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Aaj Ka Arjun | Full Movie | Amitabh Bachchan, Jayapradha | HD 1080p

Is the Thakur in? -Yes.
-All right. Greetings! Greetings, Thakur. Greetings, Thakur. How are you,
Home Minister Ramlal? With your grace,
I’m serving the people. I’m blessed to meet you. Thakur, take a look at the
map of the liquor factory. This is the power plant and this
is the production division. This is the supply section and
that’s the administration side. As per your wishes, the final
installment has also come. But I’ve heard that you still
haven’t procured the land. Sir, the Thakur knows to
honor his commitment. Run! The Thakur is here. Run! The Thakur is here. Villagers, if you think by
hiding in your houses.. You’ll be spared,
then you are mistaken. You were given ten days time.. To come to the mansion to sign. Now I give you ten minutes.. To come out and sign. Or else.. Jawar. Leave my father alone.
-Move! -Leave me. I won’t give my land. I won’t sign those papers. No.. No. Take his thumb imprint. Villagers,
you must have heard the gun shot. One bullet was fired and
one signature obtained. We can similarly take your sign. So come out from your houses.. And give your thumb imprints. Didn’t you hear me? We are coming. We’ll give our impressions. Stand in a queue. Give your thumb imprints.
-Hurry up. Okay, sir. Ramlal. Maqbol. Come on.
Give your thumb imprints. Give your thumb imprints.
Hurry up! Give your thumb imprints. Ramlal. Hurry up. Devraj. Radhe Shyam. Give your thumb imprints. One man is missing. Thakur, one man is missing. Who is he? Where is Mohan? Where is Mohan? He’s gone out. -Oh really! When he returns, ask him to come
to the mansion to sign. Otherwise I’ll kill him. Got it? Who killed him? I want to know who killed him? One from your brethren was killed
in broad day light.. And you are all silent.
Tomorrow it could be one of you. So tell me. -I think we
are in for better days. It’s indeed shameful that you
all are abetting the crime. Is there nobody? -I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you who killed
Dinu uncle. Who killed him?
-Thakur Bhupendra Singh. Thakur Bhupendra Singh. Hello, Thakur. Inspector, what brings you here? Someone has died in the village. So? This death occurred
when you were.. ..scaring the villagers
for signs. The deceased’s thumb
also bore the ink. And his death.. -Say murder. He didn’t die but was killed. But why have you come here?
-Thakur, you can help the law. What do I have to do for that? Surrender yourself to the law. You have proof against me?
-There’s no need for that.. If you accept your crime. Do you know whom you
are talking to? Yes, you are the richest
man in this area. But you are not above the law. Inspector,
the sword never cuts its sheath. Because that’s where it rests. If you want to survive,
join hands with me. People keep dogs to guard
their houses, not lions. You testified against the Thakur? You also said he’d
committed murder! You rebelled against the Thakur. I’ll teach you a lesson
that none.. ..will dare to repeat
this mistake. I’ll strip you in public. No! -No! I’ll kill you, you rogue! Tell this also to
that Inspector.. That I stripped you in public. Swine! -No! Lord, is there nobody to
save a woman’s honor? Today nobody will save you. Nobody will hear your pleas. Bhima. Who is this angel? Who is he who dared
to hit my men? This is no angel.
I’m back from jail. And I’ve asked the jailer
to keep the doors open.. I’ll soon be back after
committing another murder. Listen. I’m standing in your evil den.. And declaring war on you. No matter how strong your maze,
you’ll die at my hands only. Don’t shout, Thakur. All this while you spoke
and we heard. Now we’ll speak and you’ll hear. You forcibly took the innocent
villagers thumb imprints. Today I’ll spread your impure
blood on that land.. From one end of the village
to the other. I swear by the vulgar
abuses you’ve made.. I swear by the tears the kids
shed due to your atrocities. I swear by the fields
that you set afire.. Now only your death will
dispel that darkness. I’ll give you a chance to use
the revolver but not today. Have patience.
I too waited for seven years. Bhima. I’d have been doomed had
you not come in time. I’m highly obliged to you. Bhima,
the Inspector has summoned you. Are you Bhima? Did you have a scuffle
with the Thakur’s men? Yes. Why? If you know we had a scuffle,
you should know the cause too. I want to hear it from you. Why did you hit them? Before killing snakes, you don’t
make a list of their sins. I think you have a personal
enmity with the Thakur. I want to know the reason. Are you serious? The reason for my enmity? He is a common enemy. He is my enemy,
he is everyone’s enemy. He is enemy of every pore
of this village! This village was not
what it is today. Nor was I like this. This village was a happy one. Prosperous.. The fields were green. There was joy and revelry. Music and songs.. ”My arms are so beautiful” ”Adorn me with bangles” ”My arms are so beautiful
Adorn them with bangles” ”Accept me as yours, my love” ”No matter how beautiful your
arms, I won’t adorn you” ”You unnerve me” ”People will talk
about our love” ”I will win you over” ”I like it, you like it..” ”all your love games” ”Don’t cross my path” ”Why don’t you latch
on to others?” ”Don’t ever leave me” ”Don’t break my heart” ”I’m all yours”. ”I’ll lay down my file for you” You got it, Minister? Yes,
you’ll grab the farmers’ land. The buyers will put their money
and I’ll get the permit. Once your factory starts,
we’ll be rich. But to convert agricultural
land to factory purposes.. We have to get over with
some legal proceedings. I know all about it. I won’t let anyone cultivate
this land for live years. But times have changed, Thakur. Even the poor are aware. They can’t harm us. Minister. They can’t do us any harm. Just as I get you votes against
the farmers’ wishes.. So too I can grab their land
without their permission. Understand? -I get it. Hereafter we’ll give
food to the farmers. My godowns are over flowing
with grains. Lakhan, set ablaze the fields. The fields have been
reduced to ashes. Have patience. -We are doomed. The Thakur has come. He’ll solve our problem. Greetings, Thakur! Sir, greetings. -We are doomed! Greetings, Thakur! We are ruined, Thakur. We are ruined, sir. -Yes. What happened was not good. But don’t worry,
as long as I’m alive.. Nobody will starve to death.
