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A History of JAY-Z’s Grammy Award Snubs | Genius News

Letty: For many, the 2018 Grammy awards about
redemption. Hip-hop was finally recognized in the most
of the categories, and performances. Going into the Grammy Awards, JAY-Z led the
pack with eight nominations for ‘4:44,’ his most transparent album to-date. Letty: But despite the build-up, he went home
with nothing. And this isn’t the first time JAY-Z’s been
snubbed, his history of grammy losses goes way back. After winning Best Rap Album in 1999 for ‘Vol.
2, Hard Knock Life,’ from 2001 to 2003, JAY-Z was nominated six times during three
different Grammy award ceremonies, but was left empty handed. There’s no question that throughout JAY-Z’s career, he’s dominated the rap game, topped the charts, and influenced pop culture
with albums like ‘Reasonable Doubt,’ ‘Blueprint,’ ‘The Black Album’ and ‘Magna Carta Holy
Grail,’ to name a few… And although he’s won 21 Grammys, more than
half have been for his guest verses on someone else’s song or album. And when his solo work is awarded, his wins
are confined to the rap category. In fact, ‘4:44’ marks the first time any
of JAY-Z’s 13 albums was recognized in the Album Of The Year category, which includes
all musical genres. Of the 74 grammy nominations throughout
his career, only ten were in the general categories of Album Of The Year, Song Of The Year and
Record Of The Year, for songs like Rihanna’s “Umbrella,” Beyonce’s “Crazy In Love” and “Empire State Of Mind” featuring Alicia Keys. Letty: But even with these smashes, he still
didn’t win in the general arena. JAY-Z: No matter what happens at the Grammys, it’s going to be what it is. Bob Marley is going to be Bob Marley, whether he’s nominated for a Grammy or not. Tupac is going to be Tupac, Biggie is going to be Biggie. That’s true.

  • Ppl will prolly look at this and not care but I’m a aspiring artist 👨🏾‍🎤, and I got this song that I put out not to long ago and I need honest feed back , it might even become your new favorite song , dead ass tho lmk what y’all think like and repost too thanks 💓💓💓💓🤧🔥

  • Look I’m sick of this shit. This is allll subjective. I love Jay Z I love Kendrick. Kendrick had a much better album than Jay did. If you want to know why it’s because Damn was such an envelope pusher, and you can sense the hard work and obsession. With Jay I felt like it was regular Jay, walks into a studio and drops a couple verses. With Kendrick I sensed the hard work and obsession. Wow Jay talked about a rocky marriage, it’s rap! It’s introspective! And with Tyler. He’s a talented kid, he’s definitely evolving but It’s not that good of an album. Obviously he has a notorious fanbase filled with troubled weirdo kids who skate or like fashion or who wear champion hoodies with bleached jeans with the cuffs rolled up (I used to be that and loved Tyler) his whole fan base will ride for him, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER FAN BASE, but compared to Damn, Flower Boy is okay. But it’s so fucking hard for kids to look through more than one lense. If you’re 17 and have been listening to Tyler since you were like 13 THEN YES DUDE FLOWER BOY IS FUCKING NIGHT AND DAY BESIDE HIS FIRST ALBUMS. But once you look at the bigger picture and can listen to all the albums without FANBOYING THE FUCK OUT, it makes a bit more sense.

  • When will y’all realize the Grammys is not based on the true winner of each category, yet a deeper more twisted and self centered plot on who the academy wants to win. It is very sad to say but it is true.

  • The Music industry is a joke. The Radio industry is a joke. The Grammys is a joke. Support the artists, buy straight from the artist, respect the artist.

  • I don't know.. who still wants an award after you had to protest or beg for it. If there's a larger tend of snubbing a genre or denying a race, definitely say your piece and keep it moving.

    But don't keep your hands out. Fuck 'em

  • I love Jay And His Album Was great But At Least He Has 21 grammys that's not a snub
    Tyler Had The best album Actually but yet He is Young And has a lot of potential , Nas Actually Is The biggest Snub In history
    Melodrama Should Have Win The album of the year , Kesha Album Was great Too.

  • Well he definitely didn’t deserve any wins this year. 4:44 was meh, Jay has way better past albums, and even if it was great, it’s definitely not topping Kendrick’s work this year. Unfortunate, but give your head a shake if you think he was snubbed lmao.

  • He right at the end though, huge stars will always be huge stars, with or without grammys , just like bob marley and pac

  • It has not been done like this.. Check the link. These guys are great give them get a endorsement deal Now!!

  • He has TWENTY ONE grammies, more than 98% per cent of the world’s Rappers, and more than 85% of the world’s artist – chillllllllllll.

  • One of my favorite song of JAY-Z is Minority Report from the "Kingdom Come". That song was overlooked and deserved recognition.

