leave her. One, two, three. – Hello? Don’t take tension,
Raj Sinha, Rimi is still alive. Rimi is alive is a
good news for you Durjoy! If any harm is done to
her then I won’t let you move.. ..even one inch from
where you are standing! I’ll dig and bury you there! You know that it’s not possible.. ..because at present
you yourself are in a ditch. Let me remind you of the old deal. Commander Raghob Rai’s release.. return of Rimi’s life.
Seven days time. Not in return of Raghob Rai’s release! I’ll bring Rimi back
in return of your life! You people leave my daughter. She’s such a little girl.
Tell me what is her fault? People are dying in
police firing everyday. All of them are not guilty. Even then they are dying because.. ..the are offenders
in the eyes of the police. And the people dying in my firing.. ..perhaps all of them are not guilty. Even then they are
offenders in my eyes. I beg you of my daughter
have pity on me. Many mothers have lost
their son or daughters here! The life of their son
and daughters is not.. ..less valuable than
that of your daughter’s! Remind this to Raj Sinha. Sir, tower is traced,
Chowkbazaar road. You people have done a lot!
No need to do anything else! Now you people go! – Nandini! You people leave
my daughter on her fate! If it’s in her fate
then she will survive. Please, I say with joined hands,
you people go! Go away! Make yourself strong, Nandini.
– I’m not like every mother. That I’ll make myself strong and.. ..count days for my daughter’s death. Will you take me to that man in jail,
for once? Raghob Rai? – Yes. I will fall at his feet and
say if you’ve to kill then kill me. But leave my daughter. Then we will lose this fight, Nandini. This fight is the fight
between them and you. Rimi is nowhere in this.
Then why would she have to die? She doesn’t even understand
the meaning of this fight. She is born in this family.
This is this her biggest offence? If at last Rimi has to die,
Durjoy Rai won’t be.. ..responsible for that.
You’ll be responsible for that! Raj Sinha! Abhimanyu Nag. Neither sand wiper nor
water snake species is cobra. Instead of ending others,
you almost got ended.. But escaped narrowly. Those two goes well with your name. Sand wiper and water snake.
The last one eliminated. Do you remember the
faces of the people.. ..who kidnapped the girl? If you could give me a little hint,
I’ll play the rest. And if I could play properly,
Titli will get impressed. I’ve been fielding for many days,
now I’ll do batting. Try to remember. Get up, Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu, help! Do you remember? You know why I called
you sand viper and water snake? Because of this. If you had been cobra,
the picture would.. ..have remained in
the eyes till death! Hmm. But they have taken your picture. Could come and dust it any moment. Taking those medicines
will not help anyway. Drink handia, handia. Perhaps the poison
will decrease a little. But you’ll stand up again quickly. I’ll leave. Abhimanyu knows who are the people.. ..who kidnapped Raj Sinha’s niece. But didn’t tell me. Telling or not telling
to a handia drinker.. you doesn’t
make any difference. Whether I drink handia
or whatever! – Hmm. I need to know those people! – Hmm. The incident happened
in my area. – Hmm! I’m the O.C of this police station! It would have been better if you had
been the sweeper of police station. I will give you a slap! Why, sir? I’ve filled your glass, sir. No, no, not you, not you.
I said to her. Ha!? This is Titli, my daughter! Titil’s picture with you? Did my Titli get kidnapped,
sir!? – Damn! Ha? – Who will kidnap her? If one has to then I’ll kidnap her. Do you have that worth? Strength is needed
even for kidnapping. Nobody could be
kidnapped by drinking.. ..handia and lying day and night. And those who kidnap, can’t be caught. I told you to go and you went? I give a damn of what
people say and not say. Now when you say something.. – Ha? Don’t say to my picture.
Say to me, hmm? Go home. Huh! Why did I ask you to go home?
