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A Story About IQ and Intelligence

For my father intelligence was all that
matters. Ever since my brother Charles was
diagnosed to be a gifted child all he talked about were IQ and intelligence
research. W high IQ apparently strongly predicts good grades, a good career, and
even health and mortality and stuff. His favorite story is Kim Ung-Yong a Korean
with an official IQ of 210. Just six months old he was already speaking
fluent Korean and at age 3 wrote essays in German and English. Then he would hug
Charles and look at me with this question in his face. I hated that I
wondered if I could reach my little brother in anything? When I was young me
and my dad were best buddies. He never even cared much about IQ or G
or whatever. When my brother started reading at just 2 years old everything
changed. Suddenly I was forgotten and soon after I was the slow one. Once when
I got a C in math he didn’t even look at my paper and just told Charles that an
ape is believed to have an IQ of 40. I hated his sarcasm. Once at dinner when he
started talking about intelligence or “G” he’d say – G stands for general
intelligence and scientists say it exists because apparently most IQ tests
correlate – whatever – he was talking about it and then drew up this graph on
a piece of paper saying: “look boy this is the distribution of intelligence of all
people in town 0.1% of people will have an IQ of 55 or below, 2% have an IQ
between 55 to 70, 14% between 70 and 85, 34% will score between 85 and the
average which is set at a hundred. Thirty-four have an IQ between 100 and
115 and 14% between 115 to 132. 2% have an IQ higher than 130 and only 0.1%
will have an IQ of a genius of 145 or above, like your little brother.” I told
him I’m not interested. I guess I shouldn’t have. He exploded “Not
interested? Do you know what this all means boy?” He turned the paper around and
started all over: “It means that if you take 1,000 people then one has some
form of mental retardation, which means trouble living
alone. 20 will have difficulty reading the map. 140 can perform simple tasks at
work but cannot qualify to become a soldier in the US Army. 340 probably
finished high school and another 340 will go to college. Maybe 140 can do a
Ph.D. and later work as surgeons. 20 are capable of producing a significant
scientific work and only one will make it into an Ivy League college like MIT
where the average IQ is 145. Your little brother got an IQ higher than that!”
A few weeks later was career day at my school. Some people in suits showed up
and told us about a new form of cognitive assessment we could be doing
which would help us find the right job. The technical term is the Wechsler IQ
score. When I heard the words IQ I got completely sweaty hands my heart started
racing. This could be the moment of truth. Then one woman started speaking. She told
us that we are now going to take a test and just 1 week later we all get the
results with some specific ideas about our future career path. She said it takes
only 90 minutes and measures our intelligence in the following four areas:
perceptual reasoning, verbal comprehension, working memory and
processing speed. The assessment was voluntary and my friend instantly stood
up to leave the class, showing what he thought about this whole thing. My
heart still racing I wasn’t sure what to do and kept seated. Our teacher then
handed out some questions, when she passed by my table she simply said:
“you gonna do fine here”. I don’t think she realized this but I was so happy to
hear her say that! Maybe I’m not all that bad at these stupid IQ tests? Maybe it’s
a day that I can actually show my dad who I really am? What shall I do? I was so
ready to show my dad that I’m no idiot, I decided to stay.
I turned the first page over it read the following: perceptual reasoning is the
ability to think and reason with visual information. It is the ability to see
what is being asked and to organize information in our heads through images.
The first question was: When folded into a cube, which of the following corners
would touch corner A? D, B, E or C? I tried to fold the cube in my head and – yeah it
worked! It must be “D”. The second section was
about working memory: our ability to keep several chunks of information in our
mind simultaneously. One of the questions was: what is the next number in the
series: 4, 12, 6, 9, 8, 6 ? There were four options: 6, 5, 10 or 12 The trick here was to put all the digits in my head and look for a pattern:
4 X 6 X 8 X which means the next would be 10! The third section was verbal
comprehension, which measures our ability to access vocabulary, express ourselves
in a meaningful manner and apply reasoning skills to information
presented verbally. In the first question it said: what is the difference
between the words “refuted” an “irrefutable”? Do they have similar meanings, have
contradicting meanings or mean neither the same nor the opposite? They must have
contradicting meanings! The fourth section was about processing speed: the
pace at which we take in new information and make sense of it in order to prepare
a response. One of the questions asked was: what is the 12th letter of the
alphabet is it: T, L, R or B? I realized I had to rule out all the options that
didn’t look right, counting would have taken way too long, L
is the right answer! I had completed all of the 50 questions in time and I was
very relieved. In the end, the woman said: “A lot of research over the last century
went into the IQ test we had just taken and there is convincing evidence that
our intelligence is mainly a product of our genes. There is an estimate of a
heritability range from 50% to 90% although the environment also
matters,” she continued: “especially negative
influences during your childhood like infectious disease, malnutrition, air
pollution, or led in the paint of your walls at home. These things can reduce
your IQ forever.” She explained that it’s because during the prenatal period and
early years of life a child’s brain consumes a huge part of the body’s
energy to grow, and if the body was under attack it cannot support the brain’s
growth to its full potential. In other words you were born with a pretty fixed
IQ. Good parents and schools can keep the IQ at its genetically predefined level
and maybe increase it a bit, negative influences, however, can surely reduce it
a lot. “I am just saying this” she closed “because if you are getting your results
next week and you are not happy with your score or our recommendation, then
know, that there is little you can do about that. Even if you practice for
years or continue school indefinitely, it’s almost impossible to improve your
score by more than 10 points. Just think about that before you open that envelope.
You don’t have to.” When the envelope was handed to me a week later I got excited
to open it. I took a deep breath, but before I ripped the cover apart I halted-
do I really want this? Why do I care so much? Do I really want to compete with my
brother? And if so what does this prove? There are so many aspects of my life
that matter more than my measured intelligence. I’m probably no genius but
I know I did well. But more importantly I know that I don’t need to prove anything
to anyone! I decided not to open the envelope and I loved this new idea of
myself – free from these limitations! I felt like I had grown up. Now when I
heard my father speak all proud about Charles, I just smiled. I realized that
it’s not that he loved him more, no my brother just gave my dad the chance to
get attention, to be someone. He’s the dad of a genius and not just another middle
manager at the bank on middle street. A few years later I dropped out of
college and started my own company and soon after fell in love with a wonderful
woman and also started a family. My brother is now a professor at a famous
university, but never found the right girl and like many very smart people
suffers from depressions. My dad doesn’t care so much about IQ
anymore, he’s now a proud grandfather. They say it takes intelligence to know
how to do things right but wisdom to do the right thing. Leaving that envelope
closed was the best decision of my life! Here are five questions from a real IQ
test, you’ve got five seconds each. When you are done post your answers in the
comments: Good luck! 1. A package of gift cards has a length
of eight centimeters a width of four centimeters and a volume of 64
centimeters cubed. What is the height of the box? 2. Some Bargles are Chongos
and some Chongos are Munhattsens. Are some Bargles definitely Munhattsens?
Yes or No? 3. Max needed to get seven new doors from the home improvement
store for his house. His car could only hold two doors at once.
How many times did max have to visit the store? 2, 4, 7, 8 or 9? 4. Art is to wall as cup is to: handle,
coffee, cupboard, rim, nail? 5. what is the missing number in the series: 1, 16, 81
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  • IQ represents the part of our intelligence that can be measured quite reliably. During our research, we came upon very different opinions on this matter. Some of them very controversial. We aim to be as neutral as possible and only to present the facts.
    We decided to try a new first-person format, what we call “a story based on scientific research”. Instead of presenting facts or studies we embedded all information into a first-person narrative. We think that this could lead to an increased retention rate and hence improved the learning experience.
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  • IQ is meant to screen out people from various jobs, schools, and detect serious mental illnesses like major depression and schizophrenia. So basically, if you have an IQ of below or at 80, you're fucked and if its above, you can live a normal life, but there's not too much correlation between higher skilled jobs, just take your Dumb CEO or Cop for example.