Our fields got burnt Sir, all our fields and
crops were burnt. Brothers,
the fields are like children.. Which is always afflicted by
some or the other ailment. Sometimes there is famine,
or floods or fire. So I’ve decided that
instead of farming.. I’ll construct a factory
on this land. I’ll put my money on your land. We’ll be equal partners. Until the factory is ready.. You’ll get food. And once the factory is ready.. You’ll get a salary and an equal
share in the profits. So stop farming. You’ll realize that once
the factory is ready.. This village will progress
by leaps and bounds. And you will lead a happy file. Long live the Thakur! Thakur, I’ve got the grains. Distribute it to the villagers
-Okay. Thakur, if not for you, we’d
have died of starvation. Yes, sir. Thank you! You’ll get it. Don’t worry. Should I take their
thumb imprints? Not yet. Let them get used
to eating for free. Rogues, you don’t want to
work for your living. I was running a high lever.
-Rogue, don’t back answer me. Sir, don’t hit him.
He was running a high lever. I’ll do his share of the work.
You go home and rest. I’ll do it. Brother, give it to me. Badshah!
Brother Badshah! Badshah! Are you drunk in the
morning itself? It is alcohol at night.
In the day, it works as medicine. If by chance Gauri sister
spots you here.. She’ll beat you black and blue. I came to speak about her. You are close to her.
Convince her about me. Once she falls for me,
I’ll reform your life. I’ll gift this motel to you. What did you say, you drunkard? Is this your father’s motel?
-What are you doing? I’ll make your file! It’s not right for you to hit
your husband Before marriage. You think I’ll marry you! Hey.. hello. Why are you hitting him?
Someday you’ll marry someone. Besides you won’t get anyone
better than him. Look Bhima, I’ll marry only you. What have I done to you that
you are scaring me? Leave me alone. Bhima. Bhima. Letter.. It must be Laxmi’s letter.
Please read it for me. I’ll read it, but first kiss me. What?! -Kiss? Shut up! If you are scared to
give, I’ll give you one. Have some shame!
Everyone is looking at us. I don’t care. -My letter. You are always ready. – Bhima. What? -Laxmi’s written that
she’ll be coming tomorrow. What? -Yes. She’s come! Stay behind!
She’s passed in English. How are you, Laxmi?
-I’m line, brother. Did you clear your exams?
-Yes, with a first class. That’s because I’d chant your
name Before every paper. Had you chanted God’s name,
you’d have got a second class. Brother, first class is better
than second class. I know. Come, let’s go. Aunt, Laxmi’s back from the town.
Bhima’s sister? Laxmi. -Bhima’s sister. Greetings. Laxmi. -Yes.. Look,
the village teacher is coming. Talk to him in English. Welcome, teacher! Laxmi. -How are you, sir? Fine, Laxmi. How are you? By the grace of God and blessing
of my brother, I’m fine. Thank you. See,
how fluently she speaks English. You deserve the praise, Bhima. It’s you..
-He’s talking about me. Come, let’s go. Soldier! That’s a soldier. Speak to him in English. He’s all the while talking
in English. Hello, uncle. How are you? I’m fine and how are you? Laxmi silenced you. Now speak. You used to boast a lot. Come, Laxmi. Brothers,
now you all can go home. Laxmi also must be tired after
the journey and needs rest. Goodbye! -Goodbye! Come. -Wow. -Wonderful. It is so beautiful. You drew this?
-You think I don’t know anything. What?
-You are a compulsive liar.. ..but at least spare your sister. You can’t do a thing yourself. Gauri, don’t insult me in front
of Laxmi. I won’t spare you. What will you do? You chit of a woman.
-How dare you. You still light? Ask her to leave. -Why? Laxmi, don’t listen to her.
She’s very inauspicious. She’s unlucky even for animals. I’ll also tick you off if you
ask me for any favors. What will you see? Brother, you upset her. She can’t digest her food
until she picks a light. Worm,
this is the last cup of tea.. ..that I’m giving you on credit. This is Gauri’s motel,
not your father’s. What does he think of himself? My name is Gauri. How dare you drink this tea?
