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the stars of 90-day fiance the stars of night it's funny to say the stars 90-day fiance they happily ever after so part two of the reunion was last night and there was a whole lot of drama every time I tried to talk to her she ignore me but guy I was shall have been more patient with Larissa now that the drama and fighting are a thing of the past it sounds like 90-day fiance star cult actually wants to Larissa back I don't think it's possible but Larissa and I could sit down and not argue and be understanding and patient I guess I would want to get back with Larissa that seemed for me 90-day fiance happily ever after a reunion special on TLC still has us scratching our heads because it was barely a week ago that Chantel called Colt out do you love your mama more than your ex-wife 10 tell booth I love my mother I take care of her I'm the only family that she has so please shut the you're not gonna talk to me like this right now you're not gonna disrespect me look girl I'm just saying shouldn't you be worried about your own problems I basically found out that our whole marriage is a scam and last night he told me to find another husband that explains a lot about their body language in our recent interview know when an update on the marriage now how are things today between Chantel and Pedro okay we have our differences but we're still working on but that's something that will play out on the show hey there thanks for watching don't forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews content from breaking news stories to a-list celebrity interviews enews on youtube will keep your pop culture

  • Before anyone bashes Larissa, remember that this man cheated on her, promised her a better life here, bragged about his money before she came, and got mad when she expected to live on their own and have nicer things when coming to America. She's not perfect but she definitely got the short end of the stick in this relationship. Coltee is just really good at playing the victim.

  • Debbie was a ‘third wheel’, Coltee was living like a Polygamist & dear Larissa had not signed up for it 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Larissa's "boyfriend," is gay af, and their whole relationship is fake. She isn't a good actress, and he can't act butch.

  • I think chantal and pedro deserve each other. They are only staying married for money from the new show. Plus pedro needs to be married to bring his sister and mother over. They are all loser users

  • He wants to get back with Larissa for another spin off show just like pedro.. & then dump her again after taking all the show money..

  • Debbie! At the divorce attorney she just coulddn't help herself. "I want it over. I want her deported. Colt wouldn't testify against her the first 2 times!" She made Colt look weak and incompetent. WTG! Oh and BTW, I think Colt is a jerk for cutting off zLarissa's phone and cutting off her access to ALL money. You are still married!!

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