2019 U-16 National Club Championship – Bronze & Gold Medal Games

[Applause] [Applause] we need to get you an umbrella man [Applause] heard your voice I swear is the last alright ago my head said anyway do I have someone working on me or alright cuz I'm polite I plug my own head sit in yeah all right I still don't monitor though [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] jeez number 23 number 25 lady arrows number 31 Isabella Tiffany number 37 Justine livery number 43 holy person Hill's number 47 Charlotte [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Pyke Pallister and Claire Ambrose this tile is in shower I would like to ask you to rise remove your hands and face the flag for the playing of our country's national anthem [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] in afternoon ladies and gentlemen welcome to a gorgeous day in Lancaster Pennsylvania for the 2019 bronze medal game of the you 16 national club championships presented by Harrow sports darrell Dobis with you here again glad to be bringing you Phil a key action here in the heart of field hockey country in the United States in the home to USA field hockey I apologize for the late jump technology always fun and the gentlemen here at Blue Ridge doing a fantastic job making sure we are ready to roll here with bronze medal action it's a fantastic save underneath and a corner is gonna be called right out of the chute it'll be an opportunity here for the light of the Saints coached by William Tyson Kalin mackovic and Jennifer Tyson and they are wearing the whites in black will be a GH field hockey club coached by Alexandra Georgia Abdullah head al Kitani Mike Pallister and Clara Ambrose who I thanked tremendously for a couple number changes just before we went on the air Nadya Irving at a Virginia Beach as most of these players for the Saints are ready to insert off to the left the drive down and other great Sperling sabor the rebound on the doorstep now we've got to go early on here with 27 and change to go here in quarter note in period number one – fantastic saves for grace Gilman nothing she could do right there and put back as you see by number 24 Riley butcher mad at Chesapeake Virginia just like that corner put back not the start agh was looking for here to say the least and the Saints with the quick 1-0 lead we saw a lot of this in the bronze and gold medal games for the 14 understood their early goals in the first and second halves in Ruby I'm doing for the vanquished see if that holds true here as a steal picked up by Peyton Wilson for the Saints and she lost it and then cut off a player from agh that looked to be Violetta franchisee about going against the Saints speaking of Violetta it's been moved on to find some help off the stick with teammate and sent the length this will be over the end line so obvious 16 coming out see Violeta insures Falls New York sophomore catch him high school there's a team scoring leader of the last couple of years almost left the field of play here and a good new one and we'll get cranked back up here to games once again today the final will be the WC Eagles at least by seeding a mild upset in Northeast elite the only two seat to make it to metal play here on the final day is driven to the circle deflected up high another save kicked away busy right there on the goal line and finally over the line of his 16th commonality as Gilman has not had a chance to make an easy save once three saves on four shots already at the goalie from New Canaan Connecticut has had to knock away Saints did pretty well they were in a tough draw you never know until the team's play it out whether you're gonna have an easy draw a tough drugs just doesn't work that way here setting up for this tournament but they ended up in a tough draw in fact Pool B they were in was the tightest of the tournament Saints with seven points pinnacle with six excalibur with four it was also the only poor where three teams had a goal differential in the plus column Saints were six and two each for Pinnacle and Excalibur Excalibur did not make the medal round if you will the semi-finals Saints defeated pinnacle which ended up being the number two out of that pool for two tied Excalibur 1-1 defeated HTC that one guaranteed the quarterfinal matchup as an aerial into a crowd he'd do that we'll go over to the black of agh got him into the quarterfinals where they defeated Central Penn local team here pretty much they were the two seed out of pool sea – – nothing and then in the semis versus Northeast the league ended up losing three – three – in a shootout as the ball deflected off an offensive snick of the Saints over the inline it's a 16 as the gentlemen back in the truck working hard trying to get the return out of my ear trying to return at the plate Devon Kinsel out of agenda beach there you see head coach Alexandre Georgia in the red hat sent up into a crowd trying to get it there was Gracie Wilkinson still fighting four thousand to call on the Saints won nothing our score two minutes into the game the Saints butcher on the corner put back right on the doorstep able to get it by grace Gilman who has been very good early on and challenged quite a bit three out of four saves and not one of them has been easy Saints seven-point goal differential score 300 teams knees before in the play gave up seven but three of those were in the postseason as he will in that shootout loss they were the first team to shoot when they went to penalty Stokes the Northeast elite was able to get three with their first four opportunities Saints will get you there goes five around fifth opportunity could not score hence the 3-2 loss three to shootout Laughlin strokes agh meanwhile did a fantastic job credit exams in Georgia with the coaching masterpiece nearly against the WC Eagles a couple days ago then the 14 News as the Eagles were a juggernaut yet they were held defensively some great goaltending including a stock on a fellow school late in the first half but could not keep the Eagles off the board ended up losing to nothing but great job by agh to come away with silver in the 14th trying to bring more hardware back here all over the end line of 16 coming out for the black of agh they wanted to feed it in pool play they weren't cool deep they'll defeat its apoyo 400 northeast elite speaking of which 2 or 1 nothing and then spork ain't nothin infected agh is the only team in pool play not to allow a goal foul against the Saints in the back – agh they had the second-best bill differential at 13 and pool play the best where the Eagles at 27 the Eagles gave up one goal you can do the math honey they scored before the 14 wonders for xxx look like without allowing the goal so the offense just fabulous we will see them in the final against North East Elite coming up and approximately 6:30 right here on Blue Ridge the game prior to ours here hi f h ck winning today's shootout over its caliber non metal bracket game agh of the care gets it to the 25 stop they're not controlled by Kinsel and stole away but over running it and getting it back and spin around a bit like Clara in Riverside the Saints that's why Lee pusher she of the goal here so far with ten minutes going to 30 minute halves ball going not yet Irving visit the agh they look the push have not had much offensive pressure here early on Weaver swept along the ground kicked away and the foul we call they're gonna call instruction actually third party obstruction will be called against agh and I believe in net we will try to get confirmation here that was Michaela Skinner Skinner out of Chesapeake Virginia given the number of double zero [Applause] [Applause] listed elsewhere on lasted wearing the $99 Jersey find out that as an error deck for eka Skinner look clear waiting for the bowl and we a sideline three hit coming in here for Katherine Nemec Darren name familiar with the new 14 s as well bunch of players for both or fall for these squads were in half today have played both you 14 and you 16 Club ball in fact one of the names just jump to mind for me here from this HGH team Sofia Fatah go Chiappa at Westport that's a foul call here on a th 14 and the 16 roster of course you can do it to you on it you don't have to be 14 just getting under you don't have to be 16 you just have to be under in fact the HGH squad that got the silver had a lot of kids on it that were two and even three years graduation years younger than some of their teammates played down Carolina yes sister up and it lost it and foul going to get get instruction and push on Nemec it's gonna allow a chance here for instance Schwartz to play it up committee gets it into the circle fighting and getting the foul will be Alexander Gordon there you see raised Gilman and just right there a little obstruction maybe off the foot of Charlotte Casiraghi so the Saints who are already out or one for one on corners I'm trying to make it to four – here is 117 to go in the first half of the saints one nothing lead and already we've got an early start here by a member of agh and they will have to be sent out to midfield that's Carol endemic so they're gonna play one short here initially is a drive right from the top that goes wide as a challenge from Zoe Eliot's helps force it wide then kids along the drive just sent it widening opportunity missed has instead of four defenders in the goalie in the cage it was three four agh to start that off and they could not capitalize so break goes to agh reset here playing rolling ball here officials still resent chancellor substitution emily tomorrow at virginia beach checking in so replace nadia irving for the saints dr deflected played down agh finding a little bit of room miss Dana Ferrario paddock Bostick got it back with some hunt gives it to the lady who helped her in the floral Eleni Ambrose and Ambrose gets fouled Ambrose will restart to the offensive 25 aagh does a foul play allowed to continue and then stopped the instruction call will be made as we near the midway point here of the first half and they'll set this one up just try to circle about 18 yards out that make sure it goes 5 something else touches it so let's have happened here the foul will be called you given up our up another opportunity