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Aaron Paul Breaks Down a Scene from Breaking Bad Movie | El Camino | Shot By Shot | Netflix

Hi, I’m Aaron Paul. You may know me as Jesse Pinkman, And I am here to break down a scene from “El Camino”, shot by shot. (dramatic guitar music) Todd and Jesse find themselves
in the middle of the desert, burying a body of a housekeeper. Yeah, that was the Painted
Desert in Arizona, actually. We were out there for just a day, I think. One or two days. Plemons and I flew out
there in a helicopter, and landed on set, it was a
very rock and roll moment. – You wanna say a few words? – Here, they’re kinda
doing a burial service for this sweet, sweet housekeeper. And he’s just very uncomfortable, always uncomfortable around Todd. He’s so brilliant, Jesse Plemons, it’s incredible to work alongside of him, and watch him do what he does
inside of the skin of Todd. – Nice lady. Excellent housekeeper. – Look at Todd, what a psychopath. – Hey, grab another pack, would ya? There should be one in the glove box. You find ’em? – He notices a gun in the glove box. This is his only opportunity, most likely his last opportunity. They’re in the middle of
nowhere, no witnesses, and Todd is a few feet away. If he is going to escape, it is now. – I’ll take that, Jesse. – I think this film has really opened up how much of a, just
captured animal Jesse is and how afraid Jesse is
of Todd in this moment. I remember this scene in particular. I mean, Vince does
incredible notes always. He just, you know, kept telling me, just don’t be afraid to be raw
with it, and just go for it, and we’re kinda left with this. – On the way home, I was
gonna get us some pizza. Couple large pies. Maybe a six pack of beer? – Yeah, Todd is such a psycho. (laughs) He sees that this is a real possibility of his life ending at this moment, but he’s so good at manipulating Jesse, and he knows Jesse is just
this damaged, caged animal he knows he has complete control over. – What kind of pizza do you like, Jesse? Jesse, what kind of pizza? – Pepperoni. – Pepperoni, sure,
classic, I like that too. – He’s just talking
Jesse off the ledge here, and offering him a simple pizza. It kinda breaks him. It all leads up to Jesse
finally handing over his freedom forever. He hands over the gun, he
knows he’s Todd’s sort of, play toy for as long as Todd sees fit. – Come on, look at that view. Should be a heck of a sunset. – Todd tries to sort of, embrace Jesse, comfort him in a way,
and sort of force him to look at what he’s looking at. God, look how beautiful that place is. Hope you enjoyed going through the scene shot by shot. Watch “El Camino” on Netflix. Shot by shot, bitch. – [2nd AC] Mark. – My man!

  • I'm surprised he didn't mention Brock here. I thought when he cried it was the moment he realised even if he killed Todd & got free, Jack & the Nazis would still go after Brock. Kinda the lowest moment for Jesse because he has the chance but is still powerless

  • Another almost pointless scene that was just a deleted scene from mid season 5. And they just gonna act like he not chubby

  • The only thing that pulled me out of the movie was the fact that Todd had inexplicably gained – and lost – 200 pounds in the space of a few months. XD

    I just have to imagine that Todd was having some sort of allergic reaction to something during that period. 😛

  • I think Todd didnt see it as manipulating jesse. I think Todd genuinely enjoyed Jesse's company, and seemed hurt that he pulled a gun on him. I think Todd really felt like he was having a bro moment before this. Imo I think this creepier. Like Todd always has this innocent gloss over true reality.

  • My dumb ass didnt know this was a whole series and i watched the final movie straight up didnt understand some stuff thought it was weird but the movie was fricking good

  • Jesse giving up the gun and Aaron saying “giving up his freedom forever” is a PERFECT direct metaphor for the laws that Democrats are trying to pass right now! GUNS ARE OUR FREEDOM. Friendly reminder to my fellow Americans. 💯

  • I love breaking bad, but I was very disappointed in this film.. the little bit of action was way forced. How he did not get shot or hit by one bullet seemed impossible. Not to mention how he had to be interrupted by fake cops and it became an obstacle to get the right amount of money. And how he coincidently found the van and the store the vacuum guy worked at. I love Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul, and Vince and the cinematography, but this was not a good movie.

