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8 Terrifying Cosmic Horror Movies You Should Check Out!

8 terrifying Cosmic horror movies you should
check out What�s up fellow film enthusiasts and welcome
to another genre suggestions. So in the last video, I covered the steampunk
genre, and as promised this week’s video will be on Lovecraftian inspired
Cosmic-horror. Now cosmic horror is an exciting genre. Because even
if you’re a movie buff or someone who just likes to watch scary films. There’s
a high chance this might already be one of your favourite sub-genres without
you even realizing it. Now my definition of cosmic horror boils down
to movies that must have a terrified protagonist. Not because of the
monsters or their dangerous surroundings, but because at some point in
the movie, they realize that they have absolutely no power to change anything
in the environment that surrounds them. Therefore films where the main characters
struggle to fight against something that cannot be challenged, a battle
that technically can’t be won. In short, movies that don’t have a happy ending. Also, I want you to bear in mind, I’m going
to be covering Cosmic horror-themed films. Movies that I feel do a fantastic job
at adapting Lovecraftian themes. Not movies based on the works of HP Lovecraft
as I will be doing a separate video for you guys on that topic� So first up
this week is… Annihilation Almost 12 months after her husband was presumed
dead during a covert mission. Lena a biologist still in grieving, is suddenly
approached by her missing spouse at their home. Remembering nothing of his time
away their reunion is cut short when he abruptly falls sick. In order to try
to help him, she signs up for a dangerous, secret expedition into a mysterious
environmental disaster zone known as “the Shimmer” where the laws of nature
apparently don’t apply. Another film that fell victim to been wrongly
labeled as an adventure fantasy sci-fi on Rotten Tomatoes. Annihilation is
a thought-provoking horror that has some solid performances that match it�s
equally eerie atmosphere. Another interesting thing about this movie
is it�s odd almost disjointed pacing that for some strange if not intentional reason
fits the film really well. If you combine all of that with a story that
has an impressive twist, in a visually creepy n� very strange world you get a pretty
ideal movie for fans of cosmic horror. John Carpenter’s Apocalypse trilogy Considered by Carpenter as a set, the three
movies Prince Of Darkness, In The Mouth Of Madness
and The Thing, in one way or another all focus on the end
of days. The Thing is about a research station that
uncovers an alien being that can take on the form of anything it ingests – this
understandably leads to endless havoc & acute paranoia in the encampment as the men
question and doubt each other’s identities. Whereas Prince of Darkness conveys a sense
of slumbering ma lev olence in the form of an ancient green liquid- that if awoken
would definitely lead to an apocalyptic ending for mankind. And In the mouth of Madness covers the destruction
of reality from the point of view of a talented insurance investigator
turned mad. Who has crazed adventures through dark New England towns
with dimensional portals and tentacled monsters. Individually these movies are all original,
enjoyable and well-made, but, when watched together they make great use of the
relentlessly unfavorable themes and dark philosophies of Lovecraft. Movies
that not only creep you out but are highly thought-provoking. Event Horizon In the near future, Seven years have passed
since the supposed and mysterious destruction of the deep space exploration
ship Event Horizon. So when it abruptly reappears in a decaying orbit around
Neptune. A rescue crew, advised by the ships creator – is assembled to retrieve
any survivors and to investigate what exactly happened to the ship and why. While I�ve already covered this film in
my sci-fi horror video, I just couldn�t resist putting it in. But that�s because
Event Horizon is a great Lovecraftian space horror that has an original story, an
eerie atmosphere, and solid practical effects. Yes, the abrupt change of pace in
the 3rd act, unfortunately, does the film harm with its cheesy over the top action
scenes. But even with these flaws, Event Horizon has
some really interesting concepts that I wish more sci-fi horror films would
cover. It�s a suspenseful and creepy film that is genuinely scary and can be pretty
funny at times too. The Last Wave Follows an Australian lawyer who takes on
the defense of a group of aborigines accused of killing one of their own in a drunken
brawl. After accepting the case and suspecting the victim was killed for violating
a tribal taboo, he is suddenly plagued by a series of apocalyptic dreams,
and realizes his own deep connection With these aboriginal men and their folklore.