  • There is something more powerful than intelligence. I am not allowed by my own code to reveal what it is. Do your best to find out yourself.

  • The answer to each Question at the end corresponds to the next question's number.
    For example the answer to Question 3 is 4.
    The answer to Question 2 has 3 letters in it.

  • IQ can be measured and it can change, but wisdom is of far more importance. And children with an average IQ can be first in their class all the years at school, because they have the talent of knowing how to learn. Children with an extremely high IQ can perform very poorly at school because of the environment in which they have to learn. You cannot put people in boxes. Everyone matters and everyone can and should make a difference in the world.

  • I scored on the IQ test with 150 but I struggle in school and am not book smart at all. In short, the IQ tests your ability to see patterns mostly and is a load of horse shit. It means nothing and it out dated. Whether you score high or low, it doesnt matter.

  • I've always had problems with questions of type 2. Until someone pointed out to me to use Venn Diagrams. Same for question 4: what if I'm thinking about a mural vs hanging a painting on a wall? Language influences how we see things. And that's not accounting for cultural differences. What if, in the moment of the test, I'm thinking about something other than what the creators of the test had in their head?

    IQ tests just aren't reliable. Sure, all that stuff about lead in paint and a bad environment is true enough, chemicals influence the body, but it seems like this video doesn't understand the breadth of "nature vs nurture". Seriously, question 4 doesn't test anything other than whether a person has seen a painting before in their life. There's a built-in assumption that a person will likely be thinking about a limited set of things, and that's just not reliable.

