A Wonderful Balikbayan Box From Oscar And Amy

ah well it's an all chocolates for me but I've loved I look on this box from Oscar and Amy [Applause] once again we're blessed oh yeah that was quick its next mmm I like this book and it's it's hard for Marisa we use and there's no picture so Meagan they'll watch the yeah thank you very much for my cookbook open the door I'm just gonna are you gonna start the beginning and going all the way through that's what I will do yes you don't miss any year from here yeah when there's Greek dishes Steven will have to invite Steven I'm on Steven diving over and they'll you can cook them some Greek food that's full of spices look at that how did you guys know I just ran out of coffee yeah I've been suffering through with we just bought this little this little bottle here and it's just not the same Wow thank you guys put that whole Oh more chocolates red Oh more red red those are my favorite butterfingers oh yeah black beans of those how do you say that red yeah I made some beans a week of 10 days ago and red left them these are split peas I think careful they're peas that they're half I guess Oh pinto beans now love now I can make a proper proper for redress hi miss I remembered assault I supposed to buy this in Dumaguete but you said very expensive was very expensive yeah well thank you guys oh my god it's very funny I love this America great American cookbook Wow but it has pictures too yeah it's very I like because there's a picture Wow oh no pictures oh yeah thank you guys are so generous thank you Wow I think it's a-holes it's a whoreo of love yeah I think so and there's more grace more scales to weigh me pretty soon yeah I love these yeah hot peppers is that what you got there this one is not much it's a cabbage joy to me yeah Chinese charity you read that planting directions know their petunias petunia four petunias lemon lemon pepper very nice yeah these are things you can't give here what is it Mexican glam okay opener oh my god yeah the can over here what is that four cheese mashed potatoes very nice more Franks red hot Wow Buffalo that's what we're actually wing sauce well you might like that I know I will what do you got there Oh Papa sees great Wow that is just that's the I was I would have been happy with this what what what buddy hey what do you got there you did nothing here and taco seasoning I do miss a good taco I really misses you're sad is it's even sad to say that I miss Taco Bell and that's just the sorriest worst tacos in the world just that crunch of a taco you miss chili powder excellent chili powder chicken fried chicken batter wow that's a big supply of celery salt right there thank you guys thank you very much oh fish see that'll that'll taste good yeah I like it if it's made that way I'll be spicy sherry vinegar oh there we go and scored again dill relish oh thank you guys chili powder this early walk rush jeopardy so good on pizza noted careful red red Reds over this I think he's ready to open up some chocolate mashed taters again on French magnolias these would be good for the garden love they'll keep the bugs out we got enough seeds now that we can plant all around the garden happy now she got cooking books with pictures but you got to read read Italian seasoning and Italian seasoning great there's lots of pieces spaghetti you know thank you this one with this is for you scored again that's an industrial-sized box thank you so much it is very expensive here it's like oh I don't know whatever the price was for this wherever you guys got it it's two or three times as much here if you can find it the problem is finding it even thank you guys more seeds beans yeah we got a sore loser all the spices we need to make we need to make a special like raised bed for herbs and spices cool absconded with a bag of the chocolate how much does it weigh today two kilos Wow because even the batch that's enough oh it doesn't even want to touch it you can have some seeds get out for my chocolate or squash I have to try them again somehow it's raining now Oh Sookie knee I might have to get the q-tips out and pollinate them you got there love love five spices Orient five fish are so thoughtful yeah thank you very much thank you Amy – you made our day yeah and thank you very much for my so appreciated and red Red's pretty happy about it oh now you get to play with some clothes – bubble wrap it well bust that open there let's have a sample decent debt Oh red red just hold it here here we'll give me a handful all that and pick one which one red red which one you are going has he ever had a Butterfinger yet when the baby Ruths have settled down and then you like Baby Ruth yeah no this one's mine how much you sell for that when there's more than more not there they're different oh if I saw we were just some for them a skewer one read can you say thank you read read you kind of share with your walking buddy and Thank You Oscar name is so kind and generous of you and thank you everyone please like comment share 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  • What a great box!  Maricel is going to have a Field Day in the kitchen.  God bless those who sent this awesome box!

  • Hi Brian nice video great job well done GREAT box 😁🐕🐶🏝🏖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖🐖😉

  • Had to come back to this video and add another comment.. I'm not sure who was more excited.. Maricel or Red.. That Lady has lived a hard scrabbel life, you know what i mean Brian, She has the same Joy as a Child when she receives a gift.. It's a Wounder to watch.. Just saying , My Friend..

  • I’ve been a subscriber from the beginning and I have never seen Maricel so happy and excited. Oscar and Amy are incredible people. Brian, you and Maricel have opened your lives to us, the good, the bad and the ugly, in a way that almost no other youtuber is willing to do, and for this, we love you. I don’t think I’m alone when I say, thank you, and you guys deserve moments like this. 😊

  • Glad she sent Folgers.It's what we drink in my house as well!Does anybody else drink it?Do you drink your coffee with creamer?I drink mine with liquid creamer.Usually French vanilla.

  • Wow! that is a lot of nice stuff inside. It very nice of Oscar and Amy for sending that nice box.

  • That box of goodies would be any cooks dream, so awesome and super fun to watch you unpack… the fun begins…we all get to see Maricel and Jen and maybe even Brian cook recipes from the many cookbooks.

  • A little snack for everybody😉Maricel so delighted with her cookbooks. Thank you for sharing . Blessed be always.

  • So kind of Oscar & Amy, bless you hearts❤️! Happy for Maricel, Brian, Red, Jenn & Tatay, you always brighten my day😊.

  • wow.. ate maricel will get fat na with loads of chocolates.. hehe cutie red.. miss you ang kulit nya..

  • wow,maricel you can make curry shrimp rice on that curry powder you have.,Vietnamess curry rice is delicious.

  • Hi guys, how sweet is that I'm jealous of Red & all his candy I'm a sweet tooth by birth Lucky Red ! Tell him he better hide it! The filipino people are very generous! & It shows!

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