hey what's up guys it's jkk Italian to it back anyone with the safest and best ladder duck for me personally I love this deck RG is a common one condition so it's super easy to level up and this deck is just so strong against everything because it's control oriented and you wait for your opponent to make a mistake and then you capitalize on it otherwise you're just going to be passively chillin and drop in furnaces accumulated damage with your lightning whenever you're pulling drops a 5 elixir cost card or more and gradually you're gonna be able to literally your opponent down to make a missplay when they're really desperate and they make a miss play over exert themselves then you have the opportunity to RG after and capitalize on that and finish off the game so let's go jump straight at some ladder games and let's assert some dominance so this man's gonna end up having archers and he's gonna end up having Tesla so 100% gonna be Expo hustles out a cycle so let's just rush the opposite I don't really care don't think he has anything for this like is he gonna act ah sir you have a pet go with that Tesla oh no no no please don't say it itself oh wait this is terrible I don't know what I'm supposed to do I'm so confused I lost I just lost I got outplayed I I can't I can't deal with this no I can't believe that just happened I thought a hundred percent this man was gonna end up having a 2.9 deck after seeing the arches and the Tesla and then he drops the Pekka can we win this game guys I'm saying it's a hardcore note for me so far but maybe I don't know there's gonna baby dragon here hopefully Tesla's and I can lightning it he'll see maybe doesn't Tesla like early I need hits like now it's just neat damage otherwise we were gonna get fireball cycle guys and that's the sad thing to see well played with the skeletons to redirect some of the mortar locks on the tower it's a really good interaction Fran I mean I can't say I was expecting this to be real with you if we're being honest here okay my disappointment is immeasurable right now thank know know what I'm supposed to do anymore yeah did we give this one up can you just keep lying guess we keep lying right it's still been working we know he's gonna pack up can I just make a minyan here how is he not broken through yet that's the real question right now it's pretty funny I'm just gonna fire spiritum away this is how it's gonna work is this the wave we had that playing for a lumberjack here and now he's gonna step right up on me yeah the katroo champion I knew it I could sense it that Tesla's gonna be so obnoxious I can't really kill that can I hey somehow out cycle the pack up and we break through boys enough going for a lumberjack at the river cuz the baby dragon should feel the killers archers we paid out a fireball but that Lumberjacks still gonna get damage can I go for a royal giant here cuz we're gonna get the rage I don't know if he has elixir for the pack guy yet if he does I'm so screwed okay does it let's go light row let's go in for the fire barrel let's get those barbero on top of the archers Oh baby are we coming back is this a triple I think it might be it might be an insane comeback of the century oh my gosh this man and up having the pecking order Tesla and we still assert the dominance I can't believe I can't believe it I felt so good though can we get some pawn chips in the chat that was absolutely crazy what's up dude he played for Dignitas since season one of CR else he's a pretty good player let's go in for this furnace to kick off the game and see what's up it's gonna end up work for poison so maybe he's running Pekka definitely a difficult matchup if that's the case we'll just try to navigate this the best possible way so the fire spirits are gonna die let's go watch her right after make sure there's a bandage on the dash all over so the furnace could get a little bit more value potentially and he's gonna go for an electro wizards so I'm gonna go in for a barbarian girl so that we can end up killing that electro the barb doesn't reach the tower anyway since five doesn't matter and actually what are you gonna do man I kind of just want to chill I'll wait until we drop a card right now I'm not super comfortable in this matchup I really don't like psycho away my RG because if you cycle it RG or play aggressive ever they're just gonna spam you and you're gonna lose the game so but I'm playing against someone good from crl that plays a hard counter you better bet that not gonna be playing aggressive I'm gonna make sure that he over commits before I play any aggressive plays so this baby dragon he's probably go Electra right on top of it I would expect yeah okay so now I can play a little bit aggressive because electro is gonna be out of cycle and he's gonna be down a lot of wood sir I'm gonna have Mega Man in cycle and this RG should be able to get a lot down and she's not gonna have caca immediately so this RG is gonna get so much damage if they don't have a listserv for pakka then you can punish them but if they have a look sir per packet you bet I'm not going for that RG guys we waited for him to overcommit going for a lot of poisons force out the electro wizard and he made a really big mess play when he was down Alex irk went in for that Elektra wizard so we punished him so that's what we're waiting for so his bandit is out of cycle so you can actually go for the barbed arrow I hate when it's like when my barbell when we know that they have banded in cycle because he can punish me super easily I don't really have anything to