6K TROPHY PUSH TIME – Clash Royale Live Ladder Decks Climbing?!

hey what's going on guys Nick and I here today welcome to another clash Royale video two quick things before we get started in the last one if you didn't miss me thrown all my new merch behind me on the floor go check that video out but today we've got two special announcements like I just said first being G filled including the Bahama Mama starter pack which honestly right now is my favorite flavor I'll show it you guys in just a second is 30% off until July 3rd so stock up before the 4th if you're out of the country stock up until July 3rd and the 2nd of the two things let me go ahead and grab that starter pack till July 3rd 30% off kotas Knight g4 calm link in the description 2nd thing is going to be that in addition to shirts tanks joggers and tees blankets here's an example of an end of the a.m. blanket I just ordered one so it's gonna take a bit to get here this is the larger size absolutely huge really like heavy nice high-quality shiny they decided into the a.m. to actually print the print that I'm wearing on my shirt in blankets as well we convinced them on the livestream today so shout out to everyone in the livestream who tuned in and did that the larger size is a big enough size for me and I'm six-three the smaller size I don't know cuz I've only bought into the a.m. blankets that are larger size I have another one over here let me grab another example I guess this is more skycam applicable so blankets and G fuel what more do you really want it's all down there in the description thank you guys so much for the love and support so many people sending in positive things about the design and about everything else going on lately and we've basically got I mean there's so many people already supporting at the new merch line so hopefully it leads to more cool creation adventures and AD yeah basically whatever the future will bring in that regard so this is the clan war chest that as officially the season has ended let me go ahead and see Wardak oof alright we got three hours left on that are we in first let me just go ahead and wait a second here yeah we are in first with 30 11 16 9 and a lap what the heck we're in first in the next-best any of these clans could do is 21 man what a what a solid war we have I sometimes it's close but most of the time these schemers blow it out of the water shout out to all the channel members including the latest one Christopher roblox subscribing to you you guys get access to the members only discord section so if you joined the discord server in the description down below you get to uh when you link your YouTube account you get to join one that's just for twitch and YouTube subs and supporters twitch subs YouTube supporters I'm just gonna grab a random deck and do some ladder yeah let's go ahead boom boom pow boom boom boom boom boom boom ah what we got legendary you know I'll just go ahead and give away my graveyard here I mean I prefer to not give away goblin cage and quakes but at the same time I feel obligated so let's go ahead and give away this accept a bomb tower and that's all we got right now I can trade I just did my request and I do actually still have a couple trades so solid stuff fifty nine twenty five let me know what decks are working for you guys what texts you're using and today's video might be super super late upload I got carried away and stream for nine hours on Twitch playing Auto chess second half of the nine hours was solo first half was with bone cats and molt so time to get in clash mode I'll do I'll probably do one royale stream I mean we all just want to know info about the upcoming update other than these pictures of pirates and stuff you know so waiting for some more concrete info on that until then this is all we got trophy pushing and the end of a season so let's enjoy it let's have a hoot and or a holler and an overall good time okay our friend here esau 35 also really good comments on the last video in case you missed those go back and take a peek to week see nice that giants Kelly's not even gonna need any more attention which is solid I'm gonna start a golem in the back we defended that quite well and I mean he giant skeleton so that's the Akula time us putting down like goblin giant or something else with toot the horn real quick yesterday the mega deck drafts oh man I'm silly I forgot to it's still on the game all right I forgot maybe I'll do that while this video renders so don't know how long it'll be maybe uh maybe 15 minutes that seems about right that's the length we upload right ever it's like we'll see how long it goes I don't know what should our trophy goal be for this season let me know down below and I should change a couple of moats I feel like some of these are a little iffy maybe the dragon lick could be something more playful they're a little bit serious our emotes nothing crazy serious we're gonna get that King tower down to about half the mecca mania is still on it yeah barb gets a swing everything's there I'm gonna just let me end this good game good luck don't make me work for this one I have a feeling he's going to though so I'm just gonna goal him and then lightning spell a nice quick is this a