4th Annual Insurance India Summit & Awards 2019

good afternoon so I welcome you on this particular summit of worth annual insurance and then summit Awards I would like to know about your experience which quest with regards to this event the quest programs are always very interesting and very intense in terms of getting the industry people involved so was this session we saw the entire industry coming in full strength and actually supporting this event and it was nice to see a lot of people very good interactive sessions and the topics were all quite relevant for the industry and it and the speakers were all very immense nature and quite great personalities so one thing you know according to you what are the challenges that current insurance industry is paying in terms of the innovations the biggest thing on the innovation side the challenge is how do we how do we get to reduce the entire speed of the purchase journey in an insurance whether it be the life insurance or the general insurance segment what do we do technologically and digitally to ensure that we are able to identify the right product for the customer helping purchase it and at a speed of his own choice and in a manner which is not intrusive and which completes it in a much more seamless and a quick manner from your site to the next generation in the insurance industry from both the customer and the stakeholders point of view the whole customer landscape is changing the customer needs are changing the new Millennials are a complete have a complete different set of demands as compared to their earlier generation so it's very important to look at each cohorts of the customer and then come up with solutions and be proactive and see what changes in technology that is happening out in the market and customer loyalty trends and how do you imbibe in your journey of insurance and make it individual and a personalized experience for each of the customer which makes him feel Wow I think that's a combination of technology process and solutions that you need to get on the table to be getting most of the estimates for your organization thank you so much for your valuable time we look forward to see you again and again for the question when I thank you so much

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