4 Facts You May Not Know About "27 Dresses" | E! News

this year marks the 11th anniversary of the now classic romantic comedy 27 dresses to celebrate Entertainment Weekly reunites the cast for their rom-com issue out now Katherine Heigl and James Marsden along with Malin Akerman and Edward Burns share fun facts about the film we still love all these years later Katherine whose character Jane in the film has a closet full of the most gaudy bridesmaids dresses she's worn at friends weddings is often asked if she got to keep the outfits in real life in one scene Jane and Marsten's character Kevin gets stranded at a bar during a rainstorm and the two get drunk and sing karaoke choosing Elton John song Benny and the Jets they belt out the wrong lyrics and that's okay because that was in the script but before Fox Studios approved the track james revealed that song wasn't the first choice for a while it was going to be brown sugar so it's weird to think of what the movie the film screenwriter allene broche mckenna reveals the ending could have been different mckenna tells VW i actually always advocated for her to end up on her own I always wanted her to actually go on a date with someone that you felt was going to be a healthy date for her as of now Jane's story is over but heikal still has hope and a plot idea for a sequel but unfortunately can't quite get the rights for more on the 27 dresses reunion go to UW comm so you can stay informed on all the breaking updates come on you know you want to be the first to know about all the latest hookups breakups or arrests and so much more


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