three ground to start baby he's got a defensive rage going on lightening the muskets and the King golem i'ts are gonna be the only thing that makes it there but I'm pretty sure that they might they might get yeah they're gonna get that done on their own good luck the last goal of my pop that's the kind of stuff you like to see a hot drought I don't know why I put this Logitech sticker on my microphone about a month or so ago when I got the wireless logitech g502 also links to Logitech stuff in the description it's honestly once I switch to this Mouse anything else with wires especially it just seemed cumbersome you know yeah cumbersome like a cumberpatch I got it in the back you cumber match outside what's this may be a little more serious yeah golem right there in front of the night which I've been seeing tweets of people like okay so I guess that's just the play now to put like lava hound in the back it's crazy so apparently a boss who's in our clan who's always like he's been flirting with top 15 and stuff on streams I just in general in the clan he was tweeting out about I guess if you have a giant triple spell deck and the opponent's knew he did the best first play is to put a lava hunt in the back and it's like I haven't even thought about intricate things like that when you know the deck curious I haven't watched any full replays but that's interesting that's the the best play I don't know if it's just me who thinks that but like I would think a heavy tank in the back gets punished but they build the full push and I think it's because that deck can't defend the air units all that well by the time you get them all down well I'll play over here with Danny's G 97 yo is that a is that a 64 model no this is a 97 Danny moving up in the world dude we got night which I'm gonna bar barrel into the ice wiz Royal giant I was saying this in the last one rolled giant super strong right now if you take a look at the top 200 under leaderboard I was gonna say tbh RL but also it's all over T Tauri I'll roll a giant it's like it's everywhere man like nitrogen in our atmosphere science someone said they missed the fishing talk fishing is a cool category I respect the those Fisher's Fisher people boom night which is bats help-help-help bats helped not bestower well played new I didn't have anything for it huh oh you did didn't you ice wizard ready to defend while Gollum into it I'll Jack bar barrel for the scar me and the RG and the og I might split laying this one a little bit maybe slap at night which down I'll get out of here I gotta save up for lightning now lightning out nice thanks guys tornado all those minions back ayo ayo oh man Gollum get there eat I have to get all the way back to lightning though I'm pretty sure I do holy cow what no a game mmm who has four HP it's not an oops I literally couldn't get back to my spell Danny good game Danny I if I know where you live better sleep with one eye open and I dude oops oops oops like I could have hit it with something no I could not we tried it's late at night and it's close to 6,000 laddered trophy pushing you can't expect the most fun of opponents but we'll try all right furnace goes there we have a night which heading on in I might I'm gonna lightning this that'll take out baby dragon and weaken the furnace we're gonna get some night which some bats some mega minion action all going down in this town baby baby dragon on this barback the barbed pack they stack they attack but most of all they a squishy yellow boy we got golem el Jack bar barrel you name it it's in our fingers I'm gonna just try starting a golem okay he's got double huts I mean this could work out I hope he doesn't have like infernal dragon or something but we shall see by the way this is my second night fish shirt so in case you see me wearing like every other day of the week and night fish shirt just know it's probably clean I'm not gonna guarantee it's clean but it's probably clean I'd say that's alright probably it's good enough all right far barrel comes down L Jack's gonna ignore it for a minute and then get in there get in there nice al Jack goes in goes down oh you have some rage Cola might so we did that let's just barb barrel the barbs hit him for some nice quick damage and then baby dragon aka queen of the skies aka brother in paradise aka a disproportional wing to body mass ratio but still maintains aerodynamics of it's a complicated name for a complicated unit now I'm curious what the finale this one looks like I mean goblin hut furnace barbs poison I'm gonna hit the baby deep and the goblin hut here I had a baby dragon we got bats baby dragon lumberjack going down bull limbs gonna pop on those Barb's baby mega minion for that make a minion it does take some poison damage but in the long run yeah I'm expecting like hmm man NATO that baby dragon back so that it can't air it is baby there it is baby dragon get it ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha funny not funny I'm being a little more serious tonight I hope that's enjoyable for some of you for some of your games like who is this person where is our normal content creator what have you done Larry the humanity poison okay all them at the bridge night which bats are gonna