I should say sit for a while. “People say marriage is
a sweet from Delhi.” Got it? “Even then the heart
says taste it a little.” “One who eats will repent,
one who doesn’t will regret.” “If I have to die I’ll
die after eating it.” “Boy crazy for marriage
wants a crazy girl.” “Boy crazy for marriage
wants a crazy girl.” “People say, let them say
marriage is a sweet from Delhi.” “I’m fond of roshogolla (sweet),
but you are foolish.” “You don’t have any charm,
you’re rough.” “You’re a drunkard and quarrelsome.” “Why should I die by loving you?” “One who’ll go crazy for
your love I’m not that girl.” “One who’ll go crazy for
your love I’m not that girl.” “Took out the drape,
danced shamelessly.. don’t pretend any shyness.” “If you do duty after
drinking handia.. ..nobody will want you as son-in-law.” “Took out the drape,
danced shamelessly.. don’t pretend any shyness.” “If you do duty after
drinking handia.. ..nobody will want you as son-in-law.” “Bad people will condemn me,
will mislead you about me.” “You won’t get a
better husband than me.” “Boy crazy for marriage
wants a crazy girl.” “One who’ll garland
you I’m not that girl.” “Why instead of chasing
the thieves you follow me?” “I will steal your heart,
I won’t pretend innocent anymore.” Go, man! – You watch. “Why instead of chasing
the thieves you follow me?” “I will steal your heart,
I won’t pretend innocent anymore.” “I don’t want to doom my
fate by spending night with you.” “I’ll have to die if I marry you.” “One who’ll garland
you I’m not that girl.” “Boy crazy for marriage
wants a girl like you.” “People say, let them say
marriage is a sweet from Delhi.” “You marry me and see how worth I am.” “You don’t have any charm,
you’re rough.” “You’re a drunkard and quarrelsome.” “Why should I die by loving you?” “Come on you are crazy I’m also crazy;
let’s get married.” “One who’ll garland
you I’m not that girl.” “Watch, you and I will
meet on the wedding aisle.” “One who’ll garland
you I’m not that girl.” “I’m crazy of marriage
I want a girl like you.” Go.. go. “One who’ll garland
you I’m not that girl.” You? – How are you? Rimi.. any news of Rimi? Perhaps after a few days I’ll give.. the news of her death. That’s what they were saying.
Will you keep a request? Tell me. – I want to meet
that man in jail for once. Will you take me? Nobody else is there,
whom I could say this. If I beg at his fee,
plead to free Rimi won’t he agree? Won’t he understand my suffering? No matter how bad people they are. But even they will feel
bad to kill such a small child. You people leave my daughter. Your fight is with the government,
with Raj Sinha. Not with my daughter. You people have finished
everything we had. Spare my daughter, Spare my daughter. Your daughter is my passport
for getting out of here.. ..Have to release me for getting her. Otherwise she will have to die. Explain this well to your government.. ..and to Raj Sinha both. I, I came to tell you about my pain. I will not survive without Rimi.
Rather, you people kill me. Spare my daughter.
She is just ten years old. Will your anger get finished,
by killing such a small girl? I plead you people leave my daughter. I, I beg at your feet.
Leave my daughter. Leave my daughter.
– You are crying in vain. Looking at corpses
has become our habit. Now we don’t get any
feelings while killing anyone. Even if your daughter
had been five years old. Then also not even a drop of
tear would have come out of our eyes. Only the bullet would
have come out of the gun. Hey! Department snatched away
the batch police gave me. But couldn’t snatch
the name given by father. Abhimanyu Nag. Neither sand wiper nor
water snake species is cobra. The end in one bite. Even if a drop of blood falls
to the ground from Rimi’s body. Then, swine I’ll make
a river of blood flow. Neither police, nor your
father nobody will be able to save.. ..any one of you from
the hands of Abhimanyu Nag. Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! I alerted you time and again.
You don’t even care! I’m a nonsense man! Now the statement of
this nonsense man came true! If Nandini and Rimi
stayed in my responsibility. Then nobody would have
dared to touch their shadow! But what you did? You appointed a corrupt
man like Abhimanyu Nag who.. ..was thrown out of police
department as their guard! And you yourself kept
moving without worry! They have demanded to the government. They will release Rimi in
return of Raghob Rai’s freedom. What has your government decided? Has not decided yet. But will decide. Whatever I’ll decide
government will do that. The government is yours! But Rimi belongs to
Raj Sinha’s family! Yes! The government will
do what Raj Sinha wants! Raj Sinha will not release
even one terrorist.. return of the life
of any of his family members! Inform this to your government! Rimi belonged to this family only.. ..till my daughter’s
husband was alive. The day she lost him
your family also lost them! Now Rimi’s grandpa will
take all the decisions about her! Bikram Sen! Your and my opinion
have never matched. Will not match even today. Hence I don’t want to
waste even one day arguing. Government will release Raghob Rai.. ..and I will try,
that it happens within seven days. Whose freedom you want first, Mr.
