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Satya, have you heard
about bloody mirrors. Yes I have heard. It is about
a pot of oil. It is very old now. Hey, I am not talking about oil.. ..but about a girl who
worked in a horror movie. In the movie the girl
dies a painful death. In that movie if anyone says Maya
three times in front of the mirror.. ..which was the girl’s name would die. If I take my name three times
then I will die then why should I die.. ..talking someone else’s
name three times. Tell me. I don’t believe in all this. I would give you a live example. Yesterday,
my boss was narrating a story to me. It is the next series that is
going to be published on our website. It is a ghost’s story. It was midnight. Suddenly a strange fragrance
started coming from my studio. Stupid, gas must have leaked
from somewhere. It is called odor. It was a fragrance like
the one that comes in hospital. Fragrance as in hospital. Okay, was that fragrance
coming from any hospital? No. I walked in the entire studio to know
where the fragrance was coming from. I was finding it very strange. Hey Shiva, don’t narrate such stories.
I feel scared. Do you think I am a fool? If you listen to that
story then you will get scared. Why will I get scared?
You know that I like horror movies. Don’t try to be smart. I shall narrate a story to you. I will believe you if after
that you do not get scared. There was a dense forest. A man was running in
the jungle feeling scared. He is sweating a lot. All his clothes have become wet. He does not even have
a torch in his hand. He stops outside the
gate of an old bungalow. He hears a sound from inside. Being courageous he looks behind and he
sees that someone is coming from inside. Then that man says Maya,
your son is not with me. He speaks this for the first
time and then for the second time. And then the third time. Maya, your son is not with me. Suddenly the same fragrance that
comes in the hospitals can be smelt. Someone comes inside from the window. He starts running.. ..saying save me, save me… When he opens his mouth to say this
then he is not able to open his mouth. His voice gets stuck in his throat. Then a sound of a girl is heard. What happens after that? I don’t know. The writer has not written further. Once he writes then
I shall tell you next week. Leave it, buddy. Before publishing this in our
website we will show a disclaimer. That drinking and smoking
is injurious to health. Ay it three times that Maya,
your son is not with me. Instead of three times
I will speak four times. If I do not die then will
your ghost come and give chocolate? I was also thinking it to be a comedy. But yesterday night
when I was alone at home.. ..then after finishing
the entire work.. I switched off the light
and called Maya’s name three times. I also started feeling a little scared. I heard the same sound
that the writer has written. Maya, your son is not with me. Okay, so did you die last night? And now I am sitting
with a ghost and drinking. What nonsense are you talking? Keep quiet sometimes, buddy. Okay, then you call her three times. I will play cards
if you ask me to play.. ..but I will not play
these children’s games. Child’s games. Just say that you have got scared. I am not scared. Do one thing. Call your ghost and I shall
sing duet with her all night. What are you saying that I am scared? So you will not call Maya three times. Maya, your son is not with me. Hey, in your village
if you speak there times.. ..and then is it
equivalent to three times. What nonsense is this? Maya, your son is not with me. I think the ghost urgently
needs to go to washroom. Isn’t it Shiva? Maya, your son is not with me. Hey stupid, you scared me to death. If you keep behaving like this
then I shall take you to village. Remember that I will make
you sell fish in Mangalore. But this was Shiva’s idea. He was showing too much attitude. I made the right prank for you. How dare you? Hey.. Thanks, brother. Go and salute someone in your office. Okay bye. Hi, Bob.
How are you? -How are you doing?
-Good, buddy. Hello, didn’t you sleep at night? What should I do? Boas asked me to stay back. I cannot understand whether
I am working in UK or Bangalore. They will never change. Shiva.. Hi, Shiva. So, what were you saying? Sir, I was saying that if we
do this way then it would be very good. -This is so beautiful.
-Okay. And this.. Okay. Sketches. – Come.
– Yeah. -Shiva..
-Yes. -Meet Madan.
-Hi, sir. The sketches that you
have made are for his story. So was the party good at night? It was friend’s birthday so
the party continued late till night. -Sketches.