Get lost! Hereafter nobody will
get any tea. Shut shop. -I think she’s
again fought with Bhima. We’ll become bankrupt if she
makes the inn a scapegoat Sister,
light with Bhima once and.. ..for all to your
heart’s content. And then shut the motel
for a few days. Why should I give him
so much importance? Oh my God. -She’s furious. -Fool. He’s a born betrayer and cheat. I’ve always been telling
you this, Gauri. He is a cheat and jerk. How dare you abuse Bhima? I was gaining favors with you. I’m his to-be wile so I
can give him anything. But who are you?
-Didn’t you recognize me? I’m your to-be husband. What did you say, you leech? Say it again. -Come closer. Hug me once and I’ll never
again let you go. I’ll hug you so well you’ll
remember it all your file! Today my dream is fulfilled. Laxmi has cleared her B.A. Brother, why are you crying? What is the matter? These are tears of joy. Bow to our parents. Due to their grace you’ve
achieved the impossible. Greet. What are you doing?
-I never saw my parents. You are everything to me. It’s with your blessings that
I’ve achieved all this. Stupid, you did it by dint
of your hard work. You don’t know what
you’ve done for me. Is there anyone educated
like you.. ..even in the neighboring
villages? You’ve done me proud. Brother. Freshen up. What a match made in heaven! Laxmi. Yes?
-What sort of clothes are these? These clothes are for you. Look. Suit, shirt, pant and hat. You think I’ll wear these? -Yes. What will people say?
-You’re a clever girl’s brother Wear it. You’ll look like a gentleman. But I can’t speak a
word of English. I’ll teach you English. No, Moti. No, Moti. Good morning. Hey.. I.. It’s me Bhima. Look, Bhima. Don’t bite me.
Don’t insult me in public. Dogs will be dogs.
It’s better I flee. Where is the dog? Dog.. -Dog. Don’t worry,
they are our friends. They respect me very much. Go. Look, they are going. Sir, you are from the city? This is your first visit
to the village? How did you find the village? Beautiful. -Wow. Wonderful.
-Very good. -Okay, I go. How can you go like this? Such a big man has come
to our village.. ..for the first time.
-Moti. -Wow. -Wonderful. Sip this. Okay, I go. Why are you in a Hurry? It’s the dusty. Beautiful. Wonderful. Go.. -Okay, I go. I’m sure he’ll go to the motel. Sir, wait! This is Gauri’s Taj Mahal Hotel.
-Wonderful. Her hotel serves excellent tea.
The owner of Taj drinks here. Beautiful. Gauri hersell is amazing. Badshah, call Gauri.
Look, who’s come. Life will be made. Hey.. what did you say? You drunkard,
you’ll make my file. Look, who’s come. Looking like a gentleman. He’s tying to fool me. Get close to him,
he’ll improve your file. No, it’s you I want. You mean it?
And what about that Bhima? Don’t talk about him.
He’s very unlucky. Besides I don’t like tall men. Besides, we make a great pair. Hey.. dead.. We’re just right together. Let’s toast. -Later. Now let’s go.
-Gentleman, I’m going. Hey you,
where are you taking my Gauri? ”Where are you going, Gauri?” ”My coat is from England.’ ”I am Bhima” ”My hat is from London” ”I donned this guise for you..” ”O motel owner” Stop. ”Come..” ”Come to the paan shop..” ”at 3.30”. ”I’ll wait for you..” ”at 3.30” ”Come!” ”Calm down.
I accept my mistake” ”My love for you is true.
Accept my love” ”We’ll make a line pair” ”Stop throwing tantrums” ”Don’t break my heart” ”Or I’ll kill myself” ”I’ll come..” ”to meet you at 3.30” ”I’ll wait for you at the
paan shop at 3.30” ”Finally the girl
fell for the boy” ”Wait, O damsel” What are you doing? -Go to work. But.. -No ifs and buts. Will you go or not? -I’m going. Listen. Listen to me. Just hear me out. What is it?
-You’re back after so long.. Let’s spend time close. Besides
I’ve to cook and clean also. I’ll do all that. Please go.
-I’ve to do something.. What? You’ll do all this? -Yes. Did I educate you to
do all these chores? Now enough is enough.
Are you going or no? I’m going. Laxmi. Now what is it?
-I forgot the main thing. What? Okay, I go. Where did she come from?
-Bhima, teach me also. I’ve just washed my hands.
-Go take a bath in the river. And go round me thrice still wet. Then I’ll think if I
want to teach you. I’ll ask Laxmi to teach me. You’ll need brains for that.
Where will you get it from? If that is so,
then how did you learn? Okay, I go. Okay, I go. Pick up your bag. -Yes. Hurry up and pick up your bags. Oh God. Pick it up.
-We don’t want Thakur’s alms. My man’s gone to till the land.
We’ll grow our own grains. Villagers, he tilled his land
against the Thakur’s wishes. The repercussions are
there for you to see. He’ll have to pay for his deeds. Hit him. No. Spare my husband. Spare my husband. Spare my husband. I beg you. Please spare him. I will spare him but
after his death. To perform his last rites.