  • This video is not about how realistic it is or whether it happened or not. I can't understand why people seem to focus more on the story than the meaning of the story.

  • IQ is about materialism and capitalism. Also about ego and superiority.
    I mean the real advantage if you have a high IQ is what you can do with it, like a superpower you can use to make the world a better place. The truth is – most of the high IQ people don't. I have hanged around some Mensa people, and I can't tell you the arrogance they have about them, like they're gods or something.

  • If the moral of this "true" story is to show that IQ doesn't really matter, why the fuck do you have five questions at the end?

    I was diagnosed with an IQ of 75 at around the age of twelve, and even I can see all the fallacies in this.

  • Beware:

    Your performance depends greatly on your expectations for yourself.

    Do not let IQ results lower your self image. Do not set unreasonable expectations for yourself either.

    Above all, just ignore the labels and be yourself. Take care!

  • Its interesting to see how people believe that a persons entire intelligence and ability can be characterized by one borderline arbitrary number…

  • the "IQ test" at the end is just math problems, those are not IQ test questions. You come across all of those problems by the time you take geometry.

  • Moral of the Story: IQ and IQ testing can limit one’s sense of happiness and autonomy in life

    At the end of the story: Author proceeds to ask us actual IQ test questions and share our answers in the comments section


  • Does this guy do anything but cry about iq? And not living up to his fathers standards this sounds like a sob story to try to get you to hate iq rather than an explanation about iq. look if you want to raise your iq instead of crying read, work, learn, if you want bigger muscles instead of cry do pushups it's simple

  • IQ 70 – Wiping your ass with tissue
    IQ 90 – Never wiping your ass
    IQ 180 – Eating a toilet paper so it cleans ass on the way out

  • Can someone write me a reply with a resume on this? I can't take the emotional bullshit at second :30 and it keeps going..

  • The biggest measure of success in life is actually grit (google the marshmallow test)–basically self-restraint and the ability to delay gratification. And grit can be learned! Intelligence is fairly flexible. Of course some things will really fuck you up, like childhood malnutrition and lead poisoning and stuff. But the brain is surprisingly pliant, especially with kids! With the right support, kids can often learn to manage and overcome learning disabilities, or reduce autism symptoms. There's a lot of criticism in the scientific community about the validity of IQ tests, and they should always be taken with a grain of salt.
    Keep in mind that average IQ now is far higher than it was 100 years ago, and the average person 100 years ago would score as disabled now. That doesn't mean that people back then were actually disabled. It just means that education has changed the way we think.

  • 1. 2cm (8x4x_=64)
    2. Yes (don’t know how to explain that
    3. 4, but there is probably a remainder or something.
    4. Cupboard
    5. the heck? I legit don’t know.

  • Okay, I tried to do the IQ test, but then I relised I'm like, super lazy and I hate math, so I got
    2: NO
    3: 4
    4: cupboard

    I will actually die if I got any of these wrong

  • I have my doubts about this story , but i can tell you my mother was told years ago i was a bit of a genius at age 13 , but due to all the moving around (my father did not care) my education was a failure, i had to self teach myself by sitting in libraries and reading everything i could get my hands on. i had a thirst for knowledge that all my life has never been quenched, multiple hobbies, and it got me nowhere….I only once found a partner in life my mental equal he was an astronomer, and after 5 years and a near marriage (we were engaged )he died of cancer and i was left alone again. So i was told i was one of those that slipped through the cracks….Sometimes it does no good to be so smart I live on my own with my hobbies and 2 pets and only 3 friends i do not see very often,( i do prefer my own company, and hobbies)I do wish i had the chance of a proper education and gone on to be what i wanted to be … archaeologist in many fields….Oh well! that is life??

  • high IQ is VERY related to high GDP
    wich means high quality of life, not only for the high IQ owner
    but also the poor people living inside the system managed by high IQs
    you can be sad, but you are also progress and prosperity for everyone

  • Get the fuck out of here and fuck youtube for recomanding me this garbage. First of all – what the fuck is that music???. Why every stupid video MUST do that? And what the fuck is your point? damn now im sory i don't know how to type in english 100% corect beacause i can't insult this shit the way i want. Whatever , in the end even if u have a family and your brother is "lonely and depressed" , u will never be better than him and deep inside u know that. Why im so tilted? beacause i fucking hate your kind of people. "in the end my brother is shit and i won this game heheh im so awesome"
    – fucking beta bitch thirsty for validation.

  • Iq is just a thing to say your better then someone. It's just a thing we say. For any religion fanatics you have to speak to the devil himself to wanna learn and think knowledge is better than anyone. You pay the price of feeling lonely and always beating ur self up over you're work. All because nobody else understands. Anyone can be smart in their own imaginative way. Every good soul or toured soul deserves love.

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