2019 NBA Award Show

welcome to the 2019 MBA award ceremony this season has brought us many great moments from great players and great stories over all but these awesome awards can only go to one player and in this video we will be discussing the winners of these awards so don't forget to sit back and relax and enjoy the show and the first award is the most improved player last year the same war went to Victor Oladipo any highly deserved it in this year there's no doubt that there are some amazing players that definitely could deserve this award but there can only be one now we're going to show you the top three candidates Wow face watch basketball against is really much for a player like the Angelo Russell to come in here while these are some really talented players and there's no doubt that this is a very tough decision to make but we all knew that Darren Fox and Angela Russo we're gonna be great players in this league Pascal Comte mout of nowhere and helped lead the Raptors to an NBA championship though the winner is the kid from Cameron himself Pascal Tiago and now we move on to the NBA's Sixth Man of the Year last year this award went to looms and this year there's really good competition for 6-minute here but there can only be one winner now let's show you the candidates for the sword [Applause] the top floor to me is let's pound this warrior team inside on post-ups Harold Gortat Colin re Harris you got an advantage Wow this is a really tough decision because Louise he already got the award twice and it's interesting that mantra is held in Lou Williams two teammates are both in the run for this awards that's really rare for 6-minute of the year it's a bonus he had a really good season for the Indiana Pacers Sacramento looking for one down with injury this is a tough decision but well yet again the winner is Lou Williams he helped lead the Clippers to the playoffs and won six games with the Golden State Warriors that's really impressive and this guy is gonna go down as the greatest bench player in NBA history yet again adding another six men of the Year award to his resume [Applause] and now we move on to the be a defensive player of the year personally my favorite award it's rare nowadays that you see guys play hard defense but these guys they're an exception they are well known for their defense and they play hard each and every night Rudy Gobert won this award last year and now let's show you the top three candidates for this award this is why you gotta look down no matter what not a preposition the mob goes up BAM it's gonna don't dead for sure there's been plays just last night a LeBron comes out well he has played this past month that's a great rebound great attempt to drag get up there throw that thing down but he's going against a guy I just like the sound this was a really tough decision because really Gobert he's been an unstoppable force in the paint well known for his run protecting be honest does just about a little bit of everything on the defensive Ben and Paul George is known for his versatility and guarding multiple positions on the court really all through these guys deserve this award the winner is Paul George we've all been discussing how good Paul George is on the defensive end I think he finally deserves that accolade of Defensive Player of the Year he's had a career season yet again leading the league in steals Paul George is the Defensive Player of the Year and now we move on to the NBA Rookie of the Year this is another pretty tough one because these rookies this year played absolutely hard this is a really good draft class and it's really exciting to see young stars come into the league and make up huge difference last year Ben Simmons won this award and now we're going to show you the top three candidates for this award [Applause] step back [Applause] get away all through these guys came into this season making a big difference for the teams they play for two of these guys got traded for each other and both made a big impact for their teams but the 2019 NBA Rookie of the Year goes to Lucca dogfish this guy came into the league with a lot of expectations but easily lived up to all of them not only his TV Rookie of the Year but you can make an argument that he could be the unanimous Rookie of the Year you play consistent throughout the entire season and with him on the Mavericks they have a really bright future look at doctors is your Rookie of the Year and now we won't see the award that all you have been waiting for the m-v-p you were the best player that season and you helped lead your team to success and one of these guys won't walk today as the MVP last year James Harden was the MVP and now let's show you the top three candidates for this awesome award shooting is not been good for either team is dirty three naked six to the service [Applause] all through these guys play extremely hard this season no doubt Paul George had an amazing story James Harden statistically had one of the greatest NBA seasons ever and Yanis on stickam bo is on the rise and there is no doubt in my mind that we do have the winner for this award and that is the Greek for Guyana's on to take home bow this guy helped carry his team to the best record in the NBA made it all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals and had a successful NBA season overall each and every Indian season this guy comes back even better and he no doubt in my mind came back but this year he finally took that next level and this is just the beginning for Yanis Hawks – Cabos amazing NBA career congratulations you are the 2019 NBA MVP I hope you guys enjoyed this video I just wanted to do something a little bit different and I hope you enjoyed it don't forget to leave a like and subscribe for more great content have a good day peace you


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