So the villagers learn a lesson.. Not to rebel against the Thakur. Bang his head against the stone. Brother! -Gauri, you go. Go away!
-I won’t leave you and go. Go. After my death,
spread my ashes in the land. So that every corner will speak
about the Thakur’s atrocities. Brother, you’ll be line.
-I plead with you to go. No! -What a line sister! She won’t let her brother
die at any cost. Please spare my brother. Mohan, I’m leaving you for your
beautiful sister’s sake. Hereafter if you rebel
against the Thakur.. Then I won’t spare you. Let’s go. What was all this? The Thakur doesn’t want
us to till our lands. Why?
-So that he can grab our lands.. To construct an alcohol factory. Who are you? What do you want? My name is Laxmi. Thakur’s men are dishonouring
women.. ..and harassing innocent people. And you’re resting in comfort. Maybe you can’t hear the scream
outside. -Come to the point. This is police station not
a newspaper office. Do you know.. ..Thakur wants to usurp
farmer’s land. Ma’am, maybe you don’t
know that farmers.. ..gave the land willingly.. open a liquor factory. In return,
Thakur promised farmers a share. Whether farmers get
a share or not.. ..but it seems you got
your share. -Shut up. Aren’t you ashamed to speak
against noble Thakur? When villagers had no food,
Thakur gave them food. Where were you at that time? Today you came to
take their side. Look, inspector.. ..I won’t let Thakur
dupe my villagers. No matter what, I won’t let
Thakur’s dream come true. And I’ll see to it. It’s a lie, deception. In return for grains.. gave land to Thakur and
mortgaged your future. Thakur himself said
give me your land. Everyone will get food until
factory doesn’t start. Thakur didn’t give it in writing. Yes. He takes your signatures
on blank paper. If he submits those
papers in court.. ..and claim right
over this land.. court will return
you your land. But Thakur even said.. ..we’ll have share in
the factory. -Yes. Because of your innocence,
you’re cheated. Who makes poor people partners? Workers don’t get wages,
how can they get share? You must’ve seen hunter
trap birds with bait. The birds see the bait,
not the trap. In the same way, you can’t see
the trap behind Thakur’s grain. Yes. Very true. Yes. -I implore you.. ..there is still time,
be careful. Save your land. Save your life. Today you’ve lost land.. ..the day factory will start..’ll have to leave
the village. Thakur will make your life hell. But what can be done now? It’s still not too late. If you refuse to take
the grains.. ..and start cultivating
your land.. ..this factory won’t be built. Fine. We’ll start farming. Yes. So swear by the land..’ll start farming. You won’t take Thakur’s grains. We swear. Stop. What has happened
to the villagers? Where is everyone? What is the matter? Nobody is seen. Did everyone leave the village? No, sir. They’re in their houses. But it seems they don’t
need your grains now. Lakhan. -Yes. Keep bags of grains in front
of everyone’s house. Stop. Now villagers don’t
need your grain. Take back these bags. Okay. So you’ve talked to them. Lakhan, keep bags of grains in
front of everyone’s house. Let me see who doesn’t take it. Hey.. take the bags. Villagers, listen. If you want that your
leader stays alive.. ..then before I count till 10.. ..take the bags. Or else this girl will
die right now. Don’t be threatened by them. Nobody can harm me. 1. 2. 3. 4. Listen to me.
Don’t take the bags of grains. 5. Please don’t take the bags.
Nothing will happen to me. What are you thinking?
Take the bags. 6. Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.
Don’t take the bags. 7. 8. 9. Laxmi. No, sir. 10. Ajit, you? Yes, dad. No man of this village
has guts to face you.. ..but a girl is standing in front
of you as a challenge. I praise her guts.. ..and courage. Very good. Go from here. Why are you earning? For me. For your only son. Right? But I don’t want money earned
through atrocities. Stop this rubbish. Don’t forget I’m your father. And you too don’t forget I
don’t like such things. You’re insulting me publicly. I’ll.. I wish your dad had
views like you. You’re really very great. Laxmi. Get inside. Education has spoilt you. It would have been better
if you were illiterate. Let anything happen in the
village. Why do you care? You mean to say.. ..if atrocities is done,
I should leave quietly. I should close my eyes. Yes. Close your eyes. You don’t know how
dangerous they’re. What if you had been shot? What would have happened? You don’t know how I raised you. I endured a lot. I starved for days.. ..and lived only on water.
Do you know? That day you asked
why am I a coward? You’re the reason. If I too had stood in front
of Thakur’s gun like you.. ..and if anything had
happened to me.. ..who would take care of you?
-Who would educate you? Listen to me carefully.. ..if anything happens to you,
your brother.. ..will die. Your brother will die. Promise me.. won’t interfere in
Thakur’s matters now. Promise me. You? I’m sorry for my Dad’s behaviour I apologize. No.. what are you doing? The villagers and I are grateful
for what you did. God knows what would have
happened if not for you. Nothing would have happened. Actually my father is at fault. So I told him that times
have changed. Our county is independent. Dictatorship is no
longer prevalent. But he refuses to understand. He’s very orthodox so
I too have decided.. To leave that house rather
have incessant lights. You want to leave your
house for our sake? Don’t do this.