-Yes. That can be seen that party
was in full swing. Isn’t it? His birthday just comes
once sir so that is why… What happened sir?
Has anything happened? Did anyone narrate the story
of a ghost at night in the party? How did you come to know, sir? Your disclaimer told the entire
story to speak Maya three times. Why did you narrate the story? We just did a prank? How many people were
there in the party last night? I, my friend Satya and his wife Lucy. That’s all. -Guarantee.
-100% sir. Think once again and tell. -Were there only three people?
-Yes sir. Then who is this? I’ll call once I get free. Ready.. All the best. -What is your name?
-Sharmila Desai. Desai. She is Arjun sir’s wife. Oh! Our Arjun’s. That means wife of future superstar. Sir, she does not use his name. Why so? What is the fear? Do you want to share? I will not force you. Sit down. Did you understand the line,
Sharmila Desai? Now leave this script. I will explain a situation to you. Your character is also included in that. Maya. You have been married for one year. It is your first marriage anniversary. And today you come to
know that you are pregnant. Then you come to know that your husband
is trapped in someone else’s love. To celebrate your anniversary you
both go together in a posh restaurant. You sit opposite to each
other on the dinner table. Now your husband goes
to use the washroom. Then you take out
poison from your purse. And mix it in the glass. You add some drink to it. Now the husband comes back. Just imagine that I am your husband. How will you enact this situation? Happy anniversary. She’s good. You acted so well. PK really liked you. Hey.. Did you say something? Didn’t you sleep last night? What has happened to you? Let me know that for how
many days you haven’t slept. At least you can talk to Arjun. If you talk about anything
else except him then I will answer. Okay, okay… I will tell you something. I have taken an appointment
of work for you. I don’t mind if my time gets
wasted but your work should be done. I will feel very good. Counseling. Think it over once. Just stop the car that side. I want to withdraw money. The cheque bounced again. I don’t know when
these people will change. These people should not be spared. The phone is switched off. Why do these people do like this? Stupid people. I really can’t understand what
their problem in giving money is. That advertisement is still going on TV. I will try again tomorrow. Maybe I get money. Listen, from next time
do not agree for cheque. Demand for cash. Will you give me
some more money as loan? When did I refuse you? I will return as soon as I get it. First think of how to
get money from that producer. Then return the money to me. Do you know there is money for next
four generations in my father’s account? But look at me. I am just crazy about films. Don’t worry at all. I do now ant anyone else’s money. She is smiling. Swati… Swati… I would have How many times have I told
you not to switch off bedroom lights? I did not switch it off. What happened? Is Arjun about to come? For what? What else? To meet you and talk to Meera. Till I am alive he
cannot meet my daughter. Listen. What has he done that
you are so angry with him? Can’t he meet his daughter? Hey, what do you think of yourself? Even you get married
soon then I will tell you. He should not come here. Understood. From tomorrow do your own work. I have many other things to do. I am sorry. I am sorry. Listen, whatever is there
between you and Arjun is personal. What have I to do anything with that? We both are childhood friends. Do whatever you wish to. I will support you. Come. -Is this about your movie?
-Yes. In three weeks we will go to London. We have to do post production there. PK is in tension nowadays. It has been six months
since the movie got completed. But we did not find any distributor. Why so? Isn’t the movie good? The movie is very good
but it is a very scary one. Horror movies are often made here. What is so special about it? Have you heard about aping forest? -It is in London.
-No. The entire has almost been shot there. Once it is dark that
place becomes dangerous. After going there even I
have started believing in ghosts. Why so? What is so special about that place? You can hear strange sounds there. Lights get on and off on its own. Leave it.
I am getting scared. Just like our bedroom light. That gets on and off on its own. I got you. Come on, let’s hang it. Give me the poster.
I will keep it. Come on. I shall hang it here. Hold this. Take it to a little left. Now it is fine. Will you scare me? Sir.. Till you will not pick up
the phone she will keep calling you. I have left her, brother. You have left her. But she has still not left you. Pick up the phone once and
tell her clearly not to call again. Leave him alone.