help out a furnace way off in the distance somewhere in the distance you could hear it calling lumberjack bar barrel it's in it's in oh man that pulled it all the way to the other tower insane lightning baby oh I just need one more lightning so let's cycle here cycle here all plate on that baby dragon barbell shot that down good game whoo I mean it was the right play I think we definitely the advantage there but the two buildings if one of them was a infernal dragon or infernal tower that would've been a lot more difficult but it wasn't so it wasn't mm-hmm think about that one on a better ice sushi or Pizza comment down below if none of the above applies and you have a gluten allergy it's okay we don't need to put it on rice it could be sushi me it could be whatever you really want you know food on noodles I don't know name a food that's it tonight which takes a fire spirit to the face baby drag it in here to help stir the pot I got a NATO and then don't know what if I'm gonna use it I don't think so this looks more like a defense situation here comes the RG RG l jack gonna do his best I'm gonna NATO a baby dragon away nice I guess we could do this lightning that hunt gets us some quick chip damage our barrel to counter the other bar barrel no slip-ups no sloppy plays lacks a daze achill deployments today nah we got to be tight gotta get it right gotta get it tight gotta get a right gotta get it I gotta get it all night I gotta get it all day all night and into the a and that's what I'm sayin latter pushing yeah we slay him tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu own it–which even though he's probably got something scary sleeping in your bed we're gonna call man ever dubba dubba dump alright I got I'm gonna stop singing now just don't lay your memes be dreams well it's like the same deck but a royal giant instead of a graveyard weird that'll take out the spears sort of and I guess we just take that damage for now our barrel baby dragon mega minion Lumberjacks gonna go down but mega minion tower baby dragon got it on a lot yeah lightning on that baby Dee and the furnace we got lucky sauce baby did anyone pack their lucky sauce because I'm feeling like someone has it in on them now how do we push here and I get going back in time oh yeah tonight which is gonna bite the dust Mega minion on that are grg baby dragon as well our golem is already down this deck hits us pretty nasty style goblin or barbed arrow rather oh I'll Jack Knight wait stop it quickly dang dude royal giant is hot right now good game that's impossible I mean with the deck I had at least okay okay it's like you get one up you get one down just trading back and forth you know yeah you know ba ba ba bada badda bodda badda-badda badda-badda badda-badda double sink sickness that's one way to spell it but I passed the eighth grade so not for me good luck some thumbs and I toot the horn yikes that was scary all that because I put an eye twitch down Wow trying to get the bats away from it that's a good game probably I'll play it show me in a moat he's a level 11 weren't those level 13 who knows right right I already I hate this person is that normal I'd say it's normal oh yeah big hate big big good game I think we got to get wax sauce with our decks I don't know this golem ones gonna do it anymore Prince Valkyrie hog Giants Kelly what in the world someone called the insane asylum and tell me what i cued up with here I'll Jack trying to deal with the Prince Prince truck and an inferno tower what what in the hootenanny Wow I mean name a better tech to use against me right now all wait but not for long because I'm gonna go get some cheesecake in a minute want to join me it's cherry alright goal him down in front of the night which you could do a Valkyrie Giants Kelly and I'd probably be dead prints coming out there's the Belk lumberjack I'll help I mean we will get the one I think the light what does that even mean 20 left I think I was gonna let the prince hit nah that ain't it okay I'm almost oh wow I don't get the level 11 thing dude I don't know I don't know if I ever will it's been like three and a half years of clash Royale and I don't still don't get it like all your cards are 13 just level up it'll help this deck was by Kwan in the clan it's super wacky super different what's switched to that it's Sparky without a traditional kind of Sparky situation that you would expect but he was giving me like one or two pointers on how he plays it and it can get quite interesting so let's just try it out I'm gonna split these minions to start it's Sparky Prince Valcke lumber he whizzed scar me arrows yeah it's an minions it's like it's pretty saucy in a way if I dare to say I dare to say you know Senna Prince for that mega men and now Valkyrie in front of it prints deals with the barb Sparkie to counter this big old push here you go Sparky that should drop it all it's actually quite nuts I'll throw an L Jack in front of that ooh baby dragon looks at the L Jack our key shot Oh baby okay this is our deck now baby whoo all right all right he was on that baby Dee where it's funny cuz it's like basically the deck we were just using more or less I'll do valve first and I mean if he has lightning the