Cathleen emic to reset it down the outside on the end line no foul ball still loose but now well the foul well the corner pressure there from agh finally producing something that might turn into office and call the play hopefully that'll tie things up for right there you got we'll stick interference twice and then actually off the leg there look like a 10-day so agh opportunity for their first corner here still wait and see a long time you get this pretty eyes are not deceiving me it looks like that's mainly Ambrose that will set it up 25 – up top set up solo set in deflected still loose still in the circle trying to clear it out it is criteria over and not only that we're gonna get a foul construction call so still no shots on goal for agh it folks a lot of fun telling you about all the great ladies that have played in real plays we have the 19's coming up July 14th through the 16th ladies here at Blue Ridge will do the video I'll do the audio for that one as well only the top 16 the 14 16 and 19 girls teams from the regional championships represented by an arrow spokesman earned a ticket to the NCC's presented by Herald 20 club team each division eventually will claim the highly coveted title national club championship champions and receive the globe our sports field hockey stick national championship was an ideal opportunity for club events each other highly competitive atmosphere and coincides with the USA feel donkeys mission I'm throwing playing opportunities and the game of field hockey in the US when she could visit Paris Portero Team USA it's not working all your field hockey information how to be an official how to get a team set up a team you name it wolves even replay the song the other day off of youtube he plays from the new 14 bronze and gold medal games Suffolk Virginia she will restart the offense just go with it trying to insert a circle play a lot of continuing over went off the foot as an HGH player in a fishbowl here I'll take the will see website he's gonna get fired for the infraction with over there you see Jersey John matter just Oh Western Branch she would be seized about you they say all eyes on Lima in 2019 pan-american games ed to Peru into this month of running Midway grace Gilman cleared off the porch by Carolyn mimic leaning left sticking and out to the right that right leg fortunately no one over there except Nemec to knock it right now this isn't Russell pressure that has been put offensively here by the Saints 1050 clock continues to run highly buscher alone goal off the corner now in this plate Charlie get to it out of a reach we start on the sidelines for John and I'm gonna say a five-yard violation as we said anything under that first time you see it here when they go to a wide shot right there that line to your left that's a 25-yard line any offensive play going in so she knew starting has carried five somebody's got to touch it the four goes in that circle hence the reason why agh had an opportunity to play it out which they will do dodging one player and streaking down the right side was Ambrose Ambrose tries the center and had someone cutting right in front of goal just could not get it there look like Nadya are being able to clear the front porch look like almost a three-on-one developing with one fly or left alone in on goal keeper Michaela Skinner still no shots on goal for agh at least now some offensive pressure here is it get in there half Katherine Nemec starts it with some help they'll swing it around to the left side and Chazy spins tries to send it deflected cleared but not out and back in possession of agh Charlotte a black out of New York mostly Connecticut on this squad from agh a few from New York I believe on the 14 you team the goalie and one other player the only New York residents from the squad everybody else from Connecticut cappen Nene I believe was the last name at the double check that Golia played very well for agh in that gold medal game they just could not come away with the win over the juggernaut that is the WC Eagles it's a good job knocking a ball out of the way not allowing a rush down the sideline and the sideline reenter here for the Saints good aerial into open space no one touched it so a 16 coming back out officials all over that one that aerial has got to land either one person or an open space done well they're just no one there to help out for the Saints Charlotte Catholic will set it up and has to go where it went out and we'll go great pass got it through four different Saints up to Namak Carroll endemic to the left wing Delphina Gonzales Lobo one-on-one spins tries to send the circle no one there but the defense that swept away well so it's seven and a half to go here sideline free hit coming up for agh strolling away controlled by Wilson of the Saints and she'll try to take it on the back hand on that left side and does with a little bit of help continue to push looking for a flyer there on that three-ball nothing there now went out of the sidelines and they're gonna say touched last by agh so a chance here for the Saints to set up inside their offensive 25 hey Alexandra Gordon out of Virginia Beach waiting for the ball have to wait a little bit longer didn't come to her centered no one there except the black shirt of Caroline Nemec and then brought out a good job a little bit of a bump there by Emily tomorrow play allowed to continue and then a little more obstruction in there thrown by nadya Irving keeping it is agh sending it in hard goes off the stick of Malory lamb and over the end line so it'll be a 25-yard hit coming in here for a gh down one nothing two minutes into the game you're a brilliant saved by grace Gilman unfortunately went right onto the stick of reilly butcher hard drive and went off the foot of olivia tomorrow yes sister up Emily freshman starter for the 2018 state champions from Cox high school sent over the sideline you know the Saints want to score more goals I'd like to get some more offense going but right now they don't need another one play solid defense and rest should take care of itself on the end line shy of a circle in a triple team it's good defense but it's tough not to play without fouling triple team in such a tight area just no room trying to sweep it out initially was Gordon couldn't teammate did so we'll start with a sideline restart and press are coming up here being forced to swing at left side Charlotte Casiraghi did be a little French AZ he's stuck in a double-team in that left alley good job by her good job by the defense still holding it great stick work defense just as good here and the foul we call an obstruction call just not much man chazy could do on that one did everything she could defense very strong there for the Saints that's the midfield it goes eh-eh will control they seem to be more under control here in the second part of this first half got a little more pressure there on their offensive end but the Saints still have pretty much handled this game well and their offensive half as Gordon will check in with checkout scuse me Haley phago will come back into play here for the Saints top team out of Pool B only blemish was a tie to xcalibur isn't that much of a blemish there's still paint they're still into the playoffs where they eventually lost the Northeast elite and off the stick Fargo and it'll be a GHS ball here with three and a half to play there you see viola and Haley hey Liam the white number 44 the Saints and the restart on the sixteen by Casiraghi foul call destruction on Ali Barnett down that right wing and then over the end line they're gonna say touch last bye agh so the Saints with an opportunity here maybe put some pressure on haven't had any a little bit shots though five to zero in favor of the Saints goaltender grace Gilman has been brilliant for agh just the one put back on the penalty corner the only goal so far here Devan Kinsel trying to play it up does but lost it give and go right circle trying to hammer it into the circle no one touched it except agh they drove it over the end line it's 16 coming out this is the bronze medal game here in the 2019 you 16 national club championships presented by Harrow sports 6:30 WC Eagles northeast elite will play for the gold hope you will stick around for that one along with the futures these are some of the stars of tomorrow in the women's game one day you might be able to say I remember when Riley butcher was scoring goals in the National Club Championship and then she's doing it for Team USA you never know these ladies are noticed well prior to this between invites to tryout for the Junior Olympics and national indoor teams national futures many of these ladies have already been noticed to some extent some habit this is a chance to make themselves known and of course after all the hard work to get to a medal game the last thing you want is to go home without anything so God expect the second half is going to be pretty intensely played final 20 seconds just got to make sure if you're agh that you play this cleanly good pass there's V 11 just looking to kill time right now does the coach is urging not much you can do here full field with 20 seconds left so it looks like they're just trying to kill it and a foul there and that will kill the last couple seconds here we are through 30 minutes from a spooky nook Sports Complex in the 2019 you 16th bronze medal game now the national club championships Riley Busch shirt penalty corner has the Saints up one nothing I am obsessed with my new stick it is me and a stick form truly so it feels really good to be able to play with something that I love Arijit amazing job with all the graphics exactly how I wanted it so I'm very excited embracing and celebrating my game face I'm a club administrator and a parent I umpire and play I run a club and play I tear on Team USA field hockey it's for everyone all nationalities and all zip codes everywhere in all formats on dirt or grass all hockey is good hockey we believe and be safe to play and learn encouraging participation 18 skills to live life well active in the joy of competition the joy of play we believe in the value of teamwork there's nothing like being a part of a team finding a place to be yourself enduring