He is very complicated. What is so complicated? She is calling you complicated. You must also be feeling
good when she calls you, Mr. Shiva. Why do you feel this way? Suppose, suppose.. ..tomorrow if she gives divorce
to her husband and comes back to you? Tell me what will you do then? That would never happen.
Sit down. Sit down. Sit down. It is said that ghosts
are seen in this photo. But according to me everything has
happened because of reflection of light. Whether ghost is there
or not but I will not be seen. -Keep it with you.
-Hey, sit down. Sit down. On the basis of sketch
that I have made she is Maya. If anyone calls her name
three times she will appear. This is what they think. What is this? Every time you keep on joking. I am very serious. What is this? I sometimes feel you are crazy. I feel like killing you. Hey guys, my work is over. Let’s go. Let’s go..come on. One minute.
It’s a phone. I will just join you. -Hello Satya.
-Hello. Where are you? How are you?
What are you doing? Any news? I want to talk to you. Yes, tell me. Shiva is not attending my call. You very well know who I am. First Shiva and I were best friends. Why is he not talking to me now? I don’t understand. -Satya..
-One minute. Are you joking? He used to love you. He is not that bad that
he would love a married woman. My friend is very innocent. You leave him and find your own way. Shiva has forgotten everything. Even you forget him. It is better for both of you. Let him live his life.
Don’t trouble him. The idea looks to be good. You came so far leaving me behind. Hey, go away. -Hey, Shiva..
-Sir.. How come you are here?
What a surprise? I was looking at
the beauty of this city. Where are you all going? -We were going for lunch, sir.
-Okay. -Will you join us?
-No. I don’t want to disturb you all. Come on, come on.
There is no disturbance. Come on let’s go. If you all are forcing
me then how can I refuse? Beautiful view. This is my favorite place in London. I feel this is the most romantic place. Where are you staying here, sir? I have a friend here who
is professor in Imperial college. For past few days I have been.. Staying with him.
He is his guest. Yes. I want to talk to
you if you are not hurt. I hope you will not feel bad. There is nothing like that sir. -Shiva..
-Sir. I think you did not believe
what I said yesterday. -Isn’t it?
-It is not a matter of believing. Whatever you have said is right
but it can be something else also. Ghosts in these times… You don’t believe in ghosts.
Right. -Ask him about his novel.
-I don’t know anything. You ask him. Shiva mentioned that your
novel is based on real stories. Is this true? She speaks Hindi quite well. I have just taught her jokes till now. Look, she understood sir. Maya Devi was born
in a Royal family in India. Maya Devi is a true character. If she is born in a royal family
then she must be having a lot of money. After the country got independence.. ..they sold their palace and
invested in different businesses. Maya Devi was of marriageable age. She loved a boy. But her family did
not like the boy at all. This is so romantic. Sometimes just hear it, stupid. You connect romance with everything. That time romance was not so open. Correct. For their daughter’s happiness her
parents got her married to the same boy. Maya wore a precious
ring in the marriage. At present its market value
would be around 100crores. It was a strange ring. So it is the happy ending. No, after one year of Maya’s marriage
her parents died in car accident. Their property was
transferred in Maya’s name. After some months.. She came to know that she is
pregnant and was very happy about it. But then Maya Devi came to know that.. ..her husband is having
an affair with another woman. He was found dead on
wedding anniversary day. It was found that food had poison. Evidence showed that
Maya killed her husband. Parents had already died
and now everything was finished. Maya was alone now. But she went into
psychological depression. According to the court’s order her uncle
who was her father’s business partner.. ..thought that the royal
family would be disgraced.. ..if they got her treated in India. That is why he took the permission that
he will get her treated in outside India. She was admitted in an asylum in UK. It was a strange place. She was treated like animals there. She tried to escape but.. But this is scary. The truth is even scarier than that. After getting admitted to asylum
Maya never used to talk to anyone. In the room alone she used
to write something in the diary.. ..which she had since childhood. And her daughter? You said that she was pregnant. According to records her
daughter was born in asylum. After the birth of her daughter
Maya’s life became hopeful. She made a beautiful
doll for her daughter. Every day she used
to play with that doll. But she could not remain happy for long. Maya’s daughter was separated from her. Oh no… Maya lost her senses all the more. She used to ask everyone in the asylum
whether anyone has seen her daughter. Please tell me if anyone has seen. Even the hospital
staff made fun of Maya. Maya, your daughter is not with me. Go and find here somewhere else. Ruthless people. There was a rumor that.. ..there was a big deal between
that hospital and a drug company. The hospital staff used
to do drug test on patients. This was the deal don with drug company. The drug was tested on Maya as well. Because of this Maya became blind. One day she died. No one came to know whether she
committed suicide or met with an accident. She was buried in the asylum. Along with her the diary, ..her daughter’s doll and
the valuable ring was also buried. After 15 years when the
hospital’s secret was revealed.. ..then the government closed it. Now that asylum is closed. But even now when we
go close to that asylum.. ..we can hear Maya and her
daughter playing with the doll. She had suffered a lot and
she did not even get happy ending, sir. I do not know whether
she got happy or sad ending. But ending was very dangerous. Thank you.
