hey guys what's going on is Asher coming at you today in clash Royale I am joined by Mikkel one of the top pros in the game from fnatic gaming he is in the arena right now it's gonna be another one of those longer videos guys where I take the first 20 minutes half an hour or so of the video and we focus on Mikhail's gameplay is gonna be pushing for top 10 the world is currently around 40th in the world right now and we'll see how high he can get he's aiming for 7100 trophies in this video and he's playing my girl Sparky in the second half of the video I'm gonna pick this deck up which I love it's funny cuz I love the deck that sweep used with Sparky right but it wasn't really a ladder deck I mean you can use it on ladder but this one this one is built for ladder and it has lumberjack and guards to cards which I think are what lumberjack is properly rated it's just a beast right now it's one of the top cards in the game and I love the synergy between the Sparky the goblin giant and the lumberjack in this deck you're gonna see some really interesting and unorthodox and powerful use cases for the lumberjack in this deck and then the guards and the minions it's just a really really solid deck and if you don't have goblin giant you can probably see it on the screen no big deal go ahead and sub in the regular giant it still works in this deck so we've covered the substitutions so if you don't have lumberjack I leveled up I guess you can go ahead and sub in it's weird right cuz lumberjack is just so good because of the rage but I guess you can go ahead and go with mini Pekka or if you wanted to maybe sub in Dark Prince and then put mega minion in for minions but I'll probably go with mini Pekka I think mini Pekka is overshadowed by the V be the prowess right now of the lumberjack but I guess that conversation is neither here nor there that would be the substitutions you can't substitute Sparky because she's so dang good right now who would have thought who would have thought we've seen the day that Sparky is one of the best cards in the game I certainly wouldn't have it's taking a long long time for Sparky to be viable but she is and I'm happy about it so here we go is gonna be I'm enjoying at the bridge here going against Niklas who's a golem player Niklas always at the top of the ladder using golem let's see how we can do here fireball we're gonna take all that fireball value we can get with this deck and you see how red already how aggressive Mikkel is with this deck by the way Mikkel a pro player with fnatic and fnatic man they have a stacked team they have Mikkel and Fay and javi aster genie who is like the old gee Sparky God in this game and Jose a really really good squad it seems like every team in crl West is absolutely stacked this year anyway nice deep end here lumberjack played had the perfect timing to protect that Sparky one second left we're going to sudden-death overtime but we have the nice damage advantage here golem in the back for the opponent we reload with another Sparky in the back and check it out we got a range up Sparky and musketeer on defense if we get one hit with that Sparky golems at around 50% HP or so but we've reloaded with a goblin giant a fireball and another Sparky on defense minions down to clean up that minion that mega minion and now we have the NATO played by the opponent can the Sparky get across the bridge she can she connects with the ice whiz but it looks like no hit on that tower so still 694 zap comes down but a lumberjack is played in time by niklas things are looking pretty good here guys 613 remaining on that left Tower lumberjack we'll get to our tower but only for one hit 2014 remaining on our tower and we reload again with the goblin giant staying aggressive here see how aggressive he plays this deck in comparison to how sweep played his deck I played that deck for a bit the sweep deck in case you missed it I uploaded a week or two ago I'll include that this looks like GG right here guys boom GG 1 in a and what will 1 and O obviously ash come on dude we want to know what's going to match number 2 a link the sweet Sparky video in the description below I'll be right back guys boom alright so entering into match number 2 against leve SG from new elite but as I was saying the sweep deck like the key to that deck and I've played it a little bit you know and the key to that one is being very pad with Sparky in single it's your time you really don't even want to play her at all but this deck you can see Mikkel opens up and we're going against another goblin giant dag man goblin giant man thanks to spark he owes sparky a big big thank-you because he's in the meta thanks to Sparky when you see goblin giant well let's face it you know it's gonna be a Sparky deck although I did see a goblin giant deck just goblin giant beat down in CRL Asia last week by the way this coming week is crl Asia's playoffs I'm super excited about that I'll be streaming it every day on caffeine check out the pin to comment will