the losses and celebrating the victory developing and forming unbreakable bonds from place we believe the game is the field hockey forever it's our game love the game [Applause] sun-bleached day here at the spooky new complex in Lancaster Pennsylvania just off route 283 the heart of field hockey in Pennsylvania in the United States there's a look at the dome some of the games are played the rest right here on the main pitch and the Saints one to nothing thanks to a bush shirt put back on a penalty corner that is Riley Busch shirt right there that however is Gracie Wilkerson jr. at Brooke point two times scoring leader actually a school record of 24 goals last season mentor remember the last two years of the National Futures won a silver this year in the you for teens these ladies play a lot of field hockey you don't just some are multiple sport athletes where many this is dedication and they do it very very well agh looking at I things up they are in the black they're going left to right in front of us Saints on defense and the white tops if we have a tie through two full halves we'll go to a 5v5 shootout what a mistake there save on the end line by Tamara flipped in front redirect looked like there was contact no called airplay lie to continue coming out hard to knock it away is Skinner well the reverse stick and actually that is not Skinner that coming out is the second goalie on the squad there's the contact play allowed to continue and you see Polly Parsons Hills trying to get it on goal and the cat Catherine Daniels coming out that'll be the first save first shot for agh so Catherine Daniels at a Catholic High School didn't start her since she was a sophomore which was last year he's going to be called here after an obstruction call and Gracie Wilkinson she is being tasked with keeping this one nil lead for the Saints as it looks like Lille Schoonmaker first time we've gotten to call her name Chappaqua New York the Ford out of Horace Greeley High School where she'll enter her junior year they didn't score both years as a varsity star even Allstate sets it up drives too high and at first drive off of a corner unless it's deflected it's got to be 18 the whole way which is too high to that board you see on the right corner behind the goaltender Daniels it wasn't corner goes awry agh now over to these ladies have played a lot of field hockey to figure all the other tournaments they've played in the regionals they played in two Kent here high school seasons again another corner coming up to that stick interference at the top of the circle you said some of these ladies have played in the you 14s as well as you 16 some of if Clayton were invites to the futures championship and there's a breakdown foul or you even if they didn't get that one you had it off the foot of a player right in front – so HGH here out of the blocks trying to do what the Saints did that score early off a penalty corner they missed on their first one here and now they'll send Lanie Ambrose to insert to the right of the goal keeper comes out up top passed back down to work on that wing nowhere to shoot still looking still looking it's back out of the circle corner criteria is off a g8 still with it this is franchisee franchisee around a double a triple team her backhand goes off the foot of a Saints player carried in on the restart shot deflected and then cleared over the sideline maybe a sideline in here for oh they're gonna say it actually went off the stick of agh I thought that was sent out actually by the Saints official saw otherwise so that's what we're going with in the bronze medal on the line both these squads played at two o'clock this afternoon in the semi-finals Saints were out here with northeast elite where they lost 3-2 in a shootout on strokes 3-2 overall agh is that reverse chip let them go airborne and over the in line is 16 come in for agh agh losing to nothing to WC Eagles scored 15 goals so at the entire tournament just two in the postseason and all three of the goals they allowed have been here in the playoffs if she will it be new heights the second scene I the eight pool two to one in the quarters and then of course at two oh lost to the Eagles earlier in the semis and it's the bouncing ball knocked down by nadya Erving 12 out agh an opportunity to play it which they do but it's stolen away tomorrow Emily tomorrow spins gets it up to a teammate Kinley koch tried to send it up and got it stolen away that comes AG agent good three lady game right there into the circle trying to pass it in it goes off the foot of Riley butcher great passing right there by agh – move it downfield and get another opportunity here it's their fourth corner third here in the first six minutes of the second half there you saw Delfina gonzales Lobo number 63 driving it down trying to center it had someone coming looks like 43 that's probably Parsons Hills so a lot of hyphenated names right there on that play now an opportunity for Schoonmaker and her mates to try to tie this one up swept the Fleck to go we're tied and it looks like the lady who drew the foul is the one that will get the goal Delfina guns out as a Lobo out of Old Greenwich on a great deflection and nothing right there cat could do about it that is well executed swept low deflected high no danger County now trying to pressure right back is agh and immediately about 20 seconds after the goal they're going to get their own corner so Gonzales low bow ties it up and now they're gonna have to keep them off the board here is there you see the ball swept over the end line Michelle Prairie Oh in goal now for a GH has not seen a shot yet good chance she's gonna see one here after the insert from naughty Erving one up top holds gives it up trying to push it smothered that one took a little too long cleared not out sticks hooked and foul will be called on the Saints so a good job right there Saints now Oh for one and a half one for three on corners for the game that's how we have both our goals that is why we are tied at 1-1 and nothing Daniels could do on that redirect it was late quick and high only that Daniels trying to fight the Sun over here is it's setting all the way to our left she is looking right into it subs coming in will seek Mallory Lam checking in for Emily tomorrow for the white of the Saints and we'll get Zoe you laid us and we'll start things up here on the free hit smother to the 25 they're gonna say it was stopped by a foot not a stick of the Saints and a free hit coming up for agh again if we are tied to regulation no overtime they go right to shootout it's the new shootout it isn't setting up like a penalty stroke so new international one you start the 25 and you got leave it's 10 seconds as many shots as you can on goal or until it goes in or it's just flat-out to stopped over a line good two-player game right there here Gonzales Lobo and tight now one knocked away great job by Daniel's a standard round beautiful offensive rush there Gonzales Lobo just could not get it past Daniels as a pass smothered fantastic job right on that end line by Mallory lamb of the Saints and a quick restart here for Catherine Nemec Lobos miss hit off the body of a saint player but outside the circle and they'll reset it agh seems to have found their legs here in the second half things started to improve is that first half went along second half has definitely been pretty much all agh as they have tied things up straight rush right there by Charlotte Cadillac but right into a triple team back the other way comes agh touched on near the sideline just over the sideline there I was Andrew Gordon a little too much mustard on that one as an aerial well-played Lobo couldn't handle those it bounced over our stick ping-pong surround and a foul will be called here on Olivia tomorrow of the Saints and a restart and for endemic and agh driven into the circle into the cage but no one touched it for a GH in the circle a 16 coming out 18 and a half to go here in regulation good passing to get up that left wing is here comes Gordon Gordon trying to outrun the latest latest able to outrun her and get it off to the left wing or the right wing excuse me up the alley and down the outside looking for a runner hustling after trying to get to a Polly Parsons hell's over the end line boy what a great transition right there by H eh just could not connect there at the end it was Parsons Hills that set things up for the corner that led to the Gonzalez Lobo tying goal as we had a stoppage of the clock here officials thought that a GH needed a timeout after finding out that was not necessary we're back to action clearing attempt knocked down by agh back into their offensive 25 still carrying looking to dry shot that one redirected popped up in the air and then cleared out hops over a couple sticks hustling after it to get it will be Koch and Koch will send it up looking for teammates strolling away however by a black and then Cadillac is fouled as she got bumped by O'Reilly Wharton out of Chesapeake last year first team all southeast district was wall orton on a western branch or she'll be a sophomore this year participated in the last two years prior to this one in the u14 NCC's it's again sent over the unlined daniels lets it go and the sixteen coming out there you see the cat Catherine Daniels then started last year as a sophomore at Catholic High School a lot of Virginia Beach players all Virginia squad here the Saints and many of them from Virginia Beach not a bad place to live sent across everyone missing it able to get back to it was franchisee and chasey tries to get it tuned down at Carolina Nemec in the circle spins once the drive can't do it now we'll load deflected and getting a stick on it fortunately missing white of the cage Nadya Irving if that found its way top-left corner and in the goal that would have been a goal because the shot was taken inside the circle so break there for the Saints as its sent in low not touch over the inline and a 16 coming out for the Saints except for one really good rush they've been back on their heels a little bit here in the half and a half tied at one butcher for the Saints two minutes into the game putback all alone on a penalty corner they have the Saints to 