We had a good time. -Good night, sir.
-Good night everyone. Why don’t you go and drop him home? Shall I drop you? No, no don’t bother yourself so much. There is no trouble in this. Come on sir. -Okay.
-See you. -Okay bye.
-Okay fine. How many years ago this
incident of Maya Devi took place? 24 years. Sir, that ring was also buried with her. Sir, then didn’t anyone try to dig
her burial place and take that ring out? Few years ago some people
went to jungle to get that ring. They did not come back. A girl’s friend went to
find her but she shot him there. A sound from the tree started
saying not to come here. The sound was such that
if you hear you will get shocked. A girl must have come
out from behind the tree. Not a girl but a man without
head came out from behind the tree. Seeing that people
stopped going to jungle. Please go and sit inside sir. Please sit inside. You, come here. Hey, to know about the
ring you will drop him home. What are you talking? Go and drop him home and come back soon. There is no need to
roam around unnecessarily. Go carefully. Okay bye, sir. Bye-bye. Bye.
Okay bye. -I’ll leave Shiva.
-Okay sir. Mam, what are you doing? Your mother and father. I don’t remember. They left me and went away. I have been brought up in an orphanage. I do not know who they are. I do not know why did they disown me. Go on. Arjun and I like to do acting. In school I used to participate
in dramas and then in college too. There I met Arjun regarding a drama. In that drama we were acting as lovers. I really fell in love with Arjun. After the college got over we married. After working hard for a
year we could not achieve anything. We gave many auditions but… If we would have got one chance
then we would have been happy. A year passed. I became pregnant. At that time we both
got an offer for a movie. The same movie. Of hero and heroine. The film was same. After two months the
shooting was about to begin. Everyone as explaining it to me that if I
did this movie then life would become set. Rjun asked me to get the child aborted. He told me not to think
about the child but of career. But I refused. If I did the same thing then what would be
the difference between my mother and me. Arjun had told me that there is nothing
more important in his life except for me. You had told me Arjun that
nothing was more important than me. So now what happened? He left me. Next day I came to Swati’s house. And since that time I am there. Meera was born in Swati’s house. I wanted to do something
to take care of my daughter. That is why is started the struggle. Swati supports me in everything. That is why I keep giving auditions. But you know our industry. Once the girl is married
then no one gives a chance. Only a single girl gets a chance. No one says that you
will not get a chance. I started working
in small advertisements. It is a very difficult work madam but I
want to achieve something in this field. I have the confidence
to give Meera a good life. I want to tell you one thing. Next week come and meet
me here at the same time. Okay.Your fees? Swati has given me. From next time I will give the fees. Okay. Who is it? He is not here. I will call you later. Hi. Mr. Rudra Pratap Swamy here. Won’t you call me inside, my dear? Sit down, darling. Please. Yes. Consider it as your home. I have deposited the cheque. I think in two days
the cheque will get cleared. After that I will return your money. You are not able to repay our
money but use costly shampoo in hair. You live in such a big bungalow. Don’t you have money? All this belongs to my friend. So what if it belongs to your friend. Borrow money from her and give it to me. I do not know what you will do.. ..but bring the money to
my office by 10 tomorrow morning. Otherwise it would not be good. I want the money till tomorrow morning. Otherwise I will kidnap you. Understood, dear. Hi Swati. Bank message came that.. ..Mr. Uday’s cheque has been bounced. I called up office but they
said toi talk directly to producer. They are ruthless people. Now the producer’s
phone is also switched off. Pray to God and follow that producer. Okay I will do that. Where is Meera? I have just dropped her at day care. Can I talk with you now? Sorry buddy.
