-57kg Jessica KLIMKAIT Gold medal Zagreb GP 19

Jessica Clem congratulations you're the champion here in Zagreb tell us how does it feel to stand on top of the podium it's definitely a really nice feeling after you know getting to the middle rounds every every tournament this year but not quite getting to the top yeah it's just being a good feeling yeah so yeah you said you've been in the middle rounds a lot this is your first gold on the idea fraud tour of course yeah of course this is your space your first one this year yeah so tell us sir and you took silver in Montreal tell us about the momentum that this is giving you silver to gold leading up to the world championship yeah so it's a super nice feeling like having this kind of day like only a month before worlds I've been every competition I went into I've been looking for the kind of feeling that I felt today so to able to be able to do that just like four weeks away from worlds it's a it's a good feeling for me in the semi-final you had Nakota Smith Davies silver medalist at last year's World Championships is a really tough fight and it was really long if I tell us about it and tell us how it felt it was ot'er you caught her with it the end yeah tell us about like the moment that you go and the fight itself so we're pretty familiar with each other I've we fought that was like the fifth time we fought I've lost her every time before so it was kind of like a extra motivation entering the fight yeah you know I I got stuck doing one direction one direction for my for my drop and in the end I had to change something so I was hesitant to but it paid off like without you so yep so tell us now what's your preparation up to the worlds and what are your hopes for that yeah so right now I'm gonna head back to Montreal and we'll have three weeks to prepare before we fly to Japan for the world it's just gonna kind of be about building the momentum that I that I've I don't got here so yeah obviously I just want to keep expanding my judo and like make sure that I can like set up my judo better so I can execute everything that I need to do thank you very much congratulations thank you

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