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2019 Texas A&M Athletics Lifetime Achievement Award: James Wiley

James Wiley was an aggie track and
football student-athlete before earning his degree in civil engineering in 1948
he played in the 1944 Orange Bowl with the Aggies after his days as a student
he made significant contributions to Texas A&M as an assistant coach Dallas
was my primary recruiting area so I spent a lot of time going to Dallas
again and club activities just being around Alice and I got to know James
early on someone I really enjoyed Vista with they’re people that you see and
when you see them you always look forward to seeing them you enjoy being
with them you enjoy talking to them they’re people that’s trying it what can
I do to help coach how can I help us to be better and James Wiley was one of
those people here’s one of them deeply cared about am cared about A&M athletics
and he was never detractor he was someone said what can I do to help
what can I do to make it better he and his brother endowed a civil engineering
chair in honor of their parents and generously donated to the MSC lecture
series I went to many of those lectures we bring people from all over the world
renowned leaders of the world would come to College Station and A&M students
would have a chance to be exposed to to ask questions and there’s really a
great resource for Texas A&M and for our students
more recently Wiley with family doubled the lecture series gift contributed a
president endowed scholarship and a sole raw scholarship as well as donated funds
to enhance the Evans library research facilities Wiley is a distinguished alum
of Texas A&M University and tonight is honored again the Letterman’s
Association Lifetime Achievement Award representing late James Wiley
please welcome his son Don Wiley

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