With an eerie film score and equally chilling atmosphere, The Last Wave
is one of those dark films with a premise that’s pretty terrifying if you spend
some time thinking about it. For the most part, I almost didn�t add this
film to the list as technically I�d say it’s more of a thriller than a horror. However,
it�s full of synonymous Lovecraft themes. Such as cults willing to kill to keep
secrets and a protagonist who is unable to escape his fate, while slowly going
mad. The Last Wave is one of those haunting mood-driven
movies that has an interesting and unique premise yet I can imagine
some people not been able to get into it, as it doesn�t obviously exhibit
your more typical Lovecraft themes. But that doesn’t stop this film from being
worth checking out. Possession During a business trip away, Mark learns that
his wife Anna has grown restless in what he mistakenly believed was a happy marriage.
With her exhibiting increasingly disturbing behavior upon his
return home and asking for a divorce. Suspecting infidelity Mark becomes determined
to find out the truth and gradually finds that his wife’s strange behavior
is a lot more complex than a simple love affair. A film that is rich in maddening metaphors
and allegories Possession is a surreal horror that has very strong Polanski & Cronenberg
vibes to it, that if watched will surely put you off the idea of getting
married. Now if there is one thing that really stands
out in this movie apart from its cinematography and disturbing surrealism is
it�s acting- Isabelle Adjani and Sam Neill literally go insane as they crank their
unhinged characters insanity up to 11. A cult classic that leaves its viewer shaken,
confused and wanting more. Possession provides its audience with serious
Lovecraftian themes of madness, isolation, and cosmicism. The mist Following a freak storm the night before,
a thick mysterious fog descends upon a small town in Maine. Unknown to its unsuspecting
residents accompanying this mist is something uncompromising, terrifying
and deadly. With a small band of townsfolk holding up in the local supermarket,
it’s not long before these frightened people have more than the mist
and the unknown to worry about. A great story of survival, despair and terror
The mist is a pretty solid interpretation of Stephen King’s novel where
you�re presented with scenes of suspense and tragedy. Honestly one thing I just love about this
movie is how the characters have absolutely no power to change anything around
them. I mean they�re stuck, and have very few options, and this of course
frightens the shit out of them so much so that they end up doing some pretty stupid
things. Now I know that the ending for this film divides
a lot of people, but if you�re like me and Stephen King you�ll think it�s
great and devastating as it sums up cosmic horror perfectly, hopefully it won�t disappoint
you. Uzumaki Starting off with a man’s strange obsession
with spirals. Weird things are starting to happen to the inhabitants in a
small Japanese town. With students at the local school committing
suicide and his father acting weird. A teenage boy tries to escape the growing
madness with his childhood friend after realizing something bad is going on.
But is it too late or has the madness already infected them? A bizarre horror that ends up being a little
more funny than scary, Uzumaki nevertheless, still remains an absolutely
great example of Japanese horror. With its use of over the top close up body language
to make its characters and viewers feel uncomfortable. That and its blend of
black satirical humor together with horrific visuals is really done well. I won�t lie the manga is considerably better
however, as they only made a live action version- then we’re stuck with this
interpretation. I think my only real gripe with this movie is it�s cheesy acting
and music in the 1st act, which I can imagine will put some people off. But once
you get past the first 30mins you�re going to be getting some great Lovecraftian
horror to sink your teeth into. The Void Shortly after delivering a blood-soaked man
to a small hospital late at night. A Sheriff called Carter finds himself overwhelmed
by violent men, cloaked cult-like figures and horrifying creatures
that appear out of nowhere. Trapped inside and desperately trying to protect
the survivors from these inhuman monsters, things really start to get
bad for Carter when he notices a link between the patients and these things. As a great throwback to B movies from the
80s, The Void is a fun gorefest that boasts some pretty respectable particle effects
for a low budget film. This movie really is.. an orgy of cosmic horror
themes, that share a lot of similarities to John Carpenters �the thing�
and the 80�s remake of the Blob. It�s deliberately ambiguous which I appreciate,
as unneeded exposition can often wreck films like this- thankfully the void
keeps things fairly confusing and vague. The void is a legitimate horror for fans of
80�s blood, gore, and tentacles and is definitely worth checking out. The thing that
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