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A First Look at Natalie Portman as Lady Thor!

How old were you when you
first started working? 11 was my first film. Is this with the– no,
this is not a film. This is something else. What is this that
we’re going to show? I was in an environmental
singing group when I was 10. Environmental singing group. Actually, I started
when I was nine, in it. An environmental singing group. OK, let’s look. Hi, I’m Natalie. Today, we’re going to
investigate the growing garbage problem the world is facing,
and try to find some solutions. (SINGING) –today. If we can reuse it,
why should we lose it? Recycle it! Renew it! Show you care! [APPLAUSE] That did not help. Did not help. 1990, friends. Wow, you saw it happening
early, needed to do something. And that really didn’t catch on. Really, was ahead
of the cause, yeah. Well, it was good that you
were doing that at that age. Thanks, that’s fun. So you are always posting
really important things, like the environment, and
things that are important. But then you also posted
this the other day, eating a giant meal. Oh,yeah. Is that paparazzi or
something that you posted? It was. So a friend sent
it to me and was like, I think they really
got to your essence, Natalie. And, yeah, you know, most of
the glamor shots, I’m like, that doesn’t feel like me. And then that, that’s me. That’s the real me. So this is exciting. You’re going to be Lady Thor. Yes. That was just announced. Yes. All right. So– [APPLAUSE] Does that mean you
have to work out? You’re a very slight Lady Thor. I’m assuming I will
have to work out. But I’m just going
to wait until– Until the make you? I’ll be eating my burritos ’til
they’re calling me to the gym. We have an exclusive photo of
what you’re going to look like. And this is amazing. Great. [LAUGHTER] The goatee is so good. Thank you. Yeah, they said you have to
have facial hair for this. So Lucy in the Sky, this
is a true story, right? Or inspired by. It’s inspired by the sort
of astronaut love triangle that we heard about
in the tabloids. But it’s not really a
telling of those people. It was kind of– took that idea and
said, what happens when someone comes
back from space and has to adjust
to life on Earth. Yeah. Because I would
imagine that would be tricky to come back and have
this reality when you kind of have a different perspective. Have you ever wanted
to go into space? Oh, I would love to. I think it’s the coolest thing. Really? I actually had a weird
thing in Montecito once. We were going– this is where
we both reside sometimes. And we were going
to Oliver’s, you know, the vegan restaurant
that is so good. And then, all of us
in the sky lit up. And this craft was landing. And I was like, the
aliens are coming. This is really happening. And on the street, everyone
was just standing, looking up. And it was SpaceX was landing
their shuttles at that Air Force base that’s near there. Oh, wow, you had me
for a minute that we had aliens in Montecito. I mean, I was kind
of excited, also. Yeah, very excited. All right, and you worked
with Tig Notaro, my pal. I really love her. She’s so wonderful. And she was so funny. Because I had that wig
that you saw in that clip. And so she’d always be like,
it’s like looking in a mirror every time you’re
walking towards me. ‘Cause we had the
same– oh, yeah– Almost. –haircut. Not really. Astronaut hair, she’s
got the cool version. I’ve got the, like– That’s like a Dorothy
Hamill version. There’s nothing wrong with that. Yeah. First of all, you
should explain– because the– Yeah, the original story
was that this woman drove across country to
kind of confront her– or kidnap, depending
on the version– Well, there was stuff
in the car that it appeared like kidnapping. –yeah, her boyfriend
her boyfriend and his new girlfriend. And she wore a
diaper so that she didn’t have to stop on the way. And we didn’t do
that in the movie. And everyone’s like,
where’s the diaper? Yeah. It’s very, like,
everyone’s really upset to not see me in a diaper. I don’t know what that’s about. Well, you could actually
say, I was wearing it. You just didn’t see it. So that it ends the controversy. Yeah, that’s a good line. The next time someone asks
you, just say you’ve worn it. I’m wearing one right now. Good. That’s– [LAUGHTER] It’s all– you don’t
even know it’s happening. Natalie Portman is wearing a
diaper right now, everybody. News. Lucy in the Sky, it’s
in theaters October 4th. And we’ll be right back. Natalie Portman.


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