1o lead with a gonzalez lobo with a redirect off of a shot on a penalty corner tying it up at one that coming less than seven minutes into this half as we come to a halfway point the miss plane Daniels has to play it mistake ends up costing the Saints here is agh hustling to get the restart on a sideline hit inside their own 25 carrying to the center good pass hopping over sticks finally trying to clear it out of harm's way was butcher and she'll send it over the sideline it will stay with P Ambrose and agh Ambrose will restart stays in that alley good dodge right there another good dodge and even better tackle right there to stop at Devon Kinsel and once again playing desperate defense but kind of scramble defense here right now are the Saints as it's driven into the circle stepping up to cut it off his butcher butcher tried to clear big swing got nothing redirect popped up in the air on the second attempt Carroll endemic with it Nemec will bring it over right by our tent that'll be Catherine demyx sister-to-sister she gets bumped Catherine with a dodge good pass inside the circle and they're gonna stay played with the wrong side of the stick they're trying to redirect it was agh-agh here in this event the u16 placing sixth last year as a bad aerial there by the Saints will give agh the ball back so regardless this is definitely an improvement from last year though agh would like to come away with a medal Lobo sends it and they'll say deflect it just a little bit by Mallory lamb of the Saints so at 25 coming in looking off to her off Gracie Wilkerson looking like she wants to check back in for the Saints 13 minutes clock continues to run here gold it's gonna be bronze medal game 2019 you 16 national club championships was ended by Harrow sports foul on agh again 6:30 the scheduled start time for the gold medal match northeast elite WC Eagles the Eagles have been the gold standard here since this tournament began in 2011 as a great dodge but Schoonmaker could not quite control it 16 coming out WC Eagles kind of apologize when you say Westchester should've known better Daryl world-class and that's what they've been around here since 2011 when this started all three age groups have made every tournament and won every tournament whether you four teens have been now eight time champions I believe memory serves me but they have sent a team to this tournament in each age bracket every year that this has been played they're the only team to have done that they are basically the New England Patriots of the NCC's and on that comment I apologize to all AFC East football fans other than the Patriots and anybody that has lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl but they are just a dominant dominant program with a coaching staff that it's hard to rival one team USA men's team player and his parents who were both internationally recognized field hockey officials Cantwell family definitely knows what they're doing when it comes to field hockey so there's a combination that is hard to beat and see if Italy has what it takes there's the pass to the far right side of that scoring circle goes wide and will go over the end line there you see Holly Fogg Oh number 40 ten minutes left to go regulation who's got the gold and go on their stick will it come in regulation will it come in a shootout good dodge foul and tough one there on agh trying to break a double team foul called on them driven towards the circle stopped right about 25-yard line attempted pass up feeling off a couple sticks still knocked around and they're gonna give the foul against the Saints is Katherine Nemec Sacred Heart Greenwich she was got knocked in the noggin with that one she would be a freshman this year her sister will be a sophomore that should be a pretty good team that Caroline's going to Oahu Cavalier from the University of Virginia a couple of years to go there a couple more things to do including trying to get bronze here with our sister bang will pass that one stolen away a by tomorrow Emily tomorrow gets it up good dodge right there to get free by Wilson Wilson to the outside trying to send it in front swept out of harm's way by Charlotte Casiraghi foul called a bump and I think we might get a card you're gonna get a card are we gonna get just a wave up nup just gonna wave up to place the ball here so no card against agh chance here for the Saints trying to send it in from a distance get stopped redirected bodies go flying after it good job defensively to cut down that spin move thereby agh and they will look to transition look like a foul there and the officials right on top of it and coach is not liking the fact that trying to hustle on the restart list Lanie Ambrose but it's cuz you can restart supposed to make sure the ball is not rolling a lot officials have that as a gray area as to what rolling means that these are some of the best so they're gonna want you to come to a stop here not stopping right now is agh good enter into the circle chance here Kat dales shots guard Lanie Ambrose got fouled and now it gets the go-ahead goal nothing right there that Kat Daniels could do and agh was something I have to play with a 2-1 lead great dodge Daniels had to commit there was no one there the defense broke down and I believe that was Lobo that ended up getting the pass to her and a wide open cage there yawning for Laney Ambrose so Lobo with a goal and assist Ambrose right now with the go-ahead goal with seven minutes left and agh with the 2-1 lead but here come the Saints top of the circle pushed in front still loose and a corner will be called here when I believe is an obstruction on agh you see Riley Willerton creating the problems for the Saints fourth corner second of the half first one got a goal great pass through a double-team and actually she the neck of the offense went off the leg at the advancing call against agh but she was right there so I think right now agh we'll take that 6:11 ago big defensive stop here to the top of the circle back to the left wing drive shot deflected wide and not touched by agh off the Saints it'll be agh for a 16 there you saw knotty Irving trying to get that into the back of the cage and there you see the lady show Ferrario and line for the wind trying to make sure that one gold lead holds up here for the final 540 so now how does Alexandra George and his ladies play this did they attack or do they stand tall defensively shipped by tomorrow good thought went too long able to chase it down as Polly parson Hills so much for laying back and playing defense as they are pushing as Schoonmaker had it go bouncing off her stick and over the end line you see goon Locker from chopper claw that was Parsons Hills for you Kanan good job cutting off that pass stick foul called thereon agh after only tomorrow stole that pass great step up by her 4:45 to go still plenty of time but the attacks have been few and far between here for the Saints things look great first 15 minutes or so and then agh started to get their footing a little bit start to create a little more pressure and then turn things around here in the second half where it's been primarily them sideline Ariel well played without fall here on the Saints the aerial again trying to get a runner right in front of us is Lobo going after two pair of threes they're 63 and 53 and 53 win that one Nadya Irving before the Saints will let it go over the end line as they tried to get Lobo on a flyer their clock continues to the roll and now we are pulling out Kat Danielson and we have basically gone without a goalie you will not see this in high school play but basically like ice hockey you have just pulled the goalie William Tyson taking his chances going 12 on 11 it's technically 11 on 10 put the goalie on the other end and then the foul off the body of the Saints back to get it so we Ellie AIDS he's just gonna hustle but not too much there's a clock continues to tick tick tick to tick down to three minutes time is on the side of agh great pass between the legs and then knock down up that right side trying to drive it up there was Nemec but stolen away a by tomorrow tomorrow sends it up into a double team foul as they're gonna give Kisaragi Valley Wilson Saints will keep possession quick restart here for Kensal pass goes through the legs and over the sticks of everybody all the way down over the end line and more precious time ticking off the clock here for the Saints Ambrose from Lobo that's the difference a great dodge by Ambrose and not a thing Daniels could have done about it for the Saints as Ambrose was left all alone and just sanding at the length here again more precious time kind of an intentional non-intentional delay 145 more running here for the Saints and now they've got to go a good 75 yards to try to get a goal cut off though right at midfield on that long stretch pass still holding his agh trying to pass it up to lobo found by lobo quick restart here by Emily tomorrow tomorrow long diagonal that one mystics able to be stolen away by agh finding the sideline good save there on the sideline battle for it great spin by Ambrose Ambrose still with it nice tackle initially there by tomorrow even better a job by Ambrose Lobo up the right side with an empty cage goes off a body play allowed to continue then goes off of Lobo and the quick restart here for the Saints under a minute to go do they have one last push butcher with the lone goal trying to get it up on the run too far go phago inside the circle trying to control it gets bumped no call they're going to say over the end line and it'll be a free hit coming up from 16 for a GH with 30 seconds left and again hustling but doing it slowly here agh the time is in their favor looking just the Senate the length stopped however about 35 yards out driven back in by the Saints foul on agh 12 seconds left they're hustling to get the ball here and hugs and root Georgia's got his hands on his face his hands in his hair hoping they can hold on for the final four into the circle driven to high dangerous play no corner will come and no chance to play it out again for the Saints says agh with a tremendous second half Gonzales Lobo on a redirect of a penalty quarter tied at 7 minutes in and then with seven and