Bikram Sen? Rimi or Raghob Rai?
– One in return of another. One in return of hundred. I’ll bring back Rimi after
killing and burying them all! You don’t need to do anything,
anything. The responsibility I gave you,
you failed in that. I don’t need you anymore. The work is still not done, Raj Sinha.
And I’m still not dead. You’ll die next time. You know the history of Abhimanyu. Goes inside out of excitement
and comes out dead. This Abhimanyu is not
born to take beatings! This swine is Abhimanyu of today.
Abhimanyu Nag. Neither sand wiper nor
water snake species is cobra. The end in one bite. They gave seven days
time only for the government.. ..not for Abhimanyu Nag. Before government unties the red tape,
I’ll bring back Rimi. Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu. ‘Bye Abhimanyu.’ You are going? – I’m going
to finish the unfinished work. You got Rimi very close,
hence the pain of.. ..losing her is too much.
I did not get so close.. ..but the pain of losing her,
is not much less. Now my fight is not with two,
it’s with one, the devil. But nobody is beside
you in this fight? Even if nobody is there, I know
one person will always be there. You. And that is my, biggest confidence. Our loss is same the
pain of losing is also same.. ..and my fight is standing
at the point of that pain. I’ll leave. – Abhimanyu. If I can’t,
I’ll store a bullet for myself. Close eyes and, shoot me here. I’ll believe I failed, so I died. ‘Abhimanyu! Tata, Abhimanyu.’ ‘For you.’ – ‘For me?’ ‘Hmm.’ – ‘Thank you.’ ‘Won’t find anything else.’ What did you think?
As long you’ll keep lying.. the hospital the
evidences will keep lying here? Then you’ll come
back and collect them? Some flew into the air,
some got washed by rain. But, a few pieces are lying with me. I know, the people
who kidnapped the girl..’ve got their
picture in your eyes. But, you didn’t show me. Kept your eyes closed so
that you can kill them yourself. No, no, believe me I
have no objection on this. Rather I could help you
in every way in this matter. But, before that I want
to make a deal with you. What deal? Even though I’ll be of no use to you. But, you’ll keep
me along all the time. So that the higher
officials of police and.. ..Titli feels that
I’m a worthy man. Hmm. And? – I won’t be
any worthy of your work. Nor unworthy as well.
Only for the namesake. – All right. Hmm. Driving licence. Got from the spot. I’ve even collected his bio data. Mustafa has at least twenty
gambling centres in this area. Mustafa doesn’t come out
of his hole if not required. But, only attraction
of money and girls.. ..makes Mustafa come out of hole. After finishing work
he goes back in the hole. His centres are terrorist camps. You know the centres. – All of them. But, it’s not time
to die so I never went. Anyhow, Mustafa has to
be brought out of his hole. I’m not involved. I told
you earlier I’m neither worthy.. ..nor unworthy. Only for namesake. Handing over Mustafa to you,
is my responsibility. Have you gone mad! Before that Mustafa
will send you for offering! But.. – Quiet!
You said he gets attracted to girls. I will pull him out
with that attraction. Tomorrow there is a festival
of hilly people in Mustafa’s area. Every year Mustafa
comes to that festival. But this festival will
be his last festival. “Someone calls hilly flower.
