3-Entertainer-Package, Demo Reel #3, Vancouver BC, demo reel number 3

[Applause] [Laughter] that was an awesome entertainment thank you the kids had so much fun yeah the face painting and Lynn terrific balloon twisting [Applause] Thank You Bobbi that was amazing that was probably the best but also making balloons I was the best balloon party we had an entertainer all over entertainer it was amazing the kids loved it have so much fun we would recommend you over and over again with us fantastic thank you for coming thank you look at Mia tell us what happened magic wand and who does it work on planning okay this is great you did an amazing job I loved it prove it Bobby learn the absolute brilliant show for us looked after us the kids everyone down here we had a great data in Evergreen so everyone was here to thank Bobby hardwork the kids like to do and Devils yeah no that was very very good laugh was a great time you did a wonderful job thank you alright you're funny you're very entertaining hey we're at the Stanley Park and enjoy the sunset and yes thank you so much for the balloons in the face pain and the magic tricks it was fun the kids loved it bring I wish Cancun okay yes nice um we had so much power magician do it down slowly up falling [Laughter] okay mop higher up higher I'm gonna be ready tomorrow do I snore my son's birthday last like six years and I think on all different guys and he is the top notch here today here's our magician best guy you can ever have but amazing job by the way amazing amazing great outfit handsome looks you know the ladies where we're taking snapshots letting you know right now sir amazing please bring it back to me okay okay one two three go you're also chaat and you do that better Scott so did you have a good time here thank you very much what do you tell everybody on our blog what you did what exactly you what do we do we sat in the chair there and you put up a jar of water over us what we're holding it when we're holding it the water won't come out but then when you let it go the water comes out you're trying to get us to pour the water into the jug we're not on each other it was awesome the kids loved it all right you're not a kid all right thank you very much enjoy the festival excellent job I loved the work you did tonight keep it up brother we'll hire you again hundred percent recommend it all night long be great company your interactive everybody enjoyed you I'd always recommend you bobbing awesome job this many nice very nice very nice amazing you like a garden now so the mother of the party kid was complimenting you saying that you're bring up this thank you thank you pass what is the name of your flower shop Cossack floral and Cooper marina which gold concept floral and Marcelo okay go safe say something about your flower shop what are you well it's an amazing flower shop we do magic to flowers to make them even prettier than before how i already are and we do events every day we make magic magic confidence we also very the same industry come visit me and they say bob do business okay thank you pal oh no no no on your head now without them [Applause] unicorn everything and if you're gonna be a butterfly here on your mark get set go [Applause] okay can you repeat what you said mommy's the best magician in the world I like your magic show we are at 30 Bank Bollywood banquet hall and the magically adduce absolutely spectacular because you made stuff disappearing with soul it was so fun and it was an exciting experience all right on stage everybody Thank You favi for coming out here and doing on my son's first birthday I've hired poppy that first time my daughter's birthday and I'm hiring him the second time he's the best guy to do for kids entertainment so definitely absolutely highly recommended for these number one entertainer in the gourmet line much love Oh what did you like I liked everything because we were doing so many activities Jeff said my name is Akash okay it's really fun I know whether so it's not I'll cast it snowing okay [Applause] guys Bobby the magician Roxie gotta hire him for your kid's birthday party he's awesome woohoo thank you my kids loved it I do love to hi-5 [Laughter] [Applause] ready say have you decided who to shoot the kid the Apple or the I said good job I really like the magic thank you very much thank you for you know having good birthday

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