let's go YouTube man it's your boy time I was back with another video today man if you I don't know MBA Ward's is tomorrow Monday night I'm so excited because I want to see you win the Rookie of the Year MVP you know I'm saying so today's video is my predictions who's gonna win all those awards sitting I'm saying we're gonna start off with the MVP in our saying so the top three calibers where's Paul George who averaged twenty eight eight rebounds four assists and 2.2 steals I'm a big OKC fan I really want him to win the MVP award but let's be honest after he got hurt OKC started playing very bad they dropped to a seat at a point and I'm saying it ended up six but Paul George start playing bad really bad so you know I'm saying he's not the MVP my choice he's not mine VP choice and I'm pretty sure everybody else is it's not so James Hardy stats were 36 points 6.6 rebounds 7.5 it says he shot 36.8 from the three-point line in 44 percent from the field goal James Harden you know saying is the battle was James Harding II honest I'm gonna say honest the stats real quick Yanis averaged 27 points seven fifty seven from the field 3.25 percent it's terrible he averaged top rebounds and six assists so the two-headed monsters is Yanis and harden so my opinion who won the MVP and I think who's gonna win MVP tomorrow I'm gonna have to go with Yanis the Bucks this year over a chief in my opinion they over chief last year there was 7c they eliminated to the Celtics and 7 the books were not that good they fired kid they got a new coach and they won 60 games no one explained everybody expected Yanis to have a great season but not the season he had this year he exploded he's like no one could stop him in pain he's averaging like 60% lives like I said his stats was 57% in the paint that's incredible and I'm saying no 1x like I said no expected the Bucks to get 60 wins they had the best record in the NBA at home court you know I'm saying even though they didn't go to the finals like they had they played a good team they played Toronto and if they played Toronto again you know who knows but like I said my opinion is giannis is the MVP like I said 60 is hard if you ain't going to stay sick getting sixty dubs is is incredible so like I said my MVP I'm gonna keep saying is Jana so let me know in the comment sections who y'all think your MVP is Harden Paul George a Yanis but I just can't go off a Yanis so next award is the Rookie of the Year so the three rookies that guy was called so it was Trey young the Aaron 18 and Luca so imma start off with Darren Darren ian had a great season no one really talked about him because he's on the Suns you know saying the sun's really suck so no one's gonna talk about 18 but Aiden had a really great season he played 71 games he averages 30 minutes he averaged 16 points from the Fiat Phil girl he shot 58% which is excellent he didn't shoot no threes well you know I'm saying he's gonna develop that I promise you that and he averaged 10 rebounds so that's was 16 and 10 which is excellent and I'm say everybody he was on the Suns he was a great pick I really like Ian just no one talked about him because he's on the Suns the second pick tre Young had you know saying everybody's saying training was a bust because his regular son what happened in the beginning of season he was doing terrible but at the end he turned up he averages 19 points per game he played 30 minutes he played every game besides one he shot 41 percent from the field his three-point was thirty two point four he averaged three and eight assists tre young turned up and now the Hawks are a must watch TV after all these draft picks and that the sole after tray is Luca Luca averaged 21 points he played 72 games he shot 42 percent from the field thirty four thirty two point seven from the three seven rebounds and six assists now Luca almost averages triple-double as of his first year he was almost an all-star Luca played incredible everybody was comparing him to LeBron his rookie year season because Luca played excellent he was the number one scorer for Dallas they will always go to him he had one delete those step backs like you couldn't stop on Luca Luca was a beast you know he kind of fell off a little bit at the end but you can't go wrong with Luca tray young stepped at the end so and it's crazy because they traded for each other and now they're both gonna have wonderful careers but for my prediction who's gonna win the Rookie of the Year I'm gonna have to go with Luca Luca just he was Justin stoppable I really liked Ray's game for like trey is gonna develop more Luke is gonna develop more but I had to go Luca let me know in the comment section who y'all think of rookie the years but my rickety here is it gotta be Luca because Lucas Luca Luca just went off he on everybody literally everybody so I'm gonna go a Luca we're gonna go for the next award is most improved so the three calibers were DeAngelo Russell the Aaron Fox and Pascal siakam so we're gonna start off with dancer Russell Sansa Russell had a great season with the Nets he brought them to the playoffs and that's having been the playoffs and how long so Dan Zoroaster I was 21 points three rebounds and a seven assists he shot 36% from the three-point line and 43 from the field goal this was just great so we're gonna talk about the next caliber is the end fox who averaged 17 points he averaged three rebounds and 17 assists Fox had a great year the Kings are almost making the playoffs they traded for Harrison Barnes but just missed the playoffs and let me tell you all now don't be surprised if the Kings are in the playoffs the Kings and pelicans they have great young talent but we're gonna go with the next caliber player his Pascal siakam who was my opinion i'ma let y'all know spoiler is the most improved player I'm gonna tell you all his stats from 2016 2016 he averaged only 15 minutes yeah he scored four points a game he shot 40% from the three-point line remember