Sparky might get hit with that right here let's throw bats off to the side for that DPS burst it down skaar me on the L Jack beautiful it like it checks like all the boxes twice even though that's slightly illegal I'm gonna share these bats out of here lightning is the king baby good game it's very annoying because you do the split push of defending with Sparky to force them to go other Lane and then as soon as they defend Sparky you go Valkyrie Prince in the opposite lane and we know from experience in literally the last game that prince with that tank in front of it it's so annoying alright I think we get the three crown here yeah rage quit or just has to go eat I'll go with the ladder boom screenshot snap that's going in my cringe clutch cringe collection next 59 32 we got to get that sweet 6k let's do it Mario Joe 21 9+10 quick quit Maps Lotus eSports oh yes here at Lotus we as you say strive hmm does it strive Tammy strive yes yes Frank we strive or of action Lotus motorsports all right Mario Joe and Lotus doesn't want to make a play hey-ho what do you say are you gonna make a play or not sometimes a play is all I got he was in a like safe spot here maybe I assumed it could take that out yeah easy sauce I'll Jack boom on that musket on a musket I'm a get get musketeer Skaar me dangerous but maybe the first time we get it oh that's an RG no shots by the way no shots and then some gnarly minion damage prints distract that baby dragging a little bit he's gonna charge Oh guards this time well played on that first time I guess he didn't have him in rotation yet so we got a little bit lucky he drops two full guards nuts but I feel like he's gonna want to go this side over here let's see if we can coax him into that so now this side has more health so the Sparky kind of makes it like what do I do and Sparky just starts to go to town over there ooh close but no Marquis blasts nope he whizzed barmy why the kissy all right our split lane is not that I'm almost ideal push right now got a sparky at the ready does he have the lightning yet I don't see it all those spirits though okay we got some gnarly fire spirit pressure coming on that left side how are we gonna get through and when two questions on everyone's mind one shot who shot al Jack nice who the guards come down wait for that baby dragon the lock no no no no a game I was trying to get the musketeer after the baby dragon locked didn't work out because I knew we didn't have the guards so I was gonna go Valcke prince opposite lane mentally it worked out in game it just quite didn't you know know what I mean yeah oh that was luck we got a Sparky into a tombstone aka forever amount of time that takes a long long time long long a long long time ago I know I met a person that that far was it us – aww baby dragon as well played though Prince man these these spawner decks everyone has like a spawner – they're very difficult right now some minions maybe minions with the prince and arrows come out sweet sauce a sweet sauce all three well played some tums bulk what do you got arrows for you the aggressive plays when aggressive calls oh lava hound how in the heck does this deck stop lava hound they're like a dozen I've got minions he was he is lightning we're toast we're probably toast honestly I Sparky gonna get those arrows out boom arrows on our end okay okay that mitigates damage okay that was actually sick sort of works Sparky where you gonna go now haha you got a lightning air yeah you probably are we already know ready for this no no not a sign I thought I thought I thought I thought about that y'all ready for this mm I'm actually gonna wait on our arrows maybe and I get all this in one one-stop shop baby it whiz oh no there's a lava pop are there dang barbarian barium lumberjack arrows early almost in before the the lava huh or the lumberjack almost scooted in before there's the lightning coming down scar me quickly no good game do it lava Hondas nasty sauce right now lava hone roll giant what else green beans those are sort of sick let me see let me stretch TV rile legendary arena there's bossed at 25 I mean the deck works Expo oil giants everywhere mortar a lot of lava honed hmm I mean I like this Sparky deck I might just go back to a let's do the way to have a snowball one I do not we were doing double prints or Pekka double prints last time let's switch back to golem and try to reclaim this real it in that Sparky deck though I think Wan made it up to like sixty four five or six hundred pretty solid but then there's people in the clan that had like a deck that I'm like ah I don't see how that would be good and they're like hundreds of trophies above me and they're like yeah I've been playing this one since like Ice Mountain or like I'm like frozen peak ice I was sighs mom I don't know why done like dang that's not eternal dragon belk weird weird oh you don't say I just sort of weird on it's playing a lot of cards I'm gonna try a golem cuz I haven't NATO if the hog comes and we could try that new so I normally go here I guess it's this tile let me try it no not that tile someone gave me the actual tile that is a hundred percent nod the tile I should probably find that sweet I know every to eat it it to let me go