hey guys go back to another class rail video and today gonna play around with a super-heavy 5.0 a lexer packer and a mega night beat down a deck this strategy is such a blast to use I've been having so much fun using it and destroying opponents on ladder that you don't actually have a true win condition in this deck for the most part the electric collector is your one condition because what you want to focus on doing is you want to focus on playing defense pumping up building up heal extra value then eventually overwhelming with the sheer power of your Pekka and your Megan Knight now this video is gonna be the first video in a potential new series that I'm thinking about doing covering the heaviest decks in clash Royale / 5.0 ill nexor if you like that idea and you want to see more in the future leave a like down below on the video and also leave a comment down below as well with your heaviest deck and clash royale / 5.0 a lecture that is actually viable on that it's gonna be a new series very similar to my dirtiest deck series for my viewers submit decks however in the dirties deck series I only care if a deck is dirty I don't care if it can win this series I want actual viable decks that will win on letter / 5.0 elixir so let's go ahead here jump into our first battle of the morning evening afternoon if somewhere somewhere guys everywhere it is somewhere at some time somewhere so good luck to you my dear sir so I don't have pump in my next card here I was gonna say starting hand but then I realized you can't do that anymore in class vl' but I would prefer it at my next card at least to kind of pump up early he's gonna go ahead here bust out the mega minion Wow you guys we never really see that card anymore in clash well do you right am I getting crazy in here yes please a Lennox bubby bro he poisons which we I'm really actually okay with that snowball right there guys gave him a pretty negative elixir exchanged now I'm gonna choose to ignore those pumps and I just let the pumps do this thing actually those pumps got some more dip whoa whoa sir uncalled for of all the bats first let me go pack I here and then we gonna get a fair bit of damage done on that foolish but I can almost guarantee you guys right now you have the Shane's seal of guarantee that there will be some severe punishment on this counter push right here by your dear friend Shane who's gonna lay down the law in about three minutes maybe nice nice baby one I want three shots back at three eyes go I could go oh baby that was juicy how about this Jess is it enough you bet it is wait for it pump here please go giant left lane here that's what I wanted to avoid what do you want to avoid that all right he's getting pretty serious here isn't he busting up the prints what a mad lad there we go I gotta hear yes yes yes go as you go yes look at this poor dude just getting absolutely wrecked and what a pump you're just in case the game does go into double extra period I do actually overtime I mean because you do want that pump egde welcome I'm making it turns around and jumps what a Beastie Boy good game brewski so how many of you doubters out there have I just converted huh how many of you guys were watching the video saw the intro and said Shane this deck is doodoo how many of you guys said that the deck is doodoo how many of you said Shane you think every deck is the best duck in the game what do you mean this duck is doodoo you man you guys think that raise your hand if you did but you just you just witnessed it peer power of the dark side good luck to you my dear friend Oh No the arch-nemesis of a 5.0 deck is the fast psycho please don't be Expo guys let's just have a collective moment right now in prayer as we pray not to face Expo deck please oh no it is the Expo this case I just looked it up on rail API when you guys weren't looking and this is a hard counter this is in fact it's the hardest counter to my deck I just looked it up on Ray LEP I like I said guys you weren't looking but I did happen so can you just let me do something please my deck is 5.0 and I know yours is fairly cheap I didn't go he's gonna go Expo right lane yep oh we're dead boys were dead was it destroying this is the arch-nemesis I'm telling I'm not even joking guys it literally is the the arch-nemesis of of my deck cuz you can distract and just do everything and we can't be pump up I'm telling you guys you're not believing me right now but this is the hardest of hard counters in clash royale these you can fire all the pump he's got fast cycle you can punish everything we do telling you I know you guys don't want to believe me but I'm telling you no oh well we're gonna punish him don't worry guys I am a trained professional we will definitely win okay just please don't doubt me right nice there we go come on no no why the hard look at this he just goes x-bow left lane what a nub the Pekka here is he fire bullet I write him I just go I school and pull the peck it to the left lane doesn't even need to though so nasty all right they can get back to me he can get back to their fireball good game bro guys I'm sorry to say to you we just got hard countered literally the hardest hunter in clash Royale literally the hardest counter in clash Royale history is Expo cycle versus a 5.0 deck good game well played well you know what it is guys I'm gonna tell you right now what it is the sheer power of mega Knight Pekka it was it was destroying like this the supercell servers couldn't handle it because it's just it's so powerful so what they did was they formulated and calculated a hard counter into my matchmaking to reduce the strain on the server's because it's just too much power to handle so we shall just wish our dear friends some good luck and from there on out we are gonna go make a night for the ice golem once again one more cycle deck that's two point I told you guys I told you guys it is that the pierre-pierre power of this deck is too much to handle that supercell has been giving me hard counters that's what it is guys don't at me don't at me bro alrighty he's got the same deck as the last battle what a lovely day to be alive can you guys but I'm gonna tell you a funny story right now can you guys believe that at one point in time stupid supercell thought it was a good idea