A distributor has come in the office. He wants to release
the film in Bangalore. That is why he has come till London. PK sir is talking to him. I think now our film will be released. Oaky, call the producer and then me. Do not come back without
getting money from him. I am coming here for the second time. I want to meet the producer. His phone is switched off. I think he has gone
out for some urgent work. I don’t know when will he return. You come back on Monday. Do you think some sort
of drama is going on? I want to meet him today. Okay wait. -Hello..
-Hello, madam. Everyone has taken their children home. Only your child is here. Please take her. I cannot come right now. You had said that you would come by 2. That is why I had agreed. Okay, please give me an hour’s time. Please come in half an hour madam. I cannot wait for an hour. I also have some other work to do. Please call him again. Sorry, I forgot that you were waiting. Sir had called. He has gone for some
screening in London. London, is that true? I have told whatever he said to me. Hi Swati. What is the name of the distributor
who has come to see your movie? Mr. Uday.
Why are you asking? He is the one who owes me money. -What?
-Yes. Now I will not spare him. He is sitting inside. It will take half an hour
for the movie to get over. Okay, I will talk to PK
sir and try to get money from him. Is it okay? Okay bye.
Thanks. Shiva and I are school friends, sir. I left school in between. But he completed his school. And I roamed aimlessly. But after many years
we met again in London. Now you too are a
part of our group, sir. Shiva has gifted this car to me. He is a very good boy. Absolutely clear hearted. You don’t believe me. Right. Listen friend,
I am drinking alcohol in London. Stop talking nonsense. Sir, you said it is dangerous to call
that girl’s name three times at night. You even said that it is
dangerous to go at night to jungle. What is this sir? You are going to jungle. I cannot understand anything. Maya’s story had a great twist. We are around the asylum only. If that is found then burial
place will also be found. Then that ring will also be found sir. Does anyone bury such a
valuable ring in the burial place? That diary is a history. If that is found then
everything else will be found. Are you listening, fool? You unnecessary talk nonsense.
Drive the car quietly. Sir, come soon. My wife is waiting at home. Okay, okay.
I will be back in 10 minutes. Sir let’s do a deal. If you find the ring
then we will share it equally. Lucy, I love you. Madan sir. Madan sir. Sir.. Sir.. Madan sir. Madan sir. Madan sir. Madan sir. Madan sir. Sir.. Madan sir. Sir.. Madan sir. Madan sir. Madan sir. Madan sir. Lucy, did he tell
as to what had happened. No. He just keeps on sleeping. While sleeping he murmurs something. What? It sounds like.. Aake. Aake. Do you know something about it? Aake. This is a Kannada word. This means that girl. Don’t worry Lucy. Everything will be fine. You just stay with him. If anything happens then call me. Since morning I am calling
Madan but he is not receiving the call. What did Shiva say? He said that he went with cab
driver but only one person came back. Don’t you think he has found it? What do you think? I had asked you to be alert. We will have to talk to him. As if those people are still there. About Madan. We both taught in
a college in Bangalore. But after some days he
came to London for a research. So many times I called
him back but he is a fool. -Why sir?
-He was a drunkard. After few days I came to
know that he was totally drunk. He wanted to jump fro;
m the terrace of the apartment. Good that someone stopped him. If he would have jumped from the apartment
then I would have been disgraced. Hello Lucy.
Is everything alright? -He has gone.
-Where? I do not know. When I came back he had gone from here. He has left his phone here. -This is not his habit.
-Don’t worry Lucy. I think he would be fine. I’ll be there as soon as possible.
