5th Annual 2KTV Awards and Season Finale! – NBA 2KTV S5. Ep. 38

welcome to the season finale of NBA 2k TV I'm Alexis Morgan and I'm Chris Manning in this very special episode we're breaking down each mode of the game and giving you a glimpse into what you might be missing because an NBA 2k there's always more to keep you busy this summer plus over the season you guys have done some amazing things in every mode of 2k 19 so we're celebrating you our fans and our community it's our annual 2k TV awards whoo I'm excited we have ten categories including the announcements of the top play of the year coming up later for the winners we have some amazing prizes first how about 500,000 BC to get you through the summer plus a custom NBA 2k 19 Spalding basketball a new era hat of the team of their choice and a 2k TV shirt and finally a download code for 2k 20 with bonus items so let's jump right in first up my career I'm drowning out here man I'm drowning here I please just help me stay to school way up you're not right my career is your opportunity to become an NBA superstar NBA 2k 19 features a full story guiding your my player across the globe to the NBA d-league make the most out of your shot in the NBA and rise to stardom by earning fans and endorsements in your journey be sure to hit up the Gatorade training facility to earn extra stamina and games and compete with your friends while training improve your player in the practice facility and focus on these specific badges you need and if you're good enough you can even drop your own all-star team my career is so robust we have a few awards within this mode one of the most impressive is playground wins for the second year in a row you've probably seen him on 2k TV before welcome back to k-19 playground legend poor boys since and taking home the award yet again with over 10,500 wins on the playground is poor boy Sammy are you doing today man doing good are you guys doing we're doing great so I have to ask you what archetype are you running to rack up ten thousand wins in playground last Joseph eighteen I use the Sharpshooter playmaker this year I went with a Pierre point for I knew I was gonna play a lot at to be two games three point four have good height good wingspan and good speed be able to play against the best of the best that makes sense so what kind of archetypes are you running with when you're playing these part games because I know there's a lot of strategy that goes in or you run with Biggs you run with shooters what's the strategy there it was strictly stretch bigs all the way to ninety nine straight you can play with me unless you were said to be what are some of the basketball strategies that you used specifically on the two courts that helped you gather up all these wins being able to isolate with a career point for creates a lot of space try and find a way to be better at isolation because it is extra benefit plan with a pure point board so with that YouTube logo that you have above your head do you feel like people are kind of gunning for you no it goes for everybody else that has a youtube logo the the YouTube low attracts a lot of people it makes them feel better when they beat us youtubers but not having a youtube logo it is very hard to get game well thank you so much for joining us today on 2k TV congratulations on those 10,000 wins and I'm gonna be honest if I see you out there on the neighborhood I might go to another court I'm just keeping it real yeah I probably take it easy yeah if I see you I present that thank you for the opportunity on bringing me on once again absolutely [Applause] beyond the NBA is the neighborhood compete online and customize your my player you can even get your own card in my team to bring your my player to unlimited with your mic work you can make it way you want it to be and invite NBA players or your friends over for competitive games like force for some friendly pickup games and we can't forget about to take compete events we have dodgeball capture the flag trivia and more with massive takeover events that change the playground game for you and your squad keep your eyes on the NBA 2k underscore 2 K TV social handles for the latest event schedules and locker codes for your my player the Scout is watching be on the lookout in December we're in winter madness two weeks of neighborhood compete events and at the end we crowned an MVP well he's back and for most 2k compete events one congratulations statistics and now he's joining us on 2k TV the 2k compete and VP statistics how does it feel to take home the award feel great I feel good after the first time when I forgot that one side management VP email and you said get in another line oh my god so statistics from winning the qk compete MVP you're gonna get a bunch of 2k goodies as well as 500,000 vici thank you that's about 400 99999 more vc than I have since I would consider yourself lucky moment thank you so much awesome so when you're out there in these events what kind of archetypes are you using on your my player oh my muffler is a 99 overall shot current primary playmaking secondary and I just like I like the face I like the drive and that I really like everything now I know you've been chasing down that illustrious twitch logo because you've been streaming a lot of 2k when you're playing right yes sir we do have a little bit of news today we're gonna work hard on getting you that logo for winning the events and participating in so many events all year long okay thank you that's awesome it's great to hear that you've won so many events throughout the year thank you so much for joining us on 2k TV congratulations on the award and thank you to thank you for having me absolutely so good offensively spectacular coming in from chatting it the NBA 2k league has shown that the highest level of competition is in my career start your own or join a pro-am team will customize your jerseys and arenas as you build chemistry with your team and remember you can scout for that extra piece your team might need with your phone pro-am has competitive seasons rank up and earn your banner for the final summer season in the playground cruiser here roll with your teammates with customized t-shirts and compete in crew exclusive to K compete events including protect the house and top crew take on the 2k community and win it is not an easy title to take home the 2k TV pro-am champion for 2k 19 is veg too heavy [Applause] our next award goes to a crew leader with over 2,000 wins on the crew the great ones our 2k TV crew champion is captain 2k go congratulations [Applause] [Applause] the role of my team is your chance to create the NBA lineup of your dreams player cards include some of the all-time greats of the NBA all the way to moment cards recognizing a player's special performance start in the goals menu and unlocking auction house allowing you to pick up thousands of cards being sold by the community get to 500 cards and customize everything about your my team's look on the court there are over 500 challenges waiting for you fantasy and all time teams to dominate and the most intense online