4CC 2014 Medal Ceremony Ice Dance

aleem union is you Sadako harsher happens in beside Taipei she qionghua hi babe Pingu to Pancham ple is you four continents Figure Skating championship 2014 Taipei City type a victory ceremony I stands so she an alley Athenian show em a lesson yen SID Otto washer popping single sigh ping Wu Zhu Rongji first and for Condon's I stands champion for 2014 Madison paavo and Zachary Donahue from United States of America seafood in high dudgeon second winner of the silver medal Piper Gillis and Paul Poirier from Canada hey ho home hider 2/3 and winner of the bronze medal Alexandre Aldridge and Daniel eaten from United States of America jump hi I'm Tasha yo the medals are awarded by the ISU represented four continents Figure Skating championship 2014 mrs. Marie Lamarque seahawk whipping way the flowers are awarded by mr. richly Kawai creepy siento kwan-jin tattoo Wacha seeing Chanti TV the referee mrs. Jean seft and the technical controller mrs. Alice kava and stands there congratulations ladies and gentlemen please rise for the national anthem of the champions ladies and gentlemen these are your medalists go away play ping Elysium see that's all bocce is that dirty

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