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hi guys welcome back to my channel thank
you so much for watching and today’s video guys is in collaboration with Acadsoc, if you guys don’t know what acadsoc is,ACADSOC stands for Online academic society some guys for sure heard about this company but if not i am here today to explain and give you some quick walkthrough about the company and how you
can also be a part of the successful company where you can earn money even if
your just at home,yes guys this online E-tutoring but before i continue guys i just wanna give a big thank you and shout out to ACADSOC for giving this oppurtunity,to home base mommy like me,daddys,our fresh graduates and for those who want to earn extra income online so like I said guys in the intro I
will give you some information about ACADSOC,so ACADSOC stands for online
academic society it is built and started in China since 2011,so it is trusted and well built company because it has been running for a couple of years,8 years to say so At ACADSOC we iam
promote education with limitless possibilities guarantee the highest
academic standards to our learners while giving vast career opportunities to our
teachers and employees,at ACADSOC we aspire to become the world’s largest online
academic society providing accessible platform for learning and growth and they are also awarded and recognized like in 2017 most love product by parent and a lot more,i will mention and post their award here 2016 leading education group, 2016
Chinese families favorite e-learning product of 2016, and 2017 china brand value
children’s english institution 2017 china brand influential foreign language
education institution, 2017 most loved products by parents and 2017 baduis
brand innovation partnership award they have more than four thousand plus plus
and more plus if you come and join being a home-based teacher around
the philippines, they have offices around quezon city ,ortigas and Hello from iloilo
and cebu and of course they also have offices abroad like New York and Hongkong so they are much trusted,the products and services they offer are basic English I-elts
comprehensive English and a lot more ‘ teach with ACADSOC,but first lets check the requirements atleast a high school graduate home base second is
you fluent English with a neutral accent number 3 energetic and patient
responsible and cheerful and number four willing to take on trainings
and make improvement number five have a reliable workstation
with a stable power supply and internet connection home-based also,and then lets go
to the hiring process guys it’s very easy you start with the online
application and a Skype interview and then you’ll have your training,after that
you’re gonna have your demo class and then the last of course is the job offer
now its salary time,because its very rewarding you will have your
hourly rate work upon completion bonus enrollment bonus
performance bonus and referral bonus guys if you go to ACADSOC.COM.PH
you can easily apply just hit the apply Now button and then they will register
or you will register your phone number and then sign up with a verification
code that they will send via cell phone number,and you can start filling up the form also download their app on android and iOS
thru your cell phone or tablet and then you can now start the process,and fill up the application everything is very instructional on the website and easy to follow all you need to do is visit their website, so if guys are intrested please check out the description box, i will link their website information so i wish you the best of luck,i know you can do it. so right after this video please check them out and decide to start learning and educating
people through ACADSOC okay so guys i hope you enjoy today’s video,i hope i was helpful and inspiring to help you earn income online with acadsoc so thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you
guys next time bye


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