be a link to my caffeine channel there anyway a level 12 Sparky top top ladder level 12 Sparky shot to leve SG from new elite I'm getting this high on ladder with a level 12 of the non max Sparky again speaking to the power right now of the Sparky a nicely time zap there by McHale but he's still gonna have to deal with this Sparky here lumberjack cleans up on that goblin giant but oh that one minion raised up is gonna prevent any Sparky connections from coming on our Tower there Miquel given a little bit of a goblin sticking the mouth out there at leve halfway through this match and we reload with another Sparky in the back so again you're seeing that you know pretty much every Sparky player even if they do have lightning is gonna play Sparky in the back I mean rocket beam a big exception to that rule right is gonna play Sparky in the back and goblin giant at the bridge rather than goblin giant in the back and Sparky at the bridge because Sparky will already be loaded and ready to shoot if you play her first so here we go we actually get to the tower probably gonna even up the damage here actually yeah about even enough the damage forcing guards out of the opponent's hands man a deck like this seeing guards and how much value you can get out of them in a deck like this it makes me want to do another ranking video of the most underrated cards in the game because I truly think that guards are up there I really do I mean especially with Sparky being viable in the meta especially with Inferno towers and you know this they're a great card I think the guards are just a really great card they always happen really anyway the goblin giant is now now we have a Sparky about to cross the bridge bar barrel down for the opponent a plane musketeer set up here and is zapped down let's see our Sparky stays alive just barely and then one shots her sister on the other side of the arena now we go in with the Goblin giant lumberjack Sparky push and I roll it from leve SG we're gonna go in with a hard push here Sparky hits our table giant but he's still at about 20% house he's gonna get a few hits on that tower spear goblins help as well and oh my god the range of minions on the tower GG comes down two seconds left fireball unnecessary that's jus and oh that's going to match number three alright guys match number three I can't wait to play this deck in the second half of the video it's fun man I think that Sparky is one of the most fun archetypes index to play personally I've always felt that way but now you know couldn't ask for a better time to play her right so guards down on this goblin barrel starting out with a Dark Prince so we went against another goblin giant Sparky deck we went against a golem deck for the first match let's see what this deck is here starting out with the Dark Prince mega minion and a bar barrel it could be anything in this meta right I think that how do you guys feel about the meta in general it's weird because it's very diverse but yeah it's it's it's kind of similar it's weird right it's a dichotomy of we're seeing the same kind of meta decks because of the balance changes they're not really touching many cards anymore I'm gonna have a video going out tomorrow talking about the state of the game and this is one of the topics I really want to discuss in that video also talking about the update and how you know things could change for the better or for the worse potentially so stay tuned for that subscribe turn your Bell whatever whatever so now we have another golem deck see it so anyway back to the meadow let me just finish my thought right so I think that the meta is diverse a lot of archetypes are viable but yet at the same time it still feels a little stale how can that be possible how can it be stale the meta if there's everything is viable right and I think that there's a few reasons for that and I'll talk about that in tomorrow's video more but it's a weird it's a unique position that we really haven't found ourselves in in my opinion in the history of clash Royale so anyway we're gonna get to the tower here probably get a lot of damage again with the range up minions actually forcing an eight-oh out of the opponent so 2827 a little bit over the half Liam are inside this match and more gobbling you can tell them but yeah I think mikelis favorite emote is safe to say is the stick out your tongue Goblin emote I can't say I've ever even used adding them honestly it's not one of my faves it's alright but it's not one of my faves I mean obviously Inferno tower but then I don't know I'm a fan of the giant ones no one really uses the giant ones anymore but I like the Giants anyway we have a Sparky same Lane as Pecola and the hero is God just says yeah waving the white flag man let's see what we do here though this is important to kind of know how he handles the situation he'd go same Lane with Sparky then he goes opposite lane with a lumberjack in the back plays the Goblin I at the bridge and then minions in tow here forcing a