a half to play the golden goal by Laney Ambrose and she'll take the bronze back to Staples Westport High School got a championship medal state championship and now she's got a bronze here at the u16 NCC's thanks to a 2-1 win congratulations to both teams agh your winner in the bronze medal game of the 2019 u16 Club Championship presented by arrow sports [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] your voice I swear the last you one more hour two more medals one more game that is all that is left here in the 2019 you 16 national Club Championship presented by Harrow here at spooky nook Sports Complex in Lancaster Pennsylvania is northeast elite highest finish they have ever had regardless of the outcome today we'll take on the W C Eagles looking for just another first-place finish Daryl dough is back with you here as well as the great crew from Blue Ridge Sports glad you have us once again for some great USA Hockey there you see Jim Cantwell and the WC Eagles North East elite and we're glad you were watching and calling us out on things and thanks to all the people listening in letting us know well we're human and goofed it this WC Eagles team world class not Westchester our apologies and Mia culpa from me should have known better net especially since I have seen part of this coaching staff up close and personal a few years back the crew right they're here for North East elite writing to come out WC Eagles being let out by their starting goaltender Paige kept there she is right there wearing number 88 and number 84 Katherine women will lead out her mates for northeast elite to camp while the head coach for WC Eagles I had the pleasure of seeing her son jaja he's also on the staff with the squad along with guy Catherine and Richard Kent well her husband pleasure of calling a game for Wyoming seminary and the P I double a believe they were one at the time I don't remember it was one or two but a state title game sorry sha sha with a goal jaja still a member of the men's national team here with us a field hockey so obviously he is a busy young man helping these ladies as well as trying to help team u-s-a WC Eagles in the blue as a shot just wide doing the splits there was Catherine Wimmer and C Zico just passed the post to her left the Bruin blue and gold if you will UCLA Bruins of blue and gold they're right there for the WC Eagles and the white snow for Northeast as North East trying to get out of their defensive zone going left to right below us attack right there even better stick work to get free and clear by Abigail is it see me trying to come up off the foot Polk rose and actually they're gonna say the foul is against Northeast elite so a chance here Elizabeth Yeager and her mates to try to get it up field losing it and threw a little bit of puddling here as the water starts to settle all those water cannons preparing this field for this contest hot windy day here in Lancaster transitioning pretty well here right now Ashley Sesa able to track down the ball on the right sideline dodges to the inside still moving the end of the circle well drive shot deflected on goal rebound that was deflected that one knocked away by Wimmer as well Wimmer to Point Blank saves right there great drive from 16 deflected in tight another one right there on the doorstep on the reverse stick and she turns away both of them that first one even more dangerous those two redirects for any goalkeeper in any sport always the most difficult save as a drive that one with a left Pat save and a shooting gallery here early for Wimmer she said one go wide and three right on her body nothing has gotten through to this point it's two and a half going by here in the opening half of this championship game Eagles great maneuvering and great Drake to the point of a corner call made by Holly Coates far side official your table official today Jerry Lucas that is not Jerry Lucas that's Maci white out of Sandwich Massachusetts Mitty sandwich high school Farsi starter back in 2016 as an 8th grader some states allowing that some levels of play P I double a here the primary body in the state of Pennsylvania does not though independence some of them do play that way these Eagles insert up top and leave we had an early entry here by a member of the Eagles and they did and so the Eagles will send one of their players back to midfield will Steven catch a number on that number seventeen that's Ashley sessom got caught infiltrating the circle a little early set up dragged along the ground go past the left leg of Wimmer on the penalty corner four minutes in and WC with the first goal I believe there was a deflection unsure if there was a touch if not I believe the goal goes to Elizabeth Jaeger so the last thing you want to do is give up early goals here to the Eagles and that's what's happened in northeast is they find themselves down in a one-nothing hole early as the Eagle stealing a long pass losing it though is Yeager had it picked off down in transition the other way inside the offense of 25 dodging is Ashley Hart Park in the circle sends it along right in front of the goal mouth it goes wide and over the end line great rush right in front of your keeper there Paige kept out of Newtown Square there's actually Hart the lady who had that rush quick little half field transition a good response they're buying Northeast even though they didn't score showing that they have the ability to get down on the Eagles holding holding Macy zookas Lucas heading to Duke heading the other way as Adams Adams trying to get a runner down the right side that was Isabella Del Negro unable to reach it Ashley zookas last year second team or Allstate second time in the PA Issa championship she scored two goals in the title game to force overtime for the win as a shot that one driven wide and I believed touched last by northeast so a 25 coming in big wind and the drive and I believe they're gonna say touched last there by Abigail's to Cheney said no save the angle Eagles mounting pressure again foul we'll give it back to the Eagles Eagles have finished 1st every year since 2013 in the current format of the NCC's their region region five as you would expect number one they've finished as we mentioned in the 14s and in our bronze medal game congratulations – agh on the victory – one comeback win over the Saints every age group at every level since this tournament started in 2011 for WC Eagles has made it to the NCC s no other team can say that as we've also said while there's a lot of great coaching going on at least experience and knowledge of the game may not be topped by anybody other than this WC Eagle staff men's team USA player and two internationally recognized fischels in Richard and Jun Kent welcome a lot of knowledge being given to the ladies of WC Eagles makes them formidable every year and this year has been no different 39 goals they've scored 3 they've given up although two of them were in the postseason to whom were a pinnacle second team at approved B in the quarters 9 2 the other gold spear to USA in a 5-1 win to finish out playing pool see where they went 3 and a foul here defensively by the Eagles Riley heck from the foul up the left side of the sideline off the Eagles quick restart here for elite second team out of Pool D and if you go by seeding they are the upset winner out of all this good to steal right at the 25 trying to split the defense was hard ball still loose good job one-handed of pushed out of the way there by Moran ski up the left side it goes to click it click it nobody marking her Madeleine's the cheney trying to catch up to her push down farther to that end line ashley Sesa flips it to herself flips it again up in the air batted down and wide good flipping from the gold cage that would have counted if it went in but that aerial batted wide catching her breath there is Catherine Wimmer Phillips Andover folks Academy Andover should be a junior this year two times starter great dodge right there that wet turf creating a little slippage great tap up Wimmer tried to get to it batted just why do we write there's a two time started and made the Class A finals in Massachusetts and any PSAC Class A finals in 17 champs and the number one team in the New England region in 18 driven deep stolen away though by Kelly Smith and a downing challenge isn't too far away from here fall off the lakes of Madeline zucchini but restart here by Yeager and the Eagles two players go after contact no call ball swept on the grounds gonna stay just inside the end line driven by Abigail zuccini in yes sisters stolen away by the Eagles at the 25 cent in good look and they're gonna say touch last by the Eagles 19 minutes left to go here Yeager on a penalty corner making it one nothing for the blue and yellow of the Eagles in tight reverse Drive that went wide high and right into some bodies so it's gonna be northeast ball on a free hit as am eduardo check out real quick be replaced by sage for Karski Concord Massachusetts Middlesex school freshman this coming school year sorry for you kids listening yes I said school some are still going on but school will be here before Fiat know it I know my boys don't want to hear it hit backhand pass into the circle reverse chip that one right through the legs and ago not a hard hit shop at a well-placed shot went five hole on Wimmer and 1810 it is now 2 to nothing in favor of the Eagles that backhand that reverse that reverse chip whichever you want to call it and if I saw the number correctly may see zookas with the goal on that one yellow numbers and a bright bright sun right in your face make it very tough to see as a giveaway chance here again for another one capitalized in a goal less than a minute later and nothing Wimmer could do on that one and it is three to nothing Eagles that one to hope Rose right there nice Dodge Wimmer had to commit no one came at rose and Rose finds the 18 in the back of the cage so goals roughly 50 seconds apart here have the Eagles on top three nothing and looking for more as a foul in the circle will give them a corner where they have already capitalized on their lone opportunity and right there getting a hand and a stick on it on a good move by Riley heck as Eagles break their huddle there