find that was embarrassing because I know how to get it with one hit and I just looked like I didn't scrolling down I live tweet a lot of random stuff I'm full on the lexer sick my mom may be dragons sure I feel like this is too far back it was recent ish maybe yeah I think it was more recent than this stuff I'm not even looking at what's going on here olam wait wait stop it I could have easily lightning that Dark Prince at the ready barbero lumberjack I'm gonna lose this because of I'm not even looking at the game get it back get it back nice I don't know how that works banging good game alright that was silly that was silly I'm just trying to find this one silly little thing you know a silly little thing called love that was not a loss ba ba ba ba ba ba no battle I'll I'll try I can't believe I can't find it Twitter so hard to use these days like everything you want to see you can't find I mean I must have been longer ago than I feel like it was I'm like way far back in tweets now it's no way I'm not gonna be in last year soon NATO all that Dark Prince baby dragon I'll just use the freaking tile I know how to use okay it worked to over 6k before I'm pretty sure it'll be fine again it only lets one hog hit I don't actually know it's like I normally put it here and I think they had like this I don't even know it was interesting but if it takes them like godlike timing I screw it I'll just use my own one you know barbed arrow right lane bomb barrel you can't complain it's just a nice little barrel hmm tell Jack and Dark Prince pause and some chaos up in there la al Jack takes the most of the fire spirits for us Dark Prince slams Dark Prince I could almost have pulled that dark Albin into the dark Prince's hit there that's how crazy it was mega minion there you go there you go babe a little bout a full day [Applause] I got Dark Prince who's gonna deal with the hog and I'm mega Knight there you go Dark Prince get it done now Dark Prince coming on in we got our lightning at the ready here for this dark Goblin Dark Prince got the left lane golem got the right and where is the hog boom the game well played I could probably look up like an orange juice video right now but it's like we're mid-round you know yeah mid-round don't see doh got a golem deck pull it out broke mid-round don't pseudo you got a golem deck pull it out alright goblin gang it's split baby dragon back it up there we go golem to sponge the prints we're in business now it's got to decide if I want to follow through with any support for this push or just kind of let it fizzle let's bring the minions over here they struggle a bit dang that was well played waited for me to burn the NATO that was good Tammy 1897 you've been a lot a long time goblin gang is split in the back once again mega minion get it in make a minion yeah he's sort of thin that's not healthy nah nah maybe you should see that doctor here's a lot of medium units so I might end up lightening a bridge yeah I'll do it that's her minions yeah and now it sucks cuz I need the baby dragon but I also want the NATO kind of ready for the Hoggett that comes if he distracts the baby dragon with the hog and sends the hog that I need oh now I would assume that's what's coming but like he knows I have NATO so it'd also be weird at that Wizard nice Dark Prince Dark Prince knew it that we needed the wizard gone we got the golem there baby dragon everything is coming into fruition lumberjack next up I have a lightning a wizard and something else I don't know what it is yet but we'll know when we see it oh nice the debtor's reset the target yeah the tower is looking at the Golem i'ts now sweet mega minion you got to drop all that trying add a baby dragon NATO that wizard over all baby oh there it is good game that's the night that I took me 40 minutes per day that's the night that you know and love that's the night that you want to give a hug that was saucy I could have gone either way as well so well played to us thanks us here comes epic good luck and to UM okay go mega this side where are you gonna go epic that's pretty good I like it a lot baby dragon first man giant what giant wat I am what I might try to NATO these archers on to this giant yeah it actually worked I'll Jack giant graveyard alright alright mega mean you for the mega minion they cancel our barrel to start working on the tombstone heat gate and boom Dark Prince shows up oh he slams early I wanted them to just slam those skellies beak what the Dark Prince wow that was crazy this might be silly if he goes giant graveyard or just giant I mean if it does just giant it's actually not that silly Lumberjacks gonna drop the rage right where we need it for baby dragon to go in go sauce style on that tombstone what kind of style would you like it's sauce style okay ooh nice baby dragon dropping the archers before continuing on wow that was that big that was epic epic epic [Applause] nice I'm gonna go offensive offensive Poosh nice we got the second tower and now we're going for the King mega mean and dealing with those archers nice baby a game sometimes I know what he's gonna do I've played a deck similar you just got to know that they're gonna make oh now I'm gonna push and take the tower don't