lot of defensive elixir out of the opponent meanwhile on defense we use our guards to tank for our Sparky Sparky takes care of that golem and just really really nice defense there by McHale and we got a ton of damage on that left tower leaving our opponent you know nothing they can do except for just laughs at this point 5:18 remaining we have fireball fireball comes down against that mega median that tower is gonna be down I think 14 HP well not down yet bazap we'll finish it off only 10 seconds left looks like we're gonna get three in a row here to start this video man maybe we'll just make this make the McHale show here and not do anything maybe we won't play maybe it'll get to number one in the world maybe we'll go in to match number three and calm down or number four and calm down be right back guys alright guys so I checked in he is 23rd in the world right now during the break when I was waiting I will show the rankings from here on out after every single match win or lose so starting out with a tombstone finally we get something else it's not gonna be golem it's gonna be graveyard or lava hound let's see what it is we see the mega main and probably gonna be lava hound so a lumberjack starting things out here from Macau in the back I don't know if he knows what Salva is playing because starting out with a lumberjack in the back seems like a little bit of an unorthodox starting play but he does go the opponent that is with the lava hounds so we were right lava hound deck and we go opposite lane with Sparky these are the these are the nuances these are the tendencies that you guys want to want to really pay attention to right lava harm coming down the lane we had the musketeer in that Lane and then we went off lane with the Sparky into the two so definitely noteworthy here so it looks like we're happy to either tower trade or at least put some pressure on the opposite lane we have minions in hand minions are gonna go ahead and be played there against that baby Dee lava hounds gonna pop looks like those minions are gonna finish off that lot that baby Dee before the Hound pops wee fireball not the flying machine but instead the barbarians and take that right tower down flying machines gonna finish off that Sparkie but a nice decision there I think a lot of players only a couple barbarians I think a lot of players would have probably just fireball the tried to keep the Goblin giant alive fireball the flying machine but no he fireball – I think the barbarians there unless I missed a couple others and in that really resulted in the tower going down off of one giant Sparkie hit so here it comes again left lane gonna be the lava hound in the mega minion kind of like right on top of the lava hound literally and now we have guards played again guards getting nice value there try to protect that that must feature a little bit and we don't from the miner but hey the zap plus the spear goblins of the goblin giant plus that big body to distract the pups in the mega minion it's gonna do a good job on defense as we approach into double elixir time here guys so let's see what happens can we hold on to these towers against it looks like a claw back loan deck on most you really don't see I mean obviously it would have like lumberjack and clone right if it was a lot of a clone deck but you don't really see lava hound flying machine without the clone you usually see lava clone with flying machine and lumberjack but this is kind of a different unorthodox version of lava hound lava hound again I mentioned this the last few videos the surprisingly lava hound is the number one wind condition on ladder right now it's crazy but it's true in terms of win rate so anyway Sparky doesn't make a connection on that left tower that's gonna be a huge connection there because it brings us even if they do get this left tower than this push here or in the next push we probably will be able to go ahead and get that tower down and it looks like well played from the opponent we don't even need to worry about it at this point lumberjack finishes off that tombstone must be here it finishes off that baby Dee applying some pressure here 7 6 5 seconds left and that's gonna be GG that's four in a row here let's go ahead and hop into another one but first let's go ahead and see where Mikkel is on ladder as he picks up that 2 to 0 victory so let's see McHale where are you so right now he is 14th in the world beat right back alright guys next match against Fahad Sr so yeah maybe I'm just gonna keep going until he loses right I mean he's on a win streak here and it was interesting he Mikkel obviously you guys probably saw the name or well you probably weren't thrown off because obviously it was a Sparky video of par Sparky's probably on the thumbnail as well but when you usually see the name Mikkel you think Pekka right and let's see what happened – ok nice Goblin time to keep that musketeer alive then we go in with the lumberjack but yeah you think of a peck of Ridge spam Pekka decks