Okay. No one had thought Shiva that something
of this sort would happen with him. Look, it is not your fault in this. Please don’t be sorry Shiva. Please don’t cry. Please. Hello. Some urgent work has come up. I will not be able to come tonight. What is your problem? Are you scared? No sir.
I feel something is wrong. You should have thought
about it before taking the money. Now it is your responsibility
to finish that work. It is your job to find
the asylum where Maya stayed. Only you know all the details. If tonight you do not come then.. I will come, sir. Shiva, you d not believe me. Right. What is this..?! Why don’t understand this? There is no need to afraid. The life is too short. There is no need to afraid. Night is long like a dream. Do not be afraid. Whatever is going to happen will happen. There is nothing in your control. The life is too short. Hail to God.. Hello. Swati, Swati… Swati.. Maya, your child is not with me. Is anybody there? Maya, your child is not with me. Maya, your child is not with me. Is anybody there? Hello. Hello… Hello, hello…is everything fine? Sir, sir.. Mr. Uday. Mr. Uday. Sir.. You should have told
him about that scream. He had been told earlier
that it was a horror movie. We had called the doctor immediately
but this is not in our hands. The enquiry is not complete yet. You will again have to come
to police station to give some answers. Okay. Hi Swati. Has the work been done? No. There is a bad news. What happened? Talk to her. She will be handle. Sir, I don’t feel this is right. From the time this movie
has started something.. ..or the other is
happening wrong with us. We had to suffer a lot
in the shooting of this movie. Sir, sir… I am telling you the truth, sir. He was running alone
on the screen very fast. I think he wanted to tell something. Swamy, we have not done
shooting of that scene yet. How will he run alone? I am the cameraman of the movie. Won’t I come to know? It has been just 10 days
since the distributor died.. ..and you are saying that
he died while doing acting. Okay do not believe me. I will arrange for the screening. Will you sit in the theatre
alone and watch the movie? Find someone else for this stupidity. I do not have time for all this. Go away. Where are you hiding, dear? Open the door. Till when will you trouble
me and make me flutter? My dear…open the door. Where are you hiding? Open the door. Till when will you hide? Come on. Dear…hello… Swati, Swati.. ..did you check the second reel? I checked it sir. I could not find anything in it. Did you see the middle part? What is to be seen sir? if you would have told
me once I would have seen it. You go out for a week and take rest. I cannot go anywhere. The movie is my life. And by completing the movie
I will be called as a complete man. Whether I am ruined or
become great I should be popular. Any publicity is good publicity. Just wait and watch. The entire public will wait
for the release of this movie. You are talking like this
sir even after so much has happened. You are not aware of one thing. By this the promotion of
the movie is also being done. The biggest horror movie of India. Watch it at your own risk. Swati, I have an idea. What we should do? We will print five leg posters. Five leg posters. It will be a contest.. I am relieved now that you have come. I really missed you. I missed you too. I have not dreamt
of mental of this range. He does not listen to anyone. Like a scientist he keeps
watching his movie again and again. Because of this movie
of yours Uday died. That is not enough. That fool is going to get
a contest done of this movie. That would be like reality
shows that are shown nowadays. What kind of contest? That fool will give 5 lakhs to whosoever
sees this movie alone in the theater 5 lakhs. This is also publicity gimmicks. Cheap stunts. Can anyone participate? Yes anyone can participate in this. But he has five conditions. Yes. First, the person has to watch the entire
movie alone in the theatre without break. The second condition is that
if anything happens to the person.. ..then the director
will not be responsible. – The contestant will have to sign.
– Yes. And third. While watching the movie you cannot
close your eyes or move your head. When contestant will
be watching the movie.. camera would
be watching that person. Fourth condition is that
pulse rate will be recorded. While watching movie
it should remain normal. These are four points. What is the fifth? The arranged show would be night
show and it has to be watched alone. Hail to God. It is his call.
Stupid fellow. Yes sir. Yes sir.
What sir? Is this work to be done today, sir? Okay, I will come. Only 5lakhs. -Is it okay?