worry about it leave it don't get the three don't let your dreams be memes how many times I've to freaking say it on this channel hey your act together sorry you did nothing wrong much love love you guys love you stop it up I love you stop stop stop I know it was a bit harsh but I mean would it say like the doc say miss Sanders went hard on her she said it builds character that's a lie miss Sanders just likes it I haven't seen Kettleman weeks anybody if you have please let me know I'll play mine second but I'm a bit worried that was a very aggressive just here's my golem like here hold this house like I mean clearly it worked how to beat a golem player play a golem that's crazy you just like you just like made the push and didn't care well I mean while I'm over here like I'm gonna cycle a baby dragon cuz it seems like a smart thing to do alright is there gonna be a golem in the middle because I'm gonna have I'm gonna have to talk to someone if we get that no it's in the back alright so what did we learn it's better to put it in the front should I save for lightning and hit the Mega minion and the knight which now I'll play man I sometimes I beat Gollum when I'm using Golan other times we get owned this is the other time opposite lane maybe opposite day that's a good day I'll Jack Barbera let's scar me got a Dark Prince for the archers got another Golan because he's insane baby dragon do a thing good game Wow we just got handled by that one well played you think you know something then you play a few hours you're like wow now I don't know that you think you know somebody huh man night I'm pushing when you're like worn out for the day is exhausting right Sal good luck um I'll start a Dark Prince that's a better first starter cycle card in my opinion I do this look a lot because I look up at the camera it's up into the left unlike the 5s and 7s who can't imagine it without showing it unlike the 5s and 7s up and off to the right we could have bar barreled that as well but I don't know what else he's got I mean Knight Tesla I don't know you tell me it looks like expo the more I see it I'd almost prefer it be Expo maybe dragon is the one targeted we don't like that Dark Prince to deal with the ball and hit the tower ooh almost I'll play it but now it's like he could already get back to it right it's insane what do we do to beat it our barrel I guess mega minion they're the archers I don't even know dudes I don't even know it's crazy stuff there we go we had to use NATO and baby dragon and Egypt our tower down quite a bit I feel like in general the beatdown deck has the advantage but I don't know against good expo it's also this tech finishes number one I've seen before top of the top out of its class golem Mega Man your baby baby Dee maybe dragon drops the archer there you go there you go now we just keep spamming the bridge right I don't think you could beat us if we keep just spamming but then if we if we don't get this tower and I think we're toast nice I think we got this a game our barrel in nice so you just wait till double elixir and keep spamming all the medium units at the bridge almost a three crown but not quite still a W though I'll take it into the 59s yeah 59s five two and threes everybody go so um you news what are you doing down there looking for a change under that couch I swear I see I don't the freaking docks am i right been in this room for 12 hours today what am i doing what am i doing my laughs we're like thank you guys because I don't know what I'm doing in my life sometimes I'll bring the hog and then deal with the Goblin okay there's something just satisfying about sucking that first hog to the king tower to activate it and then like it it just feels defensive it in a way Bahama Mama 30% off now till July 3rd and not just not just Bahama all G fuel make your best like soft bird sound oh it sounds like a pigeon you pigeon holy cow believe Barb's in me I'll wait on that I was gonna push Dark Prince is gonna murder not that good our barrel baby dragon all right all right i'ma tell jack if he does anything spooky we NATO same thing here sort of well played but you got now about to be double X ideally I'd see like Valkyrie elite barbs and I'll just lightning at all I mean there's no valkyrie but it's two of the three is good enough I'll play the odds on that one I knew it was gonna wait and just delete barbs like some people are very predictable I'm sure I'm very predictable to the person who just owned us when they were using the Golem as well because I know he's gonna wait and elite barbs until I don't have a card so I just lightning Dark Prince bomb tower and they're all still on the rage lovely lovely our barrel I guess all right oh that's nice I just wanted the 6k Isaac nothing against you you're probably a solid dude silver boom 53 minutes that's like a challenge in amongst itself but for an hour hits try to get the 6 K just end off on a solid 6 I'll take a solid 6 trouble in turmoil on ladder on the 6k grind above it you feel like a breath of fresh air but it's this this region right here that's the rough spot I'll Jack again that was different this time the Goblin didn't go down right there weird over all the same start more or less though