Someone calls scorpion.” “In the poison of love,
I myself get burnt.” “Hey girl.. hey girl hey!” “Thorn is in rose,
high and low tide in river.” “Thorn is in rose,
high and low tide in river.” “When will you show up
like the moon in dark night?” “When youth comes in life,
it’s hard to stay alone.” “Hey boy..
oh my boy. Hey boy.. oh my boy.” “Thorn is in rose,
high and low tide in life.” “Thorn is in rose,
high and low tide in life.” “Hilly road up and down,
curved like a snake, hey!” “Trouble may strike any moment,
hence keep awake.” “Hey girl, o hey o girl..
hey girl, o hey o girl.” “In this night I want
to mix heart with heart.” “Love will settle down
in the intoxication of alcohol.” “In intoxication.” “I didn’t come to stroll,
to mix heart in heart.” “You’ll go out of control
on coming much close.” “In the tipsiness of intoxication
eyes will get sleepy.” “In the tipsiness of intoxication
eyes will get sleepy.” “Why would you cheat your own self?” “Hey boy..
oh my boy. Hey boy.. oh my boy.” “One whose eyes are hunter
his intoxication is hunter.” “Someone’s heart is beggar,
just wants money.” “So many eyes of hunters
glow in the darkness.” “I am beggar of love,
wants to meet you.” “Here I am near the
night is till left.” “I won’t let go of the chance today.” “Hey girl, o hey o girl..
hey girl, go slow.. o girl.” “Thorn is in rose,
high and low tide in river.” “Thorn is in rose,
high and low tide in river.” “When will you show up
like the moon in dark night?” “Trouble may strike any moment,
hence keep awake.” “Hey girl, o hey o girl.
– Hey girl, oh my girl.” “Hey girl, o hey o girl.
– Hey girl, oh my girl.” “Hey girl, o hey o girl.
– Hey boy.. oh my boy.” “Hey girl, o hey o girl.
– Hey boy.. oh my boy.” Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Hey, who are you? Mustafa got caught. Watch this carefully. In Bengali this is caked khur (razor). And on whom Abhimanyu Nag uses khur. Doctor sends him straight
to the undertaker for stitching. If you want to kill me then go ahead! But you won’t find the girl! Instead you’ll find the girl’s corpse! If any harm is done to the girl.. ..I’ll chop you into pieces and.. ..throw on the street in such a way.. ..that before taking birth your next
three generations will watch out.. ..whether Abhimanyu Nag is around. Where is Abhimanyu? – I don’t know. You don’t know, right? – No! Abhimanyu will not
be able to save you. If he comes here
he’ll get your corpse! Abhimanyu is cobra species. If salt and pepper
is put on the bites.. ..poison will go
up the veins and dance. I’ll say! I’ll say everything! On telling the truth
you’ll go to hospital. On telling lies you’ll go to morgue. The choice is yours. Say.
– The girl, the girl is in my den. As many wives you have
so many are your dens. In which one of them is she?
– In my, in my old den. Aunt, they’ll kill me, right? My mother will be very hurt if I die. My mother has nobody other than me. They have killed everyone. If I let you out of here
will you be able to flee? Nobody is here now you
escape through the back door. But I don’t know the path. On crossing the colony
you’ll find the main street. Go there and mention your
family anyone will take you. Hmm. – Everyone knows. Nobody could harm
you anymore here. Come. Aunt, you are very
sweet like my mother. Go, sweetheart, go. Without releasing Raghob Rai,
you people won’t find the girl. This is a big deal.
– With whom, what deal? Durjoy Rai from this side,
with Kamal Pasha from that side. Raghob Rai is Bunty
Suleiman of that side. Commander of Kamal Pasha. He carries on terrorist
activities here with fake name. If Raghob Rai is not released,
Kamal Pasha.. ..will finish Durjoy Rai. If government doesn’t
release Raghob Rai.. ..Durjoy Rai will finish the girl. Who else are involved in this? Minister of police Bikram Sen. Hello? – You are double crossing me,
Bikram Sen? On one side you are talking with me.. .. and on the other
side you are getting.. children killed by the police. Police didn’t kill any of your men. The one who killed
is nobody in police. His name is Abhimanyu Nag. How to stop Abhimanyu
Nag you know that. That’s not my job.
My job is to fix Raghob Rai’s.. ..fate in the meeting
of the cabinet tomorrow. Where is the girl? – I released her. Released? – Yes I released her! You people will torture
such a small girl. And I, will keep mum and watch!? Showing irritation!
If you’ve worth then go.. ..go and fight the police! You’ll kill, you’ll kill me!?
