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2019 Transport Leadership Award of Excellence – Deborah Boudreaux

Each year Bell Helicopter recognizes a superior
transport Leader and their important role in transport programs and the communities
that they serve. For her outstanding service and dedication
to this industry and to the Cook Children’s Teddy Bear Transport in Fort Worth, Texas,
it gives us great joy to announce Deborah Boudreaux, as the winner of the 2019 AAMS
Excellence in Transport Leadership Award. Debbie has served in the Air Medical Industry
for the past 30 years; first as a Neonatal Transport Registered Nurse, then as the Clinical
Manager of nurses and respiratory therapists, and currently as the Assistant Vice President
of Nursing for the Medical Center. Under Debbie’s leadership, the transport
program has become one of the elite Neonatal/Pediatric transport teams in the country, completing
over 4000 ground, fixed-wing and rotor-wing transports each year. In addition, she serves as president of the
Texas Association of Air Medical Services and is on the national board of the Association
of Air Medical Services. Despite all her responsibilities, Debbie sits
down with every team member hired to make sure he or she understands the importance
of customer service and the team culture. Every employee knows her motto is to “be
nice” and treat every patient, family, co-worker and referring staff member with kindness,
respect, and compassion. Debbie’s greatest leadership quality, however,
is her ability to encourage and develop her staff. She Is a strong and empathetic listener who
focuses on positive messages and building up others. In the past, crew members departed from the
team simply because Debbie encouraged them to further their education and pursue higher
degrees. Her ability to relate to others and her willingness
to help and share her knowledge, make Debbie the type of leader that all leaders aspire
to be. She will take a call or text at any time of
the day or night. Her first words when getting a call from her
team are always “are you okay, do you need anything”? Many of her co-workers comment on her emotional
support for them. If they have a rough call, it is not surprising
to see Debbie in the ambulance bay or helipad to meet them to be sure they are okay. Debbie’s dedication to improving processes
and patient care, service to customers and inspiring a culture of teamwork, safety, and
caring will be a lasting legacy for her team for years to come. Please give a warm welcome to the 2019 Excellence
in Transport Leadership winner Deborah Boudreaux.

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