that we just had well played snowball ice golem it's a nice little shove shoving slow as they say right I don't know something like that um 25 I mean yeah there we go mega minion a thing still gets two hits even though the Kings are up what Dark Prince baby dragon ah I'll played that he was gonna get ahead tell me no okay okay got a dance slightly different approach than the last one person was rambunctious luring us out quite well right now Bob barrel Oh Dark Prince I mean it gets one hit ooh a little hot in here [Applause] our barrel maybe Dark Prince gets the ice school I can't like flame I guess now I gotta go for Gollum what the heck how did you know I've reset the tower oh man oops I didn't mean to do that I meant to put a mega minion there well played I meant to mega minion on the minions and then have the NATO to bring the hog away it didn't work that way so he just hard right we got a minute to breathe gonna lightning right here no no no no no no man and we kill it a game hmm why you using the hog saucy I like it on pizza not in the game ah mmm mr. South Korea all right let's reel it in sleepy setting in and times i grin overall having a solid day there was epic accomplished a lot of things all right that's okay nice little lightning they're bats furnace bhalo and there we go that that thumb doesn't look like it's close enough nice Oh already back with it okay our barrel maybe he's gonna just get bats I mean it sponged a whole round of spirits for us though so that's all right maybe Dark Prince now get that charge on hurry up hurry up hurry up quickly quickly there you go mega minion up to you with those ooh Dark Prince slams right through the guards who unable to finish the job though was good well that's okay I'll just a bar barrel one batch and then it's over time and we can goal them safely keyword safely furnaces out a rotation we know that we have to make a minyan this baby dragon what a baby dragon of our own down he's gonna probably furnace Oh a nice fireball there lightning that furnace the hell golem still got some help on it not the most but a little Fulham's on Tower there you go there you go grab it grab it grab it Wow good game wow that was a I didn't the I don't think I talked that and tie around that was a challenge and a half alright let's wrap this up maybe one more overall too long and yeah Gareth good luck thumbs Australia you DG I kind of want to just like put a golem in the back and just start the push but a little bit will not oh we got here lightning nice nice Wow that was insane I like sex aches our barrel there first maybe Dragons start in the approach and what is it gonna be what did it gonna be what did I be what are they gonna be what I'll be mega minion Dark Prince nice princess gone minions are gone alright aerith's say good game let me win because I'm trying to hit 6k grueling grind to 6 K continues and yay I say nay hmm we'll just get rid of it for now but that lightning was super valuable he has bomb tower and obviously wizard baby D I guess interesting Gareth Dark Prince quick whew that was close I could say too close should be right was being targeted [Applause] don't ask me why but I'm gonna go that way no questions probably just accept that wizard Oh a Dark Prince down whenever you get the princess over on this side our barrel nice it'd be dragon you know the print sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint sprint nobody ok weird Dax weird Dax a game Wow scary stuff once again no words but it's okay this is like serious trophy pudding 59 84 let's see if we can wrap this up if not unfortunately we hovered today mmm and they'll have to be the wrap because I gotta eat and go to sleep it's 10:30 p.m. when I'm recording this Oh long day long long good day though nice beer I mean that could be anything ooh baby dragon with a chip nice clean plays thus far I mean the thing is if the hog is going straight I feel like there's a different tile than if it's off to the side but maybe it catches it but I feel like that's why maybe I uh I've never tried a different tile doesn't seem safe now those tiles man they'll get you when he at least expected taking our Dark Prince for a ride again silly strings that's just one Hoggett though Kelly's and this one is like sort of up in the air I'd say I gonna high school and in front of that please don't mega Dark Prince prediction DP just one hit nice sticking with the trends I'm going to start a golem be ready for it there's the hog Ewok EBU lumberjack deals with it baby dragon I got a lightning this must get out of here while another canon madman man hitter crazy sauce dude trying to shove units in anger game this is a crazy I don't even know what what point-to-point what this is but it's not a fun experience with a golem deck I'll tell you that much good luck anyway that's me signing off for the night we tried some trophy pushing and I'm dead tired oh I'll play a dude and a horn gave it my all hope you guys enjoyed the video thanks so much for the love and support we'll wrap it up get it together and start filming earlier in the day cuz streams will be ending earlier if you know me chobo shout out to you that was well played I'll see you guys in the next episode peace