-It is okay, sir. This is enough. How can you put a
price on someone’s life? Hail to God. Switch off your phone. When I hear such a ringtone
I feel I am sitting in a temple. -Sir, is the poster size correct?
-Yes. Anjali, just look into the mrgin. -Tell me.
-Where are you? I am at the cremation ground with ghost. Tell me what the matter is. I am ready to watch your movie alone. You talk to your director. Please, arrange for the screening. Hey stupid girl. That distributor could not
be saved while watching the movie.. what will happen of you. I don’t have any other option, Swati. You talk to the director, please. You know what my condition is. I am ready to watch this movie. You quietly take care of your daughter.
Understood. You will not be able to do this work. Sir, it would not be right
if Sharmila takes part in this. You have promised to give
her role in the next movie. What if something happens to her? What answer will you give to Arjun? She has a small baby in her arms. That innocent child
is just one year old. Dear Swati, nothing will happen. I can see that even you are scared. But that is not the case. The producer that died
in London was an accident. He must have committed
some sin so he died. It is unfortunate for us. Just think it over Swati. What if this idea works? She will get the money
and our film will get publicity. Okay sir but just think it over. Please, Swati. Today I promise you that nothing will
happen to her while watching the movie. I will go and get her back safe. Okay. Send her inside. Sir, I request you
to think it over once more. Please. I have thought over it. I will work on my idea. Please agree to what I am saying. What do you know about this movie? Strange incidents have
taken place behind every scene. From the beginning till the release
many actors died, technicians died. Look at this. the name of this movie is..? Steven Spielberg acted in this. Within two years of the release of the
movie all the leading four actors… Everyone died an unnatural death. It was found that
every actor was killed. Do you know a documentary
has been made on this? What nonsense are you talking? What connection does
this have with our movie? Sorry sir.
There is a connection. In that movie too an original
skeleton was used for a scene. And all problems
started from there, sir. Even then what connection
does it have with our film? Our art director had clearly suggested
not to do shooting in cremation ground. You did not agree to
him and did the shooting. At your insistence the film
was shot at the cremation ground. Everyone is facing problem. I know you do not believe in
all this but you cannot deny it now. Just think it over with
cool mind and you will understand. Our shooting got over six months ago. But the ghost did nothing with us. What nonsense? We are ready. Let me know when you are ready. It is not too late yet. You need money, right. I will somehow arrange it for you. You can talk to Arjun. Please stop this drama of yours. There must be some reason
of what is happening with me. Have faith on me, Swati. I will keep a watch on you all the time. Be cautious. Satya, have you heard
about bloody mirrors? I have heard. In that movie the girls
dies a painful death. If anyone would speak
the name Maya three times.. ..which was the name of
that girl then he would die. If I take my name three
times then I will die.. ..then why should I die
taking someone else’s name. I don’t believe in
all these nonsense things. I will give you a live example. Yesterday my boss was
narrating a story to me. This is the next series
that is going to be published. This too is a story of a ghost. It was midnight.. ..a strange fragrance
started coming from my studio. Maya Devi was born
in a royal family of India. Maya Devi is a true character. After the country got independence.. ..they sold their palace and
invested in different businesses. Maya Devi was of marriageable age. For their daughter’s happiness her
parents got her married to the same boy. They got Maya married
with pomp and show. But then Maya Devi came to know that.. ..her husband is having
an affair with another woman. He was found dead on
wedding anniversary day. It was found that food had poison. Evidence showed that
Maya killed her husband. Parents had already died. According to the court’s order her uncle
who was her father’s business partner.. ..thought that the royal
family would be disgraced.. ..if they got her treated in India. That is why he took the permission that
he will get her treated in outside India. She was admitted in an asylum in UK. The truth is even scarier than that. After getting admitted to asylum
Maya never used to talk to anyone. Sir, her pulse rate is increasing. Please stop the film. There is no problem.
It is within range. Sharmila… -Sharmila…
-Open the door. Sharmila, open the door. -Sharmila..
