A Midem Day in the Life 3: Chris Taylor, Entertainment One Music

my name is Chris Taylor I'm the president of d1 music global I was a recording artist and then played in a band for five years full time I lived in a van with nine other guys and toured all over North America after that started as a practicing attorney in the middle of that I started a record company myself a label called last gang records in 2005 I might pick up a guitar for five minutes to sort of calm my nerves some days and sort of remind me why I'm doing this and why we're here there's really still a lot of people who don't know who we are we regularly say were the largest entertainment company you haven't heard of yet I think in film and TV I think we have a fairly high profile and people are very aware of what we're doing but on the music side I think I'm here to kind of spread the gospel a little bit tell people about our business and get people excited about us [Applause] I think that change is upon us I think we you know we've come as an industry we've really come through a tsunami of change I'd like to think optimistically we've settled into a bit of a rhythm now you know some of the elements are going to remain the same they are finding great songs finding great artists it's a capacity to sort of embrace the change at this point that's going to be you know the most important for us I think the you know the onslaught of data that we're receiving today managing collating interpreting that data is an incredible challenge I think the best most successful companies are going to be the ones that sort of handle interpret that data and manage it the best even as our retail climate has changed and the business is changed I mean some of the elements are still the same and that's relationships I think when you can spend some time with people in person need face to face have a drink have have a dinner it sort of solidifies relationships and that's what you know it's one of the primary movers in our business is personal relationship Oh

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