you see elite needing a stop Wimmer was outstanding stopping three on goal early she has had trouble in the last few is another driving circle that one deflected and they're gonna say off the body I believe of an elite player and that'll result in a continuation on this corner there's the driving right there off the body right there look at you off the leg off of one of the defenders no card but the corner will continue after the drive by Kelly Smith and my guess is that was low enough initially or maybe deflected initially because that was an initial Drive on the first 18 as the kick saved not good enough swept along the ground another goal here on a corner and the Eagles are rolling 15 16 the time of the goal four to nothing Eagles beautifully done Wimmer got a piece of it unable to catch the number on who took the shot but it is a penalty corner it is another goal and the WC Eagles well out in front for nothing this is not that unusual for this squad they defeated a pretty good Central Penn team 15 nothing in the opening round a full see play and then I f8 c k8 nothing this team knows how to score goals 28 of them in pool play their lowest output was against agh in the semies to nothing as an air dribble foul call drawn by Adams and over for Northeast elite up quickly to M a peck peck tried to get it down that left alley to Del Negro but too far for her Wimmer is in a shooting gallery she's already had seven shots put on caged but she's had a couple more that have gone wide mid-air shot low you name it she has seen a lot of action here in barely the first half and the last second change here we'll give the ball back to the Eagles Carolyn O'Brien out of devon PA will drive defense coming back the Karski to slow that one up sticks collide ball loose Yeager gets it Yeager trying to send it deep back line able to stop it here for Northeast ball knocked away here comes O'Brien again O'Brien chasing it down near the left alley sweeps along the ground but raised it in that reverse that reverse chip got a control it did not so it goes to Northeast elite northeast elite if you want had to play a couple bracket winners which would make them the underdog technically is a shot deflected that one wide to the left of Wimmer they did them both by three two scores they took care of freedom champion a pool a 3-2 and then the 3-2 win over the Saints in the semis right here on this turf had to go to a shootout where the Saints went first through four rounds and will get a stop it to play here in the substitution we're gonna get a goalie change is Ellie Todd out of Wellesley Massachusetts will replace Katherine Wimmer Ellie Todd Safa more upcoming at the river school top 100 player to watch it's been a varsity starter since eighth grade so remember the AAU Junior Olympic squad so Wimmer see seven shots and stops three now it'll be up to tied to face a shooting gallery but in that semi-final game first four rounds northeast scored three times Saints scored twice Saints on their fifth and final stopped which ended the game 3-2 in the shootout 3-2 overall there's a long pass good chance out of the reach of sage Piekarski restart from the sideline here for the Eagles IO dakari Oh gives it up to Macy zookas stolen away by is it Cheney and then trying to play it white gets fouled good one touch passing right there to get it to Piekarski Piekarski trying to dodge holding her ground was Megan Moran ski baranski drives it up that left side controlling assassin foul from behind here and that one's gonna draw a card here and they are going to get Maci white it will be a green she'll be a two-minute green card for tackle opportunity continues here for the Eagles although they get stolen away just getting inside the circle trying to control it out will be Adams whistle didn't blow everyone thought there was a foul play continues northeast trying to dodge Ashley Hart up the left wing gives it up now as Adams tried to send it in the circle it's carried in good rush here by Del Negro and her mates inside the circle sent in front that one knocked down and swept out and then off the leg of a member of Northeast elite good defense by that backline to get rid of it for WC coming up on near the end of that actually halfway through that two-minute penalty heart sends it left side skips over the stick of Emma Peck maybe hope Delaney on a Radner who will play it off the sideline here for the Eagles as we'll see Kelly Smith reenter replacing my dakari oh good dodge right there by Sesa clearing Piekarski gives it up left wing in the circle hit off a body corner coming two for two on corners or the Eagles looking for the hat trick eight minutes left here in the first half Jager Zucca Sandro's leading the way is that stick interference there on Abbas Abigail zucchini here you see the number 30 at Kelly Smith behind her number 16 it Macy zookas Lucas going to Duke pass up top driven shot that one kicked aside but it went off a foot after the initial save of an elite player and will reset some tide great job with the ref left leg check that right leg actually it never even got in on her hit a body in front no credit for a safe when we set the corner and we had an early start here second time that our official on that side Hawley coach has caught somebody on an early entry and it is an eagle again caught early and it's essa who is sent back again the offense violates you just send him out you can actually replace them defense you send him out can't replace him drive deflected right at the point of attack good job smothering it bodies collide no contact good no call there is a drive that one touched by northeast and finally a stop on a corner as Amy Lana wet out of Windham High School in Windham New Hampshire in on the defense number one freshman New Hampshire 2018 for Lana wet as the subs continue to roll in outcome zookas in runs Yeager for the Eagles we burst in on goal kicked away that one's a save for Ellie Todd great shot down low better save and a 25 coming in there's that reverse coming in on goal safely and there's a beautiful job by Todd to knock it away and now a foul will be calling to think we're going to get a card here and we will and I believe the card is going on assess it it's a two-minute green it's about 5:11 mark so northeast can score as many as they can here in two minutes if they can manage they have yet to get a shot on goal here against the Eagles and are not right now McVeigh Atlanta McFate left side trying to get it to Hope Rose good defense there by Lana wet and then she gets fouled and the quick restart down that right side and no way to get it for Hannah med or so the Eagles will replay back in their defensive half and switch fields is saying earlier my apologize to the families of those goal scorers early with the team that's sign in those gold numerals between their color and design very difficult to try to pick up who actually got the goal on even with the great camera work being provided here by the boys from Blue Ridge 11 four minutes left to go here it has been all Eagles just a couple little rushes here by northeast but they have been on an onslaught under an onslaught ever since the beginning and some pushing there and it's gonna go against the Eagles good call right there by holly coats a little too much physical play by the Eagles on that one free hit coming up to elite they'll go Ariel consider clean but played down and controlled here by med wark med work through three different eagles pressure coming from behind maybe touched on a tackle from the back and they will say there was a touch I believe it was Riley heck out of Berlin New Jersey got a piece of that and all Pennsylvania squad here for the Eagles except for Rachel Whitehead Elizabeth the Yeager Delaware in New York respectively and we mentioned heck she's out of Berlin New Jersey right there is out of Downing town Kelly Smith restart on the 25 hereby is it Cheney it's Madeleine the Schober regional where she will be a junior committed to Cal Berkeley top 50 player in her class great dodge in close coming out to challenge and a stroke is going to be called here and I believe they're gonna call it on Todd coming out to play that did not see a push from behind I believe the stroke was called coming out playing the player and not the ball so what about about 2:15 left there's the reach and I think they're actually going to get that on Madison O'Hare with the foul from behind stroke take it beautiful save there I tied that was ripped and ticketed inside the left post and denied is hope Rose looking for goal number two will not get it second saved by time that one a beauty same thing happened in the u14 title game against agh penalty stroke called the final three minutes of the first half only difference once that one wasn't cleanly hit by the Eagles save was made although again agh still lost that one with a great second half push by the Eagles but that one a beautiful shot even better save there by Ellie Todd those strokes definitely do not benefit the defense does it pass deflected inside the circle able get it dodged and again there's a little bit too much physical play right there at solanum agave my neck of the woods Lansdale goes to cuenta mercy Academy good small school program out there two-time All State may the futures here has a fourteen and sixteen member of this year's USA Junior indoor team they'll take her talents to Duke but after 30 these ladies will take their talents to the sidelines and we'll take yours to a break it has been all eagles could have been five if it wasn't for Ellie Todd stop of a penalty stroke attempt by hope Rose as it stands Eagles for elite nothing here we are at halftime the you 16th title game the National Club Championships presented by Harrow sports I am obsessed with my new stick it is me and a stick form truly so it feels really good to be able to play with something that I love here did an amazing job with all the graphics exactly how I wanted it so I'm very excited embracing and celebrating my faith I'm a club administrator and appearance I umpire and play I run a club and play I tear on Team USA field hockey it's for everyone all nationalities and all zip codes everywhere in all formats on dirt or grass hockey