-Then what should I do? You expect me to put with
all these atrocities? Your going away will neither
benefit you nor the villagers. With you here we hope that you’ll
make Thakur see sense. Because there is nobody
to talk to him. Please don’t leave this village. For my sake. -Don’t say that. If you don’t want me to go,
I won’t go. Thank you very much. The villagers will bless you. Bhima, don’t get disheartened. It is best to get her married. But I must find someone
worthy of her. I know of a suitable boy.
I’ll take you to him. You?! Yes. Your god must be very benevolent. He’ll fulfill my wish also.
-You have everything. Well, what is it that you
want God to give you? I want you, Laxmi. Did I do something wrong? I hope God doesn’t
reject my request. God won’t fulfill your wish. Why? -He won’t grant such a small
thing to such a big man. My status isn’t as high as yours. I’ll be where you’re. My father’s wealth was the
only barrier between us. I’ve broken that barrier
to come to you. Now we are alike. But..
-Look, we are both educated. So rather than beating round
the bush, I’ll tell you.. That I like you. And want to marry you. We accept your proposal. We’re ready to make your sister
our daughter-in-law. Laxmi is lucky to get married
into such a nice household. Don’t embarrass us.
But we’ve a condition. I’ll accept all your conditions. I can do anything for her. I want you to marry my daughter. Okay. If that’s your condition,
I accept. But your son is B.A.?
-Don’t worry about that. He’s an M.A.
But my daughter is very naive. That’s all right but
the boy is B.A. Isn’t it, Gauri? Where did she go? Brother, come out. Come out. -You’ll shout. You agreed to marry that
mad girl for my sake. I had no choice. They’d marry their
son to you only.. ..if I wed their mad daughter. And I can do anything
for your good. What good are you doing me? People will say, I’ve faults for
which you had to do this. In fact, I’ll be maligned. Is this what people will say?
-Yes. I acted stupidly.
-You are the limit! Poor Gauri loves you so much
and you broke her heart. Okay, I’m sorry. Forgive me.
-Apologize to her not me. Come with me.
-What is this you are doing? Won’t I feel embarrassed to
apologize to the shameless girl? You won’t get food or water
until you apologize to her. Okay, I’m going. These English speaking
people order a lot. Hey.. Gauri. I’ve realized that a woman is the
root cause of all problems. Not you but that mad girl. I agree that it’s
not so bad but.. ..why’d I get stuck in this mess? And why did you leave me alone? You expected me to stay there? Or you wanted me to celebrate
the occasion? Dance at your wedding? It’s me who’s dancing
to your tunes. I’m so naive. -Really? Yes. -You’ve brains to chose
a boy for your sister. But you become innocent when
it comes to me. Now leave. But where can I go? We will always be together. Will you leave?
-A tall man is usually stupid. And I’m no different. I know I made a mistake by
accepting that proposal. But you could’ve drilled
some sense in me. Boxed my ears. Now forgive him.
-Ask him to leave. How can he leave, sister-in-law? Sister-in-law,
you know him very well. When it comes to me,
he forgets everything. So I apologize to you
on behalf of him. Actually, it’s my fault.
I should’ve told you.. That I’ve chosen my husband. Who is that lucky boy? Ajit. Ajit. Ajit. But.. How did you think that the
Thakur will accept you? We love each other. I know what you’ve come to say. I appreciate your feelings
for Laxmi. I also appreciate her
feelings for you. It is her good fortune that
you want to marry her. But the Thakur won’t accept it. I know. But after marriage when we’ll
go to seek his blessings.. He’ll relent. Mr Ajit, I’m apprehensive. We have no standing
compared to you. Don’t be apprehensive. Trust me. Hey.. Ajit. What are you doing, Sir? ”You are leaving your brother” ”Your sister is leaving
for her marital home” ”What norms are these?” ”Why does a sister have to
separate from her brother”? ”Without saying a word,
she leaves” ”How will you live without me?” ”You are the best brother
a sister can ask for” ”She leaves with tears
in her eyes” Greetings, Sir! -Greetings! He is Bhola kaka and
she’s your mistress. Welcome! -Come. What is this, Laxmi?
-Don’t keep me away from you. What are you saying? Get up. Your place is in my eyes
and in my heart. He’s not here either. Kaka, where’s your master?
-He left at night itself. Did he leave a message?
-He never leaves any message. He comes and goes at will. No, this can’t happen.
He can’t do this to me. He will come back.
He won’t cheat me. He won’t cheat me. Ajit is at fault. He should’ve told you Before
leaving for city. Or he should’ve taken you along. He must’ve thought that if he
tells you, you’ll get worried. But he didn’t realize that
otherwise too you’d be worried. And shout at him in English
when he gets back. And tell him not to leave
you behind again. You are crying? Don’t cry. Control yourself. Look, I can’t see you crying. Don’t worry, he must have gone
for work and will soon be back. Come and freshen up. Everything will be fine. I’m doomed, Gauri. I’m doomed. That Ajit.. Everything will be line, Bhima. She’s everything to me. If
anything happens to her, I’ll.. Nothing will happen to her. Go to the Thakur.