counteract Bennett usually with the stack if you look at it I have like the lacquer wizard and a couple air units with lightning and RG either gonna have my RG or my lumberjack on defense if I don't have that and those are not really gonna be ideal answers because I need to save those I have to go from a bank of engine here where I have to use our air units to cripple that Pekka and then we could counter push afterward I'm all it's gonna go in for a lightning here if I can end up hitting a bandit that's gonna be brilliant and that worked out so well for me right up quick for a furnace so then we can end up hopefully hitting those minions I'm not sure if that's gonna work out but he goes in for another poison man so he's super super feisty this Elektra wizard is gonna be very annoyed he's probably not gonna pack up yeah that's really good for me now we can go in for an R G coz it's gonna be down so much elixir sarchie should get a couple hits all in the tower that bad room should connect to the furnace and not our tower so we should walk with the W now I'm hoping that I can just like even finish off the game against the specter player yeah we just beat someone that was in crl with a hard counter so that feels really good then obviously cream-of-the-crop player running in a car counter and Pekka is not easy to play unless you know that they just can't drop their taka I got into very safe situations where he was not able to punish me for dropping my RG I dropped my RG and I took advantage of that and got my damage GG and well played Wonka let's move on to the next one when it goes a barbarian barrel we're gonna see what's up what does this guy have in store for us we have yet to see so we end up seen a prince I'm thinking this is gonna be either a minor giant sack or just a standard giant deck the electrodes gonna be able to slow that down it's very good for us and since he doesn't end up having the prince back in cycle we're gonna end up going for an RG on offense here and this is gonna be our way of recouping that amount of damage that he just got since he doesn't have Prince I assume he doesn't have a great way of killing this RG so it's gonna get effectively five or six hits and we're gonna go for that make a minyan on top of that electric so it's gonna be so annoyed for him yes the snowball that away so yeah I got a lot of damage early on but no was it actually worth it for him I kind of doubt it I want to go for my baby dragon because our best answer to ground units it's gonna be that lumberjack right and if you don't Prince's then we want to end up having either the barb barrel or the lumberjack and cycle for that yeah so he's just gonna go for a regular Prince so when he has regular Prince I love using my furnace and you don't really need guards as long as the fire spirits okay no he played that really well he actually completely guessed where that furnace is gonna be yeah so if they do that play then you're kind of screwed he knew exactly what I wanted to do I guess I should expect that from higher level ladder players but yeah usually want the fire spirits to go connect to the prince and you want the princess charge to be nullified they're very very well played on his end high-skilled sistas clan I mean you're not disappointing sir you're not disappointing it's gonna have electro on defense he's gonna win that interaction because the powers helping out and then he's gonna end up going in I needed end up going for Megaman you know I need to immediately get a furnace down there's how much it looks already to spend there that's six elixir and I'm actually gonna go for a fire bro as well just to make sure that we can keep everything healthy cuz otherwise I'm pretty sure that mega minion dies a little bit quicker and the giant gets to it's on my Tower and I can't afford that this man has been playing this game absolutely perfectly so far so it's no surprise that I'm out a little bit of a deficit well see if he goes in from our miners on Tower or what he likes to do I'm gonna go for baby dragon because they Nikki mine lumberjack and cycle it's gonna be our best way of combating this spam it's gonna be our highest damage unit so we'll see if you miners here if he's just gonna keep that Prince she's gonna eat it that's really good for us actually Lumberjacks gonna die and it should be able to rage up and then he's not gonna end up having the Princeton cycle so it's gonna be really bad friend is exactly what we wanted oh he actually got back to Prince really interesting and I get a juicy lighting off on top of the crits and the Lich I think we can let's go guys that's what I'm talking about but that's what's good this up so we can end up getting that barbed arrow on top of the tower as well maybe get two hits one hit maybe Oh shut down absolutely denied that felt so bad man it was like I was going for that slam dunk and he's just completely denied me that sucks I was trying to finish off the game write that in there cuz we could have totally got him but he's played this game perfect so far really end up going in for another lumberjack here and Barbara it's gonna go for minor I'm gonna just go in for a mega minion here and I want to get counter push that's what I want to focus on I don't really wanna focus on lightning I really care about anything else besides getting Archie down in that rage so the way that you want to finish off games it's really hard to get RG hits because the range was like a little bit nerfed you need to get that rage with RG so you can guarantee damage and having the lumberjack