is good hockey we believe hockey and all must be safe to play in life encouraging participation 18 skills to live life well dang activist the joy of competition the joy of play we believe in the value of teamwork there's nothing like being a part of a team finding a place to be about enduring the losses and celebrating the victory developing and forming unbreakable bonds from play we believe the game is the feature journey a field hockey forever it's our game love the game [Applause] you only the top 16 you 14 use 16 and 19 girls teams from the regional Club Championships presented by our sports earned a ticket to this national club championship also presented by Harrow sports one club teammates division will end up claiming the highly coveted title of national club champion received the gold Herald sports field hockey stick the national club championship is an ideal opportunity for clubs to compete against each other in a highly competitive atmosphere and coincides with the USA field hockey's mission of growing and playing opportunities in the game of field hockey in the United States welcome once again the spooky nook Sports Complex in Lancaster Pennsylvania second half here gold medal game 2019 u 16 national Club Championship presented by Harrow sports it has been all WC Eagles as you almost would have expected considering their history in this event and that is not a knock on northeast elite that is just a kudos to the Eagles as a drive in the circle no one home left going too wide and 16 coming out for elite she's at the beginning of this game to 7 consecutive appearance in the you 16s for North East their best finish came four years ago they came in fourth basically lost to semies and the bronze medal game but they will come away with some kind of hardware today and unless they can generate some offense that hardware is gonna be silver for the champs out of their region region 3 after the steal here Sesa brings and in tries to send it in swing on a bouncing ball that one missed they're gonna say was deflected initially by an elite stick so it'll be a 25 coming in here for the Eagles as you see Ellie Todd who had an outstanding safe on a penalty stroke near the end of the first half could have made this a five spot starting goaltender was Catherine Wimmer who was under to rest for most of the first 15 minutes of the game stop the first three saw two other shots between those or around each side of those go wide then the next for all scoring and not much she could have done with them as the restart a bump from behind and wanting the call not getting it is Riley heck Jerry Lucas says it's gonna be a sixteen coming out for you League Samantha Maynard looking for the ball trying to help her teammate coming up that left wing in Madison O'Hare gets it touched last and it will go to elite one of Annika her Bynes stick out a Macungie that is Green Hornet territory as in the emmaus Green Hornet's three-time All State for Annika I'm the all-american watch list started since she's been a freshman top ten in the class of 2021 and we'll make the Hawkeye's her home she is committed at this point to go to Iowa Big Ten and ACC get a lot of players from around this neck of the woods now to Penn State commits some Maryland of course we mentioned ACC with Duke and North Carolina got a couple of those players here as well driving into the circle zookas off a couple sticks they'll say last off of elite leave that was Ashley Hart hit last it was her buying that number 16 Maci zookas talked about ACC she is going to Duke battling for it we'll get a stick interference call here against Maynard we start coming here for Jaeger Jagr trying to dribble took it left not sure why took it right into Isabel don't negra never gets it out but it's lost swept away by Kelly Smith switch fields here for the Eagles tackled from behind looking for a foul and Maisie white getting the call and a restart I believe will be inside the 25 nope they're gonna call the foul outside just outside so all bets are on here for the Eagles good defense but off the foot better defense on the tackle there by Madeline Cecchini and then the foul drawn and elique trying to push action but it's one on two no numbers here and the dodge by Del Negro well defended Kelly Smith has done very well on that backline as she sends it to the 25 it's batted in the air but it was raised by O'Hare of elite so the foul against the elite into the circle little contact again again no call as they've allowed O'Hare to bump a little bit and you might be able to hear the coaches here below me for WC Eagles talk about that as Annika herb I'm wondering why she's not setting up for a corner at minimum perception and reality things player people don't realize when it comes to officiating your perception is different than another's perception whoa and a big swing and a stoppage of play and getting caught with that stick as an elite player it's ashli cess inadvertently just caught player on the side of the head and out comes a coaching staff led by Chelsea viola and a Hansberry also on the staff I see the three there I believe that's a meal Anna wet you stick in there's that wild stick and getting on the side ahead and Lana wet is down that is lana wet getting out of windham top freshman in New Hampshire last year part of the you 14s in 17 two-time u16 futures invite all so far the Junior Olympic soon she'll take a walk over to the sidelines and get checked out appears to be okay we hope that is accurate that look like it caught her somewhere near the side of the left side of the head and she's talking over the trainers you can see our Blue Ridge crew right there on top of it apply a little ice right there as well keep an eye on her so she'll get a breather and restart coming from Madeline the Cheney is rushing on at Sage Piekarski maybe Fordow the Middlesex school should be a freshman trying to jab tak leave a better job there by the Eagles to keep it in play although eventually losing it good defense tough defense being shown right there by Rachel Whitehead and then a miss it by O'Hare even though it hit Whitehead it's a bad hit so it goes to the Eagles go here trying to play down that wing touched last by Whitehead Whitehead at the Tattnall school in Delaware she'll be a freshman they were undefeated the last two years selection for the junior national team get a lot of those at this level said it for the 14s I'll say it again is that you get a lot of players that maybe haven't played in schools you've heard of before but talent will come out USA Hockey we'll find it oh and a great dribble to keep it on the stick thereby Sesa and she'll draw the corner holy cow that thing glued to her stick that wasn't even a dribble that was a carry beautiful stick handling right there by seson just lifted it scooped it around the defense of Lucy Adams and then drew the foul Sesa again another ACCC locale going to UNC two-time first-team all-state two times us indoor team selection as a shot bodies in front everyone clamoring in front save there by tied and finally Jerry Lucas says we're gonna reset this good shot down low there's the save and then everyone around the camp fire stopping play me get sure no one gets hurt good job resetting the penalty corner on that one up top it goes fakes the sweep now the drive that one's smother never got on gold another opportunity that one sails wide from Whitehead flyer came out and got the initial shot loose balling up Whitehead on the left side and she's still it's just why to that young lady Ellie Todd who has stopped all three she has seen including a penalty stroke late in the first half Eagles have misfired on their last two corners that was the first for either side here in the second half elite has yet to draw one and we have ten minutes gone here in the second half where they are down a four spot stolen away by Lauren Kenna of Telford remember big red souderton she'll be a sophomore part of that challenging suburban one League Continental Conference freshman starter got a golden leg and have seized as a you sixteen and there you see a side of the ear being held by Amy Alana wet hopefully should be alright that's Abigail awaiting help big drive might have found a gap picked off instead by Ashley Hart giving up backhand past that one goes wide of the initial hopeful recipient Samantha Manor I'm gonna say it was deflected last by the Eagles hence the reason why it mister and a reset coming here elite trying to find something positive trying to get something on the board not easy to do against this Eagle squad stolen away by Sesa and then that stick foul by Sesa play loud to continues advantage given to elite up to the Cheney trying to spin around better defense but giving away the elite steps up able to get it left side to peck peck mill the field over the 25 del Negro tried to make a dodge defense able to stop things send it back the other way Elena McVeigh if a good chip over there – Kenna Kenna though backpedaling unable to control it out near midfield stolen away nice play by Moran ski and morenski sent it through the legs of Kenna but it was deflected by Peck and do we have a car coming up we do not a hundred percent sure the card but that's going to be the second green card on Sessa his sister coach Mike a thorough below me says you know just like TV coach I'll tell you the game is on TV courtesy of Blue Ridge alumina that doesn't mean the play was seen on TV perception and reality folks never got to finish that statement spin around Drive shot deflected scar there's a reality short-handed McVeigh playing at GM a going to Duke and getting a goal that drive was wide almost a shot pass if you will low and hard and redirected by McVeigh and absolutely nothing could be done about it by Todd it was made a couple brilliant saves here since replacing Katherine Wimmer and it's five nothing Eagles for that perception reality thing getting back to it real quick where the officials are ground level looks one way coaches ground level different angle different distance looks and other fans even broadcasters elevated distance looks different our perception is a deflection here actually by hits a player from Northeast a leak that was deflected by northeast