2Pac At The MTV Music Awards 1996

believe yourself as only nobody stopping some doors you got to do you got to have faith if you can can't palm facing the world and God our faith yourself tryna today every of the young black men is to be physically inclined military mind and this is part of the military mama soldiers out there okay I I'm happy for you I got love clouds I happen to you know no empty you definitely just a rock or y'all know we down with this rock bag 9:6 flavored escrow hi who knew it would last this wet size fast but I was gonna keep it real peace in 96 bring on the nominees and the noise that's good cool lobster I can say I just want to clear myself you lost best rap video you don't disappointed about that oh no I didn't lose because I sold six and a half million copies so no one when all these famous people get together what's the one thing you take away is everybody much shorter than you thought I know a lot of people find Snoopy and say you know six before I had no idea oh yeah but do people seem shorter there's a lot of attitude going on what's the one thing you take well this a lot of attitude of course because nobody thought we would show up here but you know we always feel like we keep it real like it scratch that we always felt like we're being true for everything we've always represented and our audiences worldwide we not even know know you know we're coming out here and it's from East Coast West Coast we got beef with the people we got beef with but we could go anywhere in the country because we are America's Most Wanted but can't you stop the flow they start with a miracle walk on that note I know that digging puffier here tonight do you see them generating them Aloha but if we even if we saw them we're not we are businessmen we are not animals it's not like we're going to see them and rush them and jump on everything they see us and they want drama we're going to definitely bring it like only dev Roca bring it but we here as businessmen to enjoy and support the video in your video music awards mtv because they support us so if they want to come and use this business opportunity to get on some gangster you know we do that better than anybody can you envision the day when you know you know if not get together make an album just keeps peacefully coexist there's no dream of making an album with big and puffy or none of them we're not sweating it like that this is our family we coexist right now because we are cool everybody's here everybody's they make they sell records we sell records well I guess you could call that selling records what they do we sell large amounts of Records and they sell a few records there really is no no competition with people I really make it too much out of it than it is it's really just if you want to talk we're going to make it specific as to what you could talk about and what you can't talk about and the East Coast West Coast thing is something that the journalists and people are making though just to get paid off and so I can drag out so they're perpetuating it so it could be drama which I still love MTV but when it all go down don't look at me and Big E and B likewise their big East Coast West Coast war when you're shooting is 230 300 homes three hundred countries telling them about the East Coast West Coast water they would never know exist so that's where information becomes a problem and then didn't let you know if it did exist possibly would be enshrine the thing that I wanted everything you're talking about it will try to be better role models and y'all try to stop putting that drama out there you got it you got a lot of power a lot of responsibility we both do we both need to exercise greater strength all right still hanging on the after party ends with me from death row reduce your supplement I got through tonight Tupac Shakur all right deal um first of all he tell us though what Jackie thought about the actual rap category in terms of I mean I saw Coolio win and I was like sorry aspectus for anything Awards when they sing about that you got to add my fear he sold 6 million records so we being single you got another album come on micahel you've got outcomes and I will just move forward willing to get cross that time in if you can we talk about job just to reach them what is exactly happening and what can we expect from it you believe in God certainly believe in Jethro II believe in that well forever right whether you believe in God believe in death row easy we plan to take the same strategy we used with death row West which is mind over matter taking all our weaknesses and making it to our strengths see we know that we got strength in numbers we already run the streets out here so now we just go help some of these brothers get their money on because we know they got talent we got the ways to make them use their talents to the maximum effect and that's what this is about everybody rap we don't rap we wrap to make money we do ain't no other record company out there that sold as many records as we did we are so bad boy LaFace every black record label out there we out sold them here one year and I'm a convict and my homeboy just got off a murder case did I tell you that is pure talent no height we don't got no all-american smiles they don't even want to buy our record but they got to buy our record because we represent the street so death row is going to be a personification of what we did on the West line we're going to do it to the East Side we're going to prove once and for all but all these people talking about the East Coast West Coast war they like the Judas was to Jesus they only hear to cause confusion we here to bring money in the bring change they need to cause confusion all these weak rappers Nas all these suckers they battling or for east and west like this is a game this ain't no game if this was jest we be yelling checkmate three years ago because we've been BP it's not a game we all here trying to help our people make money we trying to get out of this three strike circle they got us in and start getting our pick papers on so that's what we're doing by shrimping numbers we come into the East Coast to prove there is no fear there is no problem day number opportunity and opportunity is overthrow the government y'all got right now which is bad boy and knives and all that bullshit and we will bring a new government here that will feed every person in New York cool man Iron Man Singh thanks a lot take care you [Applause] Oh god forbid believe me a grandpa even the bomb he was never there but and even that they even feared even awakening who believe your well as a table 45 they aim at my brain is okay with no life zones ain't a free download audacity little table like if I darling the world of the day while but you my poverty your black legs off did you talk at like here Oh God became a yellow man Venus and a nail hole just way too big so delicately feel from out of nothing else Enterprise low in moral country that's my young niggas in the wild life before little harder but you / – me – they're my things with me give me a flower line for a new bar puppet super now you dare I imagine yourself in the game the better it now sit up in there plus my negative clearly make it any less safe I know y'all don't cigar knows they did you know close everything gonna have a truck to get in to pray for them they might substitute anger for a bit what got to the point again when a stop to daunting work the way a family phone rings but really several priests dictate half an hour back an Iron Cross fucking it's or whatever I want it all holder they can give you today no one touch my tent up are all safe a little tip take the left one rate savings that city another diggity and it takes I'm going everybody down here I know that I can fuck my not you – I can't chickens in the wild life for no mods of the cheaper making a big mistake you're making a wildlife single monitor perhaps thinking are coming back with one request okay I just wanna live a life you can't see a brunch I know it's it is those shorts all don't want you thinking that can't happen they push one in this day don't nobody know you but please we know that be my close to the vehicle we're with the postal ooh you probably know a little lady make your money back a week no father Oh you can't you


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