right when you think of McHale but he's loving this starchitect lately and when he said he was having success with it to me I was like dude come on the channel let's cover this let's cover this that cuz I just did a Pecha spam deck with carpi a couple days ago so anyway um what is this deck we're playing against here guys hey a lot of people asking for mega night decks in the comments check this deck out right I Swiss fireball made o mega night zap so three spell mega dice with so far wow this is a weird one I have no idea what the last three cards could be I have not seen this deck before but again suffice it to say he's must be very very high on ladder playing it so give it a shot mega minion is his what sixth card played here we go ahead and we split guards in the back obviously I don't think Mikkel is familiar with this deck either fireball comes raining down again on that musketeer so kind of a rinse and repeat here with about 25 seconds or so left in regular single elixir time so now we reload with a Sparky in the back and a mega knight in the back by the opponent are still wondering what the last two cards could be is it a wind condition what is going on here what are we gonna do here we gonna goblin giant visser there's the goblin giant nice timed goblin giant able to keep that Sparky alive and mitigate the damage by being mega Knight ice whizzin is in hand also nato's in hand by the opponent are not using it now they go ahead and use it fireball comes down on that and the zap on that ice Wiz are we gonna get a hit here we are two 89 remaining on that left tower a big Sparky connection on that left hour 45 seconds remaining here in the match guards timely guards place they're gonna prevent any damage to our left tower looks like a Becca Becca what is this Dacron going against man dude its Peck a lumberjack Megan I ice whiz yikes what an odd deck I can't believe it I like it in a weird way but whatever no big deal with a Pekka in maybe a mega night combo here on the right nice musketeer they're keeping that musketeer in range but still able to kite that mega night and the lumberjack to the center and then we take that kite and we carry it into the left lane with the Goblin giant very well played another victory for Mikkel in the Goblin sunglasses comes out this time let's go ahead and hop into another match but first again I'll remember to check to see where this guy is has he hit he's gotta be top ten by now come on let's see where are you Mikkel he is currently 11th oh so close 70 98 let's go into the next match all right guys here we go get face control the Russian Pro who was on my last video yesterday's video in case you missed it I'm sure he's playing the same deck he only plays this deck it's minor bait deck we basically did the same format for yesterday's video where I played a few matches at the end we watched face control push live at the beginning it was a great video a lot of you guys liked this deck here but you know to be honest a lot of people also gave feedback on this deck that they prefer to run instead of minor a Valkyrie in there because you know they have problems with a lot of wizards and in whatever in mid level arena so or or even in high level or low level leagues I guess so just kind of food for thought for you guys I heard a lot of people in the comments kind of mentioning that but face control suffice it to say loves this deck and I think a lot of you guys do too so let's see how McHale handles this matchup a matchup of today's Pro versus yesterday's pro let's see what happens here of course McHale from Spain face control again from Russia fireball comes down on that goblin up a bear and a log comes down by face 2581 remaining on the tower here so this is gonna be one of those classic matches where face controls gonna try to get as much damage as he possibly can in single extra-time of an aggressive minion horde there and a minor comes in as well we're forced to play minions on defense and they will clean up against those minions but not before that minor just a few hits on our right tower more than a few hits with that shovel on the right tower and a very very aggressive is face control here with another goblin barrel taking our tower all the way down to 1,500 and change so again this is a matchup where face controls being very aggressive trying to get a lot of damage in single extra time and then we're gonna try to go ahead and make a comeback with the heavier deck and double elixir time 3 seconds left it's our time to shine we have Sparky ready to go obviously no rocket in this bait deck so let's see how we handle this are we gonna go with the goblin giant here I imagine so we have SAP in hand but how are we gonna okay lumberjack to lead the way to rage everything up here minion horde comes down zap goes down on the million horde that's gonna leave you fer no tower to kill the goblin giant and thus karma doing a very good job taking care of our Sparky we do get a few raised up minions but nice defense