elite and given the WC Eagles who will send it the length and a sixteen coming back the other way for elite but with the officials see you might very well be accurate it may very well be a foul but the angle and the location even if the officials are in the right spot and looking at the right thing it looks different so that's why video might show things that officials miss and by the same token video will show things that officials got right but it's all perception and reality just cuz you perceive it doesn't make it real what's real right now is this five spot the Eagles have hung up on northeast elite left circle shot that hit off a foot in front of the keeper Todd and a corner will be called and again God catheral who despite the score doesn't care once everything called there's that good air dribble again gets it around top of the circle and this is not a stroke it's in front of the goalkeeper and not heading into goal those two things something must be that way for a stroke to be called the reality is Jerry Lucas was all over it so hair gets the foul opportunity here to drive shot sprawling saved by Todd and a 25 coming out another corner failed here for the Eagles both goalies here for elite have come up with some brilliant saves it's a high shot that one ticketed top left corner Todd says not tonight 5th save on six shots on that reverse chip in tight and a foul called here not sure D call but a foul called and then stolen away quickly here on the restart play continuing in the circle in the corner will be called again and he'll eat not happy and ignore thise elite thought that Eagles got away with one there I believe if you ask the assistant coaches of Eagles they think the other way Jagr looking for another goal she got the first it's the game-winner at this point off a penalty corner drive shot sprawling wide wide to the left side that corner goes awry and the Eagles after scoring two of their first two have missed their last four and a smart play there by tied that drive maybe even been direct redirected a little bit by an eagle stick but lay down and sprawl that natural drive has got to be sick 18 inches that's 16 coming out lets it redirected if there's a swing a dry day a back swing if you will that ball cannot elevate higher than the board height 18 inches so why not lay down and see if you can get us saved Todd with the smart play steal for the Eagles stolen back though by heart I'll be leet and taken right back again some I got it you take it here by the team's giving away again near midfield taken right back there by heart all right we'll get it up picked up down the middle the field trying to chase with it as white like couldn't quite control it and then it's stolen away back the other way here comes a chance for elite in the circle good tackle and pushed over the in line by Samantha Maine are to Northeast now the initial signal was a 16 and now corrected here by Holly Coates and again from here reception look like it was deflected by the Eagles and she said it will go with it although this pass given away by elite 11 minutes left to go and all over but the shouting here it sure looks like unless the comeback of comebacks can be presented by northeast elite and the domain of the Eagles will remain 2013 under the current format they have been the number one team at this age group in this tournament and it appears that will be the case once again a couple subs getting ready checking hope Delaney looks like she's coming back in for the Eagles in 235 foul here restart pushing his heck heck in the circle backhand lifted wide and high well off of goal 16 coming out here for elite now 3 subs getting ready to check in here for the Eagles but the Eagles not giving any quarter here right now three players inside of five yards looking to defend as sticks hook together they're gonna call the foul on Abigail zucchini as Sesa gunners stick caught up with her sent in the circle smothered brought out good defense there by Sesa controlling Adams Adams able to get it up the right side fortuitous bounce and here comes Piekarski Piekarski tackled from behind able to get it off though hands it off on the fly to white may see white trying to get in the circle play line to continue up top – heart heart spins on the forehand sweep sit low sent wine deflected and deflected last by elite and here comes some of those subs as rushing in will be Elena McVeigh replacing hope Rose Caroline O'Brien waiting to check in as well as hope to lean it in busy three days here for these ladies busy day here as well for spooky nook sports if you have never been to this complex it is worth and you have an opportunity to come near it is worth the look today not only the NCSC championship and bronze medal games but also their run in 30 courts yes I said 30 the 30 full courts of basketball indoors at the complex set up for indoor baseball indoor soccer basketball obviously softball they have the dome here which you will see momentarily when we go wide shot here it's a fantastic setup and a wonderful location for us a field hockey is all eyes on Lima the pan-american games coming up in just a couple of weeks in Lima Peru it's deflected over the inline last by elite so good luck to the men and women as they will start I believe the 28th and the last a pool play will be somewhere around the 9th of August so make sure you follow along Team USA and USA Hockey calm more information players teams results there's a coach you've been hearing quite often guy Catherine like the players does not stop till the final whistle maybe even then great dodge to get loose thereby macfay on the right circle shot that goes wide like or not you've got to love the passion that the parents coaches the players obviously if you don't want to play you're not going to do this especially at this level it's a lot of time and effort by the coaches obviously a lot of driving time and financial investment by the parents so even for the teams that did not do well here kudos to you guys sometimes a bit unsung and it's deflected off of elite whether we broadcast or not these games do not go off with out the help of them obviously the love and attention of the folks from USA Hockey yes a field hockey I apologize putting on these wonderful events here so these ladies can display their talents and play against some of the best but the sport has to offer in their age groups is one of them right there Anna carbine little loose with the spin lost it off the end line five and a half to play here and it'll be some gold and then RWC Eagle Hills once again in 2019 that's a foul on a leap quick restart here by the Eagles heck looking in the circle for a cutter no one there kind of split between two teammates had McVeigh on one side had her buying on the other either one really cutting the goal so we leek trying to get one getting it won against the Eagles is always a feather in the cap and they're gonna say deflect it out by the Eagles elite will steal we will send it the lengths don't know if we'll have enough steam to get over the end line it will so at least the field got flipped here for white and green northeast elite will go home and here in the new 16 is with their best finish ever seven appearances not one metal that will not be the case here as a shot download redirected goal what a play turbine on the redirect on the low back hand from Sessa outstanding play right along that end line with 355 to play is that backhand stays low and reaching across to get it is Sessa and some call to reverse chips I'm called a backhand either way that was a beautiful pass from Sesa so her by him will get credit for the goal it's half a dozen here for the Eagles restart here for the Eagles and did not carry the five before driving into the circle so free one coming out for elite and they'll just send a deep just over midfield Catherine Wimmer stop three of seven todd has stopped five of seven and most of those saves for both were of the dramatic variety is a sliding play to try to keep it in by the Eagles I hope rose dolphin peña not too far from here this is district three country mas and district 11 in the state of Pennsylvania if you consider them individually gold standard any team just about district three the central PA part just tremendous competition and play in high school in the state of Pennsylvania frequent participants in the state finals it's a game guy Catherine not stop it coaching to the end be another goal for June Gold for June Kent well and her crew then June outstanding international official own right as is her husband stick foul right there on Ashley Hart you said earlier son zsa-zsa obstruction they're called on Peck and restart here will happy from the proper spot is always set Josh I can't well remember the US Men's National Team Cup holding a grounder initially defensively by Peck although she couldn't control it now finally getting it out will be Piekarski Barsky tried to get a runner out there in mid wark stolen away here with 38 seconds left to go not the way that North East wanted to end it but you have to bring your A plus game against the Eagles and four goals including one of the first four minutes the first half deflected over the end line Eagles might get one more chance at this with 15 seconds left Todd has done well so did her partner in Katherine Wimmer but it was not enough today as the clock will tick down play will start but they will not get anything off and that will do it for the 2019 you 16 national club championships presented by Harrow sports and once again just as it's been every year since 2013 the team from WC Eagles comes away victorious in the gold medal game they do it this time with a shutout their fourth of the tournament the semis they beat agh – nothing and the finals they take care of Northeast elite by a final of six to nothing nice job by the goalies Ellie Todd and Katherine Wimmer just too much offensive firepower from two different angles here from the Eagles it has been our pleasure along Blue Ridge Sports to bring you coverage the club championships we hope you will join us in three days on the 16th u19 title games right here on Blue Ridge eleven have a good night everyone

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