2019 NBA Season Award Winners! MVP, ROY, DPOY, COTY!

the 2018-19 season awards have finally been revealed first up the Rookie of the Year it was between Trey young from the Atlanta Hawks DeAndre Aten from the Phoenix Suns and Luca Don Cheech from the Dallas Mavericks and Luca is the Rookie of the Year he averaged 21 points a game 7 rebounds 6 assists nothing to complain about here Trey young made it interesting at the end of the season but from start to finish it's got to be Luca next up is the most improved player of the year the three finalists Darren Fox from the Sacramento Kings DeAngelo Russell from the Brooklyn Nets and Pascal siakam from the Toronto Raptors of course it's got to be siakam the most improved player and it's funny because last year just last year even I was talking trash about siakam a lot of people were sending me clips on Twitter saying look what you were saying about siakam a year ago and he completely transformed this team he had that big game won in the finals definitely deserving of the Most Improved Player the Sixth Man of the Year award now this is some cheese because two players on the same team are finalists how is that possible you can only have one six-man you can't have two you've got Lou Williams from the Clippers he won this award last year you got Harrell from the Clippers and Phoenix got Sabonis from the Indiana Pacers Lou will he's gonna take home the award again another great season of scoring some game winners next up is the coach of the year you've got Doc Rivers from the Clippers Mike Budenholzer from the Bucks and Mike Malone from the Nuggets the winner is Mike Budenholzer of the Bucks the best record in the league definitely deserving the other coaches had a great season as well maybe talked rivers probably had the best season because they didn't even have a star player they were in the playoffs they even beat the Warriors a few times pretty impressive but I'm not disappointed or upset at all that the Bucks head coach is the winner the Defensive Player of the Year award we've got Paul George from the Thunder Yann is from the Bucks and Rudy Gobert from the Utah jazz and the winner is Rudy Gobert you can't get mad when gold air wins the Defensive Player of the Year award because that's what he does he specializes in that the Jazz wouldn't be anywhere as good as they are without him it is a little tough this season because Yanis in the books they had the best record for a reason Yanis we've seen him get so many big time blocks in the regular season and even in the playoffs let me know what you think about this one in the comment section and finally the Most Valuable Player Award we've got Yanis from the Bucks James Harden from the Rockets Paul George from the Oklahoma City Thunder the winner is Yanis with a tremendous season he definitely deserves it there's a lot of people that think it should have gone to James Harden because he did have a fabulous regular season putting up crazy numbers remember the Rockets started off the season slow they were losing like crazy he kept them in it with big 40 plus 50 point performances his stats were insane but Yanis had crazy stats as well and his team was winning his team was a true contender they did get knocked out though by the Raptors in devastating fashion they lost four straight but still Yanis it was his breakout season he deserves it let me know what you think in the comments section [Applause] Opel drew getting fooled by his nephew another double leaner on the same play he's leaning so bad he's out of the camera I can't even see him on


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