  • Will y’all shut the fuck up about Tyler already? And don’t act like 4:44 was some substantial addition to Jay’s catalogue it was just another album.

  • Tupac never won a Grammy. You wanna talk about being snubbed. Will Smith won the first rap Grammy. It’s just a popularity contest it’s not about the content of the music.

  • To be fair Jay-Z already has 21 Grammys. He could care less about getting recognized for his work at this point lol

  • The real point to take away was they Jay-Z went platinum on his own platform. Apple Music, Spotify etc couldn't stream 4:44 until Jay green lighted it. If the Grammy's recognized that it would be a deathblow to the record industry. DJ Scratch spelled it out clearly.

  • I’m still sore about SZA… best new artist should have been hers or Khalid’s easily. Alessia Cara is amazingly talented she definitely worked and achieved this year, but she hasn’t had an album out this year whilst both SZA and Khalid have both had a crazy amazing years. Overall SZA should have won at least a couple of those nominations she had, but as Jay said, biggie is still biggie and Pac is still Pac

  • He’d have had a better chance of winning if 4:44 was available on all platforms. Tidal is a minnow compared to Spotify and Apple streaming services. I used the Tidal free trial solely to listen to his Album and loved it, but haven’t listened to it since the trial expired. I use Spotify and YouTube for listening to music; I suspect there are many more consumers like me who just didn’t get to access his catalogue which hurts his chances.

  • Jayz is not a legend,y'all need to go sit down somewhere,jayz's album 4:44 was not creative,nor what is it a master piece,the rapper nas really deserves some Grammies,nas rapped about real issues in the world,nas raps were like poetry,jayz doesn't rap about nothing,so with that being sad,I'm glad he didn't win a Grammy,and also I'm thankfull that Kendrick Lamar won a Grammy.because Kendrick raps about real stuff,jayz doesn't raps about real stuff,

  • 4:44 had 6 good songs out of 10 or 13… So overrated again, like the usual. Next time he will bring out an album with 6 songs and you guys still gonna call it a classic…

  • Genius. Who thinks the only music that matters is hiphop. Hey hiphop is a great genre, but i hate it that just because its jay-z, he should automatically win. Bruno didnt deserved it either, the only two who deserves the AOTY award is Melodrama & Awaken, My Love. If you're a real music enthusiast, you'll know that those two albums are dominant when it comes to its creative aspect. And far more complex sonically and well-pruduced. Plus the emotions on Melodrama & Awaken, My Love is true, flawed & raw. Hova is a great artist, and 4:44 is the epitome black empowerment. But art isn't political, it should be judged on how emotional and creative an album is. Jayz just kept taking ideas from kanye tbh

  • Fuck a Grammy Hov has more power than any rapper u can think of. He have access to places they don't. He writes the checks.

  • This may be unpopular opinion, but i genuinely think migos should've won the grammy for best rap album, yes DAMN was great but the impact that culture had was far bigger, I live in Australia and that was playing in every car, every club non-stop last year. i think they deserved it

  • who cares 2pac never won a grammy even 4 changes posthmously u know who they gav it 2 insted my name is by eminem what kind of shit is that

  • he didnt get it …cuz he exposed white culture….and white ppl didnt like that shit…..lmaoo…HOVA WILL FOREVER REIGN …..You keep thinkin all those awards are achievements …..them shits is book stoppers….you keep them at the end of the shelf where your books are at…..they're useless……Hova's time on this Earth is more exciting than breathing…..listen its free

  • 2019 grammy 20 nominations for jayz,all go to mumble rap,but jayz gets a sticker saying he attended muhuha

  • If that wasn’t because of the black community and their music invention Bruno album would have never seen the light.
    They gave the grammy to someone who was impersonating black music engenering and aesthetics.
    I don’t understand …why not give the grammy to one of the main root of the hip hop genre.

  • What do the Grammys even matter for anymore…let’s be real everybody knew as soon as album of the year was being announced we all knew a rap artist wouldn’t win it and of course the most mainstream artist ever Bruno would win

  • I mean the early 2000's were great asf with hip hop , Eminem , DMX, Nas, Outkast, etc. Jay z had tough competition

  • As much as I am a fan of Hov, he already has 21 of them! The only reason people are making a massive deal about it is because it's Jay Z! Nobody ever mention the fact that Tupac, Biggie, Nas, & even Cole doesn't have one! Chris brown & Drake literally only have one & not to mention Bob Marley doesn't have one either! Jay Z is a Goat but every time him & Beyoncé loses we act like they the only artists to get "snubbed".

  • This more about Hip-Hop in general that Jay-Z being targeted. Grammys dont want to support the biggest genre today because it is essentially "Black Culture"

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