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28 Avengers Endgame DELETED SCENES

Avengers: Endgame clocked in at a whopping
three hours, making it the longest Marvel movie to date, but there are still scenes
that were cut from the final film that we never got to see! Yippee-ki-yay, movie lovers, I’m Jan and in
this video I’m revealing all the deleted and fake scenes from Endgame. A new round of my Marvel giveaway is running,
so subscribe and leave a comment about the movie for a chance to win. Of course, we’ll be discussing spoilers, so
take care if you haven’t seen the film yet. And there’s timestamps for each main section
in the video description below. If you were devastated by Black Widow’s heroic
sacrifice in Endgame, then you’ll be shocked to know that a stack of Natasha scenes were
cut from the final film. First is a deleted scene of Nat at target
practice where she’s keeping her shooting skills sharp. Another cut scene of Nat training has her
punching a boxing bag, showing her relentless determination to keep going. And in another cut scene of Nat sitting by
herself in the rain, we can see how lonely she is. All these deleted scenes throw more light
on how Black Widow was really the only original Avenger who refused to give up on the mission
over the five-year time jump. Although the Avengers hunt Thanos down on
his ‘garden’ planet and kill him, it doesn’t reverse the snap and so, over the five years
that follow, Tony, Steve, Bruce, Clint and Thor all go their own way with only Nat staying
on at Avengers HQ where she’s determined to keep the mission going, with surviving heroes
like Rocket, Okoye, Captain Marvel and War Machine reporting in to her. It would have been nice to see these deleted
scenes to show what Nat was going through, especially given how she reveals to Steve
and Clint that the Avengers were her one true family. But I suspect they were likely cut for time,
as I can see they weren’t absolutely essential for the story. Another deleted scene for Black Widow comes
later during the time travel portion of the movie when she and Hawkeye are on their way
to Vormir. There’s a clip cut from the final film where
Nat and Clint seem to be taking a moment before they head on down to the Soul Stone planet
and it looks like this was probably some additional foreshadowing of Nat’s eventual fate. And a small moment from the first trailer
of Natasha looking on in shock at the carnage that Hawkeye has unleashed on the Yakuza in
Tokyo was also chopped from the final movie. We all know already from Avengers: Infinity
War that Marvel love to use fake and deleted scenes in trailers to throw fans off the scent
when trying to figure out spoilers. And in Avengers: Endgame, Marvel have dialled
up the level of misdirection and trickery to eleven. For example, in the final battle, during Captain
America’s fight with Thanos, the Mad Titan repeatedly brings down his huge double-bladed
sword on Cap’s shield, smashing it several times and leaving only part of it intact. But to avoid revealing this, in the trailers
when we see Cap dragging himself up from the ground, his shattered shield has been replaced
with an unbroken one. In another shot from the battle, when Cap
tightens the shield strap on his arm as he readies himself to face off against Thanos
again, in the movie, the shield is broken at this point, but in the trailer we see it
still in one piece. In Infinity War, Bruce Banner wasn’t able
to summon his inner Hulk successfully; but in Endgame, during the 5-year time jump, Banner
finally comes to terms with the green guy and rather than trying to treat him as a disease,
he embraces him and becomes Professor Hulk, getting what he calls the best of both worlds. To avoid this reveal before the movie was
released, Marvel digitally removed Hulk from any scenes in the marketing materials. In this scene, where Rocket and Banner go
to New Asgard to find Thor, in the movie Professor Hulk is actually right behind Rocket as the
racoon opens the door; but in the trailer, he was digitally erased. And in this scene where War Machine meets
Ant-Man, in the movie, Professor Hulk walks into the scene; but in the TV spot, the big
green guy was removed. Another major character change that Marvel
wanted to hide pre-release was Thor’s transformation from a bicep-busting hero to an overweight,
depressed God of Thunder, or what the Internet is calling “Fat Thor”. Although Thor “went for the Mad Titan’s head”
when they found him on the “garden” planet, afterwards he fell into a deep depression,
abandoning his role as ruler of the Asgardians and instead playing video games with Miek
and Korg while eating tons of junk food and drowning his sorrows in beer. So, when Marvel presented us with shots of
Thor with his battle-ready Infinity War look in the trailers, it was a complete misdirect. For other Endgame trailer scenes, they completely
removed the Asgardian god so we wouldn’t see the overweight Thor. In this scene of the Avengers figuring out
their Time Heist plan, both Thor and Professor Hulk have been digitally erased from the shot. In a similar bit of trailer trickery, Thor
and Hulk were removed from this shot of the team walking towards the time travel machine
at the Avengers Facility. Another attempt at misdirection is how Marvel
edited this shot of Thor to make it look more like he was somewhere like Wakanda. In the movie, this scene actually takes place
after Thor killed Thanos on his farm, but in the trailer, the surrounding background
has been altered to give it a different look. There are some scenes teased in a TV spot
that were deleted from early in the movie where Captain Marvel is with the team and
they’re looking at screens of missing heroes. Carol, Steve and Rhodey are all wearing the
same clothes they had on in a scene which was in the movie where Captain Marvel proposes
going to Thanos’s ‘garden’ planet to take the infinity stones back. And there’s also a similar deleted scene from
a trailer where Banner is looking at screens of Scott Lang, Shuri, and Peter Parker who