that 2017 his minutes went up his points went up he averaged seven points a game and shot 22% so now this year Pascal siakam averaged 31 minutes in average 16.9 points per game and shot 36.9% for the three-point line now that's excellent every year he approved and approved and I know the wards don't matter when you're in the finals but y'all seeing when Pascal siakam did in the finals he's a three year player and y'all saw what he did in the finals like do y'all remember what he did the first game PS Co Pascal siakam is definitely the most improved Claire I don't care anybody says I'm not gonna I'm not gonna bass Dan's Roe or Fox because they had a great season themselves but if you all look at it D'Angelo Russell always had Talent it was just not just like now he just like blew up but he always had talented fox always had Talent no one knew about Pascal's yakin let's be honest and I watch a lot of basketball games and I did not know who Pascal siakam was like I said I told you his minutes his points and his three-point I did not know who Pascal's yakin was now he's an MVP I met not MVP he's a champion from Toronto Raptors and like I said that's my most improved player let me know in the comment section who y'all most improved players but Pascal Seattle's my most improved player the next award is the Defensive Player of the Year so the three caliber players were as Paul George Rudy Gobert and Yanis so I'm gonna tell you apart jords average 2.2 steals he led him and Russell Westbrook at a time the OKC lead was top 10 top 10 in defense because of them hammy and Russ at a point were one in two Russell's on two and Paul George's 1 Rudy Gobert average two point three blocks where Eddie knew goober it was gonna be and Defensive Player of the Year he's literally a paint protect it every year he's in the Defensive Player of the Year every year and Yanis this was very shocking to me because I thought it would be draymond Green but Yanis is a blast player that got into it he averaged one point five blocks in 1.3 steals now look at you honest he's almost he's a seven feet giant he's not literally 7 feet but you know I'm saying this 7 feet giant he plays defense he's great on offense but my defensive play of the year is y'all gonna probably be shocked to what I say but my defense for years is gonna be Paul George Paul George was literally a pest you did not want to Paul George is Guardi you was gonna get frustrated because he was he would just rip the ball from like it's nothing he had like literally Paul George stole the ball so much from everybody had blocks all that he let OKC and stales man and that's my defensive played a year now don't get me wrong Gobert and Yanis had great defense but I feel like Gobert he wins like you know I'm saying go burn is just let's be honest Goldberg should be doing it he's a seven feet guy who chose the pink little cars started throw the ball up in the pink they throw tidal floaters and he just Swati Paul George bill he guards the best defender every game he still gets his buckets and guards the best defender in the game and he can manage to lock them up that's why my opinion the defense of the play of the year is Paul George and yes I'm not gonna lie I'm being kind of biased but I feel like he's the best defensive player of the year out of here but let me know in the comment sections who y'all think your defensive play of the year is yes I'm okay see Finn yes that's why it's not just because I'm OKC fan but Paul George always guards the best defenders Yanis guards a bum y'all it's not always guards the best defenders but Paul George does incorporate just be blocking get that guy announcer so that's mine defensive play of the year next award is the six-man now let's be honest I feel like this is gonna be the easiest award Lu will will win but I'm just gonna name you out of three people that I got awarded so Sabonis from the Pacers Harrell his teammate march out Montero's herro from his on blue wheels teammate and Lou will so obviously i'ma tell you there's a slew will average 20 points three rebounds 5 assists shuffle you for forty two point five percent from the field so bonus average 14 nine and two Harold shot averaged 16 he shot 61 percent from the field which is excellent and 6.5 rebounds and the two assists so we're gonna go with Luo who's the 6-minute year's obvious hara had a great season Balu will just gets buckets his stats are like a starting point guard stats like let's be honest Lu will is a beast and you can't go wrong with Louisville so I'm just gonna go with six men a year Lou will once again and I feel like a day sign KD keep blue will and Harold they go into championship now let me know consonant who y'all six me in the year is but my six million a year is Lou will and that's what we're gonna go with and lastly the coach of the Year award is the three participants as Mike Malone from Denver Mike Buddha Howe who from the Bucks we had 60 wins and my favorite pick of the year favorite pick in the favorite coach is Doc Rivers he had a great season no one expected them to go to the playoffs after they traded Tobias and they gave the warriors or run the game they've won two games and that's just crazy so Michael to the air is Doc Rivers even though Mike had 60 wins in the Mike Malone who had Denver Nuggets very shocking season at a great season but I just have to go with Doc Rivers no one expect him to go that not even four but even to be in the playoffs they traded their best player you got to think about they traded their best player but yeah I guess I hope y'all enjoyed this video make sure you drop a like turn on them no DS so let's see if my predictions are right tomorrow and if I am I'm just as God you know saying but let's get this road to 1k I love y'all and I hope you enjoy this video in the comment sections y'all put your predictions and let me know let's see if we have the same predictions or what but I hope you enjoyed this video and I'm out peace

