61st Grammy Awards Recap and Reaction!

  • So Kanye just didnt exist last year??? This man helped Kid Cudis career, pushed Pusha T's career to higher ground, pushed Nas to new styles and even made his own album. And Gods Plan won best rap song 💀💀💀

  • I find it funny because Thank u, next as a whole was better than Sweetner but I can assure you that it won’t win a Grammy because the Grammys are rigged.

  • I personally still don't see what you like about Siko Mode nothing wrong with anyone liking it but I still don't care for it and thought it was trash tbh

  • I was bummed Ariana Grande did not perform. She's on top of her game and no Grammy performance. Also like you disappointed no Janelle Monae grammy but her performance was great. I don't have any issue with the Beck album but it isn't very ground-breaking.

  • Taylor's Reputation was trash ? You fucking idiot can't even write a good lyric or make good production and you call that diamond a TRASH ? Just shut up !

  • When it comes to the rap category, they don’t care which album was actually the best, just which one was mainstream, and cardi b is the epitome of mainstream (as well as drake who I thought would win it for a while and I don’t think trav is as mainstream but astroworld was everywhere and I thought that might win the award too) if were going by talent the best rap album should’ve been out of KOD (yes I know cole didn’t submit it), TA1300, Daytona, DiCaprio 2, Swimming, kids see ghosts, and maybe care for me by Saba or Oxnard by Anderson paak. Those are hands down the best albums from a talent standpoint. I’m honestly convinced at this point anyway that Daytona was only nominated bc they were like hey look pusha T and drake dissed each other, let’s put their albums against each other at the Grammys, and Idk that they would’ve nominated mac Miller would it not be for his death, although at least those two albums were very good and got nominated, I wanted one of those to win. I would’ve even accepted astroworld bc the production is amazing but oh well, give it to the biggest most industry rapper in the game, just bc everyone wants you to and not bc it was the best. Oh well ig a part of the award is rewarding success and cardis was very successful so ig she did something right to appeal to all those teenage girls.

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