A HAT MAKES A GREAT GIFT BY Cedric The Entertainer Who Ced

it what's up y'all saturday entertainment we thought it'd be fun to take you on through some of the trials and triumphs of the Hat business here's my partner Jimmy Gardner breaking down one from the archives before I owned a hat company with Cedric I'm one of my favorite gifts to get was a hat I have this old beanie I carried it around with me forever and I like the styling of the beanie but more than anything I like the fact that my girl gave it to me she thought about me there was really no occasion she just bought it for me because she thought I would enjoy it and now the sudden I have the hat company I never get cool hat gifts anymore cause nobody wants to buy half our guy who owns a hat company and so I always think that when you're thinking about what can you do for your man something from the heart a gift a hat a personal item that you can wear every day and have that presence of mind that you're there within your thinking about was just a cool gesture okay now that you've heard our story we want to hear one of yours go over to who said calm and give us two minutes of your best hat story and maybe you will become a part of a who's seeing history

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