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5 Ways to Avoid a Grammy Snub

Hello everybody! My name is O’Neil Gerald and I’m going to
tell you five ways you can not get snubbed at the Grammy’s, because everyone wants to win a
Grammy, right? So I’m going to tell you how not to get snubbed! Number one. NEVER Bare your soul. – EVER. Your soul is too deep. It has way too many emotions and when you
care too much about your lyrics, you will get in the way of the production drop, so…never
bare your soul! Number two. NEVER Be political. NEVER talk about how you feel about the the
leader of your country, especially if you don’t like them. Walk on eggshells about injustices and NEVER….EVER
be the unrest anthem of the year. Number three. NEVER boycott the Grammys. If you boycott the Grammy’s, you’ll more than
get snubbed in the future when you actually do want the GRAMMY that you got nominated
for so…don’t bother boycotting! Just keep yourself safe! Number four. And this is something you actually want to
do..WRITE the #1 pop hit of the year! You can never go wrong with a meme so just
put on your sunglasses and start dancing! I’m standing on a window! Standing on a window! And number 5. My last point kind of eliminates the facetious
tone of this entire video. Just don’t get nominated. If you don’t want to get snubbed, don’t get
nominated and if you don’t want to get nominated, just do opposite of everything that I told
you, because you WANT to be a true artist! Bare your soul! Be political if you want to! And if you want to, boycott the GRAMMY’s because
it’s not necessarily about someone parading you and praising you and saying that you have
an amazing album! If you want to be an artist that’s completely
true to yourself, go ahead! Do whatever you want and express yourself
freely through all of your art; through your music. Don’t wait for the GRAMMY’s to praise you. Be your own artist and make music for you! Anyway, just wanted to comment a little bit
on that. I didn’t watch the GRAMMY’s this year, by
the way. My name’s O’Neil Gerald. Think deeply. Create art. Change the world. And subscribe to this channel. I’ll see you all later, by everyone! Standing on a window!


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