die first is effectively the best way of getting that so GG well played and peace out Girl Scout push planning I shoot you play that insanely well especially at the start of the game with that minor prediction we're gonna see what's up we're in a sauce out of good luck and this dude is not dropping anything okay so whenever we see a nice sorcerer we're thinking that it could potentially be that ice boat AK and if that's the case we have to play pretty aggressive so this game is not gonna be a draw but man oh man I was not ready for the barbarians and minion horde at the river what are you doing this is high ladder and you do this you savage oh my gosh I can't believe it you're crazy you're a wild you're insane I can't believe I just saw that he has no idea what we're running and we just got barbs being awarded at the river because Isis it as well so you know the bad thing about this matchup is I will lose against anyone that has barbarians so I need to go into really aggressively here I need to make sure that we go lumberjack in front so it rages up our RG after it dies and we should get maybe like six or seven hits the case then I'll be really really happy but he's gonna get back to Barb somehow I don't even know how he did but this man's a magic a magician it truly is I have to go in for a Barbarella here I'm gonna get ready I'm gonna have to have my body prepared for the minion horde that's about to do stowed upon me man how am I gonna beat this man he's gonna Barb's he's also gonna end up having a tower as well he's gonna have the bomb tower so this is gonna be a difficult game for sure and I can't believe how aggressive he was right out of the gate and let's see like streams tonight me knowing exactly what I have oh no dude oh no not this he's got our G we can't kill it inside it's gonna get too it's on the tower Oh No hopefully we can beat something out here it's probably just gonna make it ortho so I don't know guys at least a mega mean it's gonna be a little snake that ice was hurt you will see I don't think I can confidently RG here so I'm just gonna go for the baby dragon and I'm gonna start cycling furnaces and try to get ship damage that way so let's see if this works I could lightning here do I want to if he drops anything yeah he's just gonna drop the skill horde okay skill boards out a cycle the fire spirits should be able to distract or even kill the barbarians ready drop let's do it let's go boys let's go crazy let's go hard in the paint he's gonna barbs we need to go in for the barbed arrow we need to have the baby dragon we need to have the fire spirits will this allow us to break through nope not even copy buddy close at least the baby dragons still alive so maybe we get tower damage maybe it wasn't all for nothing we're gonna have to go for the furnace so then the fire spirits connect to the minion horde but there's no other way that that would have happened other than that so we are gonna be able to kill his RG and it looks like we do maybe walk with the W barbarians are dropped at the river but as far as I'm concerned they're not an offensive card and we do defeat someone with a fat hard counter whenever you're running RG lightning and you face against barbarians plus RG it is totally and utterly in their favor if they have that so GG well played and peace out plus you're playing against you man can't believe we played against the savagery seriously what are those man I can't believe that deck weren't enough sauce and out of furnace we're gonna see what's up this guy's gonna go for the Dark Prince whenever we see dark prints we are thinking that it's either gonna be a golem or giant AK could be something else but that's usually the case he ended up using his fireball so let's use our electro wizard here to slow down that Dark Prince so then the fire spirits are able to connect pretty easily very cool and the furnace is still alive so we get one more wave out of them he's probably I know dropping zap log or snowball or something on those but they're gonna just connect the minions so it didn't do too much for me let's just go barbed arrow I'm just kind of feeling him out and I really want to go psycho NRG cuz we don't know exactly what he wants to do okay this is really bad oh man I hate doing this cuz we're sacking in a lumberjack here like this lumberjack is dead it's not accomplishing anything anymore and I even have to go in for a furnace otherwise the making meeting gets on top of a tower please forget to fire two spirits on it for the memes it's all pretty and pink and stuff but man it is a pretty unfortunate situation whenever we're playing against someone that ends up having double princess we really want to make sure that we mitigate those charges I have to go in for a barbed arrow then we can go stop that dark Prince's shield and we should be able to stop him but he's not gonna be able to break through this even if he fireballs on top of the lecture wizard we would have a fine cuz we had a bar girl there I was kind of anticipating that we know he's gonna end up having a Princeton cycle and I'm just gonna go make him and get right on top I was a pretty big endeavor by him and I know that we should be able to kill the prince with the mega medium so let's make it happen the counter push really won't be devastating for him I don't pay if we get the furnace done in time I don't know if we will well we get the furnace down in time for the fire spirits no we don't oh I really thought we would we still got a lot of damage it was worthwhile I was hoping and banking it and