yo Judy just ended up releasing some new Galaxy opals and NBA 2k9 to my team we got ourselves those first legends we got Ginobili we got Tim Duncan and we also got Tony Parker they actually did not add any pink diamonds or diamonds which actually kind of sucks and to be honest I'm still looking for a Larry Bird so he's still in text so if I pull up I would not mind at all and also they ended up oh man they gave us a MBA Awards packs and you would think like oh Carlos wearing like a new Galaxy Oprah Luka maybe a galaxy or Yanis um no they just gave us oh this is actually yeah just I just have no comments on that to be honest so without further ado let's try to get these new Galaxy opals Adam to the collection here we go 1 2 & 3 I went on my game Jim Duncan Tim Duncan was like Linda first like really overpowered cards in my team with the p90 wanna be really good especially against the off ballers like if you got off bald in like September and you had Tim Duncan that you were saying yeah like no problems so it's gonna see that he finally got his Galaxy opal and I figure they would do something like this with us first you know players like this Woods you know expect it as we're three packs in and the best ball has been up gold now I can't still pull the pink diamonds like you know India Dwight Howard which would not be bad but obviously though we are looking for I just get Bradley bill back to back feel like I did let me get it oh I really thought there was an opal right there I really did but to kind of reward me with a nice little galaxy opal for even I don't know what would I even be getting rewarded for sure let me say that we get a ruby if this be a throwback Thursday and it is Patrick Beverley I wonder if I'm Lakers are going to try to pick him up I would not mind having him on the squad and Wow you also with these facts sometimes also I don't feel like y'all these bags are trash but nevermind it it took us until pack number ten leave it like right now for some pack but I really want this to be Larry Bird but honestly I'll take Tim Duncan I really actually bit away yeah even Larry Bird or Tim Duncan don't give me anybody else Eddie Johnson would not be bad either cuz that's like a fleet like 200 km t maybe even though the uptrend still broken I mean I was gonna say right now I believe I have 31 galaxies opals so this is a new one this will be my 32nd galaxy oh boy so here we go one two and three pizzas first logo obviously it'll be his first player and in this cumbias person logo and it's gonna be a shooting guard is that who I think it is Ginobili I can't say that's good that Shaq but I will gladly take that though man's go Ginobili why not now he had a really good pink diamond and I'm hoping this one is as good if not better which you would assume so right to galaxy but I'm taking them in first but I already got a galaxy opal don't mind if I do but let's get to though all right we got we gotta get two in one bucks absolutely that's that Ruby you know they they gave me uh you know they gave me that Galaxy opal so do you mean one more I could get a warm water I love seeing the galaxy opal by the way it's so amazing even though I guess I would have preferred to nobody at that point I mean I'd you know Lee uh Tim Duncan like read a big a sports player but I really want to get Larry Bird because again it I ended up getting outbid um and when the option I was like broken I almost got him for like one sixty one fifty and then I literally got out a bit at the final second so I'm hoping that he's still full of all everyone 22 because like Oh a ruby and amethyst hey who's that gonna be I have no idea what's gonna be who is Lakers LeBron that can't wait until next year if they keep like this uh you know I guess what do you probably this uh this this presentation I guess it's gonna say Lakers the logo and then it's gonna be power forward or small forward and you're gonna get a LeBron James or Anthony Davis can't wait for that to get twenty is literally around the corner super excited for that these facts though I mean one all foods not bad so they get to go come on we can get to okay to emeralds oh oh I just got oh okay that was a pretty good tag has got two players and a coach brings back the other 2k 19 early days you know the vibes give you some good stuff let me get one more off I don't pack right here or calling it there's going to actually I don't I don't think I see the glow so we're gonna go right a lot of double players on this are take it so we have better pulling in our 32nd galaxy opal and if you don't believe me let me show you I don't have any contract we I really didn't get any contract in the fax OH I think I can still show you all my opals right look at this oh I got one two three four five six seven eight nine ten 11 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 31 32 I got 32 Galaxy opals now that's actually a lot of opals and someone actually let me know that I haven't um like I don't have the the five players from the Toronto Raptors after they won so that's actually very true and that's what I forgot about that's why I gotta pick those up because I think if I pick those up and then I get two players from this collection are from the new galaxy opens yeah I get Larry Bird I'll probably have my 40 galaxy opals and I have some plans for all those opals you know stay tuned subscribe to this channel if you haven't already oh good so all that Wonderwall more bugs just cuz we didn't get an opal which I guess isn't bad it says Larry Bird is there I just find it funny because last week when they added a magic and Larry Bird I pulled the older Galaxy opals I think I quote like I pull the who was it Gilbert Arenas and most of them alone so I'm hoping uh you know let me get the old the old opals that's what I think then what time I want the older ones is the ones out there not giving them to me so I see how it is okay but if I get another ball oh I hope you started out with a nice little pink diamond don't mind if I do who's that gonna be I think so II didn't know I'm an economic gonna keep saying to nobley okay I'll take do i Howard he's actually a pretty