-Sharmila.. Sharmila… Why isn’t it opening? Someone help. I requested you so many times
but you did not listen to me. Sharmila, Sharmila.. I had told you lie. What kind of a lie? Uday’s death was not natural. What are you saying, sir? I am saying the truth. After the film started
his pulse rate increased. I went inside and saw something. What did you see? Come on. Hurry up. Keep digging. -Does anyone come here?
-I do not know sir. Last week some people came. I also keep coming here sometimes. What are you looking at?
Dig properly. Don’t forget that you have taken money. -Even you come and help, sir.
-What did you say? I am doing it.
Why are you troubling me? It will be done.
How much can I do alone? He spoiled the party. I found this with him. So you are following me. Have you come alone or
there is someone else with you? Are you sure he was alone? I could not find anyone there, sir. But it was too dark there. Ram, do not misunderstand. There is nothing of this sort, Ram. You cheated me. Who is standing there? Geeta, go and catch her. Who are you? What are you doing here? Hey, who is she? Tell me.
Has she come with you? I shall handle you both later. Pick up the phone and talk. I want to hear. Talk. Turn on the speaker of the phone. I have asked you to turn the speaker on. Happy birthday Shiva. Till when will you remain angry with me? At least talk to me once, Shiva. Hello, are you there? Please say something Shiva. We will have to wish you birthday today. It is your birthday today. Happy birthday to you. Ram, you are misunderstanding.
Nothing is going on between us. Happy birthday to you. Hey, why did you stop working? There is something inside. Get inside. -There is something inside.
-What is there? There is something. -Hey, get inside.
-No.. Hey, you go inside. Look what’s going on? Get down I said. Take this and do it with this. Hey coward, come here. Come out. Keep it down. Hey, hold this. Oh God. Who are you? Have you come to play
games with ghost in the jungle? What are you saying? Don’t you know me? Hey, come on. No! Can you hear me? Hello..hello, sir. Hello… Madan.. Take this and tie it. Thank you. Listen, I will help
you get out from here. After getting out from
here find your way out. And you. Don’t worry about me. Somehow I will get out from here. Come. Keep your foot here. Meera.. You know me. I will only come. I will only come. I will come, child. My daughter. Make sure she stays here always. Uncle, please take me back home. Uncle, I want to go home. Uncle, please help me. My child. Please give her to me. There is not proper place for you here.. ..then how will they
take care of this child. Just think that you handed
over your child to uncle. Mother… Her uncle separated
her from her mother.. ..and admitted her in
an orphanage in Bangalore. He admitted Maya in
a mental asylum in London.. ..and took over her property illegally. He took her ring as well. The story of Maya Devi’s ring is over. But what would have happened to
Maya Devi is the story of my next movie. This would be the prequel of this movie. And its name is AAKE. How did you like it? After I had a talk with
uncle’s family members.. ..then I came to know
that the ring is with him. But even after his death
the ring was not found. -Forget it.
-No. Why so? I have got my property. These two films are
connected to each other. I had introduced a girl
named Sharmila in that movie. I had a reason to to give her a chance. Because Sharmila is Maya
Devi’s daughter in real life. And in this film she will bring
the character of her mother alive. Hello, Amit coming. Coming… I am coming. Where are you all? Has the drama started
on the first day itself? Swati, there is a small problem. It is a movie about the
ghost so problems keep arising. That costume person Naagraaj
has forgot to bring the ring. He has got scared but is on his way. -It will take some time.
-Hey, are you mad? You are doing such
drama on the first day. -How will the movie get completed?
We will do it. -Do whatever you want to do.
-Okay. I want to finish the shooting on time. Okay sir.
I will take care. Sir, a problem has come up. The person concerned for
costume has forgotten the ring. -If he is seen then…
-He will not be seen. Start it. Go. PK, we can correct it in color grading. Right. Arjun, a lot is going on in my mind. I am not able to concentrate. I am forgetting the dialogues. -What will we do?
-So what? They will do one more take. You just be confident. Because only you can
put life into this character. Hey, the shot is ready. You can do romance later. Come on do make up. -Please leave, sir.
-All the best. I am so proud of you. Come fast. Roll, please. Shot 1, take 1 Action. My name is Maya Devi
and this is my story. Keep tracking.