Kill, kill me! I’m no more with you people! Hey, throw the corpse outside. Captain, the girl has
fled from Mustafa’s den. Come on! Believe me I didn’t kill the girl!
Believe me I kept her here! I want to know clearly
what is the government’s stand.. ..about the demand of the terrorists? Is Raghob Rai being released? If a big time terrorist
like Raghob Rai.. released they
will get encouraged. Situation will go out of our hands. And we cannot let that happen. If Raghob Rai is not released then.. ..they’ll kill my granddaughter. I too cannot let that happen. Let me say one thing clearly.. ..after this meeting
it will get decided.. ..whether I am in the cabinet or not. And I’m not in means, my ally M.L.A… ..and ministers are also not in. If someone else would
have been kidnapped.. ..instead of your granddaughter. Then perhaps you
wouldn’t have said this. If your granddaughter
had been kidnapped.. ..instead of my granddaughter. Then you too wouldn’t have said this. You would have said what I am saying. In tomorrow’s newspaper
if the news of.. granddaughter’s
death gets printed. Then another news will get printed. The downfall of your government. Government will release Raghob Rai.. return of your
granddaughter’s freedom. I kept my words, Durjoy. Government is releasing Raghob Rai. The deal you and I made
has been completed from my side. Your side is left. – Wow, wow, wow! Now say what is your deal with.. ..Durjoy Rai, Mr. Bikram Sen? You? I came to have a proper look at the.. ..copy of your deal with Durjoy Rai. What is exactly written in it? What else would be written? They’ll release my granddaughter.. ..and in return the government
will release Raghob Rai. If you speak one more lie.. .. I’ll kill and hang
you on the wall as a picture. By the evening it will be garlanded.
– Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu Nag! Neither sand wiper nor
water snake species is cobra. The end in one bite. I’ll say what deal
you made with Durjoy Rai. Through Durjoy Rai you’ll
spread terror all over.. ..the state and create
pressure on the government. So that the government
succumbs under the pressure. And taking that opportunity you’ll.. ..sit on the chair of chief minister. Nobody will believe
this false story of yours! Nobody will believe? I’ll give you two tight
slaps on your face.. ..then even your father
will believe this story. We blame the outside enemies. But the biggest poisonous plant.. ..are the politicians like you.. ..who invite the terrorists
like Raghob Rai.. ..aka Bunty Suleiman into
our country as son-in-law! For growing a bunch
full of poisonous fruits. And when that son-in-law gets caught.. ..being the father-in-law
you even get your.. ..granddaughter kidnapped
for freeing the son-in-law! That’s lie! I don’t even
know who Bunty Suleiman is! Before dying in my hands
Mustafa has whispered into.. ears about your son-in-law
and father-in-law bond. I’m neither your father-in-law,
nor your son-in-law. It won’t take me even
a second to kill you. Like it didn’t take
you any time for getting.. wife and daughter
killed by Durjoy Rai. If a policeman’s wife and daughter.. ..get killed by terrorists. It doesn’t make any difference
to the minister of police. But Rimi she is your
own granddaughter. You didn’t hesitate to
hand her over to terrorists? No I didn’t hesitate!
I hesitate for nothing! Nothing! In politics sometimes
the dear ones are put on bet. Rimi was my bet.. ..and Raghob Rai was my card in hand. The blood of such a small
girl is so valuable for you!? You didn’t remember
even for once that so many.. ..times Rimi jumped on
your lap calling you grandpa!? Nandini. – Rather why didn’t you.. ..poison me when I was born? Then I wouldn’t have been
ashamed of calling you father. I’d have considered
that calling father.. ..doesn’t suit every girl’s tongue. And the ones to whose tongue
it doesn’t suit calling father.. ..should die soon after birth! Don’t forget, the mothers
in this nation have given birth to.. ..Netaji, Bhagat Singh,
Binoy, Badol and Dinesh.. ..for deciding the fate of
the independence of this nation.. ..and has given birth
to a police officer.. ..for putting an end to terrorism.
His name is Abhimanyu. Just like you handed over Rimi
to terrorists and decided her fate.. I hand over your
fate in Abhimanyu’s hands. Your fate will be
decided by Abhimanyu Nag. Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Have you seen this girl? – No. Have you seen her somewhere? – No, no. Mother! I had told you if I
couldn’t bring back Rimi. Then I’ll save one bullet, for myself. One bullet is in this.