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  • The whole series and everything is just awesome.
    One thing I like is that dialogues are kept as dialogues with no "drama" from shaking cameras and nothing else but what can be considered as "normal" background noise, I mean no music unless during scenes of other kind of drama. As a pretty old lady I find it disturbing with all the shake cam and it's getting quite disturbing in drama series. As one gets older lol
    Think they started with it in the 1990ties and now everyone uses it, has to look "documentary"….
    Love the movie, really wanted to know what happened to Jesse (now I know), he didn't really deserve all he got. Joe said he's a good kid and I agree, he just did what he had to. Jesses parents are horrible anyway.
    Your acting as a really traumatized person is so good 🙂 Actually your acting is very good imo.

    Thanks mr. Paul 🙂


  • Todd: What kind of pizza do you like?
    Jessi: Pepperoni…
    Todd: I like that too a classic!

    Jessi: Throws pizza on roof of Walts old house.

  • If Jesse had killed Todd, then escaped… Uncle Jack would have killed Brock like he had threatened to do. Jack wouldn't have known what happened in the desert, but would have returned to an empty compound… and would have thought that Jesse had escaped. So, I think protecting Brock was a big reason why Jesse settled for a pizza that he probably never even got. I you remember, Todd had vowed to work on keeping Jesse cleaner… which we all know never happened either.

  • If you enjoyed the acting of todds actor id reccomend "Fargo". He is in season 2 and does a great job alongside Kirsten Dunst.

  • I cried when I first saw this scene in the movie! 😢 Aaron’s acting was AMAZING here! Well he always is amazing but he definitely killed this scene!

  • Poor Todd needs to stay away from the large pies and beer!

    I ain’t bashing either I know Jesse plemons had to gain weight for a role!

  • It’s literally just spelling out what’s happening in the scene. I saw the film, why do I need to hear someone describe a clip from it?

  • Todd: what kinda pizza do you like?

    Jesse: the kind made with Swiss cheese motha fucka!!!
    proceeds to shoot Todd repeatedly

  • I understood it as Jesse knew that Brock would be in danger the moment the rest of Todd's crew knew Jesse escaped.

  • New Mexico is a small state, honestly fellas I am still in awe how Todd the ever expanding pod didn’t tip lil Mexico tf over.

  • wish he'd mentioned the implication, or at least the realization Jesse has while Todd manipulates him, is Jack and the crew going for Brock as soon as Todd isn't heard from for a while

  • When folks in the early days of television envisioned the artistic heights of the medium in future years, they could only hope we'd get performances as great as Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman We're so lucky to have this.

  • i personally called jesse finding a gun in the car after he had said “glovebox.”

    but yes. vince did a fantastic job of really showcasing how psychotic todd is, in this movie. kills a housekeeper because she found his money. strangled her with his belt, and then takes it off her body and puts it back on his waist. eats food in the same room as her body. and then obviously this scene. you hate him with everything, which means jesse and vince did a great job at conveying that. really puts more emotion and meaning behind jesse strangling todd in the last episode of breaking bad.

  • This is the scene I had the most trouble with. He strangled him with a chain on the last episode but he doesn’t take the chance to put one in his head in the middle of the desert??

  • If I were Jesse, I'd shot Todd without thinking a minute, did Jesse suffer from Stockholm syndrome? I got very angry this scene.

  • I've finished Breaking Bad 5 seasons and my only critique is this: Why this show doesn't have a good, catchy soundtrack such as The Narcos? A song that when we hear / listen we say "Hey this is BB's soundtrack.

  • You are a talented person. I hope we can see you in a good drama, not in some non-sense like need for speed etc. You worth better than that.

  • Honestly the movie was okay, would have been epic if Walt was alive at the end to give a second movie. They should have shown where everybody was doing also eventhouth it was about him.

  • It was absolutely ridiculous that Jesse would give him the gun back. What a terrible movie all around.

    Just put this show to rest…If Aaron Paul can’t get any roles in decent films then so be it. Now they’re doing this for CASH hence, Cranston would only be involved in a minor scene.

  • So Jesse lived in a cage being abused for 6 months…then had an opportunity to get away from Todd, but figures this could be the end of his life (as if his life isn’t already over)? I literally laughed out loud at how stupid this scene was.

  • He could have shot Todd in the face, buried the body next to the housekeeper, driven to Todd's apartment, taken all his money (from the encyclopedia), grabbed Brock and his grandmother, ditched the El Camino (and its LoJack), paid a hitman to execute Jack and his gang, and driven to Mexico (or found the Disappearer), but he was a broken man at that point and couldn't even think straight.

  • I've heard Aaron Paul is a super nice guy in real life, so I was surprised by his attitude in this video. Unless he's invoking Jesse, he comes as early 90's grunge star wannabe making an interview on a morning TV show in Des Moines. WTF?

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