I’m sure Ajit will be there. What did you say?
Ajit married your sister. The youth of our family do spend
nights with young girls. Ajit told me that Laxmi is the
daughter-in-law of this family. Your sister and the
daughter-in-law of my family! She’s not lit to even
be our servant. How dare you even think thus! I didn’t. We are no match to you. I may be illiterate
but not my sister. She is highly educated. Bhima, I’m a very bad man. And I never make a mistake in
understanding what is wrong. I’m well versed with the
ways of such girls. These girls trap naive boys
from wealthy homes. Anyway, this is nothing new. Forget it. You too forget it. What must I forget? That Ajit himself asked for
Laxmi’s hand in marriage? That he married her in
everyone’s presence. I don’t want to be your relative
or want to enhance my status. I’m your servant and will
always remain one. Just accept my sister. Hit me to your heart’s content. But give my sister her due. You want me to accept each girl
my son spends his night with. Don’t talk so cheap
about my sister. Your sister conned my naive
son for my wealth. Don’t abuse my sister. -Shut up! She’s cheap and immoral. I’ll kill you. -Anybody there? You dared to abuse my sister.
I won’t spare you. Swine! You dared to abuse my sister.
I won’t spare you. Rogue. Swine, you dared to hit me! You abused my sister. Take him to the police And tell the inspector he came
to my house to steal. You abused my sister. I won’t spare you! You dared to abuse my sister.
I won’t spare you. Inspector,
this is my file’s savings. Take this and release my Bhima. I beg you. -He went to the
Thakur’s house to steal. My Bhima is incapable
of such an act. Inspector, release Bhima.
He’s a very nice man. He’s not capable of such an act. Okay, if you insist. But if he’s seen again
around the.. ..Thakur’s house then
he’s had it. Constable, release him. Inspector, here after he’ll
not commit any mistake. Laxmi.. Bhima. I’ve got such a great news
and you are in mourning. Ajit has written a
letter for Laxmi. Ajit’s letter.
Laxmi, read this letter. It’s from Ajit. Read it. Dear Laxmi.. ..I know you must be upset at
my sudden disappearance. I wanted to convince father
and take you home. But on reaching home, I had to
leave immediately for the town. Had I not gone,
I’d have to incur heavy loses. Don’t worry at all. I may be away from you,
but my heart is with you. Yours Ajit! Laxmi. ”O my dear sister..” ”this is everyone’s opinion..” ”that there is none like you” ”O Lord, you’ve given me..” ”more than I asked for” ”My dear sister..” ”may you always be happy” ”Quietly..” ”you want to yearn
for your beloved” ”You are love-struck, dear” ”I prayed..” ”for your happiness” ”O Lord..” ”make me an uncle soon” ”This pain is unbearable” ”it is too much”.
-”I’m so restless” ”The clothes have grown
tighter” -”The veil has fallen” ”She’s carrying, poor girl” ”My poor sister who’s
so pampered” ”Stay away from her” ”Don’t trouble her
leave her alone” ”Now go to your own homes” ”My sister looks so beautiful” ”There is none like you” Ajit. Ajit. Bhima, where are you going?
-To meet Mr Ajit. He by passed us as if
we were strangers. Why are you taking these
letters with you? To show the Thakur if he
doesn’t believe me. Tear these letters. -Why? I’ve written these letters
not Mr Ajit. You? -Yes. But.. Why did you do this to my sister,
Gauri? Why? I didn’t cheat her. Had it not been for these
lake letters.. Laxmi would have died. And you would’ve died
without her. And without you,
I too would have died. Bhima,
one lie saved so many lives. Gauri, I’m sorry. So it means that now our
factory will start. Very soon, son. Any rebellion?
-Only Laxmi tried to rebel. But you squashed it. I had no choice.
Look at her daring. When your men asked them not
to till their lands.. Laxmi was instigating them. Before it could have
any results.. I played a move that tricked her. She’s immersed in her sorrow and
doesn’t care about anything. She’ll curse me all her file. That’s nice but I also
heard a bad news. What? -That she’s pregnant. And if she can rebel against me
for the villager’s rights.. Then she can go to any lengths
for her child’s rights. But only if that child is born,
father. I’ll kill her Before she gives
birth to that child. Laxmi. Laxmi, what happened? Catch her. Brother! Move! Laxmi. Bhima, spare me. Laxmi, how did all this happen? I’m fine, brother. I’m fine, brother. Yes.. Laxmi. Today thanks to the women
of the village.. This.. Brother.. -Yes, Laxmi. Brother,
my dream remained unfulfilled. It will not remain unfulfilled. Free this village
from the Thakur. I will free them. -Will you? I will free them. Promise me. -I promise you. Nothing will happen to you. Believe me. Laxmi. Laxmi. ”Why did you snap ties with me,
sister” ? ” And left your memories
in my arms” ”O my dear sister..” ”everyone shared my opinion..” ”that there’s none like you” ”The reason for which..” ”you died..” ”I too won’t spare him” ”I take a pledge” I’d summoned you as an Inspector. But am bidding you goodbye
as a friend. I’ll support you in your
light against tyranny. Uncle! Uncle! Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. What is your name? -Kanhaiya. Bhima, I’m not his real mother. But I’ve brought him up as a son. I’m highly obliged to you. Thakur. Thakur. What is it? -We’ve got the
permit for the factory. Good. Lakhan, Mohan’s land comes
in the way of our factory. And he’s still not surrendered
his land. Don’t worry,
he’ll do it today itself.. Dead or alive. I’d rather die than
surrender my land. You will do it. Give his thumb. He won’t sign, eh! Rogue! Villagers,
see this and learn a lesson. Anyone rebelling against Thakur
will be suppressed. And the hands raised against
Thakur will be maimed like his. Where is your Bhima?