to buff the expo I know I know what you're thinking guys it was a crazy ideas we go nice I gotta hear dump yes there we go let's go baby nice I'm ok with that one I said going downtown nice there we go baby boo cooter dude like a here please get that slow push going on no I think in this particular battle in this in this particular matchup a lightning spell would be kind of juicy actually is here wait for it is here wait for it nice come on baby let's go my game plan is working out nicely so far I'm liking it ooh there we go there is the expo on the defense nice mega night here please as you guys saw that these the server even kind of hiccup hiccup right there because it's just too powerful nice here we go there we go baby Oh see looking at the what happened he disconnected it was too powerful it was too much power it was too much power you guessed all right I'm uh I'm not just going crazy am I you saw what happened there the game as I was playing there's a bit of a hiccup in the gameplay the supercell servers throws for at a half second and it broke the server's the power once I went a mega night and Pekka it was just crazy so the problem of the last battle guys was was we couldn't we couldn't get the the Pekka and mega night down at the same time this one we did once you get both them down it's instant win supercell servers break and he just you just this could out of them what happened so hopefully hopefully he recovers from that because once you see make a knight Pekka you can't unsee it so it's like you might need some therapy right now guys for sure a poor dude teleport dude already gets go ahead finish off with one final battle over here and hopefully hopefully this service can handle the power this time so admin busting oh the prince right there alright see ya do I dare go pick it right here or do we don't let's go for it boom yes there we go not really the most ideal but uh I think we had to I would have preferred I would have way prefer having Rascals in my opener right there but we didn't so what can you do guys and you don't have you don't have it when you do have it you do that's just the way class free Elias so if I go Megan right here does he go Pekka does he go giant here yep do this but aggressive I know but I'm okay with it it needs now nice oh you got arrows and fur ball guys duck is nasty mr. Edmund boys are so nasty here we go that mega night actually got some decent damage done though eh so Rasmus split here All Right see ya let's go pack a right here actually he was heard come on yeah would prefer that you eat dragon going down a bit faster over we almost got back a shot guys we almost we only got pick a short it would have a nasty man wait for it is here she got to what you got all right let's take this wait for her arrows that they go rascals nice that's like this do you fireball them he do I'm actually I'll kill that fireball though right there now we can pump right no it's my snowball I said palm oh oh I'm so sad I'm so sad I meant to go pump but it went snowball guys save me please somebody save me please nice look here the arrows okay here I got you this time buddy got you this time buddy yes there we go there we go there we go mega night here you can't stop both lanes now Kenny she might be able to Dark Prince there was a fair bit of work actually it means the middle of all this jazz yo he was a go-go make it go destroy the tower please the power is too strong look at this there we go good game mr. Edmund even with the nasty snowball when I thought I meant to go pump I mean I meant to go pump I didn't think I meant to go pump I know I meant to go palm whoa good game man that was that was I wasn't saying guys Gigi's Doherty jeez Fergus go ahead here finish the video off with a couple of juicy replays that I have hand selected for you guys right over here the first of which is a whoa why does it seem so dark that means I seem darker in here it's one light this one darker oh well it is what it is and it was the first battle here's against a three musketeer kind of like older man a deck still kind of works right now where'd he go Rasmus bloodbag he doesn't go too two tears behind his King tower if I am correct which is super annoying because like I basically have to abandon this push right here you can't really push into two Musketeers unless you have like fireball or lighting to kill them so right there the rascals kind of just die but we do use the Pekka right late for the two Musketeers and then we go actually I think we ignore the musketeer left lane because we go mini ins here for the most tears right lane the Musketeers are so strong if I didn't go minis there I can almost guarantee the Pekka would die and it wouldn't be very good now I'm gonna pause for a moment here because this is very important right now okay watch what happens I go pump I had two choices there I could have supported my Pekka and went off is to punish or I can use that opportunity to go pump and get the electorate advantage I go pump and lo and behold he has minor and he absolutely destroys me right here look at this minor on the pump packet dies minutes coming in there we use wizard for the minions because we can't use snowball cuz the minor is tanking and overall it's a pretty big fail elixir wise and losing our pump and he kind of just a bit of BM there with the hands up kind of cheering him out because he knew that I got destroyed right there so keep in mind that bit of juicy BM right there maybe it's not really p.m. but I definitely thought it was because I lost my pump and just lost my dignity so just keep that in mind later on the battle when you see what happens now where'd he go rascals eat dragon here because I know what deck he has I know he's got too much to tears and I know he has no way of countering the rascals a dragon push and somehow someway it actually worked this how it goes down one crown lead who would have thought a push with Rascals and a dragon would actually work right here mega night for the battle room right lane no wall for labels two tiers left lane somehow someway we defend both lengths right there absolutely insane look at this right here this is also another important interaction right here guys this is pretty clutch if I dare say so myself this whole title right now is