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so it's official ASAP Rocky has been charged with assault and Sweden will go on trial next week his lawyer announced that the trial will start on Tuesday so you got we talked about this a little bit a while ago president Trump got involved thanks to First Lady Melania Trump who learned in him of the situation Trump reportedly offered to personally vouch for Rocky's bail even though there's no bail system there the alleged assault took place on June 30th in central Stockholm and of course ASAP has denied any wrongdoing I just want to clarify the Trump thing so Trump actually apparently called the Swedish Prime Minister on Wednesday or on Saturday sorry and said he had personally vouched for him and the government in Sweden rightly so said we do not get involved in this kind of cases like we can't get involved like this is our judicial system and we allow the police to do what they yeah so that's quite funny yeah the price Swedish prosecutors have said like of course there's the video that was on TMZ or on you know a saps Instagram but they have other CCTV sources there's another video so let's the actual attack was or the I say the the altercation was when there are two guys that went up to ASAP and his team and seemed to be provoking them in some way and then there was an altercation that took place after that a saps defense is that it was self-defense mhm yes oh well and also so G easy I don't know if you guys talked about this am I for me with that talent but so basically G's easy obviously a rapper talked about the fact that when he was in Sweden his treatment was very different so there is the debate about and we've talked about this and I have my own thoughts about if ASAP should just go through the judicial process without assistance from American help because of his previous public statements about how he didn't feel any pressure to do that for other people in need but gez did come out and say that he thinks this is an example of white privilege and systemic or systemic racism he obviously is a white rapper he was detained in Sweden he was charged with assault and drug possession and he let go with a slap on the wrist and a six thousand dollar fine so some people are saying that this is an example of white privilege at work however just because he was charged with assault does not mean that the the circumstances under which those charges were brought we're the same and I feel like that's the biggest difference here obviously Swedish prosecution is saying that they have additional video actual proof that kind of bolsters their case yeah maybe they didn't have what gee I mean in one of the I don't I'm not I'm gonna be 100% honest I'm not familiar with Jeezy's case and don't even remember that coming up I feel like the fact that this is sort of become an international incident is probably incidents probably strong word but the sort of international debacle is probably weighing a little bit on everybody but I don't know in one of the articles it said I think the New York Times article it said that one of these dudes was hit though one of the victims of the assault was hit with a bottle and so I don't I feel I feel for a stop because in this situation that was presented it seemed like he was really being harassed by these two dudes why didn't the better chance as I said on the show yeah to Justin go back to their hotel and tell you know the hotel security that like these guys are bothering us we're staying here we just want to go back to our room please please keep them from following us and it ends in this and I don't know man it seems like if they've got a lot of video of this that they can like think about all of the video that came out about about yeah about Jesse like so many pieces of video like to think that that Swedish prosecutors can't put this together in the same way is just you know of course they can I think what's so interesting about this as well as it's one of those cases where has his celebrity helped or hindered him in some way what happened to him and he obviously went on Instagram while he was being verbally harassed by these two men which by the way the Swedish Swedish authorities have said do have records of being a criminal in the past both of them the two men but so ASAP went on Instagram went live on the Instagram say look I'm being harassed I want everyone to know what's happening to me right now and so was able to draw attention to what was happening to him but then there is also video that we have seen there is new video coming out next week but there is video that we have seen that looks like it's a SAP like throwing the sky onto the floor

  • Sweden's deeply embedded racism is on display for the world to see. The stuffy Swedes are punishing ASAP primarily for being Black but also for being an African American. If they insist on singling out African Americans then we'll simply cut off their aid.

  • The rule of the law applies to everyone equally and is exercised by an independent judiciary. That’s the way it is in the US, and that’s certainly the way it is in Sweden. Political interference in the process is distinctly off limits!

  • It must be very hard for Americans 🇺🇸 to understand that it exists country’s that even rich people 🤑 go to jail

  • A$AP Rocky hates black people anyway………where is A$AP Rocky white friends now? why are not his white friends helping him? this just another wake up call to say…….white is not right no matter how much you put on your super cape for them…you put down your own people so were is your white friends now

  • The Swedes are charging him because the two people who assaulted asap are Muslim. It’s all political. Sweden has a strict “dont offend or make news of muslims” policy. People literally get censored for any anti immigration or anti muslim rhetoric. The video clearly showed two guys approach asap and later assaulted their security guard.

  • Even TRUMP would be in jail after his attempts of sowing hate. No Bail system so equal justice for the rich, poor or famous. Independant justice system so no dictator like involvement like in the USA or Russia. The usa has become a banana republic specially with Trump. The 512 million people in the European union will show the planet they are the new moral world leader. Dictator like behaviour of the asap crew pushing people walking behind them away, lifting them by the neck and crushing their headphone, than beating them and cut them badly with a broken bottle. The people and army's of country's like the USA or Russia can not behave in this way. Justice! The European union will get their own army and moral and the old powers are past. People, rich, poor, American or Swedish, political or not, will be judged fair! Go Sweden !