Why isn’t he coming to his help? Hereafter if Bhima continues
to live in this village.. There will be a dead body from
every family on this square. What is the matter? Thakur’s men broke his
hand and forcibly.. ..took his thumb imprint. I’ll teach him a lesson. Bhima, I know that you are
brave and will avenge me. But what will happen after that? Another man will be found
injured at the square. Why’re you messing with Thakur
when God made him our master? The Thakur has said that
if you continue.. stay in this village.. There will be bloodshed
every day. Bhima, have mercy on us and leave
this village for good. Leave this village. You expect me to leave
this village! You want me to leave this land
where my sister gave her file. She gave her file
for you all so.. ..that you don’t become homeless. So that nobody takes
your land from you. And I’d promised my
dying sister.. To free this village from
the Thakur’s tyranny. And you want me to leave
this village. If by my going away, peace will
reign in this village.. Then I’m ready to go. Munna, let’s go. -Wait, Bhima. We’d rather leave than live
amongst these cowards. The very people you are lighting
for want to throw you out. Come, let’s go. -Wait, Gauri. You won’t go. Brother, don’t stop me.
-Come with me. Let me go. -Come! Let me go. Let me go. Brother, open the door. Bhima. Bhima. ”Don’t..” ”leave me and go” ”Don’t break my heart
and go away” ”Without you, I can’t live” ”When you come back,
you won’t find me” ”Don’t leave me with
a heavy heart..” ”and go away” ”All festivities mean
nothing without you” ”File without you will
be a living hell” ”Please stop your advancing
steps..” Bhima,
you are leaving the village? I had anticipated this. My quarters are outside
the village borders. You can stay there. I think you haven’t heard the
Thakur’s announcement. I’ve heard it and it is
not the law for me. In the course of my job, I’ve
come across many such things. Come! So you did what the
Thakur wanted. Bhima was the only brave man
and you threw him out. Fools,
he was lighting for your rights. Mohan, I didn’t expect such
cowardice from a brave like you. I didn’t do this to save my file. I also never cowed down
to the Thakur. But I know if Bhima stays here
there will be bloodshed daily. The tyrant’s confidence grows if
his victims cow down to it. Bhima was one person who could
get you your rights. He is no ordinary man but
the Arjun of this era. He can single handedly
lace the Thakur. Okay. We promise.. To live and die with Bhima. I assure you. Why have you come here? I’ve not come for you. I’ve come for the one who
was crying for me. You shouldn’t have come alone
at this late hour. You acted unwisely. And you acted wisely.. By snapping ties with me?! Gauri,
I know what’s in your mind. But I can’t risk your
file with mine. Death surrounds me. The only goal of my file
is to kill Thakur. And in the bargain anything
can happen to me. I don’t want you to
become a widow. Go from here. I’ve always weaved
dreams about you. I left everything to come to
you at this late hour.. To hear you say that I must go. You could say it so easily. What do you know about love?
-I don’t want to know either. Go, and assume that I’m dead. Bhima,
if you can’t give me file.. Then you can’t away from
me the right to die. Gauri. Gauri. Gauri. Gauri. Gauri. Gauri. Gauri. Gauri. What madness is this? -Leave me.
Let me die. What are you doing?
-Bhima, I can’t live without you. Try to understand my predicament. Bhima. Bhima, we made a mistake. We’ve come to take you. Only you can free us from
the Thakur’s clutches. We’ve decided to live
and die with you. Yes, Bhima. No, Bhima! Please forgive me. You tortured these people?
-I’ll never do it again. Where are the land papers?
-I don’t know. Where are the papers?
-In the locker. Where is the locker?
-In the room on the terrace. Bhima, please spare me. Bhima, please spare me. Mohan, please forgive me. Please spare me. I’ll never do this again. Please spare me. Mohan, spare me and I’ll
get you back your land. Please spare me. All the papers are in my custody. But I won’t give. But he called us today.
Is there some problem? I will give but not now. Let there be some celebration. Let wine and women flow and then
in the dead of the night.. We’ll deal about the
alcohol factory. I will also enjoy giving
the papers. And you will enjoy
taking the papers. ” Beloved” ” Beloved” ”I’m an enchantress” ”I’ll give my heart
for your file” ”All are..” ”bewitched by me” ”I’ve yet to find..” ”someone whom I can
lose my heart to” ”I won’t give my heart
to anybody” ”There is no enchantress..” ”like me” ”I ensnare people..” ”with the way I sway” ”Poets have rightly said..” ”for beauties..” ”that they die for those
who love them” ”Darling, if you..” Can snare someone
by your look..” ”then you too must learn
to die for your beloved” ”A beautiful woman is versed
to die for her admirer” ”I’m like fire,
so don’t play with me” ”Is it?” ”ll you ridicule a
beautiful woman..” ”it will be your loss” ”You’ll be obsessed” ”You will only find
me everywhere” I applaud your bravery. You’ve dared to enter
my house for theft. Thakur, you can’t steal
from a thief’s house. I only came to free.. The lives of the innocent people
that was in your custody. Now I’ll free you from your file. I feel like pumping all these
bullets in your body. So that you’ll know the
repercussions of your deeds. But I won’t do that. But first I’ll ruin your empire
right in front of your eyes. Death begets death! You’ll have to die
several deaths. Come. Thakur, you don’t have to
worry when I’m with you. All these villagers
are darn fools. They don’t realize even
what’s good for them. Isn’t it? -Absolutely. Why do they have to do farming? Does a caged bird make a nest? When you are giving them food,
they should just enjoy file. And now that the alcohol
factory will start.. They’ll get to drink also. Thakur, our happiness lies
in your happiness. You are celebrating at night but
we’ll celebrate at day time. Believe me, you will hear our
joyous sounds in your mansion. Isn’t it? -Yes. You get scared very soon, Thakur. Go inside and take care
of the guests. Bhima, keep in mind, I will
anyhow procure the land. You will get the land but only
what is needed to cremate you. Now you are all free. Glories to Bhima! Glories to Bhima! 1. 2. 3. -Munna, drink this
milk. It is full of cream. Today is a happy occasion.
All are celebrating their freedom Today on this happy day I’ll
taste the creamed milk. Wow. Let me go. Let me go. Let me go. Help! Let me go. Let me go. Thakur, we’ve brought the child. This child will succeed
where you all failed. I say let me go. Leave him. So finally my blood relation
came to my aid. After all I am his grandfather. Isn’t it, grandson? This is called being
caught red-handed. I’ve the handcuffs and
the evidence also. You’ve again lost it, Inspector. This is not evidence
but my own grandson. Grandson? Wasn’t it you
who killed his mother? If I killed her then darn
you and your job.. As to how come there is no
complaint against me? I don’t make a file for
criminals like you. But give the verdict. It is I who’s decided about you.
Jawar. No Thakur, the verdict can
not be made so easily. Inspector. Here is your verdict. Take him and hang him. Then they will be ready
to do my bidding. Bhima, here are the documents
of the land. The Thakur wants the villagers
thumb imprint on these. If you fail to reach within
then hour at the mansion.. Then your nephew will
hang on the.. ..mansion’s terrace till death. What is the matter, Bhima? The Thakur wants the villagers
thumb imprints on these. These will bear the imprints! Uncle! Uncle. Uncle, save me. Bhima, you can’t reach there. Uncle, free me. Uncle, save me. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle. Mohan, you leave with Munna. What are you thinking,
Thakur Bhupendra Singh? Don’t worry, you’ve always won. And today also victory
will be yours. Welcome! I knew you would come. Have you brought the papers? Give them to me. But these are blank?! Yes, blank papers.
-But where are the signatures? Whose signatures?
-The villagers’. Dead or alive? -Whatever.. But I want their thumb imprints. You will get the thumb imprints
but yours not the villagers’. I’ll write your destiny
on these blank papers. This will state that you’ve
given all your land.. Your fields, to the villagers. Also that you’ve given your
mansion to the villagers. Also that you,
son of Karandev Singh.. Keeping in mind all your crimes.. The villagers have decided that
you deserve a dog’s death. And you will be given
this death in public. Don’t worry, I’d promised you
a chance to use a pistol. Here, take. Pick it up. This contains lour bullets. Your file or death. It is you who will die
at my hands, Bhima. Four bullets are enough. Two for you and two
for your Kanhaiya. You think he’s in your custody
but you are mistaken. What? -Yes. I’ve crushed all your
maze to destroy you. Bhima. Scoundrel! Your game is over, Thakur. Crime doesn’t last for long. Jawar. Bhola. Gangu. Now only death can save you,
Thakur. Bhima, take all I have
but please spare me. You con man,
what can you give anybody? Remember, it is here that I came
to ask for my sister’s right But what did you give? This is the place where
Laxmi came.. beg for her marital status. But what did she get? Bhima, don’t torture me. Just shoot me and kill me. What did you ask for? Death,
that you’ve always given others Didn’t I tell you that you’ll
have to die a hundred deaths? Today I’ll show you the
late of a bad man. Wait! Stop! Munna! Munna! Only a grandson has the right
to cremate his grandfather. No!


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