Close eyes and fire. I have no regret at this death. Only one sorrow remains
I didn’t die with pleasure. Take. Relieve Abhimanyu from,
at least one pain. Sister-in-law, Rimi is alive! I myself saw Rimi.
– Are you telling the truth, Titli? Yes. – You’re not giving
me false assurance, right? No! – My Rimi is alive? Yes. Rimi fled from Mustafa’s den.. ..but she got caught by them again. Raj Sinha phoned.
They are trying to send Raghob Rai.. that side by crossing the border.
– They couldn’t. Abhimanyu Nag will
be between both the sides. Raghob Rai’s corpse will
go on that side not Raghob Rai. Take this one bullet that you saved,
I’m giving you. You use this bullet for putting
an end to terrorism from this land. Now every minute is dangerous for us. After making you cross the border.. ..I’ll send back the girl
today itself. – And my work here? If you want to live,
then forget your work.. ..for a few days, Bunty Suleiman. Because if Abhimanyu
Nag sees you for once.. won’t be able to
see the border in this life. Abhimanyu Nag will
finish you in one bite.. ..right there where you are standing. Durjoy Rai! Surrender along with Raghob Rai! Police have surrounded
you from all sides! I’ll stop the police
along with my children. You cross the border
from that side. – Okay. Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Raghob Rai aka Bunty Suleiman. Pampered son-in-law hired
and brought into this nation. You brought so many parcels from.. ..the other side in your hands, right? Each of your parcels have killed.. ..many innocent people of this nation. Today Abhimanyu from this side will.. ..chop you into twenty eight pieces! And parcel those twenty eight
pieces to the other side to.. ..your Kamal Pasha as a
gift from our twenty eight states! With this hand you brought
pressure cooker parcel! With this hand,
you brought transistor parcel! Leave me! I swear I’ll
never step on this land again! Leave me! I won’t give you that opportunity. This land got pious
by the touch of Netaji.. ..Bhagat Singh,
Binoy, Badol and Dinesh. Abhimanyu Nag won’t
let any Bunty Suleiman.. ..any Kamal Pasha’s
dirty feet touch that land! Rimi! Rimi! – Abhimanyu! ‘Abhimanyu!’ ‘Abhimanyu!’ Abhimanyu. – Rimi. Abhimanyu. – Rimi. Rimi, landline is laid
all around you will run along me. Okay? – Hmm. Ready? – Yes. Ready? Go! Mother! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Get up, Abhimanyu! Get up, get up! – Run. Get up. – Run. Run, Rimi, run! Rimi! Rimi! – Mother! I told you Durjoy Rai. I’m neither sand wiper nor
water snake, my species is cobra. The end in one bite. No, Abhimanyu! Leave me I say! I warn you, I warn you! Hey, no! ‘You neither are viper
nor are you a snake.’ ‘You are a cobra crushed
inside Durjoy Rai’s trap!’ History repeats itself
and Abhimanyu enters.. ..into traps foolishly
and gets beaten helplessly! No, Durjoy Rai. This Abhimanyu is not
the Abhimanyu of Mahabharat. This is Abhimanyu of India.
Abhimanyu Nag. He won’t enter Durjoy Rai’s
trap to get beaten helplessly. But to kill a traitor
like you mercilessly! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! I saved this one bullet for myself. Today this bullet explained me.. ..why I’m still alive
even after losing everything. You don’t love your India.
I love my India. Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu! Abhimanyu, nothing happened to you! Please say, nothing happened to you! Nothing happened to me.
It’s just time to go. No, you won’t go anywhere.
You will live with me. Hmm. This is Mishti. Whenever you’ll remember
me talk to Mishti. She will tell you about me. She is very good girl. She’ll become very
good friend of yours. I’ll leave, child. Come. Father! Mother! We’ll meet again, friend.
We’ll meet again. ‘As many times Kamal Pasha,
Bunty Suleiman.. ..Durjoy Rai will step on this land.’ ‘For protecting this pious land,
Abhimanyu will come.’ ‘For me,
for you, for the entire nation.’


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