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for you man and then a few weeks later I get news that there is a People magazine article that was out and I start reading it and it was not the same story that I was told I don't even know where to start why did she wait till all this happened true to tell me or not even to tell me to let me find out what actually happened this doesn't mean ii think that's not what i said yes I and not with Chad anymore yeah I want somebody to be bold and I'm bald and I make bold moves so I mean I you're incredible guy and I'm a single girl yeah I don't know I just thought maybe we could go for a drink and just say it I would love to just tell me what [Applause] all the latest breakups or rest is so much more

  • I wish Tyler would have just said no I’m not second best. I really don’t think she was interested in finding a husband. This season is the first time I quit watching all the episodes.

  • Excuse me ~ but why exactly do I need to know ANYTHING about that horrific example of exploitative, brain dead, sad commentary, entirely scripted to be as smarmy and slimey as possible? Those who do watch and allow, by their views, this useless example of everything love isnt, to continue, confounds me!

  • I called this.
    Hannah doesnt like what's good for her.
    She keeps a man along that's shown signs that hes a liar (Luke P) & EVERYONE warns her about.
    & she says yes to the man whose family said he WASNT ready for a relationship & her family didnt approve of.
    If I were any of the left over guys, I'd get tf away from her

  • Idk why but I was thinking that Chris and Hannah (and maybe the producers) weren’t going to let Tyler know about the break off with her and Jed & that Tyler would find out a few minutes after getting on the stage to sit with Chris & Hannah 😅

  • Tyler C please dont do it.
    A woman who has passed you over for another dude that she saw forever with knowing darn well who he was is not worth it. I applaud Hannah for her boldness as a woman and exploring her sexuality and all that. But it shouldnt be only about being bold. You are not a second best. I honestly feel like Hannah is still learning about herself, and shes not ready to fully settle. TC there are more amazing women coming your way. Go on that date and remained friends. She had her chance. You deserve better like every single person out there.

  • Jed looking at the ring, like, “If you had just stayed with me for 2 years, I would have been able to cash that in to pay for rent.” Lmao

  • Hannah has ruined Tyler C's chance to be the next Bachelor. At least, ABC should put Tyler C to Dancing with the Stars.

  • Is there no mirrrors in her world, she was dating many men at once, and since the show she has slept with probably 3 others and one other guy 4 times..and her nose is out because he had a on and off girl before the show. She is an IDIOT ! He shouldn't have more than 1 girlfriend at a time, but she just had many…she can't be that dense can she ?

  • I wouldn't do it if I were Tyler, she's been with Jed and Peter.
    I feel like Tyler is getting the left overs here. He deserves better.
    Hannah needs to be SINGLE for a while. Or maybe she should go to paradise. idk.

  • I cut all MSM TV and movie channels 3+yrs ago. Somehow this vid got fed into my YouTube "recommended" list. I say WTF and click it. It was a sobering reminder of why I quit MSM TV 3+yrs ago.

  • It is absolutely astonishing that the producers do not obligate contestants to sign a paper stating "I have not have dated in the last three months." This show is emotionally abusive by design, which is no surprise. The producer Mike Fleiss got arrested for physically assaulting his three months pregnant wife.

  • If the power ever goes out the people that watch crap like this will be the first to starve to death.

  • 1 Corinthians 6:9

    Food for thought . Gods standards have not changed. Kids, this is how you are not supposed to behave

  • Tyler should find another girl. Hannah isn’t into Tyler as much as Tyler (is/was?) into her. And there’s also the fact she had rejected him.
    When she was with Jed, she always had this bright full smile, kept making first move (kissing, leaning on him, etc), acting cute when giving him the rose… I always knew she liked Jed. Just look at the way she smiles when she is with Tyler, that’s not the way you look at the man you love.

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