preying on the fact that we would receive zero damage but mitigating that Prince charge and I got spanked man this man is a legend for just getting through and fireball on me again we're still up like a thousand HP so I like our situation if he muskets yours I might even be elect did too I might even like to go for a lightning on top of that I'm not sure this barb girl is gonna be great we're going for a watcher wizard here so then we can go cycle the furnace in the middle and not face any notifications dr. wizard Shibboleth slowed him down the dark princes are pretty big in the Lance so let's go in for the lumberjack beers when they can disperse it from our electro wizards so we can keep it a lot a little bit longer and then since we need to keep that electro wizard alive even longer let's go in for a royal giant everything's gonna be raised up and we should be able take the tower yeah he just he just gave up my guest he's like oops what do I do now oh no you didn't give up you're still trying to play all right well let's show you guys what I meant to do this is what I wanted to happen look at these fire spirits and look how they stopped the prince is charged if you guys ever have a lumberjack and you have the fire spirits in front of the lumberjack you're able to win that interaction against the prince so always use those fire spirits to allow your lumberjack to beat princess you never want it to be taking the brunt of the hit with a lumberjack from the prince otherwise you're not gonna have counter push potential and you're not gonna be able to bait out units from your opponent so I really love lumberjack my prefer it over guards and one of the main ways that you're able to beat people with Prince is using the fire spirits to tank to the lumberjack tank for your ground units and slow down the Prince we're gonna end up going it for a barbell here we're gonna see what's up I'm gonna end up going for a baby dragon this guy's gonna end up having tombstone so probably to be a graveyard deck or some type of control deck with ice wizard and NATO maybe it's gonna be our G ice was your NATO with that mega me and it's making me think that it I might be the case see though it also deep graveyard no guys did we didn't see here we definitely want to keep that electro wizard alive as possible so when I go drop our lumberjack down I think the watcher will die potentially oh no we keep it alive let's go and then we ran out of work with our G because we end up having that lumberjack die we still have electro alive and we saw zap so there's no way from to kill that electro it's gonna end up there is no way to kill that electro and then the baby dragon came in in it and then the Fire Nation came it's just so unfortunate that so it's obvious that he's gonna end up having the lava on deck one miner that's what it's looking like but man that Fire Nation came right from the baby dragon that's so unfortunate guys Airbender never saw that one coming what are we gonna do here I think that we should be like a couple hits if that mega minion maybe two right I was hoping that the towers distracted a little bit longer that's unfortunate I was looking like a tour so I'm gonna end up going for barbed arrow maybe we can bait out something in front of the lava or Eaton's a couple hits we'll see can I have a quote for baby giant cuz it's less prone to spell value then we're gonna lumberjack opposites then we beat out units I don't really care about damage here yup he drops baby pick lucky that's us so good from doing that you go for furnace and then we can pull a lot out here it's gonna have inferno dragon super interesting dude it doesn't seem so hot for me actually they go for an electro I need to go borrow I think that's really the only way that I can significantly get by you like this this inferno dragon needs to die it's not going to oh I just lost guys this Inferno Jagan's gonna ruin my day I can already feel coming in there tonight there's no way for me to kill that without too much value oh he must be up like 6 elixir guys can we come back here it's gonna live on we need to pull off some miraculous defense done sort of furnace low we need to electro here outside of poison range then we need to have have them going for the minor and get it caught by this lumberjack I don't think it's gonna happen there we go baby dragon here I mean up having the mega being still alive so it's okay how much damage are we about to take from these puffs travel too much is the answer I'd have to go for a row giant it's gonna go for a poison and this RG get enough hits then I can go in for a I needed to go into the car bro earlier grip they go for lumberjack and I need to be able to catch a minor here yes please love her Jack give it to Daddy Oh oh my gosh Nikki was crazy that was so wild I completely thought we lost the game I thought we through but we bounced back guys it felt so good so if you guys notice that I did I did not preemptively drop my electro wizard one of the ways that you're able to win these super clutch games is understanding if you drop your electro wizardry actively to your opponent's minor you can always catch it no matter where they place it your electron wizard will spawn and reset the miner before it gets a single hit on your tower and I won the game because he wasn't able to poison in time he liked to go in for that minor and I was just doomed for him chichi and well played dude that lumberjack needs a nerf it is the best card in the game right now crazy stop dude


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