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A Tribute To Mothers | FOX ENTERTAINMENT

Mothers and
mother-like caregivers, prepare to be appreciated. Only strippers shave above
the knee, the good ones anyway. OK. My son is a handful. Can you say that on TV? Fred, this is your mother. Get these dildos out
of the dishwasher. Lisa, go to bed right now. Aw, keep your pants on, lady. [gasps] Mommy doesn’t get drunk. She just has fun. Cracker, where’s the crackers? You’re coming to bed with me. Come on. You guys, I need help
unloading the groceries. My undiagnosed mom
injury is flaring up. I’m the only one
who feeds him, cleans him, and maintains his wallow. Look at these two lumps. Louise, you’re Linda now. Hello, I’m Linda. [singing] And I want
you to clean your room. So I’m singing this song. [singing] But I’m not
going to clean my room, la, la, la, la, la, la. No, no, no, no singing. What? I’m doing you. That’s what I’m singing. You’re doing me,
so you don’t sing. Oh, like I’m not gonna sing. Oh, wait, wait, wait. What’s that next video? Oh, Daughtry. I’m a mom, so I love this. [music playing]


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