  • Well, I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt. First, "you know what I'm saying" is said dozens of times. In the first 3 minutes. Second, all your "PG3 should win it" but then all you do is show mostly Westbrick plays. Then, you can't pronounce Rudys name. And still, not even a Rudy highlight. It's fitting he won, and it wasn't even close. He is the DPOY. I tried to give props, but this was horrible. And you let your okc bias run this video.

  • Rudy for DPOY. He literally changes the way the team plays when he's on the court. He won it last year. You barely gave Rudy any attention, and you couldn't even say his name right.

  • MVP:Giannis Antetokounmpo
    ROTY:Luka Doncic
    DPOTY:Paul George
    MIP:Pascal Siakam
    6th Man:Lou Williams
    Coach Of The Year:Michael Malone

  • Yow! I dont agree with DOPY. Nobody in the NBA can guard all 5 positions aside from Giannis. Defense is not only steals and blocks his presence itself will scare the opposing offensive team.

  • Bro giannis shouldn’t get it James Harden the first player to get 500 assists and 2,800 points in one seasons

  • luka played 250 games last 3 years. imagine what he will do next year after complete summer rest since 2015-16

  • There is no debate! It's ridiculous to debate! Why? There was absolutely no Trae before after the break. In the period before the final selection of All-star teams, even Shaq ( ) said that Luka should be among all-star players. And there was absolutely no discussion or even ideas to include Trae in the race. All-star was finished with the first game after the break that was on the 21st of February. So, up to 21st February, there was no Trae, after the 21st of February, after the 2/3 season was gone. Some Trae fans and some media guys start saying that Luka was faded after the all-star break. Which is far from the truth. In fact, his stats are better after the break than before the break. And most of his triple doubles he made after the break. But above all Tare is the worst defender in the NBA. And Luka at list has a defense, including blocks against Lebron, Caplea, Harden, Trae…, how many dunks by Trae and how many by Luka…, clutch shots, team leader, Luka played in much stronger conference all of that in context of overall player quality.

    Did Luka really lost his edge after the break? Certainly not, in fact, he was better here are the stats:


    February: 24.4/9.4/7.4
    March: 21.8/9.2/6.8 (little down month. Mavericks start tanking, Luka played injured and also missed some games due to an injury, and he got completely new teammates who did not know his moves, plays…)
    April: 24/14/8.5

    February: 23.3/4.3/9.3
    March: 23.4/4.9/9.3
    April: 23.3/5/

    So Luka wins.

  • Coach of the year: Mike Budenholzer
    MVP: Giannis Antetokoumnpo
    Defensive Player of the year: Paul George
    Sixth Man of the year: Lou Williams
    Rookie of the year: Luka Doncic
    Most Improved player: Pascal Siakam
    Teammate of the year: Kyle Lowry

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