5 Things That Almost Changed "The Notebook" | E! News

it's been 15 years since the notebook was released and we still can't get enough but the ultimate romantic movie we love and watch on repeat could have turned out so differently we're taking a look at five things that almost change the ROM classic we all remember the passionate line that Ryan Gosling delivers towards the end of the movie stop thinking about what I want what he wants what your parents want what do you want but it turns out it wasn't in the script he was so into his character that he came up with it on the spot we totally stand Ryan's talent because we just can't imagine we'd get the same feels without those heart-wrenching lines Ryan and Rachel McAdams did their characters justice but they weren't the only ones considered for the roles former NSYNC member Justin Timberlake and pop princess Britney Spears were also in the running the breathtaking scene where Noah and Allie go on a boat ride and there are birds everywhere is a sweet AF moment for sure but it almost didn't happen in order not to have the birds fly away the director raised them beside the lake so that when they filmed they wouldn't get scared away and it clearly paid off and we know Ryan was into his character but he might have been too deep in when he suggested that Noah light the house that he built on fire thankfully the director wasn't into the idea and we didn't have to sit through another heartbreaking scene the notebook which spoiler alert ends after the nurses discovered that Noah and Allie died overnight in each other's arms it's definitely sad but it also proves what a great love story it is now an alternative version shows that it could have ended in a less touching way when it recently got added to Netflix in the UK fans noticed that they made a big change to the ending when it faded to black after the couple were seen holding hands in bed and it caused a bit of a fan meltdown let's be real we loved the movie just the way it is now excuse us while we go watch it again


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