  • Ever heard of separation of powers or judicial independence?
    Even on Trump standards this is blatantly stupid and arrogant.

    Class justice makes me vomit. Everyone is equal to the law, including celebrities

  • The issue isn't the bodyguards actions (he acted in a controlled manner in response to perceived threat) the issue is the beating, three people kicking/hitting a man on the ground causing the damage they did is not a measured response to the threat. Thus it is assault, doesn't matter if it was instigated/provoked and it doesn't matter if the person has a record or not.

    I also has some issues seeing this as a threatening situation, the guys were in their late teens and ASAP and crew is way older, more people and including a security guard… I wonder if the confusion comes from the different viewpoints/culture, in Sweden if you react to a threatening situation and don't act in a way that's measured then you can/will be charged.

  • Glad Sweden isn't backing out of this, ASAP /w crew assaulted the man with a broken bottle and more. They deserve jailtime

  • There is no bail system in Sweden. just because a black man is accused of a crime does not make it a racist prosecution black people just as any other human being are capable of committing a crime. But sometimes the very notion of black people being held responsible for crimes they possibly have been committing is apparently racist. And he has not been convicted of anything… I don't get it how in the USA apparently arresting a human being that happens to be black is a racist thing.

  • Equality before the law.
    What a novel concept. 😉
    And they must have prioritized this trail before others.
    It should take at least 2 weeks to get trial date.
    So in a way the three men has been given special privilege because of their fame.

  • Thank u for being the first Americans in media to not speak badly about Sweden because of this situation. People speak about ASAP being badly treated, but actually his trial is abnormally soon after he got charged. Also, it’s a common joke in Sweden that people in Swedish jails are actually having a four star experience in there.

  • This idiot should have walked away or called the Swedish police. You can’t just get into a fight in another country and expect to get away with it.

  • This guy said he couldn’t be bothered with Ferguson and racial discrimination in America etc and allgemein cares about is fashion….sooo I don’t feel bad for him in fact 8 hope he rots in jail

  • The Government had to say they can't get involved with favoring Obviously but if they want Money they will be nice!

  • The reason why G-Eazy's trial went so fast and ASAP Rocky's haven't is because they are two completely different cases. G-Eazy had a straight forward brawl, it was just him and the person he attacked. He also confessed that he had done the things that he was accused of so of course it went fast. ASAP Rockys case is complex, there are like 12 people involved in some way or another, the crime scene is spread out meaning that the police has a lot of mapping of movement to do. ASAP Rocky has not confessed to anything, he claimes self-defense.

    The fact that complex cases takes longer to investigate than simple ones have nothing to do with racism.

  • 3 on 1 is not self defense. 1 on 1 can be self defense…but not always. If a girl is hitting you and you detain her…guess what? You put your hands on a woman, she will be arrested and you too. If you don't do anything to her and have eye witnesses with no marks on her but evidence of her assaulting you then only she will be arrested. 3 people of 1 race beating 1 man of an opposite race is a hate crime especially when he is from a different country. A$AP could have kept walking and his team should have made sure of it but A$AP turned around and put his hand on his victims shoulder. He wasn't posing for a selfie. You put your hand on me and I am willing to bet that you won't be able to fight with a hand thatI have separated from your arm.
    At what point does it cease to be protection? When the man is on the ground? When the man on the ground has been kicked once? Another person runs over to kick him too? When he is kicked by a third man? Multiple kicks by all 3 men? How many times? Perhaps after the man has been cut and is bleeding? When is enough, enough? Could the guards have just kept the man away from their client? Maybe even after he was thrown to the ground but before getting kicked? Would he have even gotten back up immediately after getting thrown? We will never know because his bodyguards/escorts/entourage/coterie didn't do what they were there for. As for this white privilege rhetoric about G Easy, (who looks like a Buddha reject from an Ace of Base cover band) I have searched for a video of that assault however found nothing but, he did have coke on him and should have stayed in jail for that. The alternative argument is that he plead guilty to the changes of assault/violence/possession/etc. and was fined while A$AP Rocky (who looks like Da Brat when she got Funkdafied) has no integrity and calls self defense which is really…just obvious bull s**! Isn't it funny how everyone who ends up in jail claims to be innocent. Take responsibility for your actions. You think I couldn't have gone to jail for acting like a f** tard? Sure I could have. Do you know why I have never been arrested? I don't act like a f*** tard!

  • Asap Rocky and his crew stabbed him with a broken glass bottle several times, ofc he should be charged with assault. For some reason American media/news dont want to inform the people of it so the people get mad instead and making this a race issue. Insane

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