competition you will find in NBA 2k 19 keep your eyes on the NBA 2k my team Twitter for exclusive locker codes and free cards tokens and my team points and there are more players that are being added each and every week the next award is for 2k TV interactive but before we get to that here's a question for all of you who in NBA 2k wears a bowtie besides me today this next player has answered the most 2k TV interactive questions correctly over this season earning the title 2k TV interactive wizard congratulations to Princip rom Allah remember you can always go back to previous episodes through the main menu and to the 2k TV interactive questions and earn some extra VC whoa who doesn't love some extra VC I know I do as you can tell work dress for the occasion and Alexis you looked fabulous as usual well thank you you look great as well thank you the next award goes to a player who rocked the most 2k TV apparel and the award for best dress goes to shoe me 1984 so congratulations on winning the best-dressed award we know that you interacted with all the 2k TV Interactive's and you redeemed all the clothing as well were you just staying on top of everything with each episode I watched every episode of course and yeah I really like to show oh thank you we appreciate that man well we're happy to hear that you watch every episode and was there a piece of clothing or apparel that you got from the 2k TV stuff that was kind of one of your favorites yeah whether this is the arm sleeves I like them so there's going to be a very special prize yes not only are you gonna get some 2k goodies but you're also gonna earn 500 thousand BC for winning the award so that's a pretty awesome amazing yes I was gonna ask you what are you gonna buy with that 500 thousand bc i was invested in my team it's my favorite game mode so i really looking to complete the collections is there a specific card that you're looking forward to trying to go after actually a galaxy opal well George that's a good card well once again thank you for joining us today on 2k TV and congratulations on winning the best-dressed award first – thank you play now is your pick up and play for NBA 2k 19 current classic all-star and all-time NBA teams with community uploaded rosters at the ready whenever you want to change it up black top mode with special street ball inspired dribble moves and the most impressive dunks in the game play with friends online head to head or an all-star team up where it's East versus West with the best players of all time and play now online the classic competition epicenter use team or individual player control to take on the world earn your wins and unlock new players and teams to take on tougher competition and the one community member that comes out on top in this mode our 2k TV play now online MVP award goes to run D live 24 and Chris's with him now and with over 1,400 wins he is absolutely dominated the competition congratulations run D I have to ask you what are some of the favorite teams that you've been running with I came from playing with the Suns the Maverick not a team that you got to work away yo now that I'm integrated about huh I gotta keep going what are some of your strategies that have helped you obtain over 1,400 wins it's like playing on the court just anticipating you know knowing the next move before they know gotcha and do you normally play just head to head where you're controlling everybody or have you played some player lock games as well I only play team game cuz I like move my life policy I don't want to be locked on one bit because I like to about awesome well thank you for joining us on th TV and congratulations on 14 hundred plus wins that's an amazing feat appreciate it brother man and the next award is for most wins in black top mode congratulations to the 2k 19 king of blacktop Lil C third and he's joining us right now how you doing man are you gonna share this with all your friends my friend up schools already right about it yeah just a good feeling to be a king of Blackrock and everything so what are some of your favorite players to play as in black top loader I like when I'm 30 players of ellebra jumping people and everything is like that encouraged you can shoot like breaking yeah I like you know three main players I have an important question for you have you tried the 2k TV challenge you know who would you use versus all-time LeBron so I'm pretty you can post a run up and then boil it paint a little bit and you eat well thank you so much for coming on 2k TV and we're really excited that you enjoy black top mode and we'll see you out there on the courts ain't [Applause] my league is the ultimate sports game sandbox customize everything about your team and you can download customized designs shared by the community expansion teams fantasy drafts and even use custom or historic drop classes to bring all time grapes into your yearly draft create a player at any time import the community's best with player DNA and even use player locks to bring the my career game experience to your team James run the day-to-day operations in my GM and you can further your story with the saga continues as you build a championship roster control mentor ships Scout the league as deep or as light as you want to progress and compete with your friends with my league online run the league how you want as you compete with each other year after year we look for the community member with the most my league online games one and with nearly 700 wins congratulations to a kid 89 for taking home the award and the MVP Congrats guess what it's the moment everybody's been waiting for its top play of the year you guys have been voting all season long and now it comes down to three plays in a very tight race well here it is top play of the year congratulations gentlemen a drum roll please husky AC [Applause] welcome to 2k TV congratulations once again what does it feel like to have the best play of NBA 2k 19 I'm just completely overwhelmed it was a tight race did you think the fans were gonna vote for you I had some confidence coming into it because I won play of the month last month but I honestly wasn't sure because the other players are really amazing I just feel like my plate was just a little bit more luck and a little bit more craziness to it so honestly I wasn't sure well let me ask you this do you know how much VC you're taking home uh no I do not 1 million VC thank you so what congratulations once again top play of the year in NBA 2k thank you so much that's all we have for you this season be sure to keep up with us on social media at NBA 2k underscore 2k TV will have exclusives dev tips locker codes and more absolutely it will also be bringing you special episodes throughout the summer from the NBA 2k league tournaments and NBA Summer League from Las Vegas finally if you missed an episode this season again you can always check us out and check out past episodes of 2k TV from the main menu thank you so much for joining us all season long here on NBA 2k TV have a great summer season 5 it's a wrap you


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