overall by face control there and again chipping away 906 with that Goblin barrel this is a difficult matchup for us here again you know we only have zap and fireball I guess but the opponent here face he can use is that's why he loves Starmie so much in this deck right he can use this minion horde aggressive and ask army aggressive and his goblin gang is Inferno tower and is doing a very good job defensively there's the scar me here and again we only have one zap unfortunately and then we use the minions here on defense 5 seconds left we use guards as well but 493 remaining on the right tower whew this is gonna be tough guys we catch that miner 2 times in a row same location there my face control 370 remaining on the tower though no big spell in the deck of base control let's see what we can do but a few logs all he needs are 1 lucrative miner connection or a goblin bear we have fire ball in hand we use it there against that goblin barrel ooh Musketeers dead we have the Goblin giant down but minor it gets to the tower oh no logs gonna probably finish it off indeed we take the oh well hey we can't win them all right we want a lot of them we want most of them but not all of them hey now it's time for me to hop inside B arena be right back all right guys now is my turn to hop inside the arena we are ready to go here we have the decks selected 4.0 Sparky lumberjack domination so our first Sigma Sigma a new strain of League ma we'll go ahead and give him the good luck in the Inferno tower see how we do here so minions musky and we're just gonna go ahead and fireball that goblin hut so what does that mean graveyard so we'll say for our minions in our guards just in case but Musketeers same Lane here can't snipe but or anything at the bridge he's gonna go ahead and on reload with a musketeer of his own probably gonna go away he's gonna fireball that that's cool so I think I should have Sparky there actually I think I'll be alright but I should have our key you're gonna go ahead and lumberjack here and then just chill okay I'm not gonna go ahead and do anything there I should go to finish off that nope okay women pull opposite lane ooh this the dark dark ah biz so deceptive in his prowess man he always latches onto the tower dark ah-ha go if that die and we'll split guards here I think I'm gonna Sparky in the back here he's gonna muskie in left so goblin joins still a few cards away so let's see what he does the CV fireballs or okay it looks like he's not gonna fireball okay this is cool I'm also gonna zap I don't think I needed that zap but it's okay he's gonna zap the Sparky just cool he get some more damage horses guards on tomatoes good zap just I'm gonna catch that stupid dark collar and he's gonna lock so this is a weird deck that he's playing man balloon dart Gobbo and he sets up the look at the guards though some damage so this is a tricky situation right now because he has fireball in hand and I don't have any now I have air but let's see what he does here okay does muskie in the back I'm gonna play my goblin giant early and then I'm gonna fireball fireball zap this and it's gonna just sound that that's cool let's see if I can get a hit okay I can't take town that oh wow down that though that was cool okay this isn't gonna be easy defense lumberjack doing some work for me I'm just gonna let this time I'm not gonna I'm gonna send in a goblin giant here should I take down this musky and he's gonna use his okay cool it wasn't the best okay I'm gonna save this right here save my fireball that is again gonna go in with the lumberjack he in the means and again nice easy defense eliminate close to the tower here and he logs AMS GG Wow nice okay good game and I didn't even play that that well at speed let's be honest right I could have been a little bit more aggressive with the fireball at the end and let's go ahead and hop into the next one here there's a fun deck to play though guys on deck to play finally 6000 trophies ma'am slacking a little bit this season against Lord Bellus let's go ahead and give him the Inferno tower and see how we do so guards I'm still playing with a mindset of the sweep Sparky deck right we're oh lava hound okay so what okay so he went opposite lane Sparky but a single elixir time what have you la balloons me yeah let's do it screw it let's do it Mikkel go the guards at the ready here let's see what he does okay mmm okay I'm gonna do that I'm panicking I'm panicking minions as well well build to play some defense but the Sparky's gonna kind of just die zap little late on that zap way to go there ash and then spark he's not gonna get a hit darn it okay they didn't go so well I think that he already had the musketeer down so that's why he went would be Sparky but I probably should just play defense there so hey lesson learned I'll make the mistake so you guys don't have to let's see what he does here it's kind of a tricky okay we're gonna go hard in the paint here in the left bumbum and i'm gonna fire a ball if