are missing. It’s also strange that Endgame is missing
any mention of Nick Fury’s pager from the Infinity War post-credits scene. Marvel kind of addressed this by releasing
the post-credits scene from Captain Marvel’s movie just before Endgame came out. “And tell me the second you get a signal,
I wanna know who’s on the other end of that thing. Where’s Fury?” It’s surprising this post-credits scene of
Carol meeting the team wasn’t included in Endgame with some additional footage of her
learning about the snap, because the Russo Brothers have previously used post-credit
scenes from other Marvel movies in their own films. For example, the Bucky post-credits scene
from Ant-Man appeared in Captain America: Civil War. Just before the Avengers split off into teams
to visit different timelines and retrieve the Infinity Stones from the past, Cap gives
them all a pep talk and they put their hands together in a circle. For the trailers though, the time heist devices
that they’re each wearing on their gloves have been removed. By the way, suitably enough, this shot is
an easter egg to a New Avengers comic book in which Marvel’s Illuminati discuss the existence
of a multiverse and multiple parallel realities. And to avoid giving away more clues about
Endgame’s time travel, in the trailers, Marvel disguised the fact that this scene takes place
in 2012 during the Battle of New York. In the movie, Steve is wearing his blue Captain
America outfit from the first Avengers film, and not his Infinity War costume we see here. “You trust me? I do.” And the hand-shake between Tony and Steve
at the end of that clip was also cut from the final film. To avoid giving much away about the film’s
third act, Marvel made a huge number of changes to any scenes in the trailers taken from the
final battle against Thanos. In this scene of Iron Man, Cap and Thor walking
towards the Mad Titan, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir has been erased. The existence of Mjolnir in Endgame, and how
Thor acquired it by going back in time to Asgard, needed to be kept secret as, before
Endgame, the hammer was last seen in Thor: Ragnarok where Hela destroyed it. This brief clip of Hawkeye fleeing down a
burning tunnel should actually show Outriders engulfed in the flames behind him, but to
avoid revealing that, Marvel scrubbed them out of the trailer. Clint was also carrying the new gauntlet with
the Infinity Stones at this point in the film, another detail that was wiped out of the trailer. During this scene of Rocket and War Machine
assembling with Cap and the other heroes, in the movie, Giant-Man is rising up behind
them, except in the trailer he’s been removed. Captain Marvel has a couple of new haircuts
in Endgame which Rocket makes a joke about early on in the movie, but the short hairstyle
which Carol sports after the five-year time jump in the film was replaced in the trailers
with Captain Marvel’s helmet and mohawk as previously seen in her solo movie. And hair-related misdirections weren’t limited
to Captain Marvel’s role in Endgame. In this trailer clip where Nat sees Ant-Man
on the video camera arriving at the Avengers facility, she’s still got her blond bob from
Infinity War, even though it happens five years in the future. But, in the actual movie, at this point Natasha’s
hair is long, loose, and mostly red mixed with some blond. By the way, Scott’s line from the trailer
when he asks to be buzzed in was also deleted from the film. A character who never showed up in Endgame,
and who many fans missed, was Vision who Thanos killed before the snap in Infinity War. Concept art of a ghostly grey-white Vision
leaked before Endgame suggesting we might have seen the android return. Many fans had theorised Vision would return
in Endgame because when he was killed in Infinity War he was drained of his colour, a possible
allusion to the transformation of his character in the comics after he was resurrected by
Hank Pym. But even though Vision didn’t appear in Endgame,
he IS returning to the MCU with Scarlet Witch in the not-too-distant future. Another technique Marvel used to try and prevent
secrets from leaking out was by giving actors notorious for leaking spoilers only partial
scripts and then filming multiple endings. In an interview with E! News, Mark Ruffalo
revealed that he shot five different endings for the movie. “I’m like shot five different endings to this
movie. I didn’t even get a whole script to this movie. I don’t know why. The script I did get had… had dummy scenes
in it.” And I’ve got a separate video on that and
how despite all that Ruffalo still managed to accidentally leak the actual ending of
Avengers Endgame many weeks before the film was released. Tap in the top of the screen to check that
out or there’s a link in the video description. A cameo which appears to have been cut from
Endgame is by 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford who was rumoured to be playing one
of two possible characters in the movie. The first was Kate Bishop, one of the Young
Avengers in the comics who became Hawkeye at a time when Clint wasn’t around. Kate Bishop also worked with Clint for a while
after he returned, and if Langford did film something, it’s possible it was a teaser for
Hawkeye’s upcoming TV series on Disney+, which Variety says will show Clint passing the Hawkeye
mantle on to Kate Bishop. Before Endgame’s release, another rumour was
that Langford would play Tony Stark’s daughter Morgan. This doesn’t line up with the fact that Morgan
Stark was only 5 years old in Endgame, so that rumour seems unlikely unless she was
meant to appear to Tony as a vision of an older Morgan in a flash-forward or dream. When fans of the actress asked her on Instagram
what her character was supposed to be in Endgame, she simply replied with a mysterious “…” So, do you wish any of these deleted scenes
had been included in Avengers: Endgame? And what do you think about many of the scenes
in the trailers being faked or digitally edited? Comment below and be sure to subscribe to
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