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  • Right now, I'm level 11, and I'm rockin' a 4.1 Average Elixir Cost deck that consists of:

    Level 12 Golem
    Level 12 Rascals
    Level 11 Goblin Gang
    Level 11 Archers
    Level 11 Snowball
    Level 11 Zap
    Level 10 Ice Wizard
    And A Level 10 Mega Knight (Which I could actually upgrade if people actually traded me the cards lmao)
    It's a Pretty Good Cycle deck for the Golem actually in 2 times Elixir.

    (Edit) However, I have been trying to upgrade my Giant Skeleton (Which currently I could get it to level 11), and I was thinking bout using the same deck, but instead of the Mega Knight, use The Giant Skeleton, and instead of either Zap or Snowball, switch one of them out with the Tornado, Same Average Elixir Cost, but with the Giant Skeleton and Tornado, you can place the Giant Skeleton into a swarm of troops, let him die, and use the Tornado to pull all the troops onto the bomb, almost using the bomb as a type of heavy spell (Like the Rocket for example).

  • I made a unbeatable deck:valkery,musketeer,fireball,log,bandit,inferno tower,baby dragon,skeleton army.6130 trophies

  • When he makes a youtube video. Viewers say u have a hangover.

    Nickatnyte no i pulled 6 all nighters in a row

  • Bro nick you are great bro keep it up.
    I just wanted to ask u that can I join ur clan because im league 3 legendary arena #shriyanM2006LOL
    Plz reply me if u wanna recruit me plz plz bro.
    love ur vids😊😊

  • Anyone else notice at 50:32 the buttery hog rider looks like he has stars around his head bc he’s dizzy from the tornado?

  • Nick please please use my deck your my favorite youtuber and everytime you upload I set aside an hour just to watch you!
    My deck is
    Lumber Jack
    Electro wizard
    Minion horde
    Goblin gang
    Fire spirits
    Please use this deck it’s really good and only uses 4.0 elixir

  • This deck works well pushing through arena 8 but it has a lot of legendarys :;28000004;26000046;28000011;26000023;27000003;26000011;28000012&id=2RYGCC22

  • The last time I saw Kevin he was camping under a dock, because Ms. Sanders told him that living under the dock would help him learn to fish and it would build his character.
    I think someone should go talk to poor Kevin. I tried but he wouldn’t listen to me

  • Nick you might not see this but if you do, i am using a great custom deck atm if you would like to try:
    Lumberjack, Balloon, Wizard, Goblin Gang, Zap, Bats, Inferno Tower and Goblin Barrel, i pushed 3 arenas using this deck and am now in high electro valley <3 —–> FEEL FREE TO ROAST MY DECK <—– XD
    Keep up the good work!
    Cheers, Jayden

  • My deck that's working for me is Mega Knight Sparky, Inferno dragon, Goblin barrel, zap, electro wizard nado and skarmy

  • I can’t sleep and it’s past 3am and I’m rly sick, an hour+ video? Okay fucking bet

  • hour long videos are the best type ill be honest i watch about 30 min worth and the rest ill listen to while playing myself

  • Here's a knock off sparky gob giant deck I'm using. It's working and I'm a challenger 3, almost master.

    Goblin giant
    Barbarian barrel
    Ice golem
    Ice spirit

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