you minions meet here okay ah he guarded me he guarded it's okay though hope I can still take that tower down he has arrows right now I can't take the tower down does he have Arijit use arrows do these arrows or did he use a fire ball crap we're about to see Thank You spire ball or maybe he's both I'm actually gonna use guards here so I can save my zap oh he has lightning lightning and arrows okay so he did have arrows good see how good I am at keeping track of the opponent's spells so he has lightning but it's not in hand so I can play Sparky nice and safely in the back here I would either way anyway but I think he does have the elixir lead maybe maybe not cuz he used that lightning that was pretty aggressive so let's see what he does here as long as I can tower trade I'm okay he's gonna go same way in lava hot so let's see so he has guards – I gotta keep that in mind yes okay we're gonna go pretty aggressive here also gonna fire a ball get these minions out of the way then another musketeer down and we'll get that lumberjack not only won't get him out of the tower do I need it do I need the SAP I get needed this app I needed this app way to go there a sheep ooh alright he is lightning lightnings down 23 seconds left I gotta go I gotta go I gotta do this yes okay his arrows in hand it's okay though we got this we got this arrows are gonna be down boom no big deal no big deal tower down 18 HP he uses arrows he used his arrows on on defense Oh Lord fellas oh the Lightning comes down I should have blocked it good game good game man good game II for watching the video Lord fellas good game well we somehow we somehow snuck away with that one even though we made the early mistake there with the musketeer let's go in let's do one more here guys token flex my man back to basics to good luck oh crap it's gonna zap zap a risky there hopefully he doesn't get more than two hits and interesting so hog hog I spirit could be two point six we'll see how we do yeah it's two point six so I'm gonna Sparky here goblin is one card away let's see we fire boss this if he does it'd be great I think the thing is is like single lick star I can't can't pull off any miracles here you know I'm saying they're gonna go in with that and then we're gonna go gobbling giant and let's see what we can do here we take this muskie down that's the question everybody wants to know we can take muskie down but can we get to the tower that's the question he has log in hand let's see if I can get to they come on come on get to the tower good to the dollar okay we got this we got a hit there we go baby I could zap but no I thought I didn't need to I thought I didn't need to oh when you get greedy I some like I could zap here and definitely take the tower down but I think sparky's gonna get that second hit and she did it so that could have that could have won me the game I don't think it lost me the game but it could have won me the game so we're gonna go Sparky that'll clog up the lane again so we can't hog at least he shouldn't hog and if you hook the beautiful thing of a lumberjack is if he hogs this Lane I can just lumberjack it right but again I have to kind of wait and see what he does okay I'm gonna do the same sort of strategy I'm gonna fireball zap the musketeer out of there probably a hog no he can't hog that'd be dumb he has logged though it's fireball too so I'm gonna have to be careful here okay I'm gonna musketeer so we can get rid of the fireball so I can play minions okay whatever he's gonna log good Lodge I'm just gonna minions afterwards and no big deal will gobbler giant guess cannon back in the cycle doesn't matter we're gonna fire balls app here if I screwed up that fireball I should've hit the tower with this app to push the musketeer towards the tower but it's okay I think oh yeah spirit goblins for the victory and there it goes man jeez I feel like I should be losing more in these live videos I'm not editing I promise but this deck is so much fun to play guys you guys gonna give it a try ban let me know what you think of it it's seriously just just so much fun I love this deck it's Sparky there's just something about Sparky that I don't know I really just I love it I love it it's a great card fun deck to play and well can you say so GG's and that's gonna do it for the video guys I hope you enjoying these videos lately I have been and again stay tuned for our video tomorrow make sure you subscribe to the channel and I will see you then a huge shout out to again to McHale for joining me today and to the fanatic clan family good luck in crl if you guys are watching and a big shot to ask the Trinity the au jus Sparkie God if you're watching a Cecchini much love man check out Mikkel stats and profile thanks in stature ale calm and of course a huge job to branch on my YouTube partner check out Brent's information in description below along with the deck link guys thanks for watching and as always take care guys


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