A Fights of The Decades: Oscar Dela Hoya vs Shane Mosley!

in June 2000 in Los Angeles the fight for the WBC welterweight title took place between Shane sugar Mosley who at that point had no defeats and the Golden Boy Oscar De La Hoya the fight which has the reputation of one of the most controversial ended with a split decision of judges [Applause] but right hand by Mosley slinging it over the top De La Hoya trying to get the jab going this gets wrecked by a jab stiffening with his power [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] Loa Acosta sets up in the right much better second round for Delaware than the first gets the left hook into them Syd with the left [Applause] voluntarily buckle demo appears to be alright the Delaware supporters those who believe Oscar is going to win this by one punch at a time [Applause] great right hand by [Applause] of course it's not just fighter against fighter here mode you'd like a mongoose sis their watches everything and it takes a swing at whatever you see [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] della Shan is moving to his right now just to say hasta make for some rights [Applause] I expected more jabbing from [Applause] for then I think body would have expected at this point [Applause] well hi everyone [Applause] one two three but make idli last touch be the right hand I mostly landed on the point of valerian Tim fires all right it's all in retaliation as Mosley was initiating the contact right hand to the body by Mosley De La Hoya's borrowing his part absolutely and you can see that Bosley would the winner became succeed some when he gets inside but he go into the jaws of the lion to do it he has to accept the Jeopardy of De La Hoya's left hook no better said you accepted this challenge you've got a fight he's not gonna give it to you you just gotta go out then get it we'll have to fight if you make that decision [Applause] to the pit of the stomach [Applause] you see them leaps in any shop he seems never to miss [Applause] master comes back to the Greek ones combination we hit him you gotta move out of the way because he's going to hit you back this time he took the left truck in return for the [Applause] rain who's going to be buglar I think they've both dared to be great [Applause] carrying the day and mostly staying busy busy busy with the jab 10 seconds to go in the round in a moment Shane Mosley is going to be taking the lead Harold Lederman scorecard [Applause] now Shane is getting the better of the left ear reading straight stuff left jab Mosley it's quicker [Applause] mostly step back in with the around the calendar no remember Delhi his best steps it up at the end of the phone championship round that Pope if he's dead clothes hidden [Applause] suddenly Oscar does not look this quick as he did early in the bike fast fighters but the fighter you fighting machine well there's nobody in a hundred up into my parlor that's the kind of fight doing them he steps back a little bit allowed Oscar to come power and he throws something [Applause] to win it we heard conflicting advice Mandela is to commit murder I think at the end he was right you need this round [Applause] nothing to save it for now George [Applause] this is a close fight [Applause] there's going to be a delay now because of slipperiness on the Budweiser pack Oscar stayed out of the middle and snip and now they're posting [Applause] action [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] welcome them daring to be great [Applause] thousand people standing in Roman [Applause] the tubes is that oscar doesn't like to get hit but he has stuck his nose in there the Trinidad it's totally [Applause] no question right [Applause] to its expectation [Applause] Lou Filippo scores about 116-112 he has it for Mosley party salmon scores it 115-113 he has it for De La Hoya puck Russell scores it 115-113 for the winner by split decision and new Tucker [Applause] thanks for watching this video until the end if you enjoyed it give it a like until next time


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