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Aaeena ||Award Winning Hindi Drama Shortfilm 2017 || Directed by SriKrishna Chaitanya

Betu, Do you know? This feather was my childhood friend. Oh nice! I saw this feather growing . We used to feed it with a unique leaf and see how big it grew. Ha Ha very funny mom. You actually believed that. Sometimes Trust gives more happiness than Truth Whatever mom. The kids of this generation have no other world except mobiles, during our times we used play with joy. Long Hair, Big Ear rings and plaited hair, we even use ribbons to tie hair. we used to manage and play hide & seek, run & throw etc. It was so much fun. Is this your only business? Lend an ear to me sometimes atleast. mom.. what the f**k Mommy!! Mommy!! I drew a horse Woow!! Very Beautiful Son!! You go and Play!! Mommy will finish her work and come back..Okay? I heard that it is a bad Omen to look into the broken mirror. Huh!! (Smiling) Anyways, this is not new to me It’s been so long I have seen myself in the mirror!
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How are you Meenakshi? I am fine only!! Like you see me You are Crazy!! No No you are a Girl. I was so beautiful Everyone’s eyes were on me during college.. What happened to you now Meenakshi? Marriage!! Kids!! Responsibilities!! You got tangled in all these and you don’t have time to be happy. Beauty is the synonym of a woman. Before a mother I am a girl.

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Being beautiful is my right. There’s not even a mirror in this house. It’s been so long I have seen myself People might laugh at me. It’s high time, I buy a mirror now On an extreme note!!, I will just have to starve for 1 day..Big Deal? People call it Dieting..(Smiling) sold! sold! Saved! mothers !!(abuse) …..!!! This is what happens no matter how many times I play Hello Sister…Where are you going? Market is closed and you won’t get better lower price like my shop anywhere Tell me Sister, What are you looking for? Pearl necklaces? Wall hangings? ear rings ?just tell me and I will show them to you Well!! Tell me one thing why do you abuse using mom? Am sorry Sister. I was playing angry birds and these filthy birds!! Lose their own lives for winning. No matter how well I play am not able to succeed. Well! Just like a mother, that’s why you use mom as abuse? What is this sister? You are referring to angry birds and feeling bad. You called me brother, others just yell shopkeeper, vendor. Anyways just tell me what does my sister want? Brother, I want a first class beautiful mirror. Woww!! it looks lovely. Mirror is quite ordinary sister but the woman who looks in to the mirror is beautiful. Am I beautiful too? Absolutely sister. You are more beautiful than everybody else. Really? really! So which one do you want? Hmmm. How much is this one brother? This one? This is for 600 Rupees Sister 600 Rupees? (Surprised) That is too much..anyways my home is very small and this is too big…In that case, how much is this one? Sister! Let’s do one thing ask your husband and get money to buy it. my husand is not at home brother. He went to get milk for the baby. so what? ask him when he is back? (smiling) he left home when the baby was born. You have your own unique way of dealing with pain. Great!! what else can I do? These kids can’t take care of themselves that’s why I made myself very strong. very well sister. Here you go the cost for you is 400rs Brother Will you be at loss for this? Do you pity me? sister we do business with others but not with the family. Families are meant for love. but I just have 380 rupees No problem 380 rupees would be fine. Mommy!! Mommy!! What happened dear? I want that horse No, Not at all. This happens all the time. Not this time mom I want it. I want it please.. I want it I said “No” right..Now shut up. I am not buying mom mom please buy this for me sister are you ok? Here is your mirror ok brother here is your money sister leave it. It might get torn leave it brother I don’t need it. Just don’t need it. sister you want for even lesser price. Please tell me ? Hmmmm Mothers!! you see… No No its mothers heart!!


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