full of clutch plays but take a look at this mini horror on the Omega night I know he's got minor and if you are a minor minion horde user versus a wizard what do you do you try and predict the wizard with your minor to tank for your many Horde so I know he thinks I'm going in the middle with my wizard so I'm playing a bit of a reverse psychology here and watch my doing here getting this hey wait for the minor go down and then I go wizard opposite side destroy the minion horde ABS destroy it he thought I was going wizard in the middle right there and they trying to tank for his minion horror which I thought was pretty interesting anyways I mean the making whore might have just died anyways but I definitely thought it was kind of cool just kind of getting into his head and no one cuz we got minor in the middle and waiting for it and then going wizard in the corner there so anyways we defend both lanes here with the rest was any snowball he dragon doing some work like I do it's work right lane we need to do to work as well and overall were looking pretty well here so far one more wizard here I guess they could have waited for the mega night but I didn't want to risk it so time I left the right story getting chipped damage done he's gonna try one for one final time here with battle Ram miner and snowball we're gonna make a meeting here and the tire goes down we drop a bit of congratulatory emotes right here guys to thank our friend for the pleasure of battle and I don't know what happened guys my emote button was bugged again if you watch my videos you know it just randomly happened sometimes in my replays it just randomly appears it was just like I don't know how that happened but it's a good game to our dear friend up top there already boys and girls ladies and gentlemen we're gonna go ahead here guys finish off one final replay versus a golem beatdown that kind of like more of a meta deck so I figured it'd kind of be a good replay to share with you guys so anyways he's uh he's I guess something right there when I go a mega night into the golem not really the ideal opening play that I wanted would have really preferred to have the pack out there I don't know why the game just couldn't give me Bekka oh that sucks but where to go Rascals here he barked rose the rascals and we just lose everything and now this game is taking a pretty bad turn for the worse whoo this am I gonna doing a better work right there lover try coming in bats tonight witch and a golem good and go snowball here killed the night which bats a minute is going down doing some work with snowball going down as well and that's about it guys that's all we can do the tower will die within the first minute of the battle we're already at a negative one crown score so it's not looking good at all so what I do here guys I'd pump in the corner he chooses not to poison it which I'm very thankful for he probably would have won if he poisoned my pump but thankfully he did not now this time we actually have the Pekka for his golem I could almost guarantee that first defense it would have been better if we had packed into the mega night but the car rotation was not very kind for us today gonna go he was right here a dragon story for the night which bats with I believe uh I think we snowball as well here to protect our a dragon golden Goes Down no death damage done to our tower that's what I mean get right there with the difference in golem or straight packet versus mega night on the defense now I'm gonna go one more pump here which a very interesting choice because obviously I have a half alpaca plus an e dragon right lane and that chose not to support it I chose to go two pumps instead now right here we get insane value gets insane value but he tries to go tonight which to destroy our pakka but the e dragon stuns it packet kills it and gets one shot on his tower as well now we have the mega night going down right lane 40 seconds left he still has a one tower lead but what do I do I'm gonna go eat Ragan for the baby dragon Megan it up front mega night pack up push the beefiest push you could ever push in class rail pushing history right there boys and girls mega Knight Pekka is Rick and cleaning up all the mess at mega Knight jumping like a kind of just doing nothing so far but eventually she does get in there what smack tower goes down I'm gonna go one more Megan I trade you guys all in for the three crown which almost backfires on us but we've eaten gonna answer that we're going down mega man going in the right there as well just cleaning everything up either again splashing and the tower getting some severe damage to our mega night one more my gonna shot gets all we need and right there boom entire goes down and we have ourselves a three crown victory over a very angry opponent guys mega night Pekka push for the win anyways guys that is the end of the video here is the deck one more time if you want to give it a shot yourself it is a really fun strategy to use it does take a fair bit of time to get used to because it is really heavy at 5.0 and it has no true when condition so he's kind of like you gotta get used to that the play style of pumping up and then defending and and counter pushing like I kind of did in the video but overall man it is such a fun kind of like off meta strategy to use so anyways let me know guys down below would you like to see more videos in this series taking a look at heavy decks / 5.0 elixir if you do want to see more videos and you want the series to continue leave a like on the video and let me know down below guys leave a comment your heaviest deck that you want me play in the next episode of this series it could be any eight cards that are / 5.0 elixir but it has to be somewhat viable right we're not looking for top meta decks obviously but we are looking for viable and winnable decks that can win on ladder / 5.0 so if you think you have a good strategy that can win on ladder / 5 elixir leave a comment below guess right now and I will choose one if I do another video on this series but guys that is the end really hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure to leave a like subscribe more clash real content thank you so much watching guys we will see you


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