good tenor I'm very athletic great defensive center and I doubt she has any value right now because the auction house again is still broken 2k how is it still broken at least the servers are working out which I think that's what they ended up doing they probably like they they said forget the auction house let's just focus all the you know all the server power you know on the actual servers which I guess is Oh like at least I'm not getting disconnected every other pack so I guess I guess that's good but if I could get another galaxy opal that would be great and it's so crazy you know like I have 32 galaxies opals can we make it 33 in this box 2k or maybe 30 you know maybe just give me all the opals give me Larry give me I missing Larry's Tim Duncan and Tony Parker which I guess Tony Parker wouldn't be the worst one right like you if you pull one of these opals you want you know you don't want Tony Parker oh we get on okay I don't like the way this bus is going because last box we didn't get any jams others in the galaxy opal and the amethyst and now we're getting diamonds so I don't know that might be that might be a bad sign it might just be Jason Terry did you know that Jason Terry outscored LeBron James in the 2011 finals this is not crazy like I knew LeBron choked in that series I didn't know that Jason Terry scored more points than him that's crazy well your friend although 2k come on last time you gave me an opal in the first 10 are you gonna give me an opal in the final 10 is that where we're going I'm getting an opal in the first box though not bad especially sometimes I'd be opening like to throw back there's a prize and I'm getting nothing so I'll take that one opal but I need to get one of those come on we need it we need it we need another galaxy awful come on preferably two more like if I could get oh man oh yeah that's for that first one that I got it was too good to be true they're like hey there's an opal do another one and then they got me that's not get you you like do another one wait we got patrick beverley next pack Galaxy opal could you imagine if we get a galaxy over here another one wow that actually don't bet that that box was horrible I knew as soon as we got the pink diamond in the diamond that I wasn't gonna get anything I do kind of want to do one more but I probably should ends but I really want to but I probably shouldn't something's gonna go there we go I got a contract now actually I'm gonna keep this side Jersey hmm what do you guys think I have enough for one more box but then again kevin garnett is coming out and then if I poke him in our net I end up getting 3,000 tokens which is like another like I already have six nine tolkien's so prank it like five more galaxies opals and I kind of want to open this one you know what let me do one with let me just do one signal with this one what if I get Luka could you imagine if I get galaxy opal Luka and one single okay well that's the well I'm not opening these bags they just gave me Kimba really Campbell Walker actually I do one more just one more with empty since I got some value from picks on the stuff come on let me get a quick little oh you know MBA award packs little canopy think that oh that's your honest yo okay that actually not actually work I actually work out perfectly by the way congrats Adonis on getting MVP Kobe sent said that like your goal or your mission is to get MVP I have no room oh man I gotta make some room real quick but like I was saying though Kobe tobin like go out there when MVP louses mission and he got it and then Kobe said your next mission its champion so I don't be you know definitely looking forward to seeing Matt but let's see if we gonna a galaxy oh boy do a couple more singles we get a sapphire right there getting Jonas was not bad he's probably like the second-best car you can pool so that's actually not bad off a single is that we're low pending a full 20 bucks no probably not yeah cuz I feel like your needs more expensive than Pascal which I don't have either so please I'll do two more singles in that tape this one and then one one that's it oh maybe not now what do one more well do one more than that'll be it and I'll do I I don't track the VI should I give the other bucks and I got a lot of empty for singles so I'm not like I'm not tripping right now you know what I mean I'm not trippin at all all right I'm done with these facts now MBA Awards I'll take my yardangs I'm hoping he still has what he should have a little bit of family right I would say I would go check right now but I don't know don't worry I'll do one single with these and then if I get a galaxy opal here I might do another box and we end up getting nothing all right I'm gonna call it right there you know what we'll take it we got a galaxy alone and we got units I really wish I could check how much he's going for but I really don't think that I can but I'm just very curious to see like is he like this or what for a bye now oh dude I feel like they were gonna want to buy it for the 3,000 tokens and I cannot find there we go 20th anniversary huh yo he's so like like I doubt these 35k ones are like viable that's good somebody like oh my goodness so I probably get about 100k for him I one more from the road you never know all it takes is a 1 pack never mind it but that is gonna be the pack opening we ended up pulling our 32nd galaxy oh boy I might just end up buying the other ones and just get up to like 40 Oh balls well I'm about to get my get other like 7:01 sprays this Friday they drop giving our net so stay tuned for that if you're enduring that video and you want some packed look you know what see they leave like from the video subscribe to the channel if you haven't already check out the super nose that I uploaded I did a pack opening with triple threat packs and I also ended up uploading sniper sorry and a bunch of other videos check them out and as always thanks for watching and I've seen the next video checks in with the bill poses in my water and I'm placing it for real fragile racks on racks I look like Mookie out of here


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