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50 Things That Only Happen in Movies

(Chloe) Ooh. (Michelle) Chloe, did you just eat those? (Chloe) Yeah. (Michelle) Those are special brownies! (Woman) So what should I wear for my date? (sniffs) (Chloe) Um, let’s just like, take these off. See? Oh my God, have you seen Michelle’s makeup recently? It looks so bad! She’s right behind me, isn’t she? Pillow fight! This is so fun. I’m making pizza! Make sure to vote for us for homecoming king and queen! Follow that car! Okay, so then she was asking me like what a good throwback song would be, and then of course, I was like, (both) “Hit me baby one more time!” Oh my God! Jinx! Oh my God! (Chloe) Oh my God, Michelle. Did you see the front page? (Michelle) Hold on, I’m reading it right now. (Chloe) Sigh. I really need to get a job. OK, movie at 2:00? Perfect. (Michelle) And then she sat on the balloon! I wish we went to this party. (Chloe) Do you think Casey was there? (Michelle) I don’t know. (Chloe) Wait, stop! Zoom in. Gasp! That’s him! (Both) I have something to tell you! (Rachel) Oh, you go first. (Chloe) Oh, OK. Um, I’m moving to France! (Rachel) Awesome! (Chloe) So, what did you want to tell me? (Rachel) Nothing. Nope, nothing. (Chloe) Oh my God, we need to get going! (Woman) Oh my God, let’s go! (Chloe) Hey! (Woman) Hey Chloe! [INAUDIBLE] Hailey. (Hailey) Hey girls! (Chloe) Something doesn’t feel right about this. (Michelle) Oh my God, Chloe! Turn on the TV. (Reporter) Breaking news! YouTuber ChloeCouture falls on red carpet and exposes a rear end to the cameras. (Chloe) Gasp! I love this song! (Rachel) Me too! (Chloe) Casey, what are you doing here? (Michelle) Hey, I have to, um, ask you something. (Chloe) What? (Michelle) So, Yasmine said the the other day when I wasn’t at school, you were talking [INAUDIBLE] about me at lunch. (Chloe) I gotta go my next class. (Michelle) So you were talking about me. I’m gonna tell everyone what happened at [INAUDIBLE] the other night! (Chloe) Hey Michelle. I just want to apologize about earlier. Sometimes, I just hurt people without meaning to, and, I’m just really sorry. (Michelle) I actually really appreciate you saying that. (Chloe) The bathroom’s just, like, down the hall and to the right. (Man) OK, I’ll be right back. (Chloe) Hey guys, it’s Chloe! And I’m back at you with another 50 things that you probably don’t care about. 50 things that only happen in movies or TV, but these are just things that I’ve noticed like while watching TV, and I’m just like, no one actually does that. Leave a comment down below letting me know if you actually do any of these things, or if there’s any things that I missed. Let’s see if we can get this video to 50,000 likes, we’ve been doing it on all, like, my recent videos, and that’s so awesome! So, let’s keep it up! And, that is it for this video. So I will see you guys next Tuesday! Love you! Bye. This is Chloe. She’s your average girl in high school. This is ChloeCouture. She’s a YouTuber. Oh my God! I need to start getting ready for back-to-school! I need to start making videos for back-to-school!


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