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6 Low-Cost Entertainment Ideas

On average, Americans work nine
hours a day and spend most of their other awake-time, caring
for others, doing chores around the house, or driving back and
forth between all the family’s extracurriculars. With busy lifestyles and fast
paced schedules, we need entertainment and non-work
related activities to clear our minds and help us re-charge.
But paying for entertainment can be really expensive. In fact, according to the
Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average American spends $2,500
on entertainment each year. Saving money on entertainment
is not the easiest thing to do, because all the obvious fun
stuff is also expensive. You’ll have to do some digging in
local newspapers, blogs, and event websites if you’re
interested in discounted or free local entertainment. To get those creative juices
flowing, here are six low-cost entertainment ideas: Sign up to Volunteer. This is a great way to get
involved with an organization that you’re already supporting
financially, and if you sign up to volunteer
for an organization that supports something you’re
passionate about, you’ll probably find that giving
up your extra time to help others is the most rewarding
form of entertainment there is. Another plus is that you
typically don’t have to worry too much about cost when it
comes to volunteering, because it’s typically free. Break out the board games or, if
the weather’s nice, play a fun lawn game like bocci ball
or corn toss. Extremely cost effective, or
even free if you already own the cards, pieces, or parts,
games are a great source of entertainment. The average american spends
between two and three thousand dollars a year eating out. I get
that a lot of times eating out is a matter of convenience, but
to save on leisure time meals, try a picnic instead. Not only
will you spend a lot less than you would at a restaurant,
you’ll enjoy the change of pace and scenery. If you’re dating (and even
married couples should go on dates together), a picnic
is a super-low cost plan for a romantic date.
So, carpe diem, Romeo! When the weather is nice,
camping and other outdoor activities can be a lot of fun.
Of course, by the time you add up the cost of meals,
transportation, a campsite, and all the perfect gear for
your trip, the price-tag can get a pretty scary. Why not try camping at home
instead? You can still have the whole
experience – s’mores, campfire, sleeping bags – everything, just
for about a tenth of the cost. Most zoos are either free or
reasonably priced considering the wide variety of animals
you’ll have a chance to see. Zoos can entertain couples and
families alike. So try taking a trip to the zoo the next time
you need an alternative to a pricey concert or ball-game
ticket. Swimming, biking, and
running are fairly inexpensive activities, especially if your
primary goal is just to have some healthy fun. I’m not saying you have to
start training for a triathlon. You can, I’m just not